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[ Knock on door ]

Chelsea: One second.

Adam: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi. What are you doing here?

Adam: Uh, I came to check on you. I was just, um… oh. It’s like you were expecting me.

Chelsea: Oh…yeah, I was just making a little lunch. If I knew you were stopping by, I would have set a place for you.

Adam: Uh, looks a little crowded there. Connor’s at school, right?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Mm. So, the actual place setting is for, uh — let me guess — billy?

Chelsea: I know you dislike him, but you don’t think he should be allowed to eat lunch?

Adam: I think there’s a whole lot of nice restaurants he could get a lunch in genoa city. I don’t know why he’s got to come here.

Chelsea: Adam, things are going well for me. I’m making progress. I’m putting in the work. Billy has been there for me every step of the way. Okay? He’s a part of my life. So please leave your bad attitude at the door.

Adam: Some people say my bad attitude is the best quality i have.

Chelsea: Adam, I’m serious. I don’t need any of your negativity surrounding my friendship with billy.

Adam: It’s not the friendship that I’m worried about. I’m guessing it’s gone past the “we’re just friends” part.

Chelsea: Maybe it has.

Sharon: Flowers and chelsea’s favorite pastries. You must be headed upstairs.

Billy: I am, yeah. She’s making lunch. You know, I don’t want to show up empty-handed. That would be in poor form.

Sharon: Well, look at you, billy abbott. When did you become so thoughtful?

Billy: [ Chuckles ] It’s a box of pastries and a grocery-bought bouquet of flowers. It’s not a big deal, sharon.

Sharon: Well, it is often the small, thoughtful gestures that speak volumes.

Billy: I feel like there’s more to that statement.

Sharon: I think it’s really admirable, the way that you have stepped up for chelsea. You have been instrumental in her reclaiming her life.

Billy: But…?

Sharon: I do worry. Obviously, the bond between you two is growing stronger.

Billy: Yeah, it is, but isn’t it supposed to?

Sharon: Yes, ordinarily. But you two came together under extraordinary circumstances, and chelsea has made great stride in her recovery, but she’s still in a fragile state, billy.

Kyle: Hey. Did you work from home this morning?

Summer: I did.

Kyle: Sorry I didn’t wake you. I went into the office early to conference with milan, and after my late night last night, it feels like I haven’t seen you in forever. What’s wrong?

Summer: Do you really want to know?

Kyle: Well, when you say it like that, I’m not so sure anymore.

Summer: I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Sally freakin’ spectra.

[ Sighs heavily ]

Sally: I ran into summer yesterday…and it was pretty uncomfortable.

Nick: [ Exhales heavily ] You told her?

Sally: Everything.

Nick: Everything?

Sally: Everything.

Nick: You told her all of it? You’re pregnant. It’s adam’S. We’re still together.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Yeah. All of it. I don’t know. I-I’m sorry. Really, I just thought it would be a good thing. But she just accused me of creating chaos wherever I go.

Nick: Sorry she said that to you.

Sally: Yeah, well, the worst part is she’s not wrong. I mean, this whole thing is a mess. (Phyllis) oooh, hearts

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Sharon: I don’t want to overstep, billy.

Billy: I know you don’T. Look, you’ve been nothing but respectful towards chelsea throughout her recuperation. And, uh, it’s obvious you come from a place of concern.

Sharon: Yes, I do. And I’m not chelsea’s therapist, but I do have some thoughts.

Billy: Well, I always appreciate your input. You’ve always been a big help. So, don’t stop now.

Sharon: What if you don’t like what I have to say?

Billy: I’m still gonna listen. Look, you’re a trained professional, okay? I’m a fool with some flowers and some — some baked goods. But we’re both concerned about chelsea, and, uh, the big difference being you actually have the experience to help.

Sharon: Okay, so, from my objective point of view, I do worry about her dependency on you. I know that you’ve made a deep commitment to helping her get through this crisis, and you have lived up to that and more. But I’m here all day. I see how often you come through here to go up and check in on her. And I imagine your relationship has gotten pretty close.

