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At the Brady Pub, Roman brings coffee to John and Steve for their strategy session. Steve asks Roman if he’s sure that he’s okay with going after Orpheus. Roman assures that Orpheus has already taken the women they love and he doesn’t want to think about him going after their kids or grandkids, so he will not let Orpheus hurt another person they love. Steve declares that the only way to stop him is to put him in the ground. John adds that the only question is how do they want to do it?

Orpheus brings Lucas another bottle of whiskey in prison. Orpheus remarks that now that his killjoy brother isn’t around to deprive him, Lucas can actually enjoy it.

Stephanie goes to the Titan office to see Sonny but instead finds Alex at the desk.

At the Horton House, Chad enters the living room where Doug and Julie are emotionally going through an old family photo album. Julie starts to cry while thinking of all the people they have lost and says she just hopes they have found peace…

In the Afterlife, the fake and possessed “Susan Banks” reveals himself to Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, turning out to actually be Nick Fallon! Nick explains that he was afraid if he revealed his true form to them, they wouldn’t give him the time of day. Nick confirms that he made Kayla believe that he was Adrienne, made Marlena believe he was Susan, and for Kate, he posed as Jordan Ridgeway. Marlena questions why he is here while Kayla asks why they are here. Nick reveals that he needed them to sign the papers that he got them to sign.

Roman says how to kill Orpheus isn’t the problem, but how to get close to him. John agrees, noting that Orpheus getting locked up didn’t keep them safe from him but it does keep him safe from them. Roman remarks that they can’t just stroll in to prison with a gun. Steve says the easiest way to get next to a prisoner is get sent to prison. Steve suggests getting locked up with Orpheus, pointing out that he has a criminal record so all he has to do is commit the right crime, plead guilty, and he’ll be on his way to get close to Orpheus.

Orpheus encourages Lucas to take a drink. Lucas tells Orpheus to enjoy it. Orpheus claims he was just trying to cheer him up, since he’s been walking around with a black cloud over his head. Lucas responds that it’s because his mom is dead. Orpheus remarks that he’s sorry for his loss. Lucas says at least he can take satisfaction in knowing they are in here together. Orpheus takes a drink of the whiskey and asks if Lucas is glad to spend some quality time with him. Lucas responds that if it were up to him, he’d watch him burn in Hell but justice is the next best thing. Lucas declares that his mother may have lost her life, but at least he knows her killer will never breathe fresh air again. Orpheus says he sympathizes with his anger, but says the problem is he’s not the one who killed Kate.

Roman questions Steve wanting to commit a crime to get close to Orpheus. John asks if Steve has any crime in mind. Steve says it would have to be something serious enough to get him sent to Orpheus’ cell block. Steve suggests an old fashioned breaking and entering. Steve asks what Roman thinks about using the Pub. Roman doesn’t think that would get him in to a cell with a murderous thug like Orpheus. John agrees that he’d need a serious offense for that. Roman asks what if he doesn’t actually have to commit a crime. Roman suggests Steve try convincing Melinda that he needs to get close to Orpheus and she might be happy to send him to prison. John thinks Melinda would question why Steve wants to get close to Orpheus. Steve thinks Melinda might want Orpheus to pay for his crimes, but she wouldn’t sign off on his cold blooded murder. John says they are back to square one. Steve feels they need to find an honest way to get him sent to prison. Roman points out that he could commit the perfect crime but it could end up being months before he’s sent to prison. John then points out that once Steve takes Orpheus out, they wouldn’t be able to get him out of jail. Roman and John agree that Kayla and Marlena wouldn’t want that. John says they can’t do this because Steve’s family needs him and Orpheus has taken enough from them.

