Interview with Keshia Knight Pulliam and Danika Frederick

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Keshia Knight Pulliam and Danika Frederick of "The Hillsdale Adoption Scam" on Lifetime

Interview with Keshia Knight Pulliam and Danika Frederick of “The Hillsdale Adoption Scam” on Lifetime by Suzanne 3/8/23

I love these Lifetime Press Days that the network has periodically. I get to interview quite a few people.  This is your typical Lifetime movie where a woman and her family are terrorized by villains. It has some nice twists, though. I didn’t like just one thing about it: when two of the characters each went to confront the villain, alone, at her place…are people really that stupid in real life? I don’t know, but it seems like they should avoid that kind of bad plot device. Why wouldn’t they just call the police, or take someone with them (or take a gun)? Ah, well. It’s not the worst movie and the rest of it is pretty good. Keshia Knight Pulliam is always great. As I found out in our interview, she was very pregnant during the filming, which is kind of funny, considering the other actress was playing someone who was pregnant. Enjoy the movie and this interview!



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Inspired by true events, Bethany (Keshia Knight Pulliam) and Terrence have a thriving business, lots of friends, and a beautiful family. Unable to have more kids, Bethany thinks it’s a blessing when Georgia, who is pregnant, shows up on their porch looking for help. Though Terrence is hesitant about Georgia, Bethany dives in headfirst with the idea of adopting Georgia’s unborn baby. As the pregnancy progresses, it starts to feel like things don’t seem right, and they begin to discover unsettling things about Georgia and her cunning and unscrupulous motives.

The Hillsdale Adoption Scam is produced by The Cartel for Lifetime. Stan Spry, Eric Woods, Samantha DeGagne and Devan Towers serve as executive producers and Anthony Fankhauser served as Producer with Asia Youngman directing from a script written by Justin D. James.

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Keshia Knight Pulliam and Michael Strickland play husband and wife Bethany and Terrence in "The Hillsdale Adoption Scam" on Lifetime

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