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At the prison, Lucas questions Roman wanting to scrap the plan to kill Orpheus. Lucas reminds Roman that it was his idea and questions why he’s backing out now. Roman responds that Kate told him that he had to call it off which Lucas questions. Roman insists that Kate spoke to him, then clarifies that her urn did.

Anna remains at the Brady Pub with Kate’s urn. Anna asks if Kate only graces Roman with her wisdom and if she doesn’t have any sage advice for her. Anna tries shaking the urn like a magic eight ball. Anna asks the urn if she will get everything she wants for her birthday this year. Anna then guesses it only works for the widower. Anna asks Kate to continue watching over Roman and to let him get to prison in time. Paulina then enters and questions him getting there in time for what.

John questions Orpheus offering to tell he and Steve who is really responsible for the deaths of their wives. Steve calls him a liar and says he’s just trying to delay the inevitable. Orpheus questions Steve’s hurry. Steve responds that he killed his wife, so the sooner he sends him to Hell, the better. Orpheus asks if he’s not curious about if he’s not lying. Orpheus warns that once he’s gone, they’ll never find out who is really to blame for this…

Nick tells Kate, Kayla, and Marlena that it’s time to go to Hell. Nick calls them fools for turning down the get out of Hell free card. Kayla responds that they are sticking together, so it’s all of them or none of them. Nick plans to escort them to Hell but Kate says over her dead body.

Chanel shows up at Allie’s door and says she came to return her key and get the last of her things. Chanel comes in and sees bags packed, so she asks if Allie already packed her stuff up. Allie then reveals that is her stuff, because she is moving to New Zealand.

Anna greets Paulina and comments on the funerals of Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Paulina calls it a terrible loss of three wonderful women. Anna doesn’t know how Roman got through it, but says he’s always been a strong man. Anna talks about when she and Roman were married. Paulina thinks she’s trying to change the subject on her. Anna asks what she means. Paulina responds that when she walked in, it sounded like Anna was talking to a dead woman.

Kate tells Nick that they are not going to Hell. Nick reminds her that he has their paperwork. Kate tells him to stay away from them. Kate says they can fight him since there is three of them and only one of him. Kayla and Marlena point out that they don’t have any weapons, so they pick up pieces of a broken pot to threaten Nick. Nick says if they want to do this, they will.

Steve continues accusing Orpheus of killing their wives for revenge on them. Orpheus admits that he did poison them but after they got sick, they were treated and survived. John asks how any of that is relevant now. Orpheus says if someone hadn’t stolen the orchid, they would’ve survived the relapse too. Orpheus tells them that if they really want to punish the person who took their wives, then he will tell them who stole the orchid and they can take it from there. Steve questions him suddenly knowing who the Orchid thief is and he’s going to tell them. Orpheus responds that he will if they are interested and he’s not dead.

Chanel questions Allie moving to New Zealand to live. Allie explains that her son Henry is already with Will and Sonny, so she’s just getting her stuff together and her flight leaves tonight which surprises Chanel. Allie tells her that it’s when Will and Sonny were leaving and she wanted to go with them so they can help her with Henry. Allie notes Chanel not saying anything. Chanel questions why Allie is doing this. Allie thinks she can figure it out. Chanel questions Allie moving to another hemisphere because they broke up. Allie responds that there is nothing here for her anymore since they are over and she doesn’t imagine Chanel would want to be working next to her at the Bakery every day after what she did. Allie calls cheating on her with Alex the worst mistake of her life. Allie adds that being in Salem will just remind her constantly of what a fool she is. Chanel disagrees but Allie says she ruined the best relationship she ever had and made a mess of things in Salem, so she thinks it’s best if she makes a go of it somewhere else.

Anna tells Paulina that she was talking to Kate and jokes that it’s not the first conversation she had with an urn, bringing up when she thought she lost Tony forever but it wasn’t him in the urn. Paulina mentions hearing about that. Paulina brings up hearing Anna talking about Roman and sounding worried about him getting to the prison in time. Anna comments on her hearing quite a bit. Paulina says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop, so she doesn’t have to explain anything. Anna says it’s okay and says that Kate is worried about Lucas and is concerned about his sobriety in prison, so she convinced Roman to go there to try some sort of intervention to keep Lucas from falling off the wagon.