Lucas accuses Orpheus of poisoning Kate just like he did to Kayla and Marlena. Orpheus doesn’t deny that but says that was the culmination of a war that began a long time ago. Orpheus calls that old news and says that Kate was cured of her ailment months ago, as were her others. Lucas argues that she was in remission but wasn’t cured. Orpheus says that if they continued to receive treatment from the Orchid, they would’ve all gone on to live long, productive lives. Lucas blames Orpheus for the women being gone. Orpheus suggests Lucas take it up with Kristen for withholding the orchid. Lucas argues that it wasn’t on Kristen, but whoever stole the orchid. Orpheus tells him that is his culprit. Orpheus asks why Lucas and the rest chase down this dastardly Orpheus thief. Lucas points out they have no idea who it is. Orpheus suggests he save his anger for Rafe then because if the police did their job, he’d know exactly who signed the death warrant for his mother.

Alex asks Stephanie if she’s okay. Stephanie responds that she was just expecting to find Sonny here. Alex understands since it is Sonny’s office. Stephanie asks if he’s around. Alex informs her that he took the day off to spend it with Will and Arianna, so he’s handling any pressing Titan business. Alex asks if she needs him to take a look at something. Stephanie says no and that it’s okay as it’s just PR work that can wait a week. Alex notes that she is really on top of it. Stephanie says she’s just trying to stay busy and asks him to tell Sonny that she dropped it off which he agrees to do. Stephanie then goes to leave but stops and informs Alex that she read his card.

Julie tells Chad that she used to love going through the old photo albums, but the older she gets, the more people she realizes that they have lost. Doug jokes about almost being 100. Julie says she cherishes every single moment with him and all the people she loves. Julie wishes all of them could have been as lucky as they are because she misses them all that were taken before their time. Julie says even the ones whose lives were spinning out of control, like her poor tortured cousin Nick…

Kate, Marlena, and Kayla question Nick about what they have signed that they were told was supposed to get them to the next level of Heaven. Nick reveals that they were actually signing a contract of sale. Nick informs them that they have just sold him their souls. Kate asks if Nick is telling them that he’s the Devil which he laughs at. Nick says that’s a different guy. Marlena guesses he just works for him which Nick confirms. Nick says the Devil is not a bad boss if you do his bidding. Nick tells Marlena that the Devil misses her. Nick notes that the Devil is very busy, so he dispatched him to get them to sign over their souls. Nick jokes that he thought it’d be a lot more difficult, but it was easy. Nick declares that there is now nothing left to do but collect.

Lucas tells Orpheus that he can pass the blame all he wants, but Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s deaths are on his head. Lucas argues that if they were never infected, they wouldn’t have needed the cure. Orpheus repeats that they had the cure until it was stolen. Orpheus calls it peculiar that someone set something in motion and then someone else responds leading to consequences no one could have been seen. Lucas argues that Orpheus knew what would happen because he wanted them dead. Orpheus says he’s bored talking in circles, so he has to go mop the kitchen. Lucas hopes he falls and breaks his neck. Orpheus says he won’t take it personally since he’s going through a traumatic time. Orpheus claims he was just trying to help because he hates to see him suffer. Orpheus leaves the bottle of whiskey with Lucas as he exits the visiting room.

Alex questions Stephanie reading his card. She thanks him for writing it and for his apology. Alex assures that he meant every word and that he has never regretted anything more in his life. Alex repeats that he is truly sorry. Stephanie says she believes him and she appreciates everything that he said. Alex guesses it’s not enough for another chance. Stephanie says she’s sorry but she doesn’t think they can go back to what they had before because too much has happened. Alex asks if that’s because of him turning her phone off or because she slept with Chad.

Julie talks about how she still thinks about Nick all the time and what went wrong. Julie says she’s still grieving for Nick and if he was still on Earth, she would try to help him with what he did but he’s gone. Doug adds that it will take a far higher power to judge Nick. Julie thinks if there’s any justice at all, Nick will suffer for his sins in the afterlife. Chad hopes that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s killer will suffer the same fate.

