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Xander and Gwen ask Jack and Jennifer if they are going to give them the Spectator or will Jennifer be going to prison. Jennifer responds that the answer is no. Jack tries to argue but Jennifer declares that they are not giving them the paper. Jennifer remarks that they can’t comprehend the amount of work and pain that Jack put in to the paper and insists that it’s a good paper that does something important in town. Jennifer refuses to let them slither in and take it from Jack. Gwen mocks Jennifer’s speech and brings up that it was Jennifer, who got high and hit her with her car and then drove off. Gwen calls that cowardly and illegal which means prison time. Gwen adds that as her victim, she thinks Jennifer richly deserves that. Jennifer says that’s something they can both agree on. Jennifer tells Gwen to go ahead and call the cops because she has it coming.

Leo sits in the town square, talking to himself about beginning to write gossip for the Spectator about Alex and Allie at the bar. Leo ends his statement by saying that the Kiriakis brothers have a penchant for breaking hearts. Sonny then walks up and questions what Leo is babbling about now.

Gabi goes for a jog until she comes across Wendy in the park. Gabi questions her not being at work. Wendy says she took an early lunch since things were pretty slow at the office. Gabi asks if that’s the only reason since she looks like she just lost her best friend. Wendy responds that he wasn’t her best friend and that they only knew each other for a couple months. Gabi guesses she’s talking about Johnny DiMera.

Johnny repeats to Paulina that if she’s worried about anyone coming in between Allie and Chanel, it should be Alex because he’s the problem. Johnny brings up Chanel always finding Allie and Alex together and also finding Alex’s underwear at Allie’s home. Johnny argues that stuff like that is messing up between Allie and Chanel, so if anybody is to blame for their problems, it’s Alex.

Allie tells Alex that Chanel cannot know he’s there. Alex suggests if they ignore her, she’ll go away. Chanel then finds her keys and begins to unlock the door while Allie asks Alex what now?

Wendy tells Gabi that after spending all that time together pretending to be a couple, she realized she was feeling things for Johnny and on New Year’s Eve, they kissed. Gabi guesses they faked something for so long that it became real. Wendy says that’s how it seemed, so they decided to start dating but the problem is, he’s still hung up on Chanel.

Paulina tells Johnny that she knows Alex is a bit of a loose cannon but he also makes a convincing scapegoat. Paulina argues that she wants to talk about Johnny and Chanel, but he keeps bringing up Alex, so she thinks he’s trying to blame Alex for something he did. Paulina says Alex may have a habit of showing up where he’s not wanted but there’s more than enough blame to go around. Johnny questions if it’s his fault that he and Chanel walked in on Allie and Alex together at the bar. Paulina says no but it is his fault that he almost kissed Chanel at the hospital and he’s the one that got Chanel all turned around. Paulina declares that Johnny can swear all he wants that it’s Alex’s fault, but it’s his too.

Chanel enters the apartment. Allie claims she was on the phone and apologizes for not letting her in. Chanel says it’s okay as she found her keys in the bottom of her purse. Allie questions what she’s doing here. Chanel responds that she wanted to talk to her about Alex.

Johnny tells Paulina that he gets she is protective of Chanel, but promises that he respects the fact that she is with Allie. Paulina questions how nearly kissing her does that. Johnny admits he went too far, but that’s over now and nothing happened between them. Paulina says Chanel told her that they almost did something they’d both regret. Johnny points out that they didn’t and they stopped. Paulina questions why his focus is on Chanel anyways and argues that if he really wanted to make sure nothing happened, he’d steer clear of her altogether. Paulina reminds Johnny that he and Chanel are divorced, then asks if there’s not another girl he could be chasing after..

Gabi questions if Wendy is just going to give up on Johnny. Wendy argues that she’s facing the reality that Johnny is still very attracted to Chanel, if not in love with her. Gabi argues that is not a reality, but a nagging doubt and not worth throwing in the towel over. Gabi reminds Wendy that she was the one who told her not to give up on Stefan. Wendy calls that different since Johnny isn’t being programmed to go after Chanel. Gabi feels that she was in a similar situation since Stefan was in love with Chloe and she thought it was a lost cause, but Wendy reminded her that she’s not someone who gives up. Wendy feels that no one would ever say that about her, but Gabi says she would. Gabi brings up that when she first met Wendy, she barged in to her hotel room to demand tickets to the DiMera Gala and then when she showed up in Salem, she demanded a promotion. Wendy feels that was no big deal but Gabi insists that it was. Gabi asks what’s different about fighting for a man and fighting for a job. Wendy responds that the job isn’t still in love with his ex wife.

