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Brady. Hey. Hey, uh, Sean told me that Bella was representing you and that she got them to drop the charges. Yeah, I’m just out on veil. Oh, but you’re free for now. I’m glad.

Are you really?

You look pitiful. I’m fine. I, um, I questioned your sister today. What about Eric? I quar. And her response was, what about ’em? May I infer from that, that, uh, she declined to represent you? Infer away, God, I mean, your own sister bailing on you. You must just feel pretty desperate. Did you come down here to gloat?

See, it must seem like only a world class lawyer could get you out of this. The thing is, is. I happen to know where you can find one. Yeah, the internet, the world class I like it when a man cracks jokes as he’s drowning,

tidying up. How domestic of you? I’m always tidy with evidence of a crime, especially when I’m in on it. You are not in on a crime. Stefan was trying to drug me. All we did was turn the tables on. And what did that Astra ever do to you? Uh, it’s a house plant in the Dira living room. Okay. It’s been doused with poisons and mine alling drugs since it was a seedling.

And it’s not an Astra. Well, I like saying Astra. Mm-hmm. , you know, I’ve been thinking about that unexpected call from Gabby. I’ve decided it is a stroke of good fortune. So we are drugging Stefan to make him seem unfit to serve as Damira, C E o. So Gaby is actually the perfect witness to his first little episode.

Yeah, I mean, he really was excited to see her with a kid on his first date, but, If that drug works the way we think it will, it might spoil the mood. Oh, come on. Catastrophic first dates a romantic staple, down the road. Both of those kids will look back on this and laugh.

are you sure you’re okay? Fine. I’m just a little dizzy. You have that effect on me.

Gabby’s not at Ari’s school. She lied to me. My wife lied to me.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Of course. I’m glad that you’re free. I just hope you don’t end up in prison for kidnapping. I’m pretty sure Bell’s gonna be able to get the charges dropped. Oh yeah, sure. Without a doubt. I mean, no big deal. Right. Just kidnapping someone and subjecting them to a Force D programming powered by small kitchen appliances.

Okay. Under the direction of a mad scientist slash escaped convict. I know, I know. . Right. You know, it’s not a big deal. It’s practically a prank. Uh, did I mention that this was all against Stephan’s? Will, I really tried to get him to go along with it, Chloe, and what part of No. Did you not understand? So you’re not happy with the way I went about things, huh?

No, I don’t think that happy would be a term I’d use right now. Okay. Well, let me tell you something right off the bat here. I would’ve. What I did and a lot worse to make sure that you and I found our way back to one another at the end of the day. Stefan is glad I did it. Gabby is glad. I’m glad. How about you?

Well, in your defense, you were just trying to undo what Kristen and Lee did. They’re the ones who played God with four people’s lives. Mm. Those four people’s lives are back where they started and they are happy about that. Yeah, we are back to where we started. Rachel still hates me. This is not exactly a happily ever after moment, but no, it’s different.

It’s different now. Kristen is not around to manipulate the situation anymore. She’s not gonna be whispering. Lies into my daughter’s fear about. It is all new. It’s a new start. And where do I start? What do I buy, Rachel? A pony. Well, you don’t, don’t do that. We can just take it slow. My father is bringing Rachel here for lunch, and I would love, I would love if you would join us, please.

Why would you wanna represent. Remember telling me to go to hell. Mm-hmm. , of course I do. And I remember why you could have lost me my license trying to spring ro from custody, but Ralph and Lee are free now. Alls while it ends well, well it only ended well because I’m such a damn good lawyer. I freed Lee and I can do the same for you if you’d let me.

If I had a white flag, I’d be waving it. Jing one. I’m sorry. I I I thought you had left. I, oh, so you just wanted to trash my apartment? Not causing me bodily harm. Are you hurt? Tell me you’re not hurt. No, I’m fine. See, I’m worried about whatever happened to my brother with ice water in his veins. Gabby, I found out she lied.

Hey, what did she lie about? She said she couldn’t spend the day with me because she had a mix up at Ariana’s school, and so I called the school and found out Gabby had made it all up, which I suspected. In fact, I knew she did, so I tracked her phone. You. No wonder she lies to you. You’re stalking her.

