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Phyllis: Hey, there you are, pretty girl.

Summer: Welcome back!

Phyllis: Ooh!

Summer: Ohh! That is quite the hug!

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I’m glad that there is one child of mine that doesn’t hate me.

Summer: Oh. Guess I don’t have to ask how your trip to portugal was.

Phyllis: Ugh. Well, my trip was great. It was great. It was the homecoming that had a lot to be desired.

Summer: Okay, so, why are we having champagne?

Phyllis: Ohh, we are going to toast the amazing idea that you come up with to talk some sense into your brother before he does something else that he’ll deeply, deeply regret.

Daniel: Heather. I-I can’t believe you’re really here.

Heather: I’m sorry I didn’t let you know that I was coming.

Daniel: It’s okay. It — no, it’s okay.

[ Door closes ]

Heather: I wasn’t actually certain that I would do it until I was here. I told the front desk clerk that I was your wife so that she would let me stay here and wait for you. I hope that was okay.

Daniel: Yeah, of course. Um… it’s really, really good to see you.

Heather: Good to see.

Daniel: Yeah. Good to see you.

[ Lock rattling ]

Jack: [ Laughs ] I got it.

Diane: Ah!

Jack: Oh, you got it!

Diane: I will get the hang of the lock eventually. Mwah!

Jack: Welcome home.

Diane: Wow.

Jack: I got the luggage.

Diane: Thank you.

[ Door closes ]

Jack: Hey. You alright?

Diane: Uh…yeah. It just feels so good to hear you say those words.

Jack: Feels good to have you here.

Diane: Aww.

Jack: Come on in.

Diane: Wow, this, uh — this feels like a dream. I can hardly believe it.

Jack: I was worried you’d had second thoughts and decided it was too soon to move in.

Diane: No, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.

Jack: Oh, I’ve never been so happy to be stuck.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Offer you some wine?

Diane: Oh. Please.

Jack: Good.

Diane: So, is this what it’s like to be your new roommate, coming home after a long day at the office, curling up on the couch, unwinding?

Jack: Whatever you like. This is your home now, too.

Diane: Then I know what we should toast to.

Jack: What?

Diane: To you, to me, to the future, and to coming home again.

[ Keys jangle, lock disengages ]

[ Door opens ]

Kyle: Hey. Hi, mom.

Diane: Come on in.

Kyle: I don’t wanna interrupt.

Diane: You’re not.

[ Keys clatter ] How’s it going?

Kyle: Not great. Summer and I got into a big fight.

Diane: I’m so sorry.

Kyle: And I don’t know how i will ever get her to forgive me.

Jack: Perhaps your partner, victor, will have some good advice for you.

Tucker: I apologize in advance for this cheap cabernet, but I was under the impression you were enjoying all your wine…

Ashley: Thanks.

Tucker: …In a parisian cafe these days.

Ashley: I just got back.

Tucker: So, is that why you texted me not to come to paris — ’cause you were coming to see me?

Ashley: Don’t flatter yourself.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] Old habits.

Ashley: You’re full of those, aren’t you?

Tucker: Yeah. And you’re the worst. Habit, I mean.

Ashley: Mm. So I’ve heard.

Tucker: [ Sighs ] I have a question.

Ashley: Try me.

Tucker: As much as I’d like to sit and drink wine and trade barbs and witticisms with you all night, uh, I can’t help but wonder what the hell you’re doing here. #1 isn’t a status earned overnight.

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Ashley: I’m here for a very simple reason, actually. I just was hoping you’d explain the voicemail you left for me, where you said you had to come clean about something and you were willing to fly to paris to explain it to me in person. Remember that?

Tucker: I do. Uh, but why are you suddenly amenable to listening? What sparked your interest? Are you just curious, or is it something more intimate?

Ashley: Please don’t read anything more into this.

Tucker: All it took was one look in your eyes when you walked into the room. I could tell something was amiss.

Ashley: Okay, well, if I’m in any kind of a mood at all, it’s because of my brother and diane.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. What happened now?

Ashley: I really don’t want to get into it again. Please.

