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Well, I figured we got a strategy session ahead. We better load up on caffeine. Nice. Thank you, man.

Mm. Roman, are you sure you’re okay with this? Which part? They’re going after Orpheus part. I thought it was clear about. We’ve already lost the women we love thought of him coming after our kids, our grandkids. I won’t let another person die at the hands of that many amen. And the only way to stop him is to put ’em on the ground.

Okay, only a question remaining is how do we want to do it?

I thought you could use that, but don’t worry now that your, uh, killjoy of a brother isn’t around to deprive you, you’ll actually get to enjoy it.

Hey, sunny, do you, um, do you have a minute? I just wanna talk about the, um,

oh, all those beautiful smiling faces you. Golly. Thank you. You. Chad. Hi. Are you all alright, Julie? I’m fine. We were just going through these old photo albums and the memories got to be a little overwhelming, the end of the feeling. Of course you do. I think of all beautiful people we have lost. I just hope they’ve found peace.

What the hell? Oh my God. Are you telling me that all this time? I wasn’t talking to Susan Banks? No. Marlena, you weren’t.

You were talking to me, Nick Fallon.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Nick Fallon, the one and only. I hope you’ll forgive the deception, but I was afraid if I had revealed my true form to you, none of you would’ve given me the time of day. You made me believe that you, I was your beloved sister-in-law, Adrian. Yes. Pardon me for you, Marlena. I took the form of your simple, but recently deceased friend Susan Banks.

And for you, Kate, I pose as Jordan Ridgeway. Anything to keep you off balance? Hmm. Mission accomplished. Why are you here? Why are we here?

Isn’t it obvious I needed you to sign these?

How we kill, if this isn’t the hard part, how we get next to him. That’s the real challenge. True. Locking him up may not have kept us safe from him, but it sure as he’ll keeps him safe from us. Yeah. You can’t just stroll in a prison with a gun. Well, maybe not, but there are ways to get close to the bastard how?

Well, the easiest way to get next to a prisoner is to go to prison yourself. So what are you doing? Are you proposing that one of us gets locked up with orthos? Yeah, me. Oh, come on, partner. Don’t partner me. I’m the best man for the job. I have a criminal record. All I have to do is commit the right crime.

Plead guilty. I’m on my way to Statesville to get up close and personal with Orpheus. Go ahead, take a drink. Yeah, I mean, this is the good stuff. Well, as good as you’re gonna find around here, ain’t we? Well now you’ll enjoy it, won’t you? You sure? Yeah. Suit yourself. Just trying to cheer you up. I mean, you’ve been walking around here like you’ve got a dark cloud over your head.

Can’t imagine why I’d be in a bad mood. Oh wait, yeah, I remember now. It’s because my mom is dead. Sorry for your loss. I’m sure you are. Well, you know what? At least I could take some satisfaction to knowing we’re in here together. Oh,

so you’re, you are, uh, glad that to have the opportunity to spend some, uh, quality time with me, are you? If it were up to me, I’d watch Burn in Hell, but this is the next best thing, justice. Justice. My mother may have lost her life, but at least I know her killer will never breathe a breath of fresh air ever again.

I understand your, your anger. Lucas. I sympathize only one problem. I’m not the one who killed your mother.

So you just wanna commit a crime in order to get close to Orpheus. That’s a general idea. Mm-hmm. , didn’t you have any specific transgression in mind? Well, it would have to be something serious enough to get me sent to Orpheus to cell block. Maybe a good old fashioned b and e. What are you gonna break into for Knocks?

I thought I’d shoot lower than that. How would you feel about me, uh, breaking into this place and taking a few bucks from the till? Well, I don’t think breaking into your in-law’s pub. We’ll get you a cell next to a murder of StuG, like not a chance. Now you’re gonna need to have a serious offense for that.

Yeah. Okay. Alright, hold on. What if you don’t actually have to commit the crime? How would that work? To be honest, I’m not sure. But if you can get to trash, convince her that you need to get close to work is for whatever reason, she’s not your big fan, she might be happy to send you away. Okay. And, and when she asked you why exactly does Steve need to get close to a prisoner in Statesville?

That’s the one to put in there, right? Well, maybe she would want our fees to pay for his crimes, but I doubt she’d sign off on his cold-blooded murder. Well, that’s true. And that is, uh, the problem with that idea. All right, we’re scratching that one out right now. Okay, gentlemen, we’re back to square one.