She’s my wife and right now she’s in the park and I know exactly who she’s with. You sure you’re okay? Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine. I am. I am very happy to be here with you and happy that we are finally back together. Yeah, it’s great. You don’t sound like you think it’s great. No, I mean, we’re, we’re together. We’re here sitting at the park together, but we’re not together.

Not the way we should be. Okay. Not to spoil the moment here, but whose fault is that, Lee? Everything is Lee’s fault. Not to spoil alone again, but Lee did not hitch over the head with his club take you back to his cave for six months. Luke chose to stay married to him to live with him.

You don’t love what? No, of course I don’t love him. How could I love somebody that’s said horrible things to you? To us? Okay then why’d you agree to his? Because he made me an offer I can refuse.

Well, whatever drug Stefan was going to give you doesn’t affect house plants. At least not immediately anyway, but it will work on him. Stefan wasn’t about to dose me with something that wasn’t going to. Which is something of a problem. How so? Well, as we discussed before, Stefan knows all about this drug and its effects, meaning he might start to get suspicious when he’s experiencing them.

Maybe he’ll think it’s Gabby’s perfume. I know. It gives me a headache. Oh, the lingering effects of Dr. Roll’s treatment.

Ej, you don’t think the drug. I don’t know too permanent damage. Steve, you? No, I don’t think he would risk that with me anymore than I would risk it with him. I’m just going to screw with his head until he makes enough mistakes to justify Stephan being booted it out there. Did I just hear you say you’re planning to boot Uncle Stephan from the company?

Brady, my joining you and Rachel for lunch today. I’m not sure. That’s a good idea. Fuck on it. It is a good idea. She just, Rachel just lost her mom. She, she lost her grandmother. I think it would be nice for, to have a, a woman to talk to, you know, to turn.

Hey. Hi sweetie. I missed you last night. I missed you too, daddy. Hi Rachel. My daddy was at jail last night. It’s all your fault.

So you’re offering to be my lawyer? Yeah. Don’t thank me or anything. No, I’m just trying to figure out why . I take it, you haven’t seen Lady Whistleblower’s latest column in The Spectator? No, my subscription, it ran out. So who is this lady? Whoever you said, it’s Leo Stark’s gossip column. Check it out.

According to my sources, the savvy Solicitor says she’s enjoying the best sex of her life. With a Defrock priest. What? Geez. I mean, I’m flattered, but Yeah. Well, she wasn’t that far off the mark. And yes, Eric, I am still furious with you, but maybe I admit I was a little hasty when I ended things so fast since I find myself missing all the fun we had together.

And I’m not talking about the good clean time either. Oh, come on Eric. I know you miss a deal, and if you do, I think we can work out a deal.

I’m not sure what you think. You heard, John, I think I heard you say that you wanted Stephan to make enough mistakes for you to be able to push him out of Dera. Is that what I heard him say? Well, the fact is your Uncle Stephan has made a. A serious one. Remember that vial of drugs you found at the Yahu and you thought was mine?

Yeah. It wasn’t. It was your Uncle Stephans.

So Lee gave you his Demari shares in exchange for six more months of marriage. That’s right. And you agreed I did. Uh, so it’s more like a, uh, limited partnership than, right. You negotiated the terms. So it’s, it’s kinda like a holding company, right? With a clear designation of duties and, uh, revenues. So really, it, it’s more like a, a, ah, what is it, short term merger than a marriage.

You wanna know if we’re having sex? Yeah. I wanna know if you’re having. No, it’s off the table. Not happening, wasn’t negotiated. Uh, Lee says he is doing this to show me how much he loves me, that he’s committed to me, and that really puts me in the driver’s seat. He can’t do anything to upset me at all.

Right. And I, I did this because I was feeling rejected by you. I really thought that you weren’t ever gonna be over. Chloe and Lee pointed out accurately that he could hold up this divorce for longer than six months, and I wouldn’t have the shares So, It, there just didn’t seem to be a downside at the time, but now there is.

And that is, are you kidding me too? I, I wanna be with you, so obviously I’m gonna tell Lee that he, he can take his six months and his shares and shove where the sun don’t shine.

Okay. So you beg for like six. To prove your love and devotion. And then on day two or something, you start stalking her. I can’t lose her. No, you don’t have her. You don’t own her. I don’t want to own her. I want to be her husband.