Tucker: What would you like to get into? ‘Cause, as I recall, the last time you had a blowout with jack, things got pretty heated between you and me.

Kyle: I had things under control. I kept jabot safe.

Jack: You trusted the fox to watch the henhouse, kyle. How is that keeping things safe? Have I taught you nothing? And what is the next step in victor’s big plan? What are you supposed to stay tuned for, as he said in his text to you?

Kyle: I have no idea. But adam left on his own free will, so I doubt victor will want anything else. His only goal was to get adam fired. He is gone. So, if victor makes any more requests, I will turn him down.

Jack: Unless he offers you a textile mill or something else.

Kyle: Cut me a break, dad.

Jack: You lied to me, kyle. You went against my wishes. You put the company in jeopardy.

Kyle: I’m sorry.

Jack: I told you I had the adam thing under control. I told you I understood what was going on. But you knew better. You turned to victor instead of your own father.

Summer: I’m assuming the thing that you mean when you said something else daniel will deeply regret is, um, him firing you?

Phyllis: Oh, do you know about that?

Summer: Yeah, he told me.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, he’s in a bad way. And, you know, when he gets like this, there’s no reasoning with him.

Summer: He’s a grown man. He’s capable of making his own decisions.

Phyllis: Well, he’s actually not. That’s why I’m helping him. I keep on throwing life preservers overboard, and he’s not catching them. He needs saving.

Summer: That’s what you think you’re doing?

Phyllis: Of course I am.

Summer: That’s why you went to portugal and ambushed heather and lucy after I warned you what an insane idea it was?

Phyllis: Okay. Okay. You know, that was an act of love. That came from maternal instinct. And honestly, he’s taken out his anger that he has with heather on me because he knows I will always love him, I will always protect him.

Summer: Are you sure it’s not because you — you went behind his back, mom?

Phyllis: Um, I don’t know why you’re asking these questions. I’m not the villain here. I’m not. And frankly, my feelings are hurt. I’m hurting.

Summer: I’m really sorry that you’re hurting. But you were warned.

Phyllis: What are you doing?

Summer: I was gonna have some champagne.

Phyllis: No. No, that champagne is for someone who wants to help me, not someone who wants to say “I told you so.”

Summer: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: Drink your water.

Summer: Bottom line, mom, you were wrong for getting involved without discussing it with daniel.

Phyllis: Well, I was helping him out.

Summer: It’s his life!

Phyllis: No, I don’t — i don’t agree with you. I was helping him.

Summer: You know what? Daniel had his own plan for patching things up with heather in his own time, in his own way, and your helpful little trip just might have wrecked that. Hey… it’s me! Your dry skin!

Daniel: Um…how’s lucy? Where is she?

Heather: She’s great. I just — I felt that we should talk privately.

Daniel: Sure. Okay. Um…yeah. No need to pull her out of school, right? Why don’t we, um — why don’t we talk about it over dinner? The restaurant downstairs is fantastic. I’ll call them. We’ll see if the chef can whip us up —

Heather: Daniel, stop.

Daniel: What’s wrong?

Heather: We need to talk.

Daniel: Why do I get the feeling that this, uh, isn’t gonna be an easy conversation?

Phyllis: You know what? I refuse to take the blame of wrecking daniel’s plan, whatever it was, to save his family. If I did anything, I pushed it in the right direction.

Summer: It should have been daniel’s choice whether or when he reached out to heather.

Phyllis: No. He can’t make the choice, summer. He’s stressed out, okay? And people do really, really weird things when they’re stressed out.

Summer: You know, you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, mom.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, I am, actually. Two kids, two firings, zero attempts to see my point of view.

Summer: This isn’t about your point of view. What I’m trying to say is that this last-minute trip to portugal — that was a knee-jerk reaction to what daniel did to you.

Phyllis: What — what is this? Summer, what’s happened to us? We used to be so close. You used to always see my point of view — or at least try to. What is going on? What have I done to make my kids hate me?

Summer: We don’t hate you. We love you more than anything in the entire world. But if something is broken in our lives, let us do the fixing, if we choose to.

Phyllis: Okay. Okay. Listen. Um [Chuckles] You — you sound like daniel. I mean, you guys are speaking from the same mouth now. What — what — what else do you guys share?

