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[ Dramatic music ]

Judge: Are you absolutely sure of this, douglas?

Douglas: Yes, ma’am.

Judge: Very well. Douglas has decided that his custodian moving forward is steffy forrester.

Douglas: I wanna live with you, aunt steffy.

Li: Is this for me?

Kelly: I made it myself, except for the eyes.

Finn: Uh, douglas helped with that part.

Li: Oh, my goodness! I love it. Very impressed. This is going on my fridge, so I see it every day.

Kelly: Awesome.

Finn: You certainly are, kiddo.

Li: You have such a lovely family, son. I’m so happy for you and steffy, the life that you created for the four of you.

Deacon: Come on, sheila, admit it. You want me too.

Sheila: Someone has a very high opinion of himself.

Deacon: Oh, really? This is coming from a woman who lives with the biggest egomaniac on the planet.

Sheila: Now, now. Let’s be nice. He kept me outta prison, deacon.

Deacon: Fine. Whatever. He saved your bacon, but there is no way that you and spencer have what you and I had, and can have again very easily. All you gotta do is just take a chance.

Sheila: Yeah.

Deacon: Do it, sheila. Let this be our time.

Sheila: Oh. Seriously, you have feelings for me?

Deacon: You know I do, and I think it’s mutual.

Sheila: Oh, what about brooke? And you didn’t want me, you wanted her.

Deacon: You were right about what you said. You know, I was just fooling myself thinking I could make any headway with her.

Sheila: Making me runner-up?

Deacon: No way. All that time that you were gone, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Missing you, thinking about what we had. I want you back. Tell spencer you’re done. Dump him.

Li: So sweetheart, what other things have you and douglas made together?

Kelly: We’re making a mobile of the solar system.

Li: Wow!

Finn: Yeah. It was douglas’ idea.

Kelly: He wants to be an astronaut one day.

Li: Mm!

Kelly: Me too, and ceo of forrester.

Finn: Oh! Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: Like mom.

Li: Mm.

Kelly: When’s douglas was coming over again? I miss him.

Finn: Um, yeah. Well, I’m sure he misses you too. Um, we’ll see if we can schedule something soon. Okay?

Kelly: Okay.

Finn: Okay. All right.

Li: Aw.

[ Li chuckling ]

[ Finn sighing ] Something wrong, son?

Finn: I– I didn’t wanna say anything in front of kelly, but steffy is at the courthouse right now with douglas, hope and liam and thomas.

Li: Why?

Finn: To determine who douglas’ legal guardian will be.

Hope: Steffy?

Douglas: Uh-huh.

Thomas: She’s your aunt. She loves you, but–

Hope: But why would you want to live with finn and her? I mean, we’re– we’re your parents?

Liam: You mean so much to hope and me, buddy.

Douglas: You mean so much to me too. So does my dad.

Thomas: Okay. And why? Hope and I are your parents, not aunt steffy. Why give your family just any eggs

Deacon: I know what you’re thinking. It can all be yours. All of it, again.

[ Sheila chuckling ]

Sheila: Wow! Uh, with an offer like that.

Deacon: All right. But bill, really?

Sheila: Oh. Envious, are we?

Deacon: Of a neanderthal who inherited his daddy’s business on a silver platter? A– a guy that wears an idiotic toy sword around his neck? But then again, look at me, living above a restaurant, slaving away to make the perfect signature pizza while bill’s running a multinational company. Has a yacht, private jet. Then again, you’re here with me, not him. So there’s that. And inside you beats this dark little heart, and no one gets it going on like I do. I know how you feel about sheila. I can see it. Since you already know how I feel about you.

Li: I can’t imagine thomas proposing letting douglas choose his legal guardian.

Finn: I– I guess he’s counting on being douglas’s biological dad and that meaning something to douglas.

Li: Of course it means something. But just because hope isn’t related to douglas by blood, it doesn’t make her any less important in that little boy’s life.

Finn: I wonder how hope is feeling through all this, and it kind of came out of the blue. Though, I mean, I’d imagine that douglas would choose to live with hope and liam. That’s probably why she agreed to go along with thomas’ idea.

Hope: Sweetheart, you know how much liam and I love you, right?

Douglas: Yes.

Thomas: How much I love you?

Liam: You know how special you are to your mom and me. But beth too, right? I mean, like, you’re– you’re her big brother.

Douglas: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to upset you or hurt your feelings. I love you all, but I like it over there. Steffy is my aunt and finn is really cool. I have a great time with kelly and hayes. I also don’t want you and dad to be mad at each other. I hope you understand.

Hope: Oh, I– I understand, sweetie. It’s just you get that you’re choosing who is going to raise you and you’re– you’re choosing steffy to be your guardian instead of your father or me, and– and that sticks until you’re a young adult.

Thomas: It’s, uh, it’s a big step, but…

Hope: Yeah. But you’re so, so important to us. You’re our family and, um… it’s just, you’ve been a part of our home for so long.

Hope: Steffy? Steffy, can you please say something?

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: Douglas, I am so touched by your choice. You are such a sweet little boy and you are always welcome at our house, but you already have a home.

Douglas: Are you saying I can’t come live with you?

Steffy: Oh! Age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss.

Sheila: I don’t want this. Stop it! I– I’m– I’m with bill now.

Deacon: So what?

Sheila: So I owe him everything. What you’re talking about, it just can’t happen.

Deacon: Our time together, I– I thought that meant something to you.

Sheila: Of course, it did! But you always had one eye on brooke and, my god, you tried to throw me out of here on more than one occasion.

