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Victoria: That was a wonderful dinner. Thank you.

Victor: Wasn’t it?

Victoria: Yes, it was.

Victor: I think we should do it more often, my darling. I think your mother might enjoy it.

Victoria: Yeah. She wouldn’t enjoy us talking business at the table, though.

Victor: Well, that’s true. However, if she had known we were talking about taking over tucker mccall’s company, I think she would have enjoyed it indeed.

Victoria: Well, everything seems to be coming together. We have the financing placed to buy up his debt. But I think we need to move quickly before the competitors get the same idea.

Victor: Oh, especially now that the rumor’s floating around about tucker mccall’s dire financial straits.

Victoria: I’m worried. I am worried about devon stepping in, bailing him out.

Victor: Ah, but to be frank with you, I think that’s too big of a move for devon. Besides, he seems to be fighting with jill and her sister.

Victoria: Maybe, but I don’t want to give him the chance. I think we need to move quickly. How do we gain total control and take over his debt?

Victor: Well, I think we should tell him it’s inevitable and that he should join us rather than spend his time fighting us every step of the way.

Victoria: We need to force him to sell us an ownership stake at a cut rate. I think that would be best for everyone.

Victor: Besides, it would piss him off to the core.

Audra: Where are you?

Tucker: Waiting for someone?

Audra: I am, but I don’t think brad pitt’s going to make it. So you’ll have to do.

Tucker: Well, look at us. Here we are out in public. Does it feel strange seeing me this way after months of pretending I don’t exist?

Audra: Doesn’t feel stranger than most of our interactions.

Tucker: She’s feeling saucy tonight.

Audra: You know, this actually feels nice. Just two friends having dinner. This is what normal people do.

Tucker: Oh, if you say so. I wouldn’t know.

Audra: [ Chuckles ]

Tucker: God, you’re beautiful. It’s lovely to see you. I… I always find our interactions very stimulating.

Audra: Well, what can I say? I am utterly incapable of being boring.

Tucker: You are. You are. Although I just can’t help but be a bit suspicious.

Audra: Of?

Tucker: Your motives. I mean, why do you want to reconnect as friends?

Audra: Do I need a motive?

Tucker: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Why don’t we hypothesize for a second? You expressed interest earlier in the rumor of my enormous debt. But you’re working for newman media. That information couldn’t possibly be of any use to them. Why would nate care about how much money I owe and to whom? But newman enterprises, victor and victoria, they would care. So I’m just wondering if maybe this reunion is really about gathering information for them.

Kyle: There you are.

Summer: Here I am.

Kyle: You blew out the office so abruptly, we didn’t get a chance to talk about it.

Summer: Did it occur to you that I didn’t want to speak with you?

Kyle: We need to work this out.

Summer: You mean the way you purposely deceived me for weeks? Did I get that right? Is that the “this” you’re referring to?

Kyle: It’s complicated.

Summer: Explain it to me.

Kyle: Right here?

Summer: Yeah. You want to talk? Let’s talk.

Ashley: Hello? I’m home. Anybody here? Hello?

Diane: Just me.

Ashley: Oh. Visiting harrison, I hope.

Diane: No, I’m meeting jack. We’re going out to dinner. And, you know, you should probably get used to —

Jack: Ash.

Ashley: Hi.

Jack: Hi. Welcome home. I didn’t know you were coming in this evening. What — how was paris?

Ashley: I had fun. What do I have to get used to?

Diane: Oh, the fact that we’re together again in every way. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

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provided by… my cholesterol is borderline.

Jack: What does that look mean?

Ashley: God. Gonna make me say it?

Jack: Yeah, I guess I am.

Ashley: Okay. Well, apparently you’ve abandoned your core principles because you’re sleeping with a scam artist, so there’s that.

Jack: Wow, just off the plane, already with the doom and gloom. I’m sorry you can’t be happy for me. Happy for us.

Diane: Would you prefer some privacy? I mean, I could excuse myself.

Jack: No.

Ashley: Definitely.

Diane: I just thought it might be easier.

Jack: It’s all right, unless you don’t want to be here. Look, I think this affects you, too. I think you should hear what’s being said.

Diane: Well, I’m not sure I want to hear it, but, um, okay, I will stay for you, jack. I was just hoping that we could find a way to meet in the middle.