Let’s go. Okay. We need to find an honest way, so to speak, to get me sent to prison. No guarantee that works. Either you can go out tomorrow, commit the perfect crime, plead guilty. It’ll be months before they send you to state. That’s a. Besides, once you take the bastard out, we can’t get you out of jail.

You’re gonna spend years of your life behind bars. Kayla wouldn’t want touch. No, neither would doc. Neither would Kate. So we’re done with that idea here. Steve, your family needs you. Hasn’t that son of a bitch taking enough away from us already? Of course you killed her. You poisoned her. You sadistic bastard, just like you did Marlena and Kayla.

Oh, I, I don’t deny that, but. Probably well aware. That was the culmination of the war that began a long, long time ago. But that’s old news. Your mother was cured of her ailment months ago, as were the others. She was in remission. She wasn’t cured. What semantics? My point is, had they continued to receive treatment from that rather remarkable orchid, they would’ve all gone on to.

Long productive lives. She and her friends, no. She and her friends are gone. They’re dead and they’re never coming back. That’s because of you, right? You might want to take that up with Kristen Damara. She’s the one who withheld the serum. She didn’t withhold anything. Kristen didn’t do that. I don’t know why all of a sudden she decided to do the right thing.

Why? She wanted to do something admirable, but she was gonna hand it over until somebody stole it. Who? No, there’s your culprit. So why didn’t you? And the rest of you guys chase down the, uh, dastardly orchid thief because we don’t have any idea who it is. Oh, well. So rather than lashing out at me, perhaps you should reserve some of your anger for Ray Hernandez and is Mary Band of Bozos.

Come on, Lucas. If the Salem PD had done its job, you’d know exactly who signed the death. For your mother.

You okay? Yeah. I, I was just expecting to find Sunny in here. Well, it’s understandable. It’s his office, right? So is he around? No. No. He took the day off. Spending the day with Will. I am just following his desk and handling any uh, Titan business that’s pressing. Do you want me to take a look at something?

No, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s private or it’s just the PR strategy for our new publishing subsidiary. It’s not due for another week, so we can wait. Beating deadline by a full week. You’re really on it. I’m just trying to stay busy these days. Right.

Um, so if you could just tell Sunny I dropped it off. Okay. You got it. Thanks.

Something else? I read your card.

You know, I used to love going through the old photo albums, but the older I get, the more I realize how many people that we’ve lost, people are dug, and I never expected to outlive. Please, you guys are gonna outlive us all. , you know, I’m almost a hundred Chad. Well, age is just a number. I agree. Hang on. I cherish every single moment I have with you

And with all the people I love, I just wish, I wish all of them could have been as lucky as we are. Me too. Love. Yeah. I miss ’em all, all taken before their time. Even the ones whose lives are spinning out of control,

like my poor, tortured cousin Nick.

Um, what are those? You don’t recognize them? You, you, you just handed them to me. Well, Susan told me that I had to sign that to get to the next level of. Right. Adrian told me the same thing. Okay. Well you were all told that, but we were all talking to you at the same time. Yeah. So time and space work a little differently here, but it sounds like you’re catching on.

Okay. What is this all about and, and why are you collecting the signatures? Is this really about moving to the next phase? Well, I’m, I’m so sorry, ladies, but what I told you was not exactly true. You weren’t signing some boring, bureaucratic paperwork. You were actually signing a contract. Yeah. What kind of contract?

Oh, you, you, you didn’t read it before you, before you signed it. Well, I mean, you made me think that you were Adrian and that I could trust you. Did I? Okay. Well, let me give you the, the short version of it, because what I have here in my hands are contracts of sale. Sale. We’re kind. Oh, well, Kate, uh, each of you has just sold me probably the most valuable commodity you possess.

Um, namely your souls.

Those contracts we signed, we sold you our souls. Wait, are you telling us you’re the devil?

That’s really good. That’s really good. No, I’m flattered. It’s really, but that’s a different, uh, that’s a different guy, right? Marla? Yes. You just work for him? I do. I do. You know, he’s not a bad boss, surprisingly. Just as long as you do his bidding like a good minion and, and don’t ask too many questions. He misses you by the way.

I’m touched. So anyway, the big guy is very busy, as you can imagine, being the devil. So he dispatched me in order to sign over your souls . Frankly, I thought it was gonna be a lot more difficult. Honestly, it was easy. It was really, it was really, really easy. But um, yeah, there are your signatures. Bolds can be Kate.

