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After the funerals, John joins Steve at Kayla’s grave and tells him it was a beautiful service. Steve says so was Marlena’s and Kate’s. They agree that it’s just overwhelming. John thinks half the town showed up as they sure touched a lot of people’s lives. Steve says he lost count of how many times someone told him how much Kayla meant to them and how it doesn’t make sense that she’s gone. John can’t wrap his head around the fact that he’ll never see Marlena on Earth again, just like Steve will never see Kayla. Steve then informs John that he actually saw Kayla last night.

In the afterlife, Kate, Kayla, and Marlena wait around for Nick Fallon. Marlena comments on The Devil going through a lot of trouble to trick them in to signing away their souls. Kayla argues that he owes them a chance to plead their case. Nick then returns, so Marlena asks if they are getting a meeting with The Devil. Nick says it’s not easy to book a face to face with Satan and asks why he should care about three arrogant women.

Will and Sonny walk through the town square together. Will talks about going through three funerals in one day. Sonny hugs him and says at least they got to be around family. Will points out that he’s about to leave them right in the middle of all this suffering. Sonny says he doesn’t have to leave yet but Will reveals that he has to go to New Zealand for the shoot and can’t put it off any longer. Will hates that he has to say goodbye to Sonny again. Sonny responds that he doesn’t have to, because he’s going with him.

Roman is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Lucas. Roman says he’s sorry that Lucas didn’t get to say goodbye to his mother and that it was a beautiful service. Lucas responds that being stuck in prison has made it a lot harder. Roman knows the timing stinks but says they need to talk about Orpheus. Lucas questions him wanting to put things in to motion today. Roman says if this is going to work, there’s no better time for Lucas to fall off the wagon then the day of his mother’s funeral.

Nick reveals to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena that they have been granted an audience with The Devil.

Will asks Sonny if he’s kidding but Sonny says no. Will says Sonny can’t come to New Zealand but Sonny says he can’t spend another minute away from him, feeling they’ve been separated long enough. Sonny reminds Will that last time they were separated for long, Leo nearly sunk their marriage. Sonny says he’s sorry but he can’t spend another six months away from him as that’s not what they signed up for. Sonny repeats that he’s sorry but he’s along for the ride and there’s nothing Will can do to stop him.

John questions Steve saying he saw Kayla. Steve knows how it sounds but says last night, he was on the couch drifting off when she suddenly came through the door. John calls that a really nice vision but Steve insists that she was flesh and blood. Steve doesn’t know but notes that Kayla said she needed his help because she, Marlena, and Kate had been tricked in to giving their souls away to the Devil. Steve knows it’s crazy but then Tripp came home and Kayla disappeared. Steve says Tripp tried to convince him it was just a dream, but he insists that it was real.

Roman knows Lucas is carrying a burden here and he wishes there was another way. Lucas assures that he will do it for his mom. Roman declares that all three women deserve justice and they are going to get it for them. Allie then enters the Pub and startles Roman. Allie questions if Lucas is on the phone because she thought Roman wasn’t speaking to him after what he did to Sami.

Kate and Kayla ask about the meeting with the Devil but Nick clarifies that Satan only agreed to see Marlena, not Kate and Kayla.

Will loves that Sonny wants to come with him but says he can’t let him pack up and leave Salem. Sonny asks if he’s saying no. Will says it’s not up to him as Victor won’t let him run Titan from New Zealand and Gabi won’t let them take Arianna to the other side of the world. Sonny reveals he already talked to Gabi and persuaded her, noting that it’s also what Arianna wants and there will be frequent visits. Will asks what he’s saying. Sonny tells him that he is what matters to him. Sonny declares that whatever happens, they will figure it out. Sonny tells Will that he loves him and never wants to be separated from him ever again.

Steve tells John that he knows it’s easy to explain away but swears it was not a dream. Steve wishes he could tell him he’s fine but he’s not. Steve cries that he will carry this grief with him for the rest of his life. John reminds him that is why they are going after Orpheus. Steve states that killing Orpheus won’t put a dent in what they’ve lost, but their wives need to be avenged and after last night, he believes that more than ever. John informs Steve that it’s time to hook up with Roman. John declares that now that they have laid the women they love to rest, it’s Orpheus’ turn.

Roman informs Allie that Lucas called to ask about the funeral and he’s sure that he would love to talk to her if she’s up to it. Allie agrees so Roman hands her the phone. Lucas says it’s really good to hear her voice and asks if she’s okay. Allie tells him that Kate’s service was beautiful and she wishes he could’ve been there. Allie mentions that she keeps thinking about how hard it must be for Lucas to be stuck in there with his grief and no outlet for it. Lucas tells her not to worry about him and to lean on the people who love her. Lucas notes that the guard is telling him he has to cut it short so he has to go. Allie says she’ll talk to him soon. Lucas hopes so and tells her to tell Roman that he’s glad they talked. Lucas tells Allie that he loves her more than she’ll ever know and then hangs up. Roman asks Allie if she’s alright. Allie says yes but she heard Roman telling Lucas something about Kate, Kayla, and Marlena deserving justice and that he would get it for them. Allie questions what he meant by that.