Ashley: You know this doesn’t mean she’s changed, right? This is just how she operates. Doesn’t mean anything, really, that she’s saying that.

Jack: You can speak to diane directly. She’s right here.

Ashley: Okay. I have no interest in trying to meet you in the middle, diane, because I think we have very different ideas of what the middle actually is.

Diane: Possibly. But I thought if we could keep an open dialog going that maybe one day we could have a respectful relationship.

Jack: Wow, wouldn’t that be nice?

Ashley: I have no interest in building any kind of relationship with you, diane, because I don’t like you.

Jack: As disappointed as I am that you won’t bend even a little, ash, this is your problem, not ours.

Ashley: You’re making it our problem, jack, by parading whatever the hell this is under all of our noses.

Victor: You and I know that mccall will be absolutely furious. And with his back to the wall, who knows what he’ll do?

Victoria: You sound like you admire that quality.

Victor: Well, I’ve some of it myself, you know. Comes in handy sometimes.

Victoria: Do you think that tucker is going to do something illogical to try to wreck our plans?

Victor: Maybe.

Victoria: Well, then we have to try not to attract any attention, especially from him.

Victor: My suggestion is that we confront him directly. We’ll tell him that we are coming just before we make the deal. It’ll so confuse him it’ll throw him off his game.

Victoria: He might assume that it’s a bluff or a diversion, and he might drop his guard. He might focus somewhere else.

Victor: Ah. And then he’ll start scrambling, trying to find out what else we have in our arsenal. He’ll probably be stupid enough to reveal what piece he’s going to move first. Then, my darling, in good old victor newman fashion, you and I will pounce.

Tucker: So, am I right?

Audra: About what?

Tucker: You’re here to gather information for the newmans.

Audra: Honestly, tucker, getting right to the meaty stuff before I could even take a sip of my wine.

Tucker: Mm. Salud.

Audra: Salud.

Tucker: No, this is going to be a civilized conversation, right? A little wine might even help us. In vino veritas and all that.

Audra: You know, I think we know each other too well for this conversation to be anything other than civilized.

Tucker: And I will do my best to be respectful.

Audra: Mm. Really?

Tucker: Yes.

Audra: Is it respectful to ask me right out of the gate if I’m doing undercover work for the newmans?

Tucker: Absolutely. I would never put up a facade for you. Pretend that wasn’t foremost on my mind. I can tell you, though, if it were true that you are doing that, I would not be angry. Just pay me the respect that I’m paying you and don’t try to fool me. That’s all.

Audra: Mm. I can’t tell if that’s a threat or if you would be legitimately hurt by me trying to put one over on you.

Tucker: Hurt? No, I wouldn’t be hurt. I would be disappointed, though, deeply, because I think the one thing that we can count on with each other always is honesty. Yeah?

Audra: Yeah, you’re right. We do have that sort of relationship. Yeah, we can lie to anyone else within earshot. But you and me, nothing but the truth.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] So? Are you gathering information for the newmans?

Audra: I’m going to be straight with you. The newmans know about your debt. They’re planning to buy it up to give them leverage over you. Suffering from sinus congestion, especially at night?

Summer: I cannot believe that you lied to me and jack about colluding with my grandpa.

Kyle: I’m sorry. I am. I made the wrong call. I should have been honest with you when you asked me about it.

Summer: You think?

Kyle: Don’t say it like that. You sound like —

Summer: I — I sound like what, kyle? Were you just about to say that I sound like my mom?

Kyle: Okay, here’s the thing I need you to understand. My deal with victor, I stand behind it.

Summer: Are you serious?

Kyle: No harm was inflicted on jabot because of the information I gave to victor. I would never let that happen.

Summer: You have no idea what my grandpa could have done. I love him, but he is crafty and unpredictable.

Kyle: It worked out.

Summer: No, you got lucky. Adam left of his own accord. That is the only thing that bailed you out.

Kyle: And getting adam out of jabot was all I wanted.

Summer: Exactly. You were so focused on what you wanted that you didn’t think about any of the consequences.

Kyle: Dad called me out on that, too. But jabot is better off without adam, and I know you feel the same way. You never liked working with him. And the kicker, apparently adam didn’t even like being here.

Summer: You’re rationalizing. And you are totally missing the point.

Kyle: Then tell me, what is the point?

Summer: This isn’t about the company, kyle. This isn’t about adam or my grandpa. This is about us.