Lucas questions Roman saying he heard all this from Kate’s urn. Lucas asks if Roman is drunk now but he assures he’s not and that he knows what he heard. Roman tells Lucas that Kate is trying to save him from doing something that he can’t come back from. Roman believes because he got her son involved, she reached out from beyond the grave to stop them from making a tragic mistake that they will surely regret for the rest of their lives.

Steve asks John if they are going through with this or not. Orpheus thinks John is interested in what he has to say. Orpheus says Steve may hate him for poisoning his wife, but he knows it wasn’t a death sentence as all three women could have lived if they received another dose of the antidote which was denied to them when the Orchid disappeared. Orpheus declares that whoever took the orchid is just as guilty as he is and just as deserving of their wrath.

Nick asks if Marlena, Kate, and Kayla really think they can stop him, reminding them of who he works for. Nick tells them that the deal is done so there’s no use fighting this. Nick declares that if they won’t come on their own, he’ll just have to give them a little push. Nick then uses his powers to force the women through the door. Nick goes to shove them through when suddenly Jake DiMera appears and stops him!

Chanel admits it would be hard to see Allie every day at the Bakery so it is probably best that they don’t work together anymore, but that’s very different from living 8000 miles apart. Allie assumed Chanel would never want to see her again and thought they were done. Chanel confirms they are done as a couple and won’t be living together or working together anymore, but she wouldn’t just write her off forever because she means too much to her. Chanel says she is upset because Allie hurt her but she knows she made the right decision about their relationship. Chanel tells Allie that she still loves her and she always will, but if this is what Allie thinks is best, she doesn’t want to stand in her way either. Chanel declares that if this is what Allie wants, then she should definitely go. Chanel cries that she’s going to miss the hell out of her and says she is her best friend. Allie cries that she’s going to miss her too.

Nick questions what Jake is doing here and says he unfortunately took a little field trip from Heaven. Kate questions Jake making it in to Heaven.

Lucas tells Roman that it doesn’t matter anymore because they can’t get a hold of John and Steve, they aren’t answering their phones and they can’t just storm the infirmary with all the guards around which is why they came up with the ruse of him falling off the wagon. Roman then orders Lucas to pretend right now that he is drunk.

Steve argues that John can’t actually be taking Orpheus at his word. Steve insists that Orpheus doesn’t know anything and is just stalling. Steve asks how Orpheus could know who stole the orchid unless he was pulling the strings. Orpheus assures them that the orchid thief was acting alone. John asks who it was then. Orpheus says he will once Steve puts down the syringe down. Steve complains that enough is enough and the guard could come in at any moment, so if they are going to make Orpheus pay for what he did to their wives, they have to do it now.

Chanel packs her bag. Allie shows them old photo booth photos that she found of them from London. They talk about the time they spent together there. Chanel calls those some of the best days and nights of her life. Allie feels the same. Allie offers Chanel the pictures, saying they are their pictures and memories. Allie then splits them in half so they each have some. Allie suggests maybe someday in time, they will be like that again.

Lucas tells Roman to forget it because it won’t work. Roman asks why not tell the guard he’s feeling lousy again, so they take him right to the infirmary. Lucas argues that the doctor already discharged him. Roman agrees that they’ve gotten all they can out of the bottle of liquor. Lucas says there has to be another way to get back in the infirmary. Roman declares that he’s going to find it because he has to for Kate.

Jake tells Kate that he made his share of bad choices in life but ultimately, the good outweighed the bad, so now he wears white as an angel. Nick says this is none of Jake’s business. Jake says he’s sorry but Nick cheated so he can’t let him take the ladies to Hell under false pretenses. Nick says he might have used trickery but their signatures are valid. Jake argues that they both know this isn’t about the contracts.

Paulina questions Anna saying that Kate told Roman that she was worried about Lucas. Anna says Kate is very protective of her children. Paulina relates to always wanting to protect her kids. Anna then gets a call from the prison and answers the call from Lucas. Anna asks if Roman got to him in time. Lucas responds that Roman wanted him to call her because he thought she might be worried. Anna steps aside and asks if Roman managed to stop John and Steve from killing Orpheus. Lucas informs her that he hasn’t yet, but he’s going to try.

