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Allie and Alex continue drinking shots at the Bistro. Alex holds the lemon from his drink in his mouth while Allie leans over the table to take it from him right as Chanel and Johnny walk in and see them. Chanel asks what the hell.

Tripp goes back to Wendy and asks where they were. Wendy asks what he was talking to Joey about at the door. Tripp asks Wendy if Joey asked her to come hang out with him. Wendy tries to deny it but then admits it and asks him not to be mad at Joey because he just sees how much he’s hurting over Ava and didn’t want him to be alone. Tripp explains that is not why Joey called her as he wants them to spend time together because he wants them to be a couple.

Gwen and Leo are in their room at the Salem Inn. Leo asks what dessert she wants from room service. Gwen says it’s whatever he wants. Leo talks about what to watch on TV but Gwen is disinterested. Leo complains that Gwen is doing nothing when they are supposed to be having a fun night but she’s just waiting for Xander to call. Gwen then questions why Xander hasn’t called her yet.

Xander runs in to Jack in the park. Xander mentions that Gwen told him about Jack’s ultimatum. Xander asks if he should assume they are not mates anymore. Jack questions if they ever really were. Xander says he’d like to think so. Jack argues that friendship goes both ways and not just one person cleaning up the other’s messes. Xander admits he screwed up but Jack argues that he just showed his true colors. Xander tries to explain that he was desperate to save his marriage but Jack doesn’t want to hear his excuses. Jack argues that Xander used his daughter to cover up his crimes. Xander says he never intended to drag Gwen in to this. Jack accuses Xander of knowing that Gwen was still in love with him and taking advantage of that to drag her down when she was trying to better herself. Xander responds that he’s truly sorry. Jack declares that what Xander did was unforgivable. Xander argues that he did worse than this before. Jack says he should know better now and realize the difference between right and wrong. Jack states that he watched Xander grow a conscience but he resorted to the same selfish loser he’s always been. Xander tells Jack to turn his back on him if he wants but asks him to give Gwen another chance.

Leo commands Gwen to get out of bed and takes her phone. Gwen worries about if Xander texts her but Leo doesn’t care. Leo argues that now that Gwen slept with Xander, she has all these expectations and it’s a good way to get hurt. Gwen argues that he doesn’t know what Xander is thinking. Leo says he’s not thinking. Leo tells Gwen to let it go for tonight, be in the moment, and have fun with him. Gwen agrees and questions why she’s mooning over Xander when it’s obvious his sun sets and rises with Sarah.

Sarah finds Rex at the Kiriakis Mansion and rushes up to hug him. Sarah tells him that she’s sorry about Kate. Rex thanks her and says he did all he could to save her, Marlena, and Kayla. Sarah wishes they could’ve done more. Sarah asks why he is here. Rex reveals that he came to deliver a letter to Victor from his brother, Philip, which shocks Sarah.

Allie and Alex laugh together while Chanel questions them thinking this is funny. They point out the lemon and Allie says it’s not like they were kissing. Alex tries to add in but Chanel says she is talking to her girlfriend. Chanel then brings up Alex’s underwear. Alex swears that was innocent while Chanel argues that there’s nothing innocent about what she just walked in on. Allie argues that Chanel is making way too big of a deal out of this. Chanel asks why every time she turns around, she finds Allie and Alex together which Allie then asks the same about finding Chanel with Johnny.

Wendy asks Tripp if this is Joey playing matchmaker which Tripp confirms. Wendy asks why he’s trying to push them together. Tripp explains that Joey is seeing someone now so he feels like one of them should win. Tripp admits to Wendy that he likes her for real, but he knows she’s dating Johnny and he’s not looking to take someone else’s girl.

Johnny suggests he and Alex give Allie and Chanel some time alone. Allie says she’s fine since Chanel is the one who lied to her by saying she was going to be with her mom, yet here she is with Johnny. Johnny clarifies that they came to get a drink but it seems like Allie and Alex are way ahead of them. Johnny asks how many they’ve had. Alex tries to count the glasses as Chanel remarks that she’s glad this is amusing to them. Allie questions if they’re the drinking police and then asks why Johnny isn’t here with Wendy instead of with her girlfriend.

Rex reveals to Sarah that Philip is in a mental hospital after faking his own death and trying to frame Brady for his murder. Sarah asks if Brady and Chloe know he’s alive. Rex says he hasn’t had the chance to tell them yet but assures that he will. Rex asks her not to say anything even though he knows it’s not cool to ask her to keep secrets from her husband. Sarah then reveals that he doesn’t have to worry because Xander is not her husband anymore.