Kyle: I understand that. I’m being truthful now.

Summer: It’s a little late for that, isn’t it? I begged you not to pursue this. I told you that I didn’t want any more family drama in our lives. We’ve had enough of that. And you did it anyway. What does that say about us? About our marriage? You completely violated my trust.

Jack: There is no us here. You can’t presume to speak for anyone else. You are the only one being openly hostile and antagonistic toward diane.

Ashley: Just because they haven’t voiced an opinion doesn’t mean they don’t have one. I’m sure I can find many, many people who aren’t exactly thrilled about this.

Jack: They may have their concerns, but everyone else is trying to keep an open mind. Everyone else trusts me to do what’s right in my own life.

Ashley: I don’t feel that way. I don’t think you know what you’re doing. And I have the need to protect you because I can’t ignore what’s right in front of my face, jack.

Jack: I would argue that you are being blinded by your hatred and pessimism. There is no room for redemption, no room for change. And believe me, it is your truculence that has brought us to this golden family moment. Welcome home, sis.

Ashley: Okay. I love you. I love you. And I want what’s best for you. This isn’t it, jack.

Jack: In your opinion.

Ashley: Do you know what i see when I see her? When I see diane, I see nothing but pain and endless trouble. And not just from the past, but from the present. I know you keep telling me that she’s changed. But every corner we turn, there’s another surprise. Where, yet again, she’s conveniently forgotten to tell us.

Jack: Diane and I have addressed this.

Diane: We have.

Jack: And I am confident that those surprises are behind us. We are ready to move forward together.

Ashley: You’re going to regret this. Trust me. You’re just a pawn in whatever game she’s playing.

Jack: Wow. With all the blessings you have been given, you are going to deny me this little bit of happiness.

Ashley: Jack, delusion is not happiness.

Jack: Oh, come on.

Ashley: If I kept falling for tucker’s B.S., Would you approve of that? Would you?

Jack: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Ashley: Okay, well, that’s what I see when I see the two of you. I’m embarrassed for you.

Jack: Enough. I’ve had enough. How white do you think your teeth really are?

Audra: You don’t seem surprised.

Tucker: It’s a clever move on their part. Just the other day, nick and victoria were taunting me about my company being in trouble.

[ Chuckles ] And since newman wasn’t able to acquire chancellor-winters, it makes sense that they would come after me.

Audra: You’re a very appealing target.

Tucker: Apparently. And of course, they couldn’t just be satisfied swooping up daniel romalotti’s gaming platform. Although I’m sure that was the spark of the idea. “Why just take that project from tucker? Why don’t we take everything from him?” It’s very victor. And his daughter’s even worse now. Of course, nick and nikki will just stand behind them and nod.

Audra: Yeah, that’s the impression I got. There doesn’t seem to be any real dissension among the ranks.

Tucker: Never. That’s another newman trait. Everybody standing in line in lockstep. So how much time do I have?

Audra: I’m not privy to the specifics, but you and I both know this is not something they’re going to put on the back burner.

Tucker: Well, I do appreciate you telling me this, although I can’t help but wonder why. Are you unhappy at newman media or you just missed me? Or are you an agent of chaos who really enjoys playing one side against the other and watching the fallout?

Audra: I’ll let you think whatever you like.

Tucker: Ah, yes. Brava. Exactly what I would do. Although now that it’s being done to me, I’m a little annoyed by it.

Audra: So now that you know what’s coming next, what are you going to do about it?

Victoria: The question is, how do we get tucker this information so that it looks natural, like he uncovered it himself?

Victor: Simpler the better. I mean it. Let’s go after him directly. But that is really not all I want to discuss.

Victoria: You want to talk about something else?

Victor: Mm-hmm. You know how much my grandchildren mean to me?

Victoria: Well, yes, of course I do.

Victor: What’s going on with johnny and chelsea?

Victoria: Daddy, I’m very protective of johnny when it comes to his biological mother. But he seems very at ease with her these days. And the idea of him having a brother in connor, I think he likes it.

Victor: And how are you, sweetheart?

Victoria: Me?

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: I’m fine. Have I given you any reason to worry?

Victor: No, no, no, no, no. No. I just want you to remember how important family is and how important it is to maintain that connection.