Steve repeats to John that if they are going to do this, they have to do it now. John remarks that they got in here once, so they could easily do it again. Orpheus points out that this is not a standing offer. John orders Orpheus to convince them now that his information is real if he wants them to spare his life. John asks how Orpheus knows who stole the orchid if he wasn’t in on it. Orpheus responds that he did a little digging. Orpheus gets that they want to punish everyone involved, including him, but he’s incarcerated which is quite the punishment. Orpheus adds that the other parties out there are living it up free. John argues that whoever stole the orchid should pay. Steve doesn’t believe Orpheus can tell them anything. Orpheus warns that if he dies, they will never know. Steve decides he can live with that and goes to inject Orpheus with the syringe, but Roman bursts in and grabs Steve, saying he’s sorry but he can’t let him do this.

Paulina tells Anna that she heard her conversation and she doesn’t get why Roman would try to save Orpheus when he’s responsible for the death of three wonderful women. Paulina argues that Orpheus deserves to burn in Hell. Anna explains that Roman felt the same way, but someone got him to change his mind.

Steve tells Roman that it’s insane that he wants to call the whole thing off because he heard Kate whispering from an urn from beyond the grave. Roman says he wouldn’t believe it unless it happened to him but he heard it clear as day. Orpheus sarcastically asks if Kate is settling in ok. Steve argues that Roman could have been confused but Roman insists he knows Kate’s voice. John compares it to Steve telling him that he saw Kayla. John then informs Roman that Orpheus says he knows who stole the orchid. Roman asks who. John says that Orpheus said he would tell them if they agree not to kill him. Steve declares that the problem is, they just lost their leverage.

Kate and Kayla question what Nick and Jake are talking about. Nick argues that Jake is just trying to give them false hope by interfering. Jake talks about just not liking Nick and how Nick tried to bury him alive two years ago. Jake says Nick tried to give him an early death, just like three women. Nick argues that the women are going to Hell and asks Jake to move along. Jake says he can’t do that because they both know that these three ladies are not really dead, which shocks the women.

Chanel thanks Allie and says it means a lot. Chanel tells Allie to send her postcards and to keep in touch. Chanel guesses this is it as they hug. Chanel and Allie say a tearful goodbye to each other as Chanel then exits the apartment.

John frees Orpheus from being tied to the hospital bed and asks what now. Roman declares that will go home and live their lives in honor of their wives while leaving Orpheus caged up like the animal he is. They go to leave but Orpheus says before they go, he wants to offer an olive branch. Roman asks why he would do that. Orpheus says they spared his life, so to prove to them he’s not a monster. Steve asks if he will tell them who stole the orchid. Orpheus responds that he said he’s not a monster but didn’t say he’s a saint. John says they are leaving. Orpheus stops them and says if they stick around, he’s willing to offer them a clue.

Marlena, Kate, and Kayla question Jake about them not being dead. Nick argues that of course they are. Jake reveals that somebody’s body was cremated but it wasn’t Kate’s as it’s not Kate’s ashes in the urn and Marlena and Kayla’s bodies are not in the graves. Jake reveals that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are still alive.

Allie sits alone with the photos of her and Chanel as she thinks back to her relationship with Chanel as she starts to cry. Allie then takes her bags and leaves her apartment for the final time.

Chanel sits in the park with her half of her and Allie’s photos. Chanel starts to cry as Paulina approaches and asks if this is about Allie. Chanel reveals that Allie is leaving Salem. Paulina then hugs Chanel as she breaks down crying.

Anna has a drink at the Brady Pub with Kate’s urn and says that no matter what happens, Kate tried her hardest. Anna hopes that Roman got to John and Steve in time. Anna guesses that for now, they just have to keep the faith.

John, Steve, and Roman meet with Lucas in the prison visiting room to reveal the only information that Orpheus gave them is that a DiMera stole the orchid, but they don’t know which one.

Kayla and Kate argue that this doesn’t make sense, questioning what they are doing here if they are still alive. Jake explains that Nick took advantage of a bad situation by plucking them from their bodies and trying to steal their souls. Jake tells the ladies that they don’t belong here. Marlena asks where they are if they weren’t buried or cremated.

Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s bodies lie in tubes inside of a DiMera Enterprises Laboratory.

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