I know I did terrible things, but only because I love. I love her more than I knew I could love anyone.

Is that true? I swear it is.

I believe you. Thank you. No, don’t thank me yet, Lee, you forced me into the position of having to quote Occidental. If you left something, set it free, okay? Don’t buy a six month extension and then follow her on your G p s jerk.

You told Rachel when I was in jail? No, she read it in the Spectator Daddy. You let her read The Spectator? No, she was on her tablet. I thought she was playing cookie cutter. The paper also said weird things about Uncle Eric. Babe Fa baby. Listen that paper. Is, is, is, is a very nasty newspaper, okay? All they do is they print lies and the only reason they do that is so they can sell more papers.

Then were you in jail or not? Did you kidnap Uncle Stephan because of her? Was the paper lying about that?

I appreci. Your offer for professional services. And I admit I could use good attorney right now, but honestly I don’t have a job. So I don’t think I can afford you.

Maybe I could, um, take it out and trade.

So you’re saying the vial was Uncle Steffens that. And I took it to the lab and had it analyzed. Apparently it’s some sort of synthetic recreational drop and you’re sure you’re sure that it’s Steffens. His fingerprints were on it and it was found in an office that we shared, and I know it’s not mine.

Look, son, I’m. I’m sorry, but I’m really afraid that Stefan’s on drugs and it’s not surprising, considering everything he’s been through, and I know this is going to sound harsh and though I will do anything I can to help. My first duty is to make sure he doesn’t do any damage to the company my father’s legacy.

Johnny, I’m asking you to keep what I’ve told you to. I do have to investigate what Stefan’s been doing and has done, but there is a part of me that’s opened beyond hope that I’m wrong, son, I’m asking you to trust. Okay? For now,

do you think he bought it? You better pray that he does.

I don’t think I can just gi give up on Gabby. Of course you can, Lee. You have to. But I’ve never loved anyone like, like you love her. I get it and I believe it. I just told you that,

look, I hate that you’re in pain, but what you’re doing will only make things worse. So you have to think about this clearly and objectively. Okay? Do you really want a wife who’s in love with another man?

Did you hear what I just said? I told you I’m leaving Lee to be with you. Yeah, I did. Well, I thought that you’d be a little happy and made me even smile. No, Gabby, look, I Of course. I want you to leave Lee. I want us to be together. I’m also convinced that all of this will soon.

Uh, look, we belong together, right? But we’re not these star crossed. Do we hide lovers? We belong together because we get each other. We know what we want, and we want it on our terms. What terms are those? You and I running Dara together To that end. I was scared to even ask. I think you need to stay with Lee.

You got my mommy said to y’all and not my daddy. Hey Rachel, Rachel. Enough. It, it was not Chloe’s fault at all. And I don’t want you talking to people that way. Do you hear me? Why not? If it’s the truth, but it’s not the truth. Young lady. You might want it to be the truth, but it’s not. Now look, we know that you’re dealing with a lot right now and your daddy and I are trying to do everything we can to help you by letting you walk around saying things that aren’t true is bad for you, and we’re not gonna let that happen.

No. I know it’s very, very hard when a kid loses their mother. You know? Who else knows that Your daddy here. And sometimes it’s so hard that the kid gets really angry when they think someone’s trying to take the place of their mother. And you know, who else knows that

your daddy here.

Come with Poppy for a second. I want to tell you a story about your daddy. Just sit right up here. Here we go.

No, your daddy was just a little bit older than you. He and Grandma Marna, they didn’t get along very well. Ah, correction. I didn’t get along very well with grandma. That that was, that was all on me. I, that, that, that, that, that’s immaterial here. Here. The fact is you were having a very rough time and Rich, you know who understood that?

Do you know who was eventually able to get your daddy to see? She wasn’t there to try to replace his mommy or anybody else. All she wanted to do was love him. You know who that was? That was your grandma. That was Grandma Marlena. Because grandma always knew that people’s feelings could be so strong. He could hurt so much that sometimes they would think things that aren’t true.