Billy: We’re good friends. Maybe a little bit more, but i feel like that’s a natural progression.

Sharon: Of course.

Billy: Look, sharon, I would never do anything consciously to jeopardize chelsea’s progress.

Sharon: Well, it doesn’t have to be conscious in order to be harmful.

Billy: So, you think our friendship is hurting her?

Sharon: I think that you are too close to the situation to be aware of any of the potential dangers. She’s still in a very vulnerable state, billy.

Billy: Yes, but she is getting better.

Sharon: How much of that is because you’re around? We all know that a new romance is enough to buoy anyone’s mood.

Billy: That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Sharon: Ordinarily, yes, it can, but…it’s almost like it’s artificially lifting her spirits. And chelsea needs to get through this on her own. It’s the only way that she’s going to come out the other side stronger than she was before. I’m not saying that her dependency on you is causing her to regress. It’s just something for you to be aware of.

Daniel: Hey. How you doing?

Lily: Good. How are you?

Daniel: Oh. I’m good. I’m good. Thank you for meeting with me.

Lily: Of course. So, thankfully, jill has agreed to move forward with omega sphere even while we get everything at the company sorted out.

Daniel: Right. Good. Well, I owe you for that. I know you’ve been fighting for this, so thank you.

Lily: Well, of course I have. I believe in you, and I believe in the project. And that’s why I feel like, no matter what has happened with heather and no matter how you feel about it, this venture is way too important to walk away from. You’ve put too much time and energy into it.

Daniel: I’ll keep that in mind.

Lily: Daniel, I mean it, okay? This is not just a beautiful gift for your daughter. You’re creating something impactful. And it’s a way to reinvent yourself, just like heather and lucy told you.

Daniel: You know I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Plus, I needed to do some wallowing after they left. So, thank you for being patient with me.

Lily: Yeah, of course. I mean, look, it was kind of like hanging out with eeyore, but, you know…

[ Both laugh ]

Daniel: And I’m glad that you can ridicule me for it. It just makes me feel so much better about myself.

Lily: Good. Good. Laughter means that you’re moving on.

Daniel: And, again, I’m grateful to you for that.

Lily: Well, you know who i owe a big thank-you to. Chelsea.

Adam: Well, good thing you didn’t invite me to lunch — because after learning your relationship with billy has progressed beyond friendship, I’ve lost my appetite.

Chelsea: Trust me. I know about your opinions on billy.

Billy: Listen, chelsea, come on. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. Billy abbott is a self-serving walking train wreck who cannot possibly have your best interests at heart. You deserve so much better than that.

Chelsea: Is that a fact?

Adam: It’s absolutely a fact.

Chelsea: Why can’t you just let go of this animosity and be happy for me that I’m in a good place? You know, I’m doing all the work, and good things are finally happening for me.

Adam: But, chelsea, I am happy for you. And it’s actually because you are doing the work that you need to be worried. You have to keep your guard up.

Chelsea: Why do you say that?

Adam: From experience. Billy abbott is toxic.

[ Knock on door ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Come in!

Billy: Is everything okay?

Adam: Perfectly fine.

Billy: I was actually asking chelsea.

Adam: Yeah, but you’re concerned about me being here, which is absurd. My son lives here, and chelsea is his mother, so — I know you understand the concept of co-parenting.

Billy: Adam, can you stop talking? I was asking chelsea if she’s alright, and she can answer for herself.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

Chelsea: Alright, everybody calm down. You’re in my house, so you got to abide by my rules. Rule number one is you have to be kind and respectful to one another. If you can’t do that, you got to leave, both of you.

Billy: I got no problem with that.

Adam: Sure. We’re all friends.

Chelsea: You never did tell me why you stopped by.

Adam: I just wanted to check in. I wanted to see how you’re progressing. You seem like you’re doing well.

Chelsea: I am. And I appreciate you checking in. I really do.

Adam: I know you do. Um…enjoy your lunch.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Adam: You’re welcome.

Chelsea: Ooh! Flowers and pastries. Thank you.

Billy: Really not a problem, not a big deal. Just thought I would bring something sweet and pretty to put on the table for lunch.