Leo tells Gwen no more loser talk in here. Leo encourages that Gwen won since Xander is no longer married to Sarah and he slept with Gwen last night. Gwen questions why Xander hasn’t called her yet then. Leo suggests maybe he’s busy. Gwen wonders what he’s doing since he doesn’t have a job anymore. Leo suggests he could be working out. Gwen argues that she fought for Xander and asks if it’s wrong to want him to fight for her too.

Xander tells Jack that Gwen is his daughter so he can’t just cut her out of his life. Jack responds that he can’t debate this with him. Xander argues that’s because Jack has no ground to stand on. Xander tells Jack not to punish Gwen for something he did. Xander adds that Jack means the world to Gwen. Jack declares that he and Gwen are both moving on. Xander questions that being just because she disappointed him. Jack responds that he can’t have this in his life anymore as Gwen is a threat to him and his family. Xander questions Jack being the kind of man to disown his daughter for not living up to his standards. Jack argues that Xander couldn’t understand but Xander compares it to how Victor treated him. Jack says he just asked Gwen for a little responsibility. Xander calls that a bunch of crap and remarks that the truth is that Gwen was never going to be Abigail. Jack tells him not to bring Abigail in to this. Xander talks about Gwen always living in Abigail’s shadow and trying to change herself to make Jack happy. Xander says that Gwen needed Jack’s love but instead got his judgment. Xander argues that Jack tried to make Gwen turn on him and when she didn’t, he turned on her. Jack declares that Gwen made her choice and he made his. Xander says to Hell with that. Xander argues that Gwen got tired of trying to prove herself to Jack. Xander questions what kind of man Jack is. Xander decides that he’s fine with them not being mates anymore as he doesn’t want to be friends with someone like him. Xander then walks away.

Wendy tells Tripp that she and Johnny have started dating or at least are trying to which Tripp questions. Wendy explains that they were supposed to go to the movies tonight when Joey called. Tripp questions Wendy giving up their date for him. Wendy says there will be other dates but Tripp doesn’t want to be someone’s pity date. Tripp tells Wendy to call Johnny right now and maybe they can still catch the movie.

Johnny comments on arguing with Allie while she’s drunk. Allie asks if he’s afraid of the truth. Johnny argues that she’s making a big deal out of him being here with Chanel when it’s nothing. Johnny explains that he was supposed to go out with Wendy but she had to go help a friend. Alex says that’s the same as he and Allie, two friends being there for each other. Allie questions if Johnny just calls up Chanel as his fill in date. Johnny says it’s not a date but Allie argues that they will be reminiscing about their marriage. Chanel argues that this is not about her and Johnny but Allie says it always is. Chanel accuses her of just using it as an excuse to be with Alex. Allie responds that she doesn’t need an excuse and that she and Alex have fun together as she asks if there’s a problem with that. Chanel asks Allie to come home with her and sober up so they can talk later and get things straight. Allie jokes that “straight” is an interesting choice of words. Allie suggests maybe she doesn’t want to sober up because she’s having too much fun. Allie tells Chanel that she doesn’t get to judge her since she walked out and adds that she’s killing her buzz right now. Allie says unless they want to join them for a shot but Chanel says they’ll pass. Chanel tells Johnny they can get a drink somewhere else, so they exit together.

Sarah tells Rex that he warned her about Xander like everyone did. Rex says he’s just sorry that Xander hurt her like that. Rex admits he never thought Xander was worthy of a woman of her caliber. Rex jokes that he’s not one to judge though and acknowledges that he was a terrible partner to her. Sarah points out that he never kidnapped anyone. Rex says he just cheated. Sarah notes that she did forgive him. Rex says that meant the world to him even if he didn’t deserve it. Sarah remarks that holding grudges can just ruin your life. Rex asks if that means there’s a chance she might forgive Xander as well.

Gwen complains to Leo that she’s having a crisis here. Leo reminds Gwen that she said Xander stood up for her to Sarah. Gwen calls it all fleeting that he chose her in the moment. Gwen worries that Xander is willing to take her to bed, but he’ll never be willing to fully take her in his heart because his heart still belongs with Sarah. Leo encourages that she doesn’t know unless she tries. Gwen argues that she has tried for years and look where it’s landed her. Leo brings up that it’s better to have loved and lost. Gwen appreciates his effort. Leo hugs her and says it’s going to be okay. Xander then shows up at the door.

Sarah asks Rex if he’s asking if she can forgive Xander or if she can forgive him enough to be with him again. Rex guesses it’s both. Sarah mentions that they signed divorce papers. Rex asks if it’s officially over then. Sarah confirms the papers are filed with the court so as far as she’s concerned, she is no longer married. Rex is surprised that Xander gave up so easily. Sarah responds that Xander didn’t just give up easily, but he went straight back to sleeping with Gwen.