Oh God. You know, I wish she were here right now because she, could she tell you this so much better than I ever could miss her? I wish she was here too. So do I,

I really, really wish she was here. You know, she, um, she wasn’t technically my mom, but. She loved me like she was, but she was Grandma. She’s not. I never loved her, and I want her gone.

Thank you for agreeing to the hearing, Ms. Tr.

Mr. Shin, what can I do you for the contract you drew up for me and Gabby? Yes. I’m having some second thoughts about it and I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Hey, you busy, uh, just installing some new software? Hmm. How you doing here? Well, I was going to see if you wanted to go grab some lunch with me if you don’t already have plans with your new roommate trips at work. Hmm. And uh, I was running a little late this morning. I just got here a little while ago, so I think I should maybe try to clock in more than 20 minutes before I head out.

Oh. You know, I actually have an in with your boss, so I think it’d be okay. My dad really likes you, by the way. Oh, yeah. Mm. . Well, I would like it to stay that way, so I’m hoping you kept my name out of it. When you asked him about the vial you found and, uh, we were both thinking you might have been using, he has no idea you knew anything.

I promise you haven’t, uh, seen anything else suspicious around here, have you? No. But if that file wasn’t your dad’s, I think we should probably try to figure out who it did belong. Yeah. Yeah. Right. You know, don’t you? Well, and you’re not gonna tell me I promised my dad that I wouldn’t. Okay. Why would he care?

Unless he shares this office with your uncle. Oh my God. It’s Steffens, isn’t it? Well, uj, you were very convincing. When you said, I will do anything to help my brother with his drug problem,

I know it’s scary. What a gifted liar you are. Hmm. I mean, so much coming from you.

You can say that again,

but don’t you think it’s a risk? And Johnny is really fond of his Uncle Stephan, right? Enough to keep an eye on him, help him with the result being he’ll see Stephan sad decline step by step and back me up when I make the case to throw the BA out of the mirror. The bastard sad climb that you orchestrated.

Well, you don’t want to be of anything up to Charles, do you?

Look Gabby, of course, I want you to leave Lee so that we can be together, but we need to think through this. Obviously I won’t you as my c E O. What about ej? Screw that guy. He knew what Lee was doing to me and he covered for him. But here’s the thing, getting EJ out of Damara, that’s one thing. Getting you installed in his seat, that’s, that’s another, and that requires board approval.

And if you leave Lee, he retains his vote and he would use his vote against me. Yeah. So that, that leaves EJ with his seven votes to our, let’s, excuse me, Jake, Kristen, Peter, Jake, Steven, you said Jake. Right. Uh, I’m sorry. How many, how many does that goes with? It’s five. Hey, are are you sure you’re okay? No, no, I’m fine.

I’m just feeling a little fuzzy. Thank you, wolf. The bottom line is we don’t have enough votes without le leases. Yeah. Even if I give Lee’s shares back, we have a tie. And the tie reverts the status quo. Unless, unless what? Unless. EJ becomes tragically incapacitated.

Did I hear you right? You wanna cancel the conflict with Gabby back out of the deal? That’s what I said. Why the hell would you do that? You’ve got her right where you want her. She has to live with you for six months. If she moves out, she loses her shares. If she cheats on you, she loses her shares. If she even Jay walks, she’s losing her shares.

Hold on, please repeat that. Oh, come on. You got the gist of it. You’re in the catbird seat here, Lee. No, repeat what you said about her cheating. Well, the contract doesn’t state it explicitly, but it’s clearly implied under clause 2.6 in marital duties. Oh my. You’re a genius. Thank you so much. I have to go.

Uh, please forget that I ever called.

Come on, dad. Is there any possibility that you could take her home? You don’t wanna go home? I’m, I’m sorry, Kate. You know, I would if I could, but I’m meeting with Steve and it’s pretty important. I’m sorry. Be Richie. Try to think about what Papa just said. Okay, honey,

you just tried to get rid of me. No, don’t. No. Sweet. I just thought it would be best if I talked to you separately and maybe to Chloe separately, but I would love if we could just have lunch. You know, why don’t we all go to lunch and we’ll talk my lunch? You invited her to my lunch with you. Okay. I’m just gonna go, no, Chloe, please don’t.

I’m not going anywhere. She’s going.