Deacon: Look, that wasn’t ’cause I didn’t have feelings for you.

Sheila: But I– I really don’t care about the reason, all right? You can’t talk to me like this anymore or– or I’m gonna– I’m gonna have to break all contact with you.

Deacon: Come on, you don’t mean that.

Sheila: Oh, yes I do. I need friends and I consider you to be a very good one. But you– you just, you can’t– you can’t talk to me like this again.

Deacon: You’re scared.

Sheila: No! No, I’m not scared. I am smart, and as quickly as bill got me out of prison, he could put me back there.

Finn: You know, I feel for douglas. He’s had a rough life. And losing his mother so young and just everything that has happened since, he– he– he needs stability. He needs security.

Li: Something thomas isn’t capable of providing.

Finn: Yeah. You know, talking about all this, it just makes me appreciate even more how blessed steffy and I are to have this little family. You know, kelly and hayes, they’re just they’re so close and when douglas visits, he– he fits right in. It’s kind of nice how that all works.

Douglas: I can’t come live with you? You don’t want me there?

Steffy: Oh no, honey. It’s not– it’s not that. It’s, um, it’s just, uh–

Judge: I think your aunt and your mom and dad need a moment, douglas. Let’s give them that. Okay?

Liam: You all right with that, dude?

Judge: We’ll be right outside. Take your time.

Thomas: Douglas isn’t thinking this through.

Hope: Why– why would he want this? It doesn’t make any sense.

Steffy: I am completely blindsided by this. I never expected douglas would wanna live with me.

Hope: I mean, stephanie, please, can you talk to him and make him see that it isn’t an option?

Thomas: Yeah. I mean, hope’s right. This isn’t what any of us wanted. We thought–

Steffy: I know what you wanted thomas. And I understand that you and hope are upset, but… you both created this situation.

Thomas: What is that supposed to mean?

Steffy: It– it means, it means you need to set aside your feelings and focus on douglas. You actually want me to reject him?

Thomas: Douglas is my son, steffy.

Steffy: Oh, no.

Hope: And douglas is my son too. And I know I’m his adoptive mother, but I love him just as much as if I had given birth to him. I mean, steffy, liam and I have worked so hard to create a loving, stable home for him. I mean, we shouldn’t even be entertaining this. Please, please, just put a stop to this now. I’m not a doctor. But what? You’re– you’re willing to become spencer’s concubine in exchange for your freedom? You can’t be that desperate.

Sheila: I am not bill’s concubine. And you know what? I don’t want you.

Deacon: I don’t believe you.

Sheila: No? Well, believe this then, because I don’t think about you. I’m not longing for you. Everything that we had before, it’s just not there anymore.

Deacon: How do you know for sure?

Sheila: Because I know you, deacon, and you always want what you can’t have. You had me once and it’s over. You didn’t believe in me, so I moved on. I’m with a man that saved my life. A man that is completely committed to me. A man that isn’t always screwing up like you. Oh, god. This was such a mistake coming here. And you seriously believe you have a chance with me, then you’re a bigger screw up than I ever thought.

Deacon: Okay, stop.

Sheila: No, no, no, no. You know what? This is it. It is over. Bill is the winner, you are a loser. I don’t wanna see you again. I don’t want you anywhere near me ever again! Ever! No, you’re gonna mess everything for me, deacon, so goodbye.

Deacon: Sheila, please.

Sheila: No, don’t– no! Stop!

Sheila: Oh, you’ve gotta forget him! He’s just– you gotta forget. I gotta forget.

Li: Kelly’s good?

Finn: Yeah. She’s– well, she’s just as confused as I am. Is– is pluto a planet or not? ‘Cause the internet says dwarf planet.

Li: There you go.

Finn: Okay, well, it goes back and forth a lot.

[ Li chuckling ] Kind of like this whole douglas situation. Though after he makes his choice today, at least he will finally have some certainty. I am– I am happy for him or whoever he chooses.

Hope: You just have to stop this before things escalate out of control.

Steffy: What exactly do you expect me to do?

Hope: I expect you not to go along with this, steffy. Ever since douglas has come to live with liam and me, he has been given stability. He’s been given love and support, and I know you know that is what he needs.

Steffy: I am not questioning that. But first and foremost, we need to make sure that we don’t upset douglas or make him feel like he’s rejected.

Hope: No, of course not. Of course not. It’s just… last night, we asked him who he wanted to live with and he said he wanted to live with liam and me. And now for him to just…

Steffy: You heard him. He doesn’t wanna hurt you, liam or beth. But think about it from douglas’ perspective, everything he’s going through. Frankly, I questioned the whole idea of allowing a child to choose their guardian, but we’re here now and I don’t want him to feel that choosing me, he’s doing something wrong or that he’s rejecting you or thomas, because he isn’T. You realize that, right?

Hope: And you realize that this guardianship is legally binding until he is a young adult, right?

Steffy: Look, obviously, I, uh, I have to talk to finn, but, um, off the top of my head, maybe it is a– a good idea for douglas to stay with me for a while.

Hope: Steffy, no, no.

Steffy: Just hear me out. The beach house, it’s– it’s– it’s cool, it’s fun, but it isn’t douglas’s home. Eventually, he’s gonna start missing you and he’s gonna wanna go back to you, liam and beth. I honestly feel that’s what’s gonna happen.

Hope: Well, time at the beach isn’t parenting, and douglas should understand that. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to give him the life that he has right now.

Steffy: I– I understand that, hope. I’m a mom. I get that. But I love douglas. He’s my nephew. He’s also a forrester. I promise you, I will do what’s best for your son.

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