So now there’s nothing left to do but collect.

You can try to pass the blame all you want, but my mother’s death is on your head. And Marlena’s. And Kalis. And you know what? If they hadn’t been infected in the first place, they never would’ve needed the damn cure. A cure, which they had until it was stolen. Mm-hmm. . It’s funny how life works. I don’t think it’s funny.

Nothing funny about it. Nothing at all. Funny as in peculiar, Lucas, someone set something in motion, someone else responds to that and leads to consequences. No one could have. Is that for you? Because you know what? You knew what was gonna happen. You wanted him dead. Hmm. Oh, Lucas, I feel like we’re talking in circles and I’m getting rather bored, frankly.

I just remembered I’m wandering the kitchen for, uh, mop duty. Oh, good. Go do your mop duty. I hope you fall on your face. I hope you break your neck. Oh, now Lucas, that’s. That’s not very neighborly of you, but I’m not gonna take it personally because I know you’re going through a traumatic time for fella, which is why I was just trying to help.

I hate to see you suffer.

You write my card. Thank you for writing it and for the apology.

I meant every word. I have never regretted anything more in my life than I regret turning your phone off that night, Steph, and I am truly, truly sorry. I believe you and I appreciate everything you said, but not enough to give me another chance.

I’m sorry, I just, I don’t think we can go back to what we had before. Too much has happened. Is that because of my turning your phone off? Or because you slept with Chad?

I still think about him all the time and what went wrong. I’m still grieving for Nick. If he was on this earth, I would. I would try to help him reckon with what he did, but he’s gone. It’s gonna take a far higher power. Judge Nick Honey, I think if there’s any justice at all, he will suffer for his sins in the afterlife.

One can only hope that Marlena, Caden Kayla’s killer will suffer the same fate.

You know, maybe we’re making this more complicated than it has. Seems pretty complicated all on its own. We don’t need to be in Statesville for the long haul. We just need to be there long enough to have a moment alone with Orpheus. So you mean we just visited Prisoners have visitation, we put a request in, we head on out there, presumably just to shoot the breeze with him.

Once we get along with the guy, we take him out. That would cut out a lot of steps, including me committing a felony just to get on the inside. Come on guys. You know how the security that that prison is, you can’t just walk in that room with a weapon. They’ve got guard stationed everywhere, Roman. You know that weapons come in many different forums.

We can figure that out. Yeah. John and I have threaded smaller needles than that in the past. Yeah, fair enough. But what happens when a guy turns up dead after one of us visits him? What? Then let’s worry about the consequences after we accomplish our mission. Right now, I just want that human stain removed from the land of the living.

What’s going on here? Roman? I thought you were on board with. I am on board with killing Orpheus. I’m not on board with that six son of a bitch taking the rest of our lives. Alright, well listen, we’re brainstorming here. If you’ve got any ideas, let’s hear ’em. You’ve known Milo harp longer than any of us.

How do we waste the guy without sacrificing our own freedom or for stars? We can’t come directly at Orpheus. Can’t look that way. Or we get caught and that’s not exactly vindication. Agreed. Agreed. So what are you suggesting, Roman? That we come at him indirectly.

When I brought you the card and the flowers, your door was open. I wasn’t trying to look, but there you are with Chad, right in my line of sight. And I saw you kissing. You were there. I was there, Steph, but I didn’t stick around. No. I got the message loud and clear. That’s why I left everything outside the door and I took off.

I thought I heard something. I, I figured it was just the wind. Ah, no, not the wind, just me. But if that wasn’t enough to convince. Seeing you and Chad together like that. I actually ran into Chad this morning and he was still wearing yesterday’s clothes, so I did the math, Alex, and before you go on to tell me that it didn’t happen.

Wow. I wasn’t going to deny it. I have no reason to lie to you, Morgan. I’m sorry, what were you gonna say? I just wanted to say that that wasn’t planned. Chad Knight, we’d gotten close. I spent time with him and the kids, but he was still grieving, as you know. He wasn’t in a place to be in a relationship.

And then last night he showed up at my door and said that he was finally ready to move on. Wow. That’s good timing since you were available,

ladies. Okay. No need to grab. Okay. I have looked at a lot of contracts in my day and there are always loopholes. Nothing is airtight. Well, I think you’ll find the terms are laid out quite clearly. Do you know how many lawyers the devil has working for ’em? Basically all of them. There are no terms though.

