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Steffy: Your bedroom is ready, douglas.

Douglas: Awesome. Thanks, aunt steffy.

Steffy: Of course.

Hope: It’s just temporary and I have to respect his choice. Please, steffy. Take care of my son. I should probably text thomas. Let him know that douglas is here organizing his room.

Steffy: His room for now. This will be temporary.

Hope: I keep trying to remind myself but um, he wants to live here with you.

Steffy: Stop, you know, douglas doesn’t think that. Yeah, he likes it here, it’s fun. Honestly, I think he felt that this was an easier option rather than choosing you or thomas. Soon, he’s gonna realize that this isn’t his home.

Hope: I’m just trying to hold it all together. I don’t want him to see me–

Steffy: Hey. You’re doing great. Thank you for loving my nephew the way that you do. Being his protector and mother. And I hope you find some comfort in knowing that I will protect him too, fiercely.

Hope: Even if that means watching out for thomas?

Steffy: I promise. While douglas is here, I will be very cautious of my brother.

Thomas: It is happening as we speak.

Eric: The big move.

Thomas: Yeah.

Eric: You sure you’re okay with this?

Thomas: Well, as compared to douglas living over at hope’s, yeah. I mean, at steffy’s, I’ll get to see him whenever I want.

Taylor: So, how is hope doing? You know, with this whole douglas situation?

Brooke: Yeah, well she’s hurting.

Taylor: Mm. I feel for her, brooke. I feel for her mama heart, you know? I can only imagine how overwhelming this must be for her right now.

Brooke: I never thought the day would come when you would be consoling me or telling me you feel for my daughter. Being friends is a lot better than being rivals.

Brooke: Imagine if this situation happened with douglas a year or two ago.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh! Imagine if it just happened two months ago?

Brooke: It definitely would have pitted us against each other.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. And it still could if we let it.

Brooke: No, no, no, we won’T. Okay? No more brooke versus taylor ever. We don’t need that kind of rivalry.

Taylor: Mm-mm. You know what, the only thing that matters to both of us right now is douglas’s wellbeing.

Brooke: Yes. Grandmas united on that.

Taylor: What you say?

Brooke: Grandmas.

Taylor: Oh, grandmas. Yes, grandmas.

Eric: Where you off to?

Thomas: Uh, steffy’S.

Eric: Think douglas is ready for that?

Thomas: I’m his dad. He’ll be excited to see me.

Eric: Uh-huh, and what about steffy? Are you sure she’s ready for this? She still hasn’t gotten over what you did.

Thomas: Yeah, but there’s no way she’d ever keep me from seeing my son.

Hope: I get that thomas is your brother, it’s just, sometimes I worry that he might–

Steffy: I’ll always do what’s best for douglas, okay?

Hope: Thank you.

Steffy: I know it’s hard, but we’ll figure this out.

Douglas: Mommy! Mommy! I can see the ocean from my room.

Hope: Oh, sweetie, that’s awesome.

Douglas: And finn said he has extra binoculars I can use. Me and kelly are gonna look for pirates tonight.

Hope: What? That is so cool. You promise me if you find one, you’ll send me a photo.

Douglas: I will.

Hope: Okay. Well, I guess if you are all settled in then, um… liam and I should head out. Just know we are just a phone call or a text away, okay?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Okay. Oh. My husband and I have never been more active.

Eric: Maybe you should call steffy first? See if it’s okay for you to stop by.

Thomas: For permission to see my own son?

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: I’ll take my chances. I think it’s gonna be okay. I want to surprise douglas.

Eric: Well, I hope everything goes the way you want it to.

Thomas: Thank you. You know granddad, this could be the start of something pretty amazing. Exactly what I needed. Mend my relationship with my son and my relationship with everyone. Maybe even get back here at forrester.

Eric: I hope you’re right.

Deacon: Oh my god, the rumors are true. The cold war is actually over. You two are finally getting along?

Brooke: Yes, we are.

Taylor: Yes, hello deacon.

Deacon: Hi, just a second. Wow. Well, you know what? I gotta tell you, this is quite an accomplishment, ladies. You should be very proud of yourselves. Do have to ask you one thing? Are you sure there’s not like one little catfight left? Because personally, I’ve never seen one and the thought of you two together, just… daddy like.

[ All laughing ] Unbelievable. Anyway, this is legit? You guys are actually bonding.

Brooke: Yeah, we have a lot more in common than we realized.

Taylor: Yeah, besides ridge.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Mm. Mm-hmm?

Brooke: I think maybe we should tell him. Have you spoken with hope recently?

Deacon: No, why? What’s going on?

Brooke: Douglas was asked to choose between his parents, who he wanted to live with.

Deacon: Okay.

Taylor: The decision had to be made in front of a judge, like official.

Deacon: Um, wait a second, you’re not telling me that he decided to live with thomas, right? And no offense.

Taylor: A little offended. Um, no, he chose steffy.

Deacon: What?

Brooke: Yeah, he moved in with steffy and finn today.

Deacon: Poor hope.

Hope: I miss douglas so much already.

Liam: Yeah, me too.

Hope: And I wish beth were here.

Liam: I– I thought, uh, we agreed that having her at her friends was probably best for today.

Hope: No, I know. I just…

Liam: Ah, yeah, yeah. Hey. I’m really proud of you. How you handled yourself today. And I know that leaving that boy at steffy’s, probably one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do.

Hope: Yeah.

Steffy: Kelly and hayes will be so excited to see you.

Douglas: I know it’s asking a lot, maybe too much, but I feel at home here and I really love aunt steffy.

Finn: Well, she really loves you too.