Victoria: Oh. We’re not talking about my family right now, are we? We’re talking, actually, about your family. More specifically, you’d like to discuss adam.

Jack: This conversation is over.

Ashley: And yet again, nothing’s been resolved.

Jack: I am resolved that we are done here. You offered nothing to this conversation, nothing concrete, nothing helpful, no remedies, just negativity. As far as I’m concerned, you can take that and go right back out the door. And don’t come back until you’re ready to have a meaningful conversation.

Ashley: Wait one second. So this is really becoming a thing for you where you think you can kick me out of the family home?

Jack: I guess so.

Ashley: We’ve talked about this, jack. You can’t do it. This is our home, not just yours.

Jack: How much?

Ashley: How much what?

Jack: How much is it going to cost me to buy you out of this house? If you can’t respect me, if you can’t respect the decisions I make, living together is going to be untenable. So how much is it going to cost to get you out of this house?

Ashley: Yeah, that’s going to happen. When hell freezes over.

[ Door slams ]

Jack: [ Breathing heavily ] Did you know, some ordinary cold medicines can raise your blood pressure?

“The young and the restless”

will continue. She’s feeling the power of listerine.

Jack: I’m sorry you had to overhear that.

Diane: Oh, no need to apologize. I feel like I’m partly to blame.

Jack: That’s nonsense.

Diane: No, I might have instigated the argument. Ashley was so abrasive and condescending when she came in. And then I might have gloated a little bit when I said that we were back together. But I should have exercised more restraint.

Jack: That is very generous of you to say that, but I have a feeling we’re in for a few more of those arguments in our future.

Diane: I can handle ashley’s disdain for me, but what really bothers me is what this is doing to you. You and your sister are so close, and I’m just worried that our relationship is driving a wedge between the two of you.

Jack: Ashley and I will be fine. Tempers got the best of us today, and we have overcome far worse than this. We’ll be fine. We just need some time.

Diane: Well, I’m — I’m glad you feel that way. And it gives me hope that everything will work out. And I won’t be a disruption to your family life.

Jack: You disrupt all you want. My family will be fine. It is solid.

Diane: Wow. This has been quite a day. Hey, how did things go with kyle when I left the office? Did he have an explanation for the messages from victor?

Jack: He did. It was not what I wanted to hear.

Kyle: I am so sorry, summer. I know I broke our trust, and it was weighing on me the whole time. I never meant to hurt you. And today I was going to explain myself in private, but I didn’t get the chance to. So what can I do to make this up to you?

Summer: You really don’t get it, do you? This isn’t a “buy me flowers and everything’s okay” type of situation. Kyle, for the last several months, I have kept telling you that I don’t want any secrets or lies in our life together.

Kyle: You were talking about my mom.

Summer: Yeah, and you’ve just proved to me that you’re capable of the same things as diane.

Kyle: Oh, don’t compare me to my mother.

Summer: Why not? You just compared me to mine.

Kyle: Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry. Can we just go home?

Summer: Kyle, you can’t just toss out a quick apology and expect forgiveness. That’s not the way that this works.

Tucker: I actually don’t know what I’m going to do next.

Audra: Really? Or is it that you just don’t want to tell me?

Tucker: Well, if that were the case, would you blame me? For all I know, you shared that information for the sole purpose of finding out what I’d do next.

Audra: I thought we were always honest with each other. I scratched your back. Don’t you want to scratch mine?

Tucker: Wasn’t this supposed to be a platonic dinner? That sounded a little more than platonic.

Audra: Old habits.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Well, why don’t we take this platonic conversation among two friends back to my hotel room?

Audra: Don’t forget we said we stayed friends without benefits.

Tucker: I thought that was just lip service.

Audra: [ Chuckles ] You’re right about that. But not tonight.

Tucker: Mm.

Audra: Rain check. Maybe.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] I still have a sneaking suspicion you’re playing me.

Audra: Does that bother you?

Tucker: Are you kidding? I’m so turned on right now by it. We’ve never been on opposite sides before. It’ll take some getting used to, but it’s exhilarating knowing we’ll be banging into each other, once in a while anyway.

Audra: Well, then, this was a successful evening. Thanks for dinner.

Tucker: My pleasure. Till we meet again.

Victoria: I know you’re determined to bring adam back into the fold of the company, but, daddy, you have to be realistic.

Victor: Sweetheart, how am I being unrealistic?