Summer: Actually, I didn’t share with him what your plan was, and it was a huge mistake. If I hadn’t have listened to you, maybe this whole mess could have been avoided entirely.

Kyle: I truly believed I had everything under control. I’m sorry I didn’t think it through. I should have known victor wasn’t a trustworthy partner. It was a mistake.

Jack: Why couldn’t you just trust me?

Kyle: I do.

Jack: I guess the big question now is, can I trust you? I need some air.

Kyle: Dad, wait.

Jack: I will be back.

Kyle: Are you gonna pile on now, too, or can you see that some good has come of this? Adam is gone. Jabot is better without him.

Diane: You’re not expecting me to take sides, are you? Because I can see both points of view.

Kyle: That’s an easy way out.

Diane: No. It’s the truth. Jack hates that you did victor’s bidding because of the rocky history they share.

Kyle: I wasn’t thinking about how it would look. I was just going to do the job, get adam fired, and be done. I didn’t take our history into account.

Diane: Well, no matter how civil jack and victor appear to be, there will always be this fierce antagonism just beneath the surface. So, for you to do this now…

Kyle: You think he’ll ever forgive me?

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Yes. Just give it time. He’ll appreciate your remorse. Kyle, I am living proof that jack is a forgiving kind of guy.

Kyle: I guess you are.

Diane: Yeah.

Kyle: Somebody heading out of town?

Diane: Those are mine. Uh, further evidence of your father’s powers of forgiveness. He asked me to move in.

Ashley: Tucker, I hope you’re not expecting a repeat performance of what happened last time I was here.

Tucker: You should see what i could do for an encore.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashley: [ Chuckles ] I was understandably upset the last time I saw you before i took off for paris. But then I had some time to realize that your explanation was missing a few pieces.

Tucker: Alright. What do you want to know?

Ashley: I want to knour actions regarding jabot.

Tucker: I never made any move on jabot or against you.

Ashley: You wanted to. And you would have if you’d been given a chance.

Tucker: No. That is not true. But I do want to apologize for lying to you about any of it. That was demeaning — to us both, really. Um…

[ Sighs ] And here I am trying to turn over a new leaf, so I do want to be totally transparent with you.

Ashley: Start talking.

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Phyllis: Okay. You know what I realized? Here you go. That I have raised two little pessimists. Yeah. Pessimists. And for that, I apologize to the world, to you, to your brother.

Summer: Oh, mom, stop being so melodramatic.

Phyllis: I’m not. I’m not exaggerating. You’re both negative nellies, doomsayers. Hey, chicken little, the sky’s not falling.

Summer: Oh, you hope it’s not.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Let me tell you something, okay? I went to heather ’cause i needed to enlighten her about the man that your brother has become and enlighten her about the gaming platform that’s gonna change the world, okay? And when she realizes, “hey, this is the man I once knew,” and she takes him back, I’d like an apology from you and your brother.

Summer: All we want is for you to stop trying to control other people’s lives, especially when you can’t even control your own.

Phyllis: [ Sighs heavily ] This is motherhood. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’T. It is hell, okay? Prepare yourself. It’s coming for you. Prepare yourself. We’ll have a talk when you go through something like this, okay? I walk through fire for you. I will move mountains for you. I will lay down my life for you and your brother…always. But I am tired of this. I am tired of being the villain. I am tired of being made out to be the devil.

[ Sighs ] Share that with your brother.

Summer: Mom!

Kyle: This is all happening so fast. It seems like you just announced you’re back together, and now…

Diane: So, think of it as the second installment of that jaw-droppingly good news.

Kyle: A real one-two punch.

Diane: Yeah. Well, it’s not entirely new territory for me and jack. We did live together when we were engaged.

Kyle: Yeah, and we all know how that turned out.

Diane: Kyle, we’re different people now. We’ve grown and changed. And as jack said to me, why postpone the inevitable? And as far as this happening too fast, it’s — it’s actually been decades in the making.

Kyle: I guess you could look at it that way.

Diane: And as an added bonus, I — I get to be closer to you and harrison.