Chelsea: Mm. So, if I invite you over for dinner, you’re gonna bring something even more decadent?

Billy: You’re gonna have to invite me and find out.

Chelsea: Maybe I will.

Billy: So, what’d I miss?

Chelsea: You know, I think adam’s just lost right now. He would never admit it, but i think he stopped by to see me because I’m the most stable thing in his life right now. Imagine that.

Billy: You sound worried about him.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] I am a little. Adam’s had a lot of changes in his life recently. That can be unsettling for anyone, but especially adam.

Billy: You know, you said that the last time he came to you to get something off his chest. So, what’s going on with him?

Chelsea: It’s not really my place to share, but if you’re so concerned about him, you should ask him.

Billy: Oh, yeah, that would go over very well. You know, I just don’t want him to get into one of those phases, you know? That’s when all the terrible things happen.

Chelsea: I know, but I don’t think you should judge him for something he hasn’t done yet.

Billy: Fair enough, and i don’t want to talk about adam anymore. I want to talk about you.

Chelsea: Me?

Billy: Yes. You invite me over for this fancy lunch, and you hint at something special that’s going on, on the phone. What’s up?

Summer: I just — I can’t believe this woman. I can’t believe the way that she’s latched onto my dad. And I cannot believe this latest stunt she’s pulled.

Kyle: Okay, whatever it is, I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for it.

Summer: She’s pregnant.

Kyle: Oh, um… I didn’t see that coming. Well, maybe it’s a blessing that —

Summer: It’s adam’S.

> Kyle: You can’t be serious. Okay. Well, at least she won’t be in our lives.

Summer: No, my dad is sticking by her. He’s committed as ever.

Kyle: What is wrong with him? That is — wow!

Summer: See? Even you can’t put a positive spin on this. It’s a disaster.

Kyle: O-okay. It’s a lot to take in, uh… I mean, a lot. But…we can work through this. It’s just a complicated situation.

Summer: Complicated? Kyle, this is a nightmare.

[ Sighs ] And you know what? When she was telling me about it, it was like she expected me to be happy for her. And you know what? I actually think that she just wanted to watch me squirm, and she enjoyed every single second of it.

Kyle: Well, I doubt that.

Summer: What’d you just say?

Kyle: I-I doubt that she was loving every second of it, summer. It’s not like she did this intentionally.

Summer: We really don’t know that.

Kyle: I think we have to operate under the assumption this isn’t a stunt. It’s a baby. I’m sure she had a lot on her mind and a lot to worry about without considering how this situation affects you.

Sally: I’m just kicking myself.

Nick: About what?

Sally: Actually thinking that summer could offer some understanding or support. I mean, there’s absolutely no reason why she would or should. So I don’t blame her. I mean, what was she supposed to say? How was she supposed to react? “Yes, I am having a baby with your uncle, but don’t worry. Your father and I are doing just fine. Never better, actually, and I’m so sorry still about that whole job-stealing thing.”

Nick: That was a lifetime ago. You’re a different person now.

Sally: Yeah, I know, but my life is just as chaotic right now.

Nick: Look, something happened that you didn’t plan for. It’s gonna be okay. That’s the way life works. It’s not ideal, but we’re gonna make the best of it. And it’s not like you’re alone. I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere. Now, I know you’ve got your doctor’s appointment later today. Is that something you want me to go to with you?

Sally: No, it’s fine. It’s not one of the fun ones with the ultrasound and all that.

Nick: Alright, well, if you change your mind, call me and I’ll be right there. So, here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re not gonna worry about summer or anything else. Your doctor appointment is your focus. The baby’s your focus. It’s our focus.

Sharon: Hey. How are you?

Adam: I am fine.

Sharon: And that tone says that you are not. How are things going with sally? Are you still okay with the situation?

Adam: Sharon, please don’t do that.

Sharon: Do what?

Adam: I don’t need you to therapist me. I’m just — I’m here for the coffee.

Sharon: It’s called being a friend, adam. Most people show some awareness for what their friends are dealing with. I’m trying to show some concern for how you’re facing this because I know you’re going through a rough time, but if you don’t like it, there are plenty of other places in genoa city that serve coffee.