Victoria: As I told you earlier, there’s no place for him at the company. At least nothing that he wouldn’t consider demeaning. Anything less than ceo, and he’s going to be so insulted.

Victor: You’re probably right. You haven’t put it together yet, have you?

Victoria: What? What am I missing?

Victor: Why the hell do you think I’m so interested in tucker mccall’s company? It’d be perfect for adam to run it.

Kyle: It is not my intention to just buy you gifts and expect forgiveness. I need to put in the work. I understand that. But I need you to understand that comparing me to my mother isn’t fair.

Summer: How is it not fair?

Kyle: This was a one-off attempt to help jabot by getting rid of adam. I felt like I had to be deceitful to execute the plan. But look, I’m not proud of it. And it’s not going to happen again because it’s not who I am.

Summer: You lied to me and you continued lying to me even after you had the opportunity to come clean. You chose. You actively chose to deceive me. That is what hurts the most.

Kyle: Look, I thought I was doing the right thing.

Summer: Did you? Because I kind of feel like if you thought that this deal was the right move, you wouldn’t have kept it a secret. No, you knew that it was wrong, and you just wanted to do it anyway.

Jack: In the end, adam was very honest and agreeable.

Diane: So he just left?

Jack: Yeah. He’s no longer a jabot employee.

Diane: Gosh, I wouldn’t have expected him to give up the job so easily.

Jack: He said it was never a perfect fit and he needed to move on. And I understood that. Kyle — kyle, on the other hand, I — I let him know how deeply disappointed I am giving company secrets to victor newman, of all people.

Diane: I’m not trying to take kyle’s side, but I’m sure he was just trying to protect you and the company.

Jack: Another person offering me protection I don’t need.

Diane: All right, well, if you can work through your issues with ashley, then I’m sure that you and kyle can get past this.

Jack: Yeah. I won’t argue with you there. I just — I hate the timing of all this. Just when we should be happy, just — I just want everyone to be in a good place all at the same time. It never works out that way. And by everyone, I mean you, me, and kyle.

Diane: Are you still worried how he feels about us?

Jack: I told you, he worries that if things fall apart for us, you will leave town.

Diane: And I’ve tried to tell him that that is not the case.

Jack: Well, we just have to continue to reassure him whenever we can.

Diane: Yeah, well, how do we do that without sounding like overbearing parents?

Jack: By example. Every day that he sees us growing closer, finding more joy in each other is another day that he doesn’t have to worry about us. He will come to understand what I know now. We’re going to get it right this time.

Diane: I love hearing you say that.

Jack: God, we have been through so much.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: We both had to change. But you changed in the most remarkable, wonderful ways. And I am falling in love with the woman you’ve become. Probably should have said that a while ago, but it’s true. I love you. You enter a room and my — my pulse quickens. My — my heart is full. I see you with our son, with our grandson, and I think how lucky they are to have you in their lives. How grateful I am to have you in mine.

Diane: Gosh, I am a grown woman, but my heart is just going — feel that. Jack, besides being crazy about you, you are my joy. You are my safe place. You’re the proof that I’ve done something good and right in my life. I love you so much. It feels so good to be able to say that.

Jack: Stay right here. I’ll be right back.

Nate: Yeah, I still have 15, 20 minutes of work left. Yeah. I’m sorry, elena. Look, I will be home as soon as I can, okay? Don’t wait up.

Audra: I thought you might be here.

Nate: So how’d it go with tucker? Did he show up?

Audra: Oh, we had a lovely dinner and a nice bottle of wine he kept trying to get me to drink too much of.

Nate: And the business side of things? How much does he know?

Audra: We had a fruitful conversation. He’s aware that certain parties have an acute interest in his company’s financial status.

Nate: Hmm. Well, I’m sure you handled that smoothly. Downplayed it or feigned ignorance. Yeah, that would make sense.

Audra: I went a different way.

Nate: As in?

Audra: I told him the truth.

Nate: Audra.

Audra: I told him that the newmans intend to buy his debt.

Nate: Why the hell would you reveal that?

Audra: Trust me, it’s a smart move.

Nate: How could it possibly be? Huh? Now he knows exactly what we’re planning to do.

Audra: Yeah, but it sends him a clear message that newman has the upper hand. He tried not to show it, but tucker was rattled. We will be right back, everyone! <

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