Xander tells Gwen about his run-in with Jack and how he let him know how he felt about what he did to her. Gwen says he didn’t have to do that. Xander complains about Jack being judgmental considering how he treated her. Gwen understands she let Jack down again and again. Xander argues that she’s done her best and he disowns her because she stood up for someone she cares about and now she’s lost everything. Gwen says maybe not everything. Xander wishes there was something he could do about it. Leo intervenes and says there is something he can do. Leo says neither of them have to take this lying down. Leo then declares that he knows exactly how to put Jack in his place.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the park. Johnny says he’s sorry that she’s going through this. Chanel feels the same and wishes things could be okay for her and Allie. Johnny understands how Allie can be and compares her to their mom, Sami. Chanel says she’s heard stories about Sami. Johnny says he loves Allie but sometimes she can just be hard to have a relationship with. Johnny states that Allie and Sami never want to admit when they are wrong. Johnny then declares that Allie pushing Chanel away is the biggest mistake she’s ever made.

Alex questions why Allie isn’t chasing after Chanel. Allie assures that she’s good and she has nothing left to say as she drinks another shot.

Wendy tells Tripp that Johnny loves movies so he probably went ahead by himself. Tripp encourages her to text him. Wendy argues that he probably already has his phone on silent for the movie. Tripp tells her to stop making excuses and just text him. Johnny then enters the Pub with his arm around Chanel. Johnny suggests they don’t talk about Allie anymore. Chanel agrees and suggests they get that drink. They then walk forward and see Wendy and Tripp. Johnny greets them and asks how it’s going. Wendy remarks that she didn’t know this is where he was going to the movies. Johnny explains that he changed his plans after she bowed out. Wendy asks if they can talk so she and Johnny step aside. Johnny asks if everything is okay. Wendy tells him to tell her but he doesn’t understand. Wendy reminds him that they were supposed to be on a date. Johnny points out that she couldn’t go. Wendy questions if the minute she gets pulled away to help a friend, he calls Chanel as a backup. Johnny admits that she’s not the first person to accuse him of that tonight. Wendy guesses it was Allie. Johnny confirms that they ran in to Allie and Alex at another bar and they were both pretty drunk and cozy. Johnny argues that he’s just trying to be a good friend to Chanel like Wendy is to Tripp. Wendy questions if it’s really the same. Johnny asks what that means. Wendy argues that she and Tripp weren’t married. Johnny acknowledges that is fair and that it probably looks sketchy. Johnny explains that he saw Chanel and invited her to the movie, but she doesn’t like thrillers, so they decided to grab a drink. Johnny reminds Wendy that he wanted to go with her, but clearly Tripp needed her more. Tripp calls out that he’s actually okay and if they wanna go catch the movie, he and Chanel can hang out. Johnny tells Wendy that everything is working out but Wendy disagrees about them seeing each other. Johnny questions what she means. Wendy argues that there is still something going on between him and his ex. Johnny insists that they are just friends. Wendy complains that it looks complicated, messy, and full of drama that she doesn’t need. Johnny reminds her that they both agreed that they had an opportunity to build something really special. Wendy responds that she can’t say she’s feeling that right now. Wendy tells Johnny that she likes him but she doesn’t think they have a chance to build anything as long as whatever is going on with he and Chanel. Johnny questions if Wendy just wants to break it off then. Wendy doesn’t want to hurt him but she doesn’t want to get hurt, so she’ll see him around.

Alex asks Allie what the hell she’s doing here with him instead of chasing after Chanel. Allie asks why he isn’t chasing after Stephanie. Alex says Stephanie doesn’t want to be with him and he screwed up royally, but Allie and Chanel have so much love for each other. Alex suggests Allie swallow her pride on this one but Allie refuses and calls for more tequila shots.

Leo suggests Xander and Gwen throw Jack’s own sins back in his face which Xander questions. Leo reminds Gwen about Jennifer running her down in the street and leaving her to die. Xander asks if they know that for sure which Gwen confirms. Xander questions Gwen having confirmation that Jennifer was driving the car. Leo points out that Gwen took the high road and let it go for Jack’s sake, but it’s not too late to reverse course and make Jack pay.