Adam: There are?

Sharon: Don’t make a joke.

Adam: What? Who is joking? I — I have not seen these coffee-serving establishments, so I’m gonna need a list and maybe a map.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. I know what you’re doing. You don’t know how to deal with your emotions, and so you’re just lashing out.

Adam: [ Laughs ] Are you sure you’re not trying to therapist me?

Sharon: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a little. But I know that you are going through a tough time. And I’m sure that running into billy upstairs at chelsea’s is the reason for your foul mood.

Adam: You can’t really think chelsea getting involved with billy right now is a good idea.

Sharon: I have not spoken to chelsea, but I did give my opinion to billy just now.

Adam: I mean, this guy — he has just made himself a fixture in chelsea’s life, and it’s like he needs her to need him and he does not care how it affects her or her recovery.

Sharon: Have you shared your feelings with chelsea?

Adam: I have. And they have not gotten through. But she would listen to you. I mean, she respects you. You guys have professional history together. I think that you should maybe say something to her —

Sharon: I think that you should stop. Some people are born to hustle.

Chelsea: It was so great. I mean, it felt like — like fate, bumping into him.

Billy: Bumping into who? You still haven’t told me who this person is.

Chelsea: Oh, sorry. Daniel.

Billy: Romalotti.

Chelsea: Yeah. I pitched him an idea where we could use omega sphere to help users’ mental health.

Billy: I didn’t think you were that far along. I thought it was more of a preliminary idea.

Chelsea: Well, it was. But I talked to my therapist about it, and she’s on board. She thinks it would be good for me, very healing to work behind the scenes on a project like this.

Billy: Well, that’s great. That’s great. How did daniel come about this information?

Chelsea: Well, I was leaving my therapy session, and I bumped into him and lily at the coffeehouse. So I just asked him. I asked him if I could share my idea, he said yes, and then it just kind of came pouring out.

Billy: And lily was there. So, how did that go? She can be a little bit of a tough crowd.

Chelsea: She listened and asked questions. I mean, she was a little concerned that maybe it’s too much too soon, but she seemed to like it.

Billy: Well, that sounds very promising.

Chelsea: Yeah. Well, I had this idea where players go through mazes and obstacles that are personal to them, relating to previous traumas in their lives.

Billy: I’m thrilled that you’re using your personal experience for something good.

Chelsea: You’re the reason all of this is possible. So, this fancy lunch, as you like to call it, it’s a — it’s a celebration of my next steps. It’s a celebration of getting closer to being the person i want to be. It’s a celebration of us.

Daniel: You still haven’t explained why you owe chelsea a debt of gratitude.

Lily: Well…because she… helped re-energize you with the idea that she pitched, you know? She made you excited about the possibilities again.

Daniel: Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. I also think it’s really brave of her to want to take something so personal and turn it into this big project. I mean, that had to be really painful for her. And I think it’s inspiring, don’t you?

Lily: Yeah, absolutely.

Daniel: It reminded me of why I wanted to do this in the first place. Her idea sort of crystallized what I want to accomplish with omega sphere.

Lily: I know, and that’s why I want to thank her. She made you excited again. I’m happy about that.

Daniel: Mm. Good. Good. Well, look, we’ll have someone on the team handle all the coding for her and all the technical aspects. And I guess I’ll just help to shape her vision.

Lily: Yeah, great. Do what you have to do. I’m just happy to see you excited again.

[ Chuckles ] It’s exactly the kind of good news I needed today.

[ Menu clatters ]

Daniel: You remember when we joked about creating a game that could help you deal with family conflict? Kind of what we’re doing.

Lily: Yeah. On one level.

Daniel: Well, you see how valuable that is, right?

Lily: [ Laughs ] Oh, I see what you’re doing. You’re using omega sphere to get me to talk about what I don’t want to talk about. Very clever.

Summer: Did you just defend sally spectra to me?

Kyle: I think she has more important things on her mind than trying to get a rise out of you, that’s all. I’m sure she’s scared and anxious about the situation she finds herself in. But the most important thing for everyone, including you, is the health and well-being of that baby.

