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In the secret DiMera Lab, Marlena, Kate, and Kayla remain lying in their tubes.

In San Francisco, California, Paul Narita is working out at home when his father, John, shows up at the door and they hug.

At ISA Headquarters in Washington DC, Steve arrives to visit Andrew Donovan. Andrew greets him and asks what he’s doing here. Steve asks why he thinks and responds that he needs his help in finding Megan Hathaway.

Megan Hathaway enters the secret DiMera Lab and declares that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s families still think they are dead, but she doesn’t want them to sleep their life away. Megan announces it’s time to wake up because they have so much to do..

Roman goes to visit Lucas in prison. Lucas says he’s been trying to figure out why Roman wanted to see him again and guesses it’s not a social call. Roman reveals that they figured out which DiMera stole the orchid as it was Stefano’s other daughter, Megan Hathaway. Lucas questions who that is. Roman says he might have forgotten her because she appeared to die 40 years ago. Lucas calls that very Salem of her. Roman explains how Larry Welch electrocuted her in a hot tub but you know how hard it is to kill a DiMera and in true DiMera form, Stefano took her body and maintained it in life form, cryogenically, but now she’s very much alive, fully functioning and lethal. Lucas asks where she is now. Roman says that is the question and he’s here to find out what Lucas might know.

Paul jokes with John about not calling. John apologizes for just showing up like this. Paul says it’s fine and he’s just a bit surprised. Paul asks how he’s doing. John says about as well as could be expected. Paul says it’s hard for him to believe that Marlena is gone, so it must be Hell for him. Paul asks if he’s okay but John doesn’t answer so Paul jokes about John not liking to talk about his feelings. John responds that he doesn’t see the point in talking about his feelings because it’s not going to change anything. Paul mentions wanting to stay in Salem after the funeral but he got a job coaching AAA baseball. Paul tells John that they have games at home so he invites John to stick around for a few days and coach his coaching. John says they’ll see. Paul guesses John didn’t come out here to talk about baseball. John confirms that he and Steve are on a case and suggests they sit down.

Andrew assures Steve that finding Megan is one of the ISA’s top priorities. Steve mocks his agency speak. Andrew clarifies that it’s not his case but he could put Steve in touch with the agent in charge. Steve says if he wanted the agent in charge, he wouldn’t be in Andrew’s office. Steve brings up when they talked on the phone a few days ago and how he felt Andrew was giving him the run around so now he’s here, face to face, to get some answers. Andrew says it’s not that he won’t answer his questions, but he can’t.

Kayla and Marlena wake up. They talk about feeling like they are living a nightmare. Kayla gets out of her bed and goes to help Kate but finds that Kate is gone. Kayla wonders where the hell she could be.

Kate wakes up tied up in a room with Megan, who announces that phase two is finally about to begin. Kate questions what is going on, why she’s tied up, and where Marlena and Kayla are. Kate asks who the hell Megan thinks she is. Megan argues that Kate is not in a position of power and she is, so she advises Kate to not try to infuriate her. Megan remarks that life is short so they should all try to get along as best they can. Kate asks where Marlena and Kayla are and if they are okay. Megan assures they are absolutely fine. Kate thinks they have different definitions of absolutely fine. Megan states that they aren’t dead. Megan calls Kate a pain in the ass. Kate brings up that Stefano thought she was delightful, but he had a sense of humor. Megan says she has something very important to discuss with Kate but Kate doesn’t want to discuss anything with her. Kate tells Megan that she needs to let her, Kayla, and Marlena go back to their husbands.

Lucas tells Roman that he didn’t even know of Megan Hathaway so he questions how he could know anything. Roman says they didn’t know that but thought maybe Kate may have mentioned something while married to Stefano. Roman admits they are grasping at straws. Roman says Steve and John are in touch with the ISA but it seems at this point that Megan has vanished in to thin air. Lucas notes that Stefano could do that too. Lucas questions why a woman who had been dead for 40 years would come back to kill his mother when she didn’t even know her. Lucas insists that he never heard Kate or Stefano even say the name Megan Hathaway. Roman doesn’t think Kate was the real target as he figures Megan was after Kayla and Marlena.

Kayla wonders if Kate found a way out and left them behind. Marlena says if Kate did, she must have planned it. Marlena figures Megan would have security cameras everywhere. Marlena tries the door but it’s locked. Marlena notes that if Kate got out, she wouldn’t have locked the door behind her so Megan must have done that. Kayla says she’s getting really tired of Megan. Marlena brings up Megan talking about her plan and wonders if Kate was part of that plan. Marlena declares that they have to find a way out. Marlena pulls back a curtain to find another cryogenic cylinder and wonders who the hell was in there.

John explains to Paul that he and Steve are hoping that Andrew can help them track down Megan Hathaway. Paul notes that Andrew never mentioned Megan to him and asks if John wants a beer. John encourages Paul not to take it personally that Andrew kept it from him since ISA agents can’t really bring their work home with them. Paul says it’s not like that and reveals that he and Andrew are not really talking about anything.

