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Tucker: What would you like to know?

Audra: Mm. Tell me the truth. Just how much debt are you in really?

Tucker: I am amazed that that rumor is flying around. It really makes me wonder where it originated ’cause it’s clearly an attempt to undermine me.

Audra: By whom?

Tucker: Well, uh, Nick and Victoria Newman asked me about it directly, so maybe it came from Victor. Um, and we all know that Nikki has it in for me. Hell, it could have been Jack as a counterpunch to me trying to acquire Jabot.

Audra: Or maybe Ashley as a parting shot or Devon to express his irritation with you.

Tucker: Yeah, there are so many people in this town to choose from.

Audra: You know, I find it remarkable just how many enemies you’ve made in the short time you’ve been back in town.

Tucker: I don’t consider them enemies. They’re just worthy adversaries.

Audra: Of course, there’s another possibility.

Tucker: Who’d we leave out?

Audra: Maybe it’s not a rumor. Maybe mccall unlimited really is floundering.

Tucker: Does that seem likely to you? Your checks always cleared, didn’t they?


Nate: I was pulled into an interesting meeting with Victor, Victoria, and Michael Baldwin. And your name came up.

Audra: In what context?

Nate: First I need to know what, if any, allegiance you still have to Tucker.

Audra: None whatsoever. He tried to work me yet again today, probing to see, you know, how far we’ve gotten going after Omega Sphere.

Nate: And why would he think you’d share that, given that you’re now the competition?

Audra: That’s how much of an egomaniac he is. You know, Tucker thinks that I’ll always be loyal to him, even when he’s shut me out and disrespected me. But I’m used to it. So I dangled some bait, asking him for information on the rumors about his debt.

Nate: Was he willing to confirm those rumors?

Audra: Of course not. No, he was evasive at first. Then he acted like the chatter he’s over-leveraged was just a plot to undermine him, although he didn’t seem terribly concerned. So I gave him zip about our intentions where Daniel’s project is concerned.

Nate: How’d he react to that?

Audra: He didn’t. No, then he got a text and got all huffy. Trust me when I say Tucker McCall is not a man on top of the world.

Nate: How did you leave things?

Audra: Oh, not to worry. Look, I made it clear I want nothing to do with him.

Nate: Well, I’m gonna need you to rethink that. Your connection could be just the advantage we need.

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