Summer: Ugh. You’re right. She’s bringing a new life into this world, so I guess we all need to focus on the baby. But, kyle, if you think for a second that she wouldn’t use that baby to manipulate my dad, you are so naive.

Kyle: I think you have to face the fact that your dad’s relationship with sally has taken a few steps past being a casual thing. And if nick has chosen to stay by sally’s side during the pregnancy, then that’s —

[ Knock on door ] Are you expecting someone?

Summer: No, but I have an idea of who it is.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Nick: We need to talk. I brought in ensure max protein

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Kyle: Good to see you, nick.

Nick: You too.

Kyle: See you later.

Nick: I assume you know what this is about.

Summer: What exactly did sally tell you?

Nick: She told me that you two talked yesterday.

Summer: And, what, she just ran to go tell you all about it and now you’re here to scold me like a child?

Nick: I’m not here to scold you, summer. I just want this out in the open. Sally knows she’s never gonna get your support and understanding, but I expect it.

Summer: I’m running a little low on those things lately.

Nick: Look, I get it. You have a problem with this on a lot of different levels. You and sally have a messy history, but that was a long time ago. And things have really worked out for you since, right?

Summer: No, this isn’t about me holding a grudge. You’re confusing me for mom. I’m concerned for you.

Nick: Nothing is happening to me.

Summer: Dad, she’s using you.

Nick: No, she’s not. That is a hurtful and baseless accusation.

Summer: I have a question for you. How long did she know she was pregnant before she told you?

Nick: She didn’t tell me right away.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Maybe she took her time on purpose. Maybe she wanted to wait so that she could reel you in and deepen your relationship with her.

Nick: Why would she do that?

Summer: So that you would do exactly what you’re doing right now, so that you would stand by her and protect her from adam.

Sharon: Let me explain.

Adam: Look, you said stop, so I will stop. I am not gonna say another word.

Sharon: What I meant was stop focusing on other people’s issues and deal with your own life. I know you, adam. Whatever you’re projecting to the world — this glib, devil-may-care attitude — I know you do care. Look, sally made a choice, and it was one that probably hurt your feelings, but it’s out of your control. And the same goes for chelsea. She has decided to spend her time with somebody else. And while you may be concerned about her, running around and ranting about billy doesn’t help the situation. It’s just a distraction. It allows you to avoid doing what you should be doing and paying attention to what you can control.

Adam: And what would that be?

Sharon: What about your job? Didn’t jack give you a great opportunity at jabot?

Adam: Um…yeah. Um, about that…

Sharon: What, did something go wrong?

Adam: Oh, well, would you look at that? Maybe my former colleague can explain what went wrong.

Sharon: “Former”?

Adam: Kyle. You remember me? How are things going at the old jabot salt mine?

Billy: I mean, I’m not surprised daniel loves the idea. He’s a brooding, artistic type, and this is a real story with real human emotion.

Chelsea: Yeah. He seemed to like how it would fit with his platform. So I think we could come up with a deal. He even laid out how it would all work.

Billy: What do you mean?

Chelsea: Well, his company would deal with the coding and mechanics. I would oversee that and design the visuals.

Billy: Sounds very promising.

Chelsea: Yeah. I thought the exact same thing.

Billy: You know, I’m wondering how this might work, actually, because, uh…

[ Clears throat ] I mean, does daniel have the authority to make these decisions on his own? Or do jill and lily still need to sign off?

Chelsea: Well, like I said, lily was there, and she heard everything. She seemed to like it. Unless she was just being polite. I mean, I did pitch this thing in the middle of a coffee shop.

Billy: No, no, no, no. No, not at all. If lily seemed like she liked it, I’m sure that’s true. You know, she can be brutal when it comes to business. And a lot of deals are made after elevator pitches. And this is your version of that.

Chelsea: I guess so.

Billy: Look, I’m sure it went as well as you think it did, okay? And they’d be foolish not to take this project. And they are not fools over there. They got rid of the last one when I walked out the door.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

Billy: I really think this is a perfect fit for daniel’s platform.