Kyle: Harrison will love waking up to you every morning.

Diane: I can’t wait.

Kyle: This is going to send him over the moon with happiness.

Diane: So, what about you?

Tucker: My debt was growing exponentially, um, and while i found some peace at the ashram, I lost all business traction while I was there and I allowed decisions to be made by people who did not have the company’s best interests at heart.

Ashley: I guess you can’t trust anybody these days, huh?

Tucker: Yeah. And then there was the car wreck which took me even farther away from work, and I ended up having to leverage entire divisions to save others. And in the end, it all went under. And by the time I got back, the whole empire was a house of cards, really.

Ashley: So, what did you do?

Tucker: I took out massive loans. I sold off divisions and assets just to make up for my losses. But I couldn’t turn the company around fast enough to keep up with the growing debt, so i figured I could use a couple of whales around to generate some revenue, you know?

Ashley: Ah, so that’s where jabot and chancellor-winters came into play.

Tucker: Yeah. Couple powerhouses that i figured I could acquire without laying out too much capital.

Ashley: Sure. I mean, all you had to do was manipulate the two people that you claim to love.

Tucker: No. No. The truth is, I just wanted to start something with you and devon, not — not chew up your companies to keep mine afloat.

Ashley: No, the truth is, you were willing to risk jabot and chancellor-winters being brought down with mccall and devon and i would go along for the ride. So, can you see how your honesty just rings a little hollow right now? Do you see?

Tucker: Well, it isn’T.

Ashley: Yeah? Then why did you offer to fund a company for me, tucker? Clearly, you didn’t have the money to back it up. (Vo) the shape that stole your heart

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Daniel: First thing on the agenda should be me apologizing for my mother.

Heather: No, there’s no need.

Daniel: I had no idea that she was gonna ambush you like that. I mean, if I did, believe me, i would have hidden her passport and alerted the embassy.

Heather: Well, it was, uh, quite a surprise.

Daniel: I didn’t put her up to that, either. I didn’t even know she was gone until after she left. I’m sorry.

Heather: Daniel, she couldn’t stop talking about how proud she is of you for starting this new gaming project, that it’s helping you turn your life around.

Daniel: I’m sorry she subjected you to that.

Heather: I thought it was sweet, actually. You can tell how much she loves you, how much she believes in you.

Daniel: She is my biggest fan.

Heather: I was really happy to hear how well you’ve been doing. I mean, I don’t know, but it seems like maybe this new venture has reinvigorated you.

Daniel: Yeah. It’s, um… it’s been a healing journey.

Heather: And now seeing you here in person, I can tell something seems different, happier, focused. You look good, daniel. You look really good.

Phyllis: Oh, great. What did I do to deserve this?

Jack: Perfect. Hi, phyllis.

Phyllis: Jack. Yeah. That is my name, by the way. Don’t wear it out.

Jack: Bad day?

Phyllis: What made you think that?

Jack: There might be something in the water.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Before you go on with all of your insight about how to deal with my daughter, I want you to know that I am emancipating myself from summer and all of her issues — and throw my son into the mix. I’m cutting the apron strings. What?

Jack: I’m trying to picture you in an apron.

Phyllis: I’ve worn an apron before.

Jack: I find that kind of hard to believe.

Phyllis: I’ve baked once or twice.

Jack: I mean, I find it hard to believe that you are cutting yourself out of your children’s lives.

Phyllis: Oh, I am. You can only try so hard before people start letting you down in the meanest, cruelest way. And before you start up on me, saying, “phyllis, you must have done something,” “um, phyllis, what did you do to deserve this, you reap what you sow –”

Jack: No, you ain’t gonna hear that from me.

Phyllis: I beg your pardon?

Jack: None of those responses apply. I know exactly how you feel.

Kyle: You’ve both made your decision. It’s a little late to cast my ballot on the matter.

Daniel: I do care about your opinion.

Kyle: Like you said, you’ve been down this road before. You don’t need my blessing.

Diane: Alright, maybe that’s too much to ask for. But I would like to know that you’re okay with it.

[ Door opens ]

Summer: [ Sighs ]

[ Keys clatter ] I probably don’t even want to know, but I guess I’ll ask anyway. What else went wrong today?