This is old gibberish. Well, what do you expect? He doesn’t write in English. I mean, he was around before English was invented. . Well then none of this should be valid. Oh no. Trust me, it’s, it’s valid. Your souls belong to Satan. Okay. Okay, fine. We sold our souls. All right, so what do we get in return? Excuse me.

While contracts mean, contracts go both ways. If we sell you something, we get something in return. You see in every story that I’ve ever heard, when the devil offers to buy your soul, he, he tends to offer you some sort of earthly reward. Yeah. Like fame or fortune or something that you always wanted. Go ahead.

I’m, I’m gonna sit down, but I’m, I’m, I’m listening. Well, in the movies, the person has given their. When they’re alive. Yes, of course. I mean, isn’t that really the point? It’s only after you die that the devil comes and takes you to help. Right. You know what I’m feeling right now is, is that I should have watched more movies when I was alive because they sound amazing.

Alright, what is your answer? I’m sorry. What was the, what was the question? Eh? The question is if we sold our souls, what do we get in return? Right, right. You are absolutely right. I do owe you something. I owe you a reward. And it’s true. You’re gonna get it after you died. I think that you’re gonna find it was well worth the place.

Okay. This one for you? Oops. One for you? Yeah. And one for you.

What the hell is this? It’s crisp. $2 bill. We sold our souls for $2. No, no, no, no. Not $2. A $2 bill first issued by the US meat in 1862 initially thought to be very, very, very valuable. Though so rarely circulated, they ended up becoming more of an obsolete Curiosity, much like your souls, this is ridiculous.

This is useless. This is not a reward. It’s insane. It’s pathetic. Okay, ladies, that is valid US currency able to be exchanged for goods and services alike in, in many countries, not just united. Instead of a bitch, you son of a bitch. Okay. How exactly do we go after Orpheus? Indirectly easy. We’ve already got somebody who states us, somebody who hate.

As much as we do Lucas, Lucas, . You want us to ask Lucas to take out Orpheus? You know what? Lucas lost his mom. I can only imagine. He’s just as furious as we are and desperate for revenge. Lucas is certainly not above committing the crime after what he did to Sammy, but I’m not talking about asking to do our dirty work.

Then what are you asking him to do? For now, just provide a little intel. Lucas is a savvy guy. I have a feeling he has a few ideas how to get to horses.

Let’s talk first steps. First step. I pay my stepson friendly visit.

That was our wedding day. Mm-hmm. . It’s the happy day of my life. a, a yellow, so radiant with love and joy. Yeah. I thought that we would have enough memories to fill 10 of these.


I spoke with Jack about how, how worried Doug and I have been about you. We know you’re still deep in pain and we understand. We understand that, that that pain will never go away entirely. We are hoping and praying that somehow, someday you’re able to find love again.

Jack and I actually just talked about that. He told me, he said he was encouraging you to move on

Yeah. I mean, yeah, it, um, we talked, it was helpful. It’s kind of new, but I’ve started seeing Stephanie Johnson. All right. Wonderful. Wonderful.

You think so? I do. She’s lovely. More importantly, she has a big heart. She’s smart. And you know, Thomas and Charlotte simply adore her. And when I’ve seen you with. Your spirit seems lighter. Yes. Yes. I think you’d be good together.

I’m glad to hear you say that. I wish you all the happiness. We have been in desperate need of some good news and this, this is definitely good news.

I didn’t know if Chad would ever be ready to move on, and then you and I got together, but now you’re. Because of what I did, and I accept that I made a terrible mistake that I can’t take back. And I wish I could give you another chance to talk to your mom, but I can’t do that either. And as hard as it’s gonna be for me to get past my mistake.

Alex, listen. You know how hurt I was. Turning off my phone, but not getting to say goodbye to my mom stuff if I had any idea. I mean, no, I know. I know. I understand. You didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just a case of really bad timing. Yeah.

If we were just talking. You and me our relationship. Maybe I could try to get past it, but

the thing is now there’s something between Chad and me

and I wanna see where it goes.

Okay, this is a crap deal. It’s not fair and you know it. You know we are not going anywhere with you. I’m no lawyer, but I can tell you, since none of us knew what we were signing, that the deal cannot be binding. You three need to open your minds. Okay? We’re not in some stuffy courtroom in Salem. We’re in the great beyond.