Chelsea: You do?

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: Really?

Billy: I’m very excited about it.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, that makes me feel better because I’m a little anxious about the business side of it all — you know, the — the contracts, negotiations, hiring.

Billy: Yeah, don’t worry about that. That’s just me falling into my corporate mind-set. If this is the right project for them, they’re gonna make it work. More importantly, I’m glad that you’re this excited about your own project and those creative juices are flowing again.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. I appreciate your support.

Billy: [ Clears throat ]

Chelsea: Um, but is something going on with you?

Billy: No. What do you mean by that?

Chelsea: I don’t know. You just seem more distant since you got here. Just, it feels different than the last time we hung out. Is something wrong? Hi, I’m karen.

Chelsea: Talk to me.

Billy: Jack. He offered me a job. And I’m a little distracted by it.

Chelsea: Wow. Well, I know you told me you had an enlightening conversation with him, but he gave you a job offer?

Billy: Yeah. He asked if I would take over where adam left off and, uh, become his co-ceo.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s a big deal.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: And very complicated, considering you just had an epiphany that you’re no longer comfortable working in the corporate world, and now you’re asked to go back.

Billy: That’s right.

Chelsea: So, are you really considering it?

Kyle: You’re not gonna believe this, but jabot somehow managed to survive without your half-assed contributions.

Adam: Oh, man. I’m happy to hear that the place is still standing before I was forced out.

Kyle: Yeah, you weren’t forced out.

Adam: Well, you and victor — you did your best.

Kyle: That’s right. The world is against you. That’s why you failed to make a single worthwhile contribution while you were in the c-suite.

Adam: I resigned. Yes. Um, and like I said, I don’t blame you. I don’t hold any ill will. You know, you were right to, uh, work to get me out of there. So, good job, young man.

Kyle: Well, I don’t really seek your approval, so that doesn’t mean much to me.

Adam: Well, sure. You, you know, only want your daddy’s thumbs-up, so… I don’t know if ousting me was a very proud moment for jack. I’m sorry about that. I hope my father made it worthwhile for you. Oh, he did, didn’t he? That’s so good. What did he give you for your treachery? A yacht? Full bag of cash? Maybe — no. A handful of magical beans?

Kyle: You just don’t stop, do you? I’m sorry, sharon. I’m going to get my coffee somewhere else today. I’ll be back soon.

Adam: See that? He’s bluffing. I told you there is nowhere to get coffee in this town other than here.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] He’s right, you know.

Adam: About what?

Sharon: You would rather stay fixated on the tiniest insult or injury rather than moving on to the next thing that brings you happiness.

Adam: That is not true, okay? I was — I was toying with kyle. I didn’t belong at jabot. Everybody knows that, sharon.

Sharon: Okay, so it didn’t work out at jabot. That just means that you need to move on and find the next thing that does work, something that you’re passionate about and brings you a sense of purpose.

Adam: Well, it turns out somebody may have already offered me that.

Daniel: Look, I am not gonna pressure you. If you don’t want to talk about what’s going on with your family, you don’t have to. But I just have to say I hate to see the way things have gotten with devon. I mean, he’s your brother, lily.

Lily: Yeah, I know. And a pretrial conference date has been set, so it’s really happening.

Daniel: It doesn’t have to.

Lily: What do you mean? It’s inevitable. And he’s not backing down. And he’s not happy that we hired amanda as our lawyer.

Daniel: Well, I wouldn’t be happy, either. It’s a harsh move.

Lily: Harsh move? It’s not out of spite. She’s the best person for the job.

Daniel: Which I totally understand. You’re gonna do whatever you think is necessary. It’s your company. You have to protect it.

Lily: Right, exactly. Thank you. I wish devon would understand that.

Daniel: Well, I think that devon’s actually handling things fairly well, given the circumstances.

Lily: Well, I mean, he’s saying the right things, but i can hear the disdain in his voice. He blames me for everything.

Daniel: I don’t think so. I just wish, as I’m sure you do, that there was some way to bring the two of you back together, you know, rather than driving you apart.