Sarah apologizes to Rex for dumping all this on him and talking about Xander when Rex has lost his mother. Sarah gives him her word that she won’t say anything about Philip. Rex thanks her. Rex says they have been through a lot, but he’d like to think they are still friends which Sarah agrees with. Rex knows it must really hurt to see Xander with Gwen, given all that Gwen did to hurt Sarah. Sarah admits she hasn’t had time to process it as she ran in to them and they made it very clear that they were sleeping together and then she had to go back to work. Rex talks about how Sarah has always been like that and there for her patients. Sarah says it helps to have a distraction. Rex warns that keeping that pain and anger inside is not healthy, so she’s got to let it out and he thinks has a pretty damn good idea on how to help her do that.

After Chanel and Johnny leave the Pub, Tripp brings beers for he and Wendy. Tripp apologizes if he messed things up for her and Johnny, but says it’s Joey’s fault for trying to play matchmaker. Wendy tells Tripp that it has nothing to do with he or Joey. Wendy says it was just wrong place, wrong time. Tripp comments that Johnny seems confused and says he’s sorry. Wendy says it is what it is. Tripp brings up Wendy showing up here because she thought he was hurting, so now he gets to be there for her.

Johnny and Chanel go back to Paulina’s apartment. Chanel asks if she screwed up what he had with Wendy. Johnny calls it one big misunderstanding and says he’ll just fix it tomorrow somehow as he pours them glasses of wine. Johnny points out that this is the same bottle of wine that they drank on the beach in Italy. Johnny then jokes that they are doing exactly what Allie accused them of doing by reminiscing about their romantic times in Italy. Chanel says she doesn’t care and reminds him of when they went to see the sunrise and fell asleep. Johnny recalls trying to make her smile which Chanel says he always does.

Allie goes back home to her apartment with Alex. Allie mentions that her son Henry is staying with the babysitter. Alex asks if she’s okay. Allie asks if she looks in pain. Alex says she doesn’t but tomorrow morning will be a different story. Allie says they only live once. Allie sits Alex down on the couch and thanks him for being so nice tonight. Alex asks if it’s cool if he crashes in the office again and promises to keep his underwear on this time. Allie says he can crash in the office or he can crash in her bed where the underwear is optional.

Rex holds a pillow for Sarah to punch. Sarah lets out her frustrations about being pissed off that Xander slept with Gwen and that he promised to never break the law again while she was stupid enough to believe him. Sarah continues punching and screaming that she hates Gwen and Xander. Rex stops and admits this was more intense than he expected. Rex asks if she’s okay and if it worked. Sarah says no, but maybe this will as she then grabs Rex and kisses him.

Jack goes home and looks at a photo of he and Gwen. Gwen walks in, guessing he wants her key back which he confirms. Jack asks if that’s all. Gwen says there’s another reason she came and it’s about the Spectator. Jack questions if she’s here to ask for her job back. Xander then walks in and declares they are not here for her job, but to take the whole paper.

Rex asks Sarah what that was. Sarah states that Xander has moved on, so why shouldn’t she. Sarah asks if Rex still wants her. Rex says he does but she’s upset. Sarah says he helped her get out some anger and she needs to get out the rest but that’s not going to happen from hitting a pillow. Sarah reminds Rex that he said he never got over her, so now is his chance. Sarah then kisses Rex and removes his shirt. Sarah asks if he wants to stand around and talk or if he wants to take her up to her room. Sarah then takes Rex by the hand and they head upstairs.

Jack says it’s been a very long day and he’s made it clear he has nothing more to say to Gwen or Xander. Xander responds that he doesn’t have to say anything. Xander tells Jack that he’s going to sign ownership of the Spectator over to him and Gwen. Jack questions why the hell he would do that. Gwen then reveals that if he doesn’t, she’s going to send Jennifer to prison for running her over.

Leo remains in his room at the Salem Inn, recording himself talking up his future job at the Spectator as a gossip columnist where he will keep up to date on who is sleeping with who.

Johnny and Chanel almost kiss but Johnny thinks he should probably go. Chanel points out that she’s the one leaning in this time, so it’s okay. Johnny says they shouldn’t. Chanel says she knows. Johnny declares that as mad as he is at Allie, he doesn’t want to do this to her and he doesn’t think Chanel does either. Chanel admits he’s right and that she has to be loyal to Allie even if she doesn’t deserve it.

Allie tells Alex that it wouldn’t be the first time he stayed in her bed and this time there would be more room. Alex doesn’t think that’s a very good idea. Allie insists, reminding him that Stephanie is sleeping with Chad and that Chanel is probably sleeping with Johnny right now. Allie reminds Alex that he called her one of the hottest women he’s ever been with and asks if he was lying. Alex says not even a little bit so Allie tells him to prove it and they start kissing on the couch and begin to undress.

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