It’s done. That’s the fastest bill hearing in history. I work so magic. Wait here for the guard and you should be a free man and a Jiff. See you later. We’ll talk about my retainer.

Please don’t say anything to my dad. Of course I won’t, especially since I’m not even certain. I believe it. What do you. Okay. Your uncle was presumed dead for four years. Brainwashed the works. He finally gets what he wants. He’s c e o of the company, totally on top of his game at work. He’s not the one who’s screwing things up around here.

And what are you trying to say? Are you sure your dad was telling you the. That he’s not the one who’s using.

I’m a little nervous about what I’m gonna find at the office today. Brady doesn’t seem too focused. Uh, I would think given his business expertise, the office would’ve benefited from his incarceration. Well, I guess we’ll see.

Are you okay? I am. Ooh, I, I, I, I dunno. Hey, what’s, what’s going on? Good. You bought it. Oh. Stephanie needs to think that he is successfully in drugging you, so I need to behave accordingly. It is going to be a fun afternoon at the office.

So I’ve been drugging him, ej, that’s why he is been acting so weird. That’s how he tanked the stock price with his loose lips. Oh, any more incidents like that. And the board will remove him for. Oh, well, couldn’t have happened to a nicer five and that I lose his voting power unless, unless he assigns someone else’s Kate’s proxy.

Or pull some other stunt. All right. E. E. Either way, if we don’t get this done, it’ll be next to impossible to install you in his seat or even remove him from Dera permanently. Please. What are you saying? I’m saying that Lee’s shares are our insurance policy. That’s why you need to hold onto. And that’s why you need to stay married to Lee,

Eric. Hey, what I just read that you and Brady were in jail. Uh, yeah, my attorney just got me out on bail. Oh, well good for bell bell’s. Not my attorney slowness.

Why would you even say that to me? I mean, it’s not like my Uncle Stephan hasn’t been acting a little weird lately. Okay. Okay. Yes. His personal life is a mess because he was brainwashed. His work product has been amazing. If you were using people would. And your dad. On the other hand, I hate to say this, but people are starting to talk, so what you’re telling me is that my dad lied to me.

No, no he didn’t. I’m sure of it. Okay. He was genuinely worried about Stephan. I could tell. Okay. I’m sorry. I said anything didn’t mean to upset you.

Look, trust me. Okay. My dad is totally back to his normal self. I even overheard. Talking about having stepped and removed from his job. Now if, if he, if he was gonna do that, he, he obviously believes that he, you know what? I shouldn’t have said that. Um, I’m sure my dad probably doesn’t want that getting around.

Why not? If your uncle has a drug problem, then we’re removing him. Should be pretty straightforward. Of course, the first thing we should be doing is getting him help. Yeah, that’s what my dad said. My dad said that he wants. Stephan . You know what he said? He, he said he wanted to help Stephan while he was standing in the room with my no-nos portrait.

My no-no is a Nobel Prize winner for lying. What if my dad’s trying to groom me as his star witness against Stephan? I mean, what if my dad is the one drugging Steph?

You can understand, can’t you? This wasn’t exactly the response I thought you were gonna have when I told you I’m leaving my husband for, you thought you were gonna sweep me off my feet into a passionate kiss, but instead you came up with a brand new business model. I’ve let you down, haven’t I? No, actually I find it kind of exciting.

Yeah, we can hear it all. You and I, what’s six months between captains of the universe? You do know I love you. Right, right back at you.

It’s okay, Brady. I’m gonna go No, no. Hey, please, please, please don’t go. Don’t. I don’t want her to think that she can get away acting like this. She has been through too much, way too much lately. It’s important that she feels and that she knows that she comes first. You work all that she has, right?

Uh, Sloane is your lawyer, Sloane Peterson. Do you know of any other Sloan? Well, you told me you two broke up and that she was furious with you. She was. Okay. Then why did she take your case? We made up. What is that? So close to me exactly what it sounds like. Why would I give up the best sex of my life and why would he write, sweetheart?

Um, what are you doing here and what are you two co-conspirators up to this time?

You convinced, I love you now and I love you. God, I missed you so much and I you, I’m so sorry for how I treated you. No, don’t apologize. It’s not your fault. What matters is that we’re together now. Finally, finally,

what the hell’s going on here?

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