Stouffer’s bowl-fulls…

Nick: Look, I know that this is coming from a good place.

Summer: Of course it is.

Nick: You’re concerned and you’re protective and this is the way you demonstrate it. But, summer, I’m telling you, you’re 100% wrong about this.

Summer: About which part?

Nick: About all of it. Especially sally. She doesn’t have an agenda. It would be impossible for her to have one.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Dad, you are way too trusting and open for your own good.

Nick: Look, she was so shaken when she found out she was pregnant. She felt scared and alone. But she’s not alone. We’re together. What we have is real.

Summer: What about what she has with adam? That’s gonna be real for the rest of their lives.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yes. I am not the father of her baby. But it doesn’t change at all how I feel about her. And all of your eye-rolling and disapproval isn’t going to change anything. Supergirl, I love you. I love all of my children. You know that, right?

Summer: Yeah.

Nick: That doesn’t mean you get to run my life. I make my own choices. And I need you to respect that. I need you to open up your heart and mind to the idea of me and sally being together.

Sharon: Victor? That’s who made you the offer?

Adam: That is right.

Sharon: Didn’t you just say that he tried to get you fired from jabot?

Adam: Yes, he did try to get me fired, he tried to cut off my options, and then he dangled an attractive alternative in front of me.

Sharon: Sounds intriguing.

Adam: Yeah, well, at first i thought it was just another manipulation by my father, but it turns out the offer was real. And it may just be as fulfilling as what you describe, sharon.

Sharon: Okay.

Adam: And you’re right. The next thing that I do, it needs to give me a sense of purpose.

Sharon: Yeah. And it may be worth pursuing. At the very least, it could help you and victor work through your issues.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Suggesting that victor and i work through our issues. Okay, now I know that you are trying to therapist me.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: No, um… thank you for the straight talk, as always, sharon.

Sharon: Any time. You know it.

Adam: [ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs heavily ] Hey, dad. I’m ready to meet…and to talk.

Billy: You know, I have to confess, I am seriously considering taking the job at jabot.

Chelsea: Really?

Billy: [ Chuckles ] You sound surprised. Believe me, not as surprised as I am. A few weeks ago, I would have laughed at jack. I’m not wearing a suit and tie again.

Chelsea: Huh. So, what’s changed? You realized how good you look in a suit and tie?

Billy: Ha. That’s part of it.

Chelsea: Mm, mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: No, I mean, I’m seriously considering taking the job because of you.

Chelsea: Me?

Billy: Yeah. I mean, you…

[ Sighs ] I’ve been here helping you out for this time, and the truth is, you’ve been helping me more than I was even aware. You’ve really helped me to see things differently, you know? Why we’re here. What’s — what’s it all about. And the truth is, family’s important. And I would like to work with my family again. So, thank you. Thank you for helping me see things in a different light.

Chelsea: Well, I owe you, now and forever.

Billy: No, that’s not true.

Chelsea: It is true. But even if it weren’t, I want to be there for you. I want to be your friend, your cheerleader, be in your corner. You’ve done all that and more for me.

Billy: But you would be alright on your own, too, wouldn’t you?

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, I hate to think of my life without you in it. Just thinking about that makes my heart hurt. But I know I need to stand on my own. And I do, every hour of every day. But having you in my life on those days is a real bonus for me, so…

[ Sighs ] I’m just grateful to have you in my life.

Lily: Well, listen, I have to get back to work, but I am very happy that you are back on track with omega sphere.

Daniel: I’m inspired and ready to work.

Lily: Good. That’s what I want to hear. And listen, as far as me and devon go, I would love to find a solution, but I really think that we’re past that point.

Daniel: Are we, though? Or is there maybe a way to get the two of you just to sit down and listen to each other?

Lily: Daniel, we have tried that. It doesn’t work. And like you said, I have to do what it takes to protect my company, and I’m not gonna apologize for that. And clearly he feels the same way.

Daniel: Well, then, it is what it is.

Lily: Yes, it is what it is. We will talk later, okay?

Nate: Daniel, do you have a minute? It sounds like you and I want the same thing.

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