Kayla argues that she knew there would be a catch. Marlena feels they have to take their only option which Kayla agrees with. Marlena points out that she’s beaten The Devil twice, so she will meet with him and get their souls back. Nick tells them to stop wasting time and says there is no vote, it’s Marlena or no one. Marlena agrees to go with Nick to see his boss.

Will knows how much running Titan means to Sonny. Sonny points out that Alex is more than willing to step up as he already did before. Sonny assures it’s all under control and he’ll be working remotely. Sonny adds that he and Arianna can do whatever they want. Sonny says the only thing stopping them is Will. Sonny assures that he has everything figured out but for some reason, Will still seems to be against this. Sonny then kisses Will.

Roman tells Allie that everybody is having a rough time these days and it’s double for Lucas. Roman says they all want justice but Lucas feels helpless in prison, so he was just trying to reassure him. Allie says that’s very kind of him considering his feelings towards Lucas. Roman assures that he still has issues with Lucas, but they are family and Kate’s death reminded him of what’s really important. Allie thanks him and hugs him. Allie hopes that what Roman said comes true, that justice is served. Roman says they are working on it. Allie walks away as Steve and John come out from the back. Steve declares that it’s time.

Lucas asks the prison guard where Orpheus is and tells him to find Orpheus because he wants to talk to him ASAP.

John tells Roman that he’s sorry he had to lie to Allie. Roman is just glad she didn’t come in a minute earlier and he could get her off the scent. Steve ask if Roman is still in. Roman assures that he is. John says that’s good because he wants to be able to tell Marlena that her death did not go unavenged.

Nick escorts Marlena down a flight of stairs and directs her to meet with The Devil. Nick then disappears, so Marlena guesses she is on her own. Marlena continues forward and finds The Devil disguised as Doug, who asks if she missed him because he certainly has missed her.

Will asks Sonny if he is really coming to New Zealand. Sonny thinks they deserve it after everything they’ve been through together. Will talks about how he’s always the one leaving and putting pressure on them. Sonny says they make things right when they have to. They agree that what they have is worth everything. Will feels Sonny is making the bigger sacrifice. Sonny says maybe this time, but he’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future which Will promises to do. Will tells Sonny that he loves him. Sonny says he loves him too and can’t wait to tell him that every day in person. Will guesses they have a bunch of people to share the news with then. Allie approaches and asks what news.

Kate tells Kayla that she keeps thinking what if this isn’t real. Kayla says she has to believe this is not a trick and that they are going to have a chance to change their fate. Kayla encourages Kate to have faith as they are in this together. Kate admits she’s grateful she is here with Kayla and Marlena. Nick returns and says he hates the peace and understanding. Nick calls their funerals sappy. Kayla asks how their families are. Nick says they were really sad, especially Steve. Nick then asks Kayla about paying Steve a visit last night.

Steve asks if Lucas is all set on his end. Roman confirms that he went through everything with him and he’s still on board. John worries that bringing booze back in to his life is a dangerous game. Roman assures that they can count on Lucas and asks if they are ready. Steve responds that they were born ready and Orpheus won’t know what hit him.

Orpheus meets with Lucas in prison and says he heard he wanted to speak with him. Lucas asks what took him so long. Orpheus questions what’s wrong with him and if he’s drunk. Lucas responds that he’s not drunk enough and gives him back the now empty whiskey bottle, saying he wants more. Orpheus comments that Lucas drank the bottle awfully fast considering he didn’t want it. Lucas staggers and asks if he has to beg him. Lucas tells Orpheus that today was his mother’s funeral and he missed it. Orpheus says he’s sorry to hear that but Lucas says he’s not because he killed her. Lucas declares that if he’s going to make it through the day, he’s going to need more alcohol. Lucas grabs Orpheus and asks if he’s going to help him or not.

Marlena doesn’t understand how The Devil is Doug. The Devil thought assuming a familiar face might make her more comfortable. He adds that if she saw his real face, her face would just melt away. Marlena wants to stop wasting time. The Devil asks how he can help her.

Allie questions Will and Sonny leaving today just like that. Will says he had the same reaction but now sees how much sense it makes. Allie says she’s going to miss them but admits she’s excited for them. Allie notes that Sonny has so much going on here, so it can’t be easy for him. Sonny says nothing in life ever is. Sonny notes that he kept worrying about the details and then it hit him that being happy is all that really matters, so once he accepted that, everything else falls in to place. Will asks if Allie is okay. Allie then asks what if she and her son Henry come along?

Orpheus tells Lucas that it must hurt missing his mother’s funeral, knowing it’s because he kidnapped his ex-wife. Orpheus tells him to stay put and he’ll be back in a few. Orpheus stops and says he didn’t kill his mother. Orpheus then warns Lucas to stop saying that or they are done. Orpheus then exits the visiting room. Lucas remarks that Orpheus did kill her and today he’s going to pay for it.