John wonders if they are making this more complicated than it has to be because they don’t need to be in prison long, just for a moment alone with Orpheus. Roman asks if he means visiting. John points out that prisoners have visitation, so once they get alone with him, they take him out. Steve admits that would take out a lot of steps. Roman reminds him of the prison’s security with guards everywhere so they can’t just walk in with a weapon. John points out that weapons come in many forms so they can figure that out. Roman asks what happens after Orpheus turns up dead after they visit him. Steve says they can worry about the consequences after they take Orpheus out. John questions if Roman is still on board with this. Roman assures that he is on board with killing Orpheus, but not with him taking the rest of their lives. John says they are brainstorming here and asks Roman how to waste the guy without taking their own freedom. Roman says they can’t get close enough to Orpheus to get caught or there’s no vindication. Roman suggests they come at Orpheus indirectly.

Alex informs Stephanie that when he brought the card and flowers, the door was open and he wasn’t trying to look but she was there with Chad in his line of sight. Alex reveals he saw them kissing and got the message loud and clear, so he left everything at the door and took off. Stephanie remembers hearing something that night. Alex adds that he ran in to Chad this morning and he was still wearing yesterday’s clothes, so he did the math. Stephanie confirms she’s not going to deny it because she has no reason to lie to him. Stephanie tells Alex that it wasn’t planned but she and Chad had gotten close. Stephanie talks about how Chad was still grieving and wasn’t in the place to be in a relationship, but then last night, he showed up and said he was finally ready to move on. Alex remarks that it’s good timing since Stephanie was available.

Kate argues that every contract has loopholes but Nick says the terms are laid out clearly and that the Devil has lawyers. Kate questions the contract which Nick explains are not in English since he was around before that existed. Nick confirms to them that their souls now belong to Satan. Kate asks what they get in return for selling their souls. Marlena says the Devil tends to offer an earthly reward for one’s souls. Marlena talks about how in movies, the person gets their reward while they are alive. Kate points out that the Devil only comes after they die. Nick jokes that those movies sound amazing. Kate questions again what they get in return for selling their souls. Nick decides he does owe them a reward and they are getting it after they died, but he thinks they will find it was well worth the wait. Nick then hands them each a two dollar bill. Marlena questions selling their souls for two dollars. Nick talks about how the two dollar bill is rare. Kate calls it ridiculous and useless. Marlena calls it insane and Kayla calls it pathetic. Kate hits Nick and calls him a son of a bitch.

Steve questions how to go after Orpheus indirectly. Roman reminds him that they already have someone in prison in Lucas. John questions asking Lucas to take out Orpheus. Steve acknowledges that Lucas lost his mom, so he’s just as furious as they are and desperate for revenge. Roman points out that Lucas is not beyond the crime after what he did to Sami, but clarifies that he’s not talking about asking Lucas to do their dirty work, just to provide some intel. Roman feels Lucas would have some clever ideas on how to get to Orpheus, so the first step is he will pay Lucas a visit.

Chad looks through the photo album and sees a picture of he and Abigail on their wedding day, which he calls the happiest day of his life. Julie and Doug talk about worrying about Chad being deep in pain and understanding that pain will never entirely go away. Julie says they are hoping and praying that somehow, someday, Chad is able to find love again. Chad mentions that he and Jack actually just talked about that. Julie informs him that Jack told her that he was encouraging Chad to move on. Chad admits it was helpful. Chad then reveals to Doug and Julie that it was new, but he’s started seeing Stephanie Johnson which Doug and Julie call wonderful. Julie praises Stephanie and points out that his kids adore her. Julie thinks they would be good together. Chad is glad to hear her say that. Julie wishes them all the happiness and says they have been in desperate need of good news like this.

Stephanie tells Alex that she didn’t know if Chad would ever be able to move on and then she and Alex got together. Alex points out that now she’s free because of what he did and he accepts that he made a terrible mistake that he can’t take back. Alex wishes he could give her another chance to talk to her mother but he can’t do that either. Stephanie tells Alex how hurt she was by him turning her off her phone, but she understands that he didn’t do it on purpose and it was just a case of really bad timing. Stephanie says if they were just talking about their relationship, maybe she could try to get past it, but now there is something between her and Chad and she wants to see where it goes.