Steve thinks Andrew has an idea where Megan Hathaway is, so he doesn’t understand why he won’t tell him. Andrew responds that Steve and John don’t have clearance. Steve reminds him how long he and John have been doing the ISA’s dirty work and says he can ask his father. Andrew says that he grew up on the stories and everybody here respects their history. Steve argues that now they are trying to find the woman responsible for the death of their wives and questions why they don’t have clearance. Andrew then reveals that there is a concern that Steve and John have been compromised.

Paul tells John that it’s not like he and Andrew had a falling out like a big fight or anything and they did get along. John questions what happened then since he said they had a lot of chemistry in Hong Kong. Paul explains that they had a great time but then reality set in that Andrew lives in Washington DC while Paul lives in San Francisco and Andrew has a demanding job while Paul is becoming a baseball coach. Paul says that long distance relationships involve a lot of logistics. John mocks the idea that they can’t make adjustments. John tells Paul that he can convince himself that it’s too complicated to be with someone who makes him happy.

Steve questions what Andrew means by saying they were compromised. Andrew brings up that last summer in Hong Kong, Steve and John were Megan’s hired muscle. Steve clarifies that they were brainwashed. Andrew notes that it was pretty effective since they held a whole room hostage and held a gun to Wendy Shin’s head. Steve argues that they were under Megan’s control. Andrew asks how they know that they’re not now and notes that some people in the department are suspicious. Steve complains about having to prove it and asks why Andrew doesn’t believe it. Andrew recalls being there when Paul got through to John and broke Megan’s spell.

Megan understands Kate’s desire to go back to Salem and their lives, but she can’t allow that because phase two is about to begin and her participation is non-negotiable. Kate questions what that even means as she didn’t even know there was a phase one. Megan tells Kate that they don’t need to know as they are just chess pieces on the board and pawns in someone else’s game. Kate asks if John, Roman, and Steve are pawns as well since they believe they are all dead. Megan responds that they believe they are dead because someone took the only thing that could’ve saved their lives. Megan then presents the orchid.

Roman tells Lucas that Kayla and Marlena stopped Megan’s plan and Kate had nothing to do with it, so it looks like Kate died for no good reason and that’s why they have to find Megan and make her pay for what she did. Lucas complains that it won’t bring his mom back. Lucas knows it’s been hard for Roman too, so he asks how he’s doing. Roman says he has a lot of people looking out for him. Roman brings up Abe coming to see him and comparing it to when he lost Lexie. Roman recalls how much time they wasted and how happy he and Kate were when they finally got back together. Roman declares that now he has to face the reality that he will never see Kate again and he’s pretty sure John and Steve feel the same way.

Marlena and Kayla note that the cryogenic chamber they found is powered down and the locks have been released, but there’s no one in it now. Kayla says Megan had to have let whoever it was go. Marlena says she’s no expert but that one looks a lot older. Marlena adds that Megan said she never throws anything away. Kayla recalls that Megan told Steve and John that she was cryogenically frozen after she was presumed dead, so maybe that’s where she was stashed. Marlena asks about the prisms since Megan said she wanted those to help cure someone she cares about and someone they all thought was dead. Marlena wonders who was in the tube. Kayla thinks she knows.

Lucas knows it’s not exactly the same and that he has no right telling this to Roman, but says the way Roman feels about Kate is the same way he feels about Sami. Roman points out that Sami’s not dead. Lucas says he is pretty much dead to her and that she will never forgive him. Lucas adds that he’s never loved anyone the way he loved Sami and he will never have a chance to get her back as he knows he blew that. Lucas knows Sami and Roman will never forgive him so he’s really appreciative that Roman visits him and tells him what’s going on even though he doesn’t deserve it. Roman acknowledges that Lucas is Kate’s son and Kate did forgive and love him. Roman thinks that in a way, them talking to each other like this is a good way to honor Kate’s memory.

Megan tells Kate that the orchid was how she revived her and countered the toxins that Orpheus gave her. Kate calls it weird to think about her life depending on a flower. Megan reveals that she had someone administer the necessary second dose and that is why they are still here. Megan adds that the orchid’s healing power is not restricted to just what ailed them. Megan reveals that she took the orchid because she needed to cure her own condition along with someone who is very dear to her.

Marlena questions if Kayla thinks it was Stefano. Kayla suggests Megan could have kept him on ice and now has the three prisms. Kayla then decides that even if Stefano’s body could have been preserved, he would just be a shell since his spirit was taken from his body and put on a microchip that was inserted in Steve’s head. Kayla adds that she then removed it and then Chad and Tony burned it. Marlena decides that Stefano is gone and dead then. Kayla agrees that he has to be.

Steve tells Andrew that his wife is dead and John’s wife is dead because of Megan, so he questions how they could think they would be helping her. Andrew assures that he doesn’t think that and he wants justice for Kayla just as much. Steve complains that Kayla is gone and the ISA has decided they can’t be trusted with clearance. Steve says they are going to keep looking for Megan and are going to find her whether he helps them or not. Steve tells Andrew to get back to his busy work and to say hello to his dad for him. Steve goes to leave the office but Andrew stops him and pulls up their file on Megan Hathaway. Andrew reveals that because he has clearance, he can view it whenever he wants, he’s just not at liberty to share it with him. Andrew then states that he can offer him a “cup of coffee” from down the hall which might take him three or four minutes. Steve accepts and thanks him as Andrew then exits the office, allowing Steve to take a look at his computer with the file on Megan Hathaway.