Alex hides under the table while Allie asks Chanel what she wants to say about Alex. Chanel brings up last night when she saw them together and apologizes for what she said. Chanel admits she overreacted. Allie knows how it must have looked. Chanel acknowledges that it wasn’t that a big of a deal and she’s done her fair share. Allie suggests they go for a walk and talk about this. Chanel says she first has to say that she got so upset because of all the crap going on between them and that is on her. Allie disagrees but Chanel insists that she just jumped to the wrong conclusion when she found Alex’s underwear and she should’ve just listened to her since she is her girlfriend and she trusts her. Chanel declares that she wanted to come here and tell her that she believes her that nothing happened between her and Alex.

Leo informs Sonny that he is writing a gossip column. Sonny assumes he got hired by The Intruder but Leo calls himself a respected journalist that wouldn’t stoop to working for a rag like that. Leo then reveals he’s been hired by the Spectator which shocks Sonny.

Jack questions what Jennifer is talking about. Jennifer says she’s talking about finally paying for the crime she committed. Jack argues that this is giving in to blackmail while Gwen argues that Jennifer deserves to go to prison and just admitted it herself. Jack brings up Gwen drugging people and says she shouldn’t be the one talking about people who deserve to be punished. Jack asks about Sarah and how Gwen turned her in to a vegetable. Jennifer remarks that Xander did not exactly trade up. Xander holds Gwen back and acknowledges that Jennifer hates them for a reason. Gwen says if Jennifer is ready to face the music, she’s ready to call the tune. Gwen that calls the police and asks to speak to Rafe, saying it’s quite urgent.

Sonny tells Leo that it doesn’t make sense since The Spectator is a real paper that covers real issues. Sonny asks how delusional Leo is and if he actually got a contract. Leo admits he doesn’t have a contract yet. Sonny tells him not to hold his breath because Jack would never hire him and already turned him down. Leo argues that proves that Jack doesn’t know anything about running a paper and should’ve been forced out long ago. Sonny reminds Leo that Jack owns the paper. Leo says for now which Sonny questions. Leo then reveals to Sonny that Jack is giving the Spectator to his best friend Gwen, who is going to be the new editor-in-chief which shocks Sonny, who can’t believe it. Leo talks about always searching for the perfect words as a journalist and clarifies that it’s more like Gwen is prying the paper from Jack’s cold hands.

Gwen states that she is on hold and gives Jennifer one last chance to change her mind. Jennifer tells Gwen to do her worst. Rafe then answers the call. Gwen says this is urgent but Jack grabs the phone from her and tells Rafe that he’s sorry to bother him and that Gwen just wanted to tell him that he’s doing a great job. Jack hangs up and tells Gwen that she can have the paper which shocks Jennifer.

Paulina tells Johnny that Wendy seems like a really nice girl and very understanding of everything Johnny put her through with Chanel. Johnny confirms that she is and admits he really likes her and for a moment, he thought there was a real shot between them but that was before he blew it all to hell. Paulina says she’s learned in Salem that there is no such thing as blowing it all to Hell, or else she’d be single now. Paulina encourages Johnny to stop moping around and do something if he thinks they have a future. Paulina suggests Johnny find Wendy and tell her that he made a huge mistake.

Wendy tells Gabi that it’s not just Johnny being hung up on Chanel, but that she doesn’t know him very well. Gabi encourages that getting to know each other is the fun part. Wendy asks what if she finds things out about him that aren’t so great. Gabi calls that a negative attitude and says Wendy is expecting the worst. Wendy feels it’s for good reason since Allie said some scary things about Johnny, especially about how he treats women, almost like she was trying to warn her off. Gabi explains that Allie probably also thinks Johnny is hung up on Chanel and is mad at him. Gabi adds that it only matters what Wendy feels. Wendy admits that she likes Johnny, so Gabi tells her that if she wants Johnny then she has to fight for him. Gabi then walks away.