Here. I have final word. Uh, no you don’t. Excuse me. Mm. You told us yourself that you only work for the devil. So you see what we’re gonna do is do the proverbial end run Iran. You right. Ooh. End run. Wow. Ah-huh. . We demand to talk to your.

Well, thank you. Thank you for being honest with me and making your feelings very clear. I didn’t know if what was happening between you and Chad was a, a one time thing or what we’re, we’re taking it day by. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I’m hopeful.

I got it. Just so you know, Steph, I’m not gonna keep bothering you anymore. I’m not, I’m not gonna be sending you cards if flowers are begging for you to come back to me. I, I’m just not, you know, I’m, I’m not gonna be serenading you at your window. I’m good.

And as far as, uh, everything with Titan, um, son’s still the ceo. He, he can still handle whatever you need, whatever you bring to him. Yeah, I think that’s best, at least for a little while. And maybe once we’re through my mom’s funeral and once things have settled down a bit, maybe we can, why? Still be front

this seat taken. Oh, hey. Hey Roman. Um, what are you doing here? Well, what do you think I came to see? You came for a visit. I didn’t think you’d ever wanna see me or talk to me again after, after what I did to Sammy. Well, I am still pretty angry about what you did to my daughter, but no matter what you’ve done, you’re still Kate’s son.

And I know she would hate the thought of you spending all your days in here alone. So here I am.

Thank you. Thanks. It means a lot to me. Of course. Are you holding. Not good. It’s getting to me. I’m falling apart. It’s miserable in here. Only to top it off. I just had a run in with Orpheus.

You wanna speak with the devil? Yes. Yes. We wanna speak with the devil. Well actually, We demand to speak to him. That’s right. I think that’s a great idea. And I’ve spent years battling him from my very soul, my very existence. So I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have him come and turn out this contract.

Otherwise you’re going to have to tell him that you fell down on the job. Because you see, unless we speak with the Prince of Darkness, we are going nowhere.

No more trips down memory lane. Doug is making lunch for us in the kitchen. That one’s a keeper. You know, I think the marriage is gonna work out.

Darling, I hope you do find happiness. You deserve it.

I know you said that all you ever cared about was that the kids and I are happy. What? You wanted me to move on.

I just wish that there was some way that I could know you were actually okay.

Do you remember? We used to imagine that, that we would be like Doug and.

Be back at a lifetime shade together.

I know how much you love Stephanie.

She makes me happy. Happy. Kids too, and for the first time since I lost you, I’m able to look forward to the future.

As wonderful as that future may be, there’s always gonna be a part that’s missing

no matter who comes into my life. No one will ever replace you.

I’m sure. The last thing you wanna hear me say is that I wanna be your friend. I just don’t want you to think that I hate you because I don’t.

I am glad

we had a good time together, didn’t we? We did.

Stephanie, I am sorry. Sorry about your mother. I’m sorry about everything.

Thank you.

Actually, ramen won’t mind at serving ourself. Ah, thanks,

son. Mine, partner. What you mean? Besides our pat to kill Morpheus. You’re not having second thoughts now, are you Not Morpheus, Roman. I mean, he wasn’t on board with any of this at first, but yet he is the one who’s out at Statesville. I know what you’re saying, but the fact is he’s less compromised than you and I are

not easy living with blood on your hands. Roman’s a grown man. He made his own decision and with any luck, Lucas will make the same one. So huge shot Murphy. Yeah, he was sitting in the same chair you are right now. He’s trying to push alcohol on me. Okay. You didn’t? No, I didn’t. Okay. I need you to do me a favor and get rid of this for me as soon as you can.

Alright? Of course. Yeah. Uh, what was he trying to accomplish with us besides torturing me? I mean, that’s what he does. He ruins people’s lives. You know, that not only did he kill my mom, but he’s trying to get me to fall off the wagon. But I’m not gonna do it. I am not gonna give him the satisfaction.

Excellent. Lucas. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if you did.

Are we going to stand here looking at each other, or are you going to take our request to the devil? Make the call Nick. Ugh, you’re all just delaying the inevitable, but fine. I will relay your request. In the meantime, might I offer you a little re paste?

Very kind. Enjoy, because I guarantee you things are about to get a lot. Unpleasant.

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