Kate questions what Nick is talking about. Kayla pretends not to know but Nick tells Kate that Kayla went solo and didn’t tell her. Kate questions what Kayla did. Nick reveals that Kayla made unauthorized contact with Steve, thinking he could get her out of here. Kate questions how Kayla saw Steve. Nick says Steve may be a miracle worker, but even he isn’t going to get her out of this one.

Steve hopes their wives are looking down on them, knowing that they are doing this for them. Roman wishes he was going with them but John says it’s better to have someone on the outside in case this all goes sideways. Steve assures that it won’t because it can’t and this has to work. Roman encourages that they have justice on their side and three angels in Heaven looking out for them. Roman wishes them luck as Steve and John then exit the Pub. Roman pleads for Lucas not to fail them.

Orpheus returns to Lucas. Orpheus taunts him with the whiskey and says he thinks it’s only fitting and proper that they honor his mother by drinking a toast to her together. Lucas says he drinks alone and doesn’t share. Orpheus tells him not to worry because there’s plenty more. Orpheus then gives Lucas the bottle to go first. Lucas takes the bottle but the guard interrupts and informs Orpheus that he’s late for group therapy. Orpheus remarks that he must have lost track of time. Orpheus leaves the bottle with Lucas and exits. Lucas then puts some of the whiskey on himself and then pours it in the trash.

Marlena argues that The Devil knows exactly why she’s there as she came to challenge the bogus contracts that Nick tricked them in to signing. The Devil says things are different in Hell and they encourage lawlessness. Marlena understands he wants their souls but asks if he can’t get them in the normal way instead of trying to trick them. Marlena argues that The Devil is not some cheap con man, but the most powerful force of evil in the universe. Marlena asks if tricking them makes him feel proud. Marlena thinks it makes him look weak.

Will questions Allie wanting to leave Salem with them. Sonny asks where this is coming from. Allie knows it may seem impulsive but it makes sense to her. Allie talks about thinking of the lives that Marlena, Kayla, and Kate lived without fear or regrets and taking chances. Will asks about everything Allie would be leaving behind. Allie reveals to them that Chanel broke up with her. Will says he’s sorry as he didn’t know that. Sonny calls it Chanel’s loss but Allie says this one is on her. Allie then admits that she slept with Alex because she thought Chanel and Johnny were hooking up, but she was wrong. Will asks Allie if she’s sure it’s over for her and Chanel and if she doesn’t want to stay and fight for her. Allie knows when Chanel has made up her mind, pushing her is the worst thing to do. Allie says she will always love her but she knows they could use the time and space apart. Will asks about her job. Allie points out that she will have to quit since her boss was the person she cheated on. Allie adds that she talked to Lucas, who told her to lean on the people she loves and do whatever is best for her and Henry. Will calls that good advice. Allie notes that she’s a single mom with no job or prospects. Allie states that they buried their grandmothers today, so she could use something positive in their lives. Allie adds that they may never get this opportunity again to recharge and reboot. Allie says there’s no where better than the most beautiful place in the world with her two favorite people. Will asks if she’s sure. Allie says it sounds like Heaven on Earth.

Marlena tells The Devil that Nick and his games are beneath him. The Devil says losing to Marlena twice was a bitter experience and he hates losing. Marlena asks if he doesn’t want to prove once and for all that he’s stronger than her. The Devil talks about taking a difficult path and then declares that he has made his decision.

Kate questions Kayla about contacting Steve. Kayla believes that she did. Kate asks if Steve talked to her and saw her. Kayla says she doesn’t know but she was desperate to let Steve know that she’s okay. Kate asks how Nick could not let her know so that she could’ve talked to Roman or Lucas.

The guard returns to Lucas, who pretends to be drunk and demands to see Orpheus because he needs more. Lucas lunges at the guard and ends up hitting the table, so the guard calls in that they have an inmate down and that he needs assistance to send him to the infirmary.

Will states that he was heading back to New Zealand alone but now they better charter their own flight as they accept Allie coming with them. Allie excitedly hugs Will and Sonny.

Kate asks Nick how she can reach her family. Nick says that had nothing to do with him as Kayla found a way around their fire wall but it’s been plugged up and won’t happen again. Kayla assures that she will keep trying. Nick insists it won’t happen again which is a shame because it looks like there will be some interesting developments today. Kayla questions what he’s talking about. Nick declares that there is murder in the air. Nick then reveals that Steve, John, and Roman are going to avenge their deaths by killing Orpheus today.

Roman says to himself that everything should be starting to come together right about now.

Orpheus returns to the visiting room. The guard comes in after him and questions what was in the booze that he gave Lucas, because he passed out and he had to send him to the infirmary. Orpheus calls Lucas a loser who can’t handle his alcohol.

Lucas gets set up in the infirmary and calls out for his mom, so the nurse goes to get him a doctor. Lucas then jumps up and meets Steve and John at the door.

The Devil tells Marlena that he can’t believe he’s saying this, but he’s willing to tear up the contracts of Kate and Kayla in exchange for Marlena staying by his side for all eternity.

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