Allie tells Chanel that she’s right that nothing happened that night. Chanel apologizes for thinking that it did and assures that nothing happened between her and Johnny, but admits that Johnny did drive her home that night and for a second, she thought something might happen which Allie questions. Chanel explains that she was just so upset when she saw Allie and Alex together and thought she cheated on her, that she thought if she slept with Johnny, she could pay her back but thankfully she didn’t because Allie means way too much to her to risk losing her. Chanel adds that is why she wants to put all of this behind them and stop all this fighting so they can work this out. Chanel tells Allie that she loves her. Allie says she loves her too. Allie and Chanel then kiss, until Alex’s phone rings in the room.

Jennifer argues that Jack can’t give Gwen the paper and calls it wrong. Jack responds that what’s wrong is Jennifer going to prison. Jennifer complains that Jack spent his whole life building the paper. Jack says they built it and did what they set out to do. Jack cries that it was supposed to be Abigail’s legacy but Abigail is gone, so if giving Gwen the paper means Jennifer keeps her freedom, that’s an even trade to him. Jennifer thanks him. Jennifer asks if Gwen is finally satisfied since she came to Salem in the first place to make Jack suffer. Gwen responds that she just wanted what was hers. Jennifer argues that it was never enough and she had to make everybody else suffer. Jennifer says Gwen did everything she could to destroy Jack’s family and when that wasn’t enough, she took his life’s work. Jennifer asks if that’s finally enough and if Gwen is finally satisfied.

Johnny decides maybe Paulina is right that he just needs to let Wendy know how he feels about her. Johnny worries that he doesn’t know what to say after everything that has happened. Paulina encourages him to call Wendy and say it’s Valentine’s Day and he wants to see her. Paulina decides her work here is done. Paulina tells Johnny to stay away from Chanel as she then walks away. Johnny then pulls out his phone.

Alex stops his phone ringing while Chanel asks Allie if she’s going to answer that. Allie says no and blows it off as robocalls driving her crazy. Chanel then questions if Allie changed her ringtone. Allie claims that she did yesterday and asks who cares about her phone since Chanel is back. Chanel then gets her phone and says she has to check something first. Allie questions if Chanel is really going to call her phone. Chanel then calls Alex and his phone rings again. Chanel tells Allie it was a nice try and then calls out to Alex that he can come out now. Alex then reluctantly emerges from underneath the kitchen table as Chanel remarks that it’s fancy meeting him here.

Sonny questions what Leo means that Gwen pried the paper from Jack’s hands. Leo claims he’s in the middle of something and suggests they catch up later. Sonny stops him and says that’s not going to happen as he demands Leo tell him what happened. Leo asks him to just forget he said anything but Sonny refuses. Sonny declares that Leo is going to tell him what exactly went down between Gwen and Jack. Leo thinks that’s between Gwen and Jack. Sonny states that is between them as he grabs Leo and asks what Gwen did.

Jennifer mocks Gwen not being satisfied as she doesn’t think she ever will be. Xander feels this conversation has stopped being constructive. Jack asks if that’s because he got what he wanted or if he’s just trying to shield Gwen from being so fragile. Xander suggests maybe he’s trying to shield Jennifer from having to point out that none of this would’ve happened if she hadn’t gotten behind the wheel while high as a kite. Xander adds that not only could Gwen have been killed, but many innocent bystanders could have been as well. Jack argues that Jennifer is sorry for that. Xander brings up how Jack wouldn’t even have the paper if he didn’t blackmail it from Leo’s mother and says they can go back and forth on and on about their crimes. Xander doesn’t think they are enjoying their company anymore, so they will get going. Xander hopes they see this not as a door closing, but a window opening. Jack hugs Jennifer and tells Gwen to never call him “dad” again. Xander and Gwen then exit together.

Johnny sits outside the Pub and begins texting Wendy but he can’t figure out what to say. Johnny tells himself to just face the facts that Wendy doesn’t want to see or hear from him and he blew it. Johnny then gets a call from Wendy, who asks him to meet her in the park.

Alex tries to tell Chanel that this is not what she thinks as they got drunk last night, came back here, and he was in bad shape so he crashed in the office like last time. Chanel asks Allie if that’s true, but she admits that it is not. Allie then reveals to Chanel that she and Alex slept together.

