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[ Dramatic music ]

Katie: Ok, this is crazy.

Brooke: Katie, I texted you saying I’d be right up to the house. I was just dropping something off.

Katie: Yeah, well I couldn’t wait. I mean taylor of all people?

Brooke: She wasn’t herself. She thought bill violated her daughter.

Katie: Okay, I get that. But to shoot him? I mean my god, brooke! Will almost lost his father that night.

Brooke: I know and she was haunted by what she did. She was sickened by what she was driven to.

Katie: Okay, that doesn’t excuse it.

Brooke: I know. But now you know why bill blackmailed steffy and finn?

Katie: I mean, imagine my shock when taylor just blurted it out. I mean she’s the last person I ever would have suspected.

Brooke: Violence is not the answer, but as a mother and as her friend, my heart goes out to taylor in a big way.

Steffy: Sheila just showed up at your office?

Taylor: Yep. She wasn’t gonna miss out on an opportunity.

Steffy: For what?

Taylor: Oh, you know, to let me know that I should just accept the situation so that we can all live in peace and harmony.

Steffy: Well, I hope you told her where she should go.

Taylor: I told her I wanted to see her locked up for the rest of her life and that is the only way that me and my family will ever have peace and harmony.

Steffy: What else did she say?

Taylor: Oh steffy, she– she got to me. She– she told me that, um… we’re not that different from each other because she shot you and finn and I shot bill.

Steffy: What?

Taylor: She was empathizing with me that she’s also haunted by what she did.

Steffy: Oh, my god. She can’t possibly equate all her heinous things with what you did, mom. Mom, you and sheila are nothing alike. You are loving and compassionate. Everything sheila isn’T.

Taylor: That’s funny. That’s– that’s what brooke said.

Steffy: Brooke?

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. She– she came by right after sheila left. She brought pizza. Brooke has really become a real friend. I’m serious, like a lifeline really. It’s comforting. Especially now that I’m having all this guilt that sheila is not in prison because… because of what I did all those years ago.

Deacon: I’ve been working on this sauce recipe nonstop. You know, trying different ingredients, see what works, what doesn’t work. I think I might have gone a little too far with the onion. What do you think?

Sheila: Mmm-hm. Deliziosa!

Deacon: Seriously though? You’re not just saying that?

Sheila: Really, there’s somebody here that doesn’t know how to take a compliment.

Deacon: It’s just… it’s amazing.

Sheila: What?

Deacon: That you and i can be here like this.

Sheila: You with your own restaurant.

Deacon: And you not in the pokey. All thanks to the blowhard bill spencer.

Sheila: Oh, my god. It’s really good. Speaking of bill though, if he were to walk in here, heaven forbid, or brooke or hope.

Deacon: Yeah, no, I know it can be pretty dicey. I appreciate you coming in between seatings.

Sheila: Of course, I– it’s not like we’re crossing a line or anything. I just wouldn’t want bill to get the wrong idea.

Deacon: Why? You afraid he’ll figure out that you’re still carrying a torch for your favorite pizza man? You got a little stuff there.

Sheila: Oh. Get it?

Deacon: You know, there was the time that I would’ve kissed that off you and you would’ve loved it.

Katie: Brooke, how long have you known about taylor? How could you keep this from me?

Brooke: It wasn’t for me to tell. I was sworn to secrecy. So you said taylor just blurted it out?

Katie: Yeah, I– I went to steffy’s, I had just come from bill’s trying desperately to get through to him, again. And I knew there was something more going on. And so I was pressing steffy and then all of a sudden taylor appeared and she was emotional and she just blurted out that she was the one they were protecting. I mean, can you imagine how shocked I was to learn that taylor was the one who shot bill?

Steffy: I’m surprised you and brooke are spending so much time together.

Taylor: Yeah, she’s made a real effort to– to reach out to me and to spend time with me. When she saw how shaken up I was with sheila, she– she was right there for me.

Steffy: Brooke helped calm you down.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, she did. I mean, of course, I wish I could’ve calmed myself down considering my line of work.

Steffy: Mom, you’re only human. You’re also a loving mother and grandmother. Taylor: Who did a really awful, unforgivable thing.

>>Steffy: Mom, we are not gonna go there.

Taylor: Steffy as supportive as you and brooke have been, it doesn’t change the fact that I– I shot someone, you know, and I was never accountable for it. Now, all the people I love more than life are in danger. And that’s on me. And only me. (Vo) red lobster’s finer points of fun dining:

Deacon: So, how’s it going at the spencers dig? I gotta tell you, I’m just so curious what’s new there?

Sheila: You mean, how is it being mistress of the manor?

Deacon: More like how is it being bill’s mistress? Aren’t you tired of that gas bag yet?

Sheila: Hardly. And don’t call me his mistress. It’s not like that between us.

Deacon: Hey, whatever you gotta tell yourself.

Sheila: No, seriously deacon. Look, I– I know that you still have some feelings for me and I– I don’t want to rub salt in the wounds.

Deacon: No worries. I’m a big boy. But then you already know that.

[ Sheila laughing ] I can take it.

Sheila: Bill is– is like no man I have ever known.

Deacon: Yeah, I’m sure. He’s an arrogant, self absorbed cartoon