John apologizes to Paul and says he shouldn’t have said anything when it’s really none of his business. John then gets a call from Steve, who tells him that he might have a possible location on Megan Hathaway. Steve calls it a long shot while John calls it their only shot right now. Steve asks how fast he can get to the airport.

Marlena tells Kayla that she doesn’t think they have to worry too much about who was in that tube because right now, she thinks Megan has Kate and if so, she thinks things are going to be changing around here soon so they better get out while they still can. Kayla agrees that they need to find a way through the door. Marlena thinks they’re not going to break it down. Kayla says they have to start getting smart about this.

Paul offers to give John a ride to the airport but John says he’s fine. Paul argues that John could get two tickets to where ever he is going that he called his only shot. John calls it a figure of speech. Paul argues that they were just in a heated discussion about his love life and general failing at life and then Steve calls and he’s out of here. Paul says he knows it’s important, urgent, and probably dangerous. Paul tells John to let him help him and come with him. John says no because he and Steve need to do this on their own. Paul asks him to be careful because he doesn’t want to fly halfway around the world to save his ass again. John jokes that he’ll never hear the end of that. John apologizes again for talking to him like he did before and says he didn’t deserve that. Paul understands that it must be frustrating for John to lose Marlena and then see him all alone and not doing anything about it. John says it’s none of his business. Paul acknowledges that John is his dad so he has a point. Paul understands John has enough on his plate without worrying about him. John thanks him and says he has to run. Paul tells him to let him know if he’s okay when he can because he worries about him. John hugs Paul and wishes him luck coaching this weekend. John then exits the apartment.

Roman tells Lucas that he’s going to check in with John and Steve to see if they are having any luck. Lucas asks him to keep him posted which he agrees to do. Roman then exits the prison.

Kate questions Megan saying she had to use the orchid to remedy her own condition. Kate asks if she’s sure she really did that because she’s not looking so great. Megan blames the lighting and insists that she’s fine. Megan reminds Kate that she cured her of dying. Kate asks if she’s expected to thank her. Megan calls Kate her a pain in the ass again which erases any hesitation she had of proceeding which Kate questions. Megan reveals that Kate is going to be her guinea pig for a serum she had made that comes with the condition that what doesn’t make her stronger could kill her. Megan doesn’t see any reason for her to take that risk when she has Kate here to do a trial run on.

Later that evening, Paul sits at home and looks at a photo of Andrew on his phone. Paul thinks back to he and Andrew kissing until there’s a knock at his door. Paul answers the door and is surprised to see Andrew.

John and Steve arrive at their destination and talk about not finding a trace that Megan Hathaway was ever there. Steve notes that the ISA analyst put the odds at 12%. John feels those are not good odds but Steve points out it’s the only lead they’ve got. Steve says the ISA checked it out before but maybe they missed something and asks if John wants to stop. John declares that they are not going to stop until they find Megan and make her pay. John tries the door but it’s locked. Steve asks if John has his lockpick. John says no because he thought Steve was bringing his. Steve reveals that ISA security confiscated it. John asks what he wants to do then.

Kate remains tied up in a chair as Megan returns with the serum. Megan then admits that she’s not yet fully recovered from being dead but she’s told that this serum could be the answer to her prayers. Kate asks why not use it on herself then. Megan says while it might take care of what she needs, it does come with the one off chance of an unpleasant side effect; death. Kate suggests Megan try something homeopathic first then. Megan wants to do a trial run on Kate. Megan says that if it doesn’t kill Kate, it could potentially have extraordinary effects that she’ll thank her for later. Megan adds that if it does happen to kill Kate, maybe someone will bring her back to life again.

Kayla gets a wire off the cryogenic chamber and explains to Marlena how Steve taught her how to pick a lock with a wire. Marlena hopes Steve taught her well as Kayla begins trying to pick the lock of the door.

Steve returns to John with a wire he got off the heating unit around the corner and begins trying to pick the lock on the door.

Kate asks Megan if she can say something before Megan injects her. Megan tells her to make her final last words snappy. Kate says it will be short and just a sentence. Kate declares that the rope on her hands wasn’t tight and calls her a dumb bitch as Kate stands up and knocks Megan out with a punch.

Kayla successfully picks the lock on the door. Kayla goes to open it but hears movement on the other side.

Steve and John pick the lock as well from their end. Steve and John then open the door with their guns raised.

Kayla and Marlena are surprised when the door opens.

Roman goes to the Brady Pub and talks to Kate’s urn about how he misses her and hasn’t heard her voice in awhile. Roman says if there’s a way for her to reach out to him again, he knows she’ll make that happen.

After knocking out Megan, Kate escapes and runs in to Bo Brady!

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