Leo tells Sonny that he can’t reveal his sources. Sonny demands Leo tell him what Gwen did but Gwen and Xander arrive and separate them. Xander questions what Sonny thinks he’s doing. Sonny responds that he’s tracking down a story. Gwen warns Sonny that he will find out it’s not wise to attack one of her journalists. Sonny mocks them and questions if Xander is okay with stealing Jack’s newspaper after everything Jack did for them. Gwen argues that Jack gave it to her. Gwen says they are going to celebrate and invites Sonny to be Leo’s plus one but Sonny says he’ll pass. Leo tells Sonny that he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Leo, Gwen, and Xander then head in to the Salem Inn.

Johnny meets Wendy in the park and asks her what’s up. Wendy responds that she was wondering if he had any plans tonight.

Allie tries to explain to Chanel that it wasn’t anything they planned but Chanel screams at them and says they didn’t do anything to avoid it. Alex argues that Allie was just really upset about Chanel and he was a mess over Stephanie, so they thought they could go out for a drink. Alex blames himself. Chanel tells him to go away. Alex asks her not to blame Allie but Chanel yells at him to just go. Alex says he thinks they are great together and he cares about them both as he then leaves the apartment. Allie tells Chanel that Alex was trying to cover for her, but she was drunk and not what she intended to happen as she thought Chanel was going to hook up with Johnny. Chanel responds that she wouldn’t betray her like that but obviously Allie didn’t feel the same. Allie insists that she loves Chanel and only wants to be with her, so she asks if they can just forget this ever happened. Chanel cries that she’s sorry but she just can’t do that.

Wendy thought maybe she and Johnny could do something tonight. Johnny says he’d love to but he thought she changed her mind about him. Wendy responds that she did, but then she changed it back. Johnny points out that it’s Valentine’s Day. Wendy suggests they could see that horror movie but Johnny says that was one night only. Johnny then says it’s streaming, so they could go to his place and watch it together. Wendy says it’s a date.

Xander, Gwen, and Leo go to their room at the Salem Inn. Xander says he will go call for champagne. Leo praises Gwen for pulling it off and says everything is turning up roses. Gwen comments that it would seem that way. Leo encourages that by the time they make their mark on the Spectator, Gwen and Xander will be Salem’s hottest power couple. Gwen guesses they’ll just have to wait and see.

Jennifer tells Jack that she’s so sorry and says it’s all her fault because they could only do this to Jack due to what she had done. Jack responds that he only blames Xander and Gwen. Jennifer acknowledges that Jack tried so hard with Gwen. Jack doesn’t want to talk about them anymore and wants to spend Valentine’s Day with Jennifer. Jack suggests a romantic lunch at the Bistro which Jennifer says she’d like very much. Jack adds that giving Gwen the paper was selfish on his part because he just couldn’t live without Jennifer as they then hug.

Sonny goes home and calls Will, leaving a message to call him back because he will not believe what he just found out. Alex walks in and asks what he just found out. Sonny then informs Alex that Gwen, with the help of Xander, is stealing the Spectator from his uncle Jack and to add insult to injury, they hired Leo to run the gossip column. Alex remarks that it’s just what Salem needs, more dirt. Sonny notes that Alex seems to be in a foul mood. Alex calls that an understatement and says he just got back from Allie and Chanel’s. Sonny jokes that they usually have a lot of fun together, so he asks what happened. Alex responds that he destroyed their relationship.

Allie argues that this can’t be it and that Chanel knows how much she means to her. Allie calls being with her being like nothing she’s ever felt. Allie calls Chanel her best friend and says when Chanel kissed her for the first time, it opened up a new part of her that she didn’t even know she had. Allie cries about coming out to her family and friends and realizing how special it was and how lucky she was. Allie says they have been through so much together and shared so much. Allie repeats that Chanel opened up a new part of her and she loves her so much that it can’t be over between them. Chanel responds that she’s sorry, but it is. Chanel acknowledges that what she said is true, they did share everything and they did love each other, but now they are just hurting each other. Chanel declares that the last thing she ever wants to do is hurt her, so she thinks it’s best if they just end things now before they hurt each other even more. Chanel says goodbye to Allie and exits the apartment. Allie then breaks down crying.

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