Kate tells Nick that this is a crap deal. Marlena adds that it’s not fair. Kayla refuses to go anywhere with him. Kayla points out that none of them knew what they were signing, so the deal cannot be binding. Nick tells them to open their minds as they are not in a courtroom in Salem, but in the Great Beyond where he has final word. Kate argues that Nick only works for the Devil, so they are going to do the end run around him. Kate says they are demanding to talk to his boss.

Alex thanks Stephanie for being honest with him and making her feelings clear. Alex didn’t know if what was happening with her and Chad was a one time thing. Stephanie confirms they are taking it day by day and she doesn’t know what the future holds for them, but she’s hopeful. Alex tells Stephanie that he won’t keep bothering her or begging for her to come back. Stephanie thanks him. Alex says as far as Titan, Sonny is still the CEO so he can handle whatever she needs. Stephanie thinks that is best for a little while. Stephanie adds that maybe after Kayla’s funeral and things settle down a bit, maybe they can still be friends.

Roman visits Lucas in prison. Lucas asks what he’s doing here. Roman says he came for a visit. Lucas didn’t think he’d ever want to see or talk to him after what he did to Sami. Roman admits he’s still angry about that but no matter what, he’s still Kate’s son and she knows he would hate for him to be alone. Lucas thanks him and says it means a lot to him. Roman asks how he is. Lucas admits he’s not doing good as it’s getting to him and he’s falling apart, he’s lonely, and he just had a run in with Orpheus to top it off.

Nick questions Kate wanting to speak with the Devil which Kate confirms. Kayla thinks it’s a great idea. Marlena doesn’t think it’s too much to ask to have the Devil come. Kate warns that unless they speak with the Devil, they are going nowhere.

Julie tells Chad that Doug is making lunch for them in the kitchen. Julie adds that she hopes he does find happiness because he deserves it as she then heads back to the kitchen. Chad sits down with the photo album and says he knows Abigail said she only cared that he and the kids were happy and that she wanted him to move on. Chad wishes there was some way he could know that she was actually okay with it. Chad hears Julie’s laughter from the kitchen and smiles. Chad talks about how he and Abigail used to imagine being like Doug and Julie and able to look back at a lifetime shared together. Chad knows how much Abigail loved Stephanie. Chad admits that Stephanie makes him and the kids happy. Chad declares that for the first time since he lost Abigail, he’s able to look forward to the future. Chad adds that as wonderful as that future may be, there’s always going to be a part that’s missing no matter who comes in to his life because no one will ever replace Abigail.

Stephanie is sure Alex doesn’t want to hear that she wants to be his friend, but she doesn’t want him to think that she hates him because she doesn’t. Alex says he’s glad and that they had a good time together. Alex repeats that he’s sorry about her mother and everything. Stephanie thanks him and then exits the office.

Steve gets some beers for he and John. Steve asks what’s on John’s mind and if he’s having second thoughts. John says not about Orpheus, but about Roman. John points out that Roman wasn’t on board at first but now he’s the one at the prison. Steve says Roman is less compromised than they are. John states that it’s not easy living with blood on your hands. Steve points out that Roman made his own decision and with any luck, Lucas will make the same one.

Roman questions Lucas about seeing Orpheus. Lucas explains that Orpheus was trying to push alcohol on him but he didn’t accept. Lucas gives Roman the whiskey and tells him to get rid of it. Roman asks what Orpheus was trying to accomplish. Lucas says that Orpheus was trying to ruin his life by getting him to fall off the wagon, but he was not going to give him the satisfaction. Roman then suggests it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if he did.

Marlena asks Nick if they are going to stand here or if he’s going to take their request to the Devil. Kayla tells Nick to make the call. Nick says they are just delaying the inevitable but he will relay their request. Nick then offers them food and guarantees that things are about to get a lot more unpleasant…

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