Douglas: Probably seems weird I’d ask to live here. There was such a tug of war between my mom and dad, who to live with. Figure it’s better for them and me to not have to choose between them. I hope you understand and I hope you don’t mind.

Steffy: No, not at all.

Finn: You’re always welcome here, douglas. All right, we’re all family. Should we go find those binoculars?

Douglas: Yeah.

Finn: Yeah, come on.

[ Steffy sighing ]

[ Knocking on the door ]

Thomas: Hey.

Steffy: Thomas, what are you doing here?

Thomas: Like you have to ask. My son lives here now, which basically means I will be too. She found it.

Deacon: I just don’t understand. Why would douglas–

Taylor: Well, think about it. This is a tough situation for a kid to be in the middle of a custody battle. You know, douglas just chose neutral territory instead of having to choose one parent.

Deacon: Okay, but this is terrible. I mean hope adores that boy. He’s a son to her in every single way that matters. And now what? She’s just supposed to give him up? Let steffy raise him?

Taylor: For now, yeah. You know, deacon, this is confusing for everyone.

Deacon: You know, it occurs to me that this is exactly the kind of situation that normally would have the two of you at each other’s throats.

Brooke: We have a new normal.

Taylor: Yes, we do. We do. We’re just sticking together.

Brooke: Determined to keep harmony in our families.

Taylor: Family. Singular.

Brooke: Mm. Family!

Taylor: Family!

Deacon: Oh, god.

Liam: Hey, we can, um… we can bring that over to douglas tomorrow.

Hope: Okay.

Liam: Hey, we’re gonna get through this. It’s not forever.

Hope: I hope not. It’s just, it’s hard not to worry with him so out of reach.

Liam: I know, but he’s in steffy’s hands which we know are capable.

Hope: Look, I know steffy is such an amazing mother, she’s loving and nurturing, but… you know, she’s also a sister and you know, if she’s not careful with thomas then–

Liam: She will be, she better be.

Hope: But you heard thomas. It’s almost like he views this as– as an opportunity, like douglas being at steffy’s gives him some sort of advantage and it just… I don’t know, it just– it makes me nervous.

Steffy: Thomas, douglas just got here. Why don’t you give him some time to adjust?

Thomas: Um, where is he anyway?

Steffy: He’s upstairs with finn. They’re… look, this is a big day for douglas and I’m trying to make this as stress free as possible.

Thomas: Wait, are you saying that somehow, I would stress him out? Steff, I love him, I’m his father.

Steffy: This is a complicated situation.

[ Steffy sighing ] Douglas chose to live with me. Not you, not hope.

Thomas: I know it was hard on him, putting him in that position, having to make that kind of decision. I don’t know how he even did it. And yeah, it hurt me. It did. At first, knowing he wanted to live with you, not with me. But now, that I’ve been thinking about it, it’s like it’s not that bad. He’s living with you, my sister. That means I get to see him whatever I want.

Steffy: Except you can’t, thomas. That’s not how it’s gonna be.

Thomas: What are you saying, steff? You’re gonna keep me away from my son? (Vo) red lobster’s finer points of fun dining:

Hope: Seeing douglas’s room like that. It feels too quiet now. I mean, douglas should be asking us what’s for dinner right now and cracking jokes, making beth laugh. I already miss hearing him running all around this cabin and even that awful ding from that video game of his.

Liam: It’s coming back, all of it. The footsteps, the laughter, the stupid ding. It’s coming back, I promise.

Hope: I just need to believe steffy’s promise, you know, that she’s gonna keep him safe.

Liam: She will, she will. Especially from thomas.

Steffy: Thomas, do you realize how complicated this is for me? I was thrust into this role. I didn’t ask for this, caring for your son, but I am, I’m doing it. Part of that means I’m setting boundaries.

Thomas: Boundaries? Come on, steff.

Steffy: You’re the one who screwed up, thomas. It affected douglas. There are consequences to that! And one of those consequences is douglas choosing to live with me.

Thomas: I know I made mistakes and I hurt douglas and that– that– that pains me. But the best thing for our relationship is for me to get to spend time with him. I’m his father, he loves me.

Steffy: I know that, but this isn’t gonna be fixed overnight. Just be patient and trust that I’m doing everything in my power to make sure douglas feels happy and safe. I also made a promise to hope too.

Thomas: Wait, what does hope have to do with this?

Steffy: Hope’s douglas’s mother.

Thomas: And I’m his father. Okay, I just, I want to be with my son.

Steffy: I know you do, but at the moment, I am obligated to protect him.

Thomas: From me?

Steffy: I know you and douglas could have a rock solid relationship again. I just need you to work through your issues.

Thomas: I– I have apologized over and over again, steff. I’ve been kicked out of the family. I’ve been kicked out of the company. I’ve– now, I’m being kicked away from my relationship with my own son. I thought you were gonna be on my side, but instead, you’re like you are at work, you’re the ceo there, you’re the boss. So, you’re gonna come in and ceo my relationship with my son.

Finn: Thomas, do not speak to my wife like that.

Steffy: How’s douglas? Is he–

Finn: He has his headphones on, he’s upstairs. He’s fine.

Thomas: This conversation’s between me and my sister.

Finn: You don’t get to barge into our house and give orders and the sooner you understand that and respect that, the better off you’re gonna be. You don’t want to cause a scene and upset douglas even more. I think it’s best you leave.

Thomas: Okay, so I’m his father. He’s living here now. I haven’t been able to see his room or tell him that I love him and you’re asking me to leave?

Steffy: Like finn said, I don’t think that you want to create a scene or upset douglas.

Thomas: I am not going to allow you or finn to keep me away from my son.

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