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Update written by Barbara

Victoria comes to Nate’s office after business hours with a bottle of 25-year old single malt, the “good stuff,” as she refers to it. She tells him that she got it for her birthday, but tonight is a special occasion because she wants to have an “outside-of-the-box” strategy. Nate is down for it. When she mentions that she wants to snatch up Daniel’s Omegasphere gaming platform as well as McCall Unlimited, Nate is all in. His take on the matter is that this is exactly the type of move that Devon would have rejected because it he would consider it too risky.

Nate also lets Victoria that Audra is his secret weapon for intel on McCall Unlimited because Audra is still in touch with Tucker. Victoria is a bit leery of Audra, but Nate assures her that Audra is loyal to them now.

As Nate and Victoria continue to drink, he opens up to her about how he feels that he has to present a different image to most people, but is fine around her. After the two of them comment about being aware of what it takes to make things happen, Victoria leans in and kisses Nate squarely on the lips. Nate responds in kind before she pulls away and hastily concludes the meeting.  After wishing each other a good night, Nate exhales deeply and has a pensive look, while Victoria looks a bit rattled outside his office door.

At the Abbott house, Jack surprises Diane with an evening of romance, complete with champagne and him wearing a tuxedo. They reflect on how they’ve ended up where they are now, and Jack says he thinks that maybe them being reunited has been in the cards a long time.

Then he mentions that finding Diane again might be the fulfillment of a prophecy from his mother, Dina. He explains the “Teardrop of Love” emerald necklace Dina had and how each of her children got a piece when she died. Jack shows Diane his emerald cuff links and tells her that perhaps the teardrop of love just needed a little time to work its magic.

Jack wants to look forward to his and Diane’s future, but she feels a little nervous and is concerned about getting the rug pulled out from under them. Jack assures her that he can do the grand planning for both of them, suggesting traveling and fun adventures with Harrison.

Diane tells him that what she wants is Christmas with the whole family, celebrating the holidays with people that matter to her. She continues, saying that she wants traditional Abbott breakfasts and picnics on the lake. She also mentions that says that she wants what they’re experiencing in the moment because she feels worthy and wanted and safe with Jack.

At Society, Billy and Chelsea are having a casual dinner, but things become awkward when their server assumes they’re on a date and tells them that they’re seated at the most romantic table in the restaurant.

Chelsea becomes concerned about the server mentioning her incorrect assumption to her boss, Abby, who’s an Abbott and that the news will reach the rest of the Abbott family. A few minutes later, Billy calls the server over and clarifies that he and Chelsea are not on a date. He leaves the server a $50 tip, which Chelsea jokes about being a bribe.

Chelsea invites Billy into her apartment where she makes tea for them. Billy lets her know that he’s being “uber cautious” about their friendship. Chelsea assures him that she is fine. Billy tells her that he feels like he got a glimpse into her soul, felt like he saw her, and that’s a gift.

Chelsea isn’t sure what to make of their evening together, but lets Billy know that she had a wonderful time. They talk about how they went through something traumatizing and intense together.  Chelsea tells Billy that it goes both ways, over the past few months she’s seen his soul, too. She adds that she knows who he is and it brings her a lot of comfort. She tenderly kisses his cheek.

Nick comes to Sally’s suite with all kinds of healthy snacks and finds her crying. When he asks what’s wrong, she tells him that hormones, fears and emotions are overwhelming her. She also opens up about being devastated when her parents let her down and is concerned about doing the same thing to her own child.

Unbeknownst to Sally and Nick, Adam shows up at the hotel and is about to knock on Sally’s door. He hears Nick’s voice inside her suite, decides against knocking on the door, and leaves.

Meanwhile, Nick is assuring Sally that he will be there for her. He mentions being there for picking out furniture for the nursery and buying baby books. He adds that he will be there for the pregnancy, birth, school, soccer, recitals … everything.  Sally tells him that no baby could have a better father.

They start kissing and passion leads them to make love. Immediately afterward, Sally says she has something to tell Nick, it’s about the baby, and that Adam could be the father.

Meanwhile, Adam is alone at the hotel bar, having a drink and gazing around unhappily.

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