Diane: Absolutely nothing. I think it’s great news, actually.

Summer: Is it?

Tucker: Okay, ashley.

[ Chuckles ] I would do anything for you. If you had said to me, “yes, tucker, I would like you to build me a company that I can run,” I would have made it happen.

Ashley: With what money?

Tucker: I don’t know. I would have found it, even if it meant selling off more of mccall.

Ashley: Okay, that’s the rom-com version. In the real world, where I live, you were hoping I would love your idea so much that I would invest my own cash. That’s what you were hoping for, isn’t it?

Tucker: Yeah, I understand why you would assume that. It is not the truth. The truth is, I would sell it all to make your dreams come true. How can I convince you of this?

Ashley: You can’t — because it wasn’t my dream, tucker. It was yours. You’re working really hard to make me believe it was what i wanted.

Tucker: And yet here you are. So you must have thought you you’d get something out of this conversation. What is it?

Ashley: Please stop fooling yourself.

Tucker: Oh, god. If you’re just gonna sit here and not believe a word I say… what are you doing here? Why this face-to-face? Yeah. You know. You know what it’s like whenever we’re in the same room together, we’re…

Ashley: Come on.

Tucker: …In the same zip code. No “come on.” You feel the energy. You feel the connection right now. And that passion — that does not go away between us, even when we’re arguing. Your heart is the beat of life.

Ashley: Nope. Nothing there. No irresistible pull, no passion whatsoever. In fact, I’m starting to wonder what I ever saw in you to begin with.

[ Sighs ]

Tucker: You just cannot be honest with yourself, can you? When you left here on your way to paris, your feelings for me had been reawakened, period.

Ashley: That was a momentary lapse in my sanity, from which I’ve completely recovered. So, what’s next? Are you sticking around genoa city, or what? Hmm?

Tucker: I don’t know. Man plans, god laughs.

Ashley: Oh, lots of platitudes today. What are you gonna do?

Tucker: I don’t know. Your guess is better than mine. I’m running out of options, though. Victor newman has somehow got word of my financial situation, and he’s planning to buy my debt to use as leverage to take over my company.

Ashley: Wow. That makes sense.

Tucker: Hmm.

Ashley: I can see victoria and her crew trying to pull something off like that. Why aren’t you more rattled? Aren’t you afraid of losing it all?

Tucker: Maybe it’s time for it to happen. You know, I came back to town with this dream of mine to [Clears throat] Work with my son and the love of my life to create this kind of family triumvirate. And when that dream proved unattainable and you went off to paris, I realized the only part of that plan that really mattered to me was the people involved. So…

[Sighs] My karma is catching up to me.

[ Sighs ]

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Jack: I won’t get into the details, but rest assured, you are preaching to the choir.

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: I, too, have been deeply disappointed in someone I trusted, someone who means the world to me, someone who has no business lying to me after everything I’ve done for them.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Are you talking about who i think you’re talking about? Oh, jack, I am so glad you finally have seen the light about diane. I mean, she must have had to do something horrific for this to finally sink in.

Jack: I’m not talking about diane.

Phyllis: I-I thought —

Jack: She is not the one who let me down. Kyle is. Diane and I are fine.

Phyllis: What? I didn’t realize.

Jack: You know what? This is my fault for even opening up to you in the first place. You truly are your own worst enemy.

[ Gulps, slams glass onto bar ]

Kyle: My mother’s moving in.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] I know it must seem sudden and a bit of a shock, but jack invited me and I couldn’t say no.

Kyle: Summer?

Summer: Okay.

[ Footsteps departing ]

Kyle: Where are you going?

Summer: To check on harrison.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Diane: [ Sighs ] Well, that didn’t go very well. What can I do?

Kyle: You’ll have to figure that out on your own. I have something more important I need to do — work things out with my wife.

Daniel: I think the journeys that we take alone are the toughest. Yes, ’cause you have to do it all. You have to carry all the baggage, you have to make all the plans. Sometimes you get off track, and, um, well, you have to go where no man has gone before. But you learn a lot about yourself. You get a lot of time to think. You know what I thought about? I thought about the people who love me, the ones that I’m supposed to protect and cherish. What I did to you and lucy was inexcusable. And I know it doesn’t mean much for me to say that I’m getting back on track. I actually have to show it, and I have to do it for myself, and I can’t just do it for the two of you, in order for it to be real and to actually matter. Hey. Hey.

Heather: [ Sniffles, sighs ]

Daniel: It’s gonna be alright. Look, I-I fixed my glitch. If I can do that, I mean, anything is possible. You know? We got this.

Heather: Hmm. I…

Daniel: What’s wrong?

Heather: [ Inhales deeply ] I’ve met someone. Want luxury hair repair that doesn’t cost $50?

Daniel: What did you say? I mean, it sounded like you said that you met someone, but I-I-I must have misunderstood.

Heather: I’m so sorry that this is hurting you. I-I just didn’t see how things could get back to the way that they were before.

[ Inhales deeply ] No matter how amazing a career you’re building, the wounds were just really deep and they left lasting scars.

Daniel: Um, look, I know that I hurt you and lucy, and I hate myself for that. But don’t we deserve another chance?

Heather: Even if I can forgive you, how do I forget? Look, I’m, um — I’m happy for you. I-I only want good things for you. I want the best for you, truly. And I really hope that you feel the same way for me, too.

Daniel: What are you talking about? I love you. I love you.

Heather: Right, right, but I moved on because I had to. So, um, yes, I-I did meet someone, and — and, uh, um, we fell in love. And if you’re honest with yourself, daniel, you’re gonna look at this fresh start you’ve launched all by yourself, and you’re gonna realize that it’s best for you if you moved on, too.

Ashley: I’m not sure if I believe in karma, but I absolutely don’t believe that you’re gonna walk away without a fight. What happened to tucker mccall would take on his most difficult enemies with his hand tied behind his back, with all sorts of hidden agendas and strategies tucked up his sleeve?

Tucker: You liked him, huh?

Ashley: He had his moments.

Tucker: Hmm. Well, they say change is good. Adapt or die. Right? Ask the dinosaurs.

[ Sighs ]

Ashley: Just gonna let it go?

Tucker: [ Sighs ] As the buddha said, love with an open hand. Letting go is the definition of freedom. And if I’m ever going to be truly free, I got to stop clinging to things. If I hadn’t spent any time at that ashram, I’d still be spending every day, every night in pursuit of the almighty dollar… and revenge.

Ashley: So, what now?

Tucker: [ Sighs ]

Now, I would…

[ Chuckles ] I would let it all go… if it meant spending the rest of my days with you.

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: I mean, [Chuckles] You’re just relentless.

Tucker: Yeah. And you are endlessly alluring. So…

Ashley: Okay…

Tucker: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: …Given everything you’ve done now, all of your lies and your — your shenanigans, all of it, I mean, how can you even hold on to a shred of hope?

Tucker: I don’t know, ashley. Maybe it’s because I love you! In perpetuity… immutably, abidingly. Apparently not even karma can change that.

Diane: Oh, I was just trying to call you.

[ Door slams ]

[ Sighs ] Aww.

Jack: I’m sorry I left so abruptly. I’m sorry for the timing of all this. We should be celebrating your move right now.

Diane: Oh, we can do that anytime. I was worried about you. And to make matters worse, I think I complicated things even more.

Jack: How

Diane: Well, kyle saw my luggage, and I couldn’t exactly lie to him.

Jack: And how did he take the news?

Diane: Um, he wasn’t exactly thrilled, but he wasn’t against it. When I asked him how he was feeling, he was rather diplomatic.

Jack: Well, don’t take his evasiveness personally. He’s got other things to worry about right now.

Diane: Yes, and when Summer came in, he shared the news with her, so — I don’t know — I can take that as a positive sign?

Jack: Kyle will come around to accepting this, I promise.

Diane: I don’t want just acceptance. I want him to embrace it. I want him to be happy for us, and hopeful.

Jack. It will happen. Give it time. Nothing is in our way now.

Diane: Mmm.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Jeremy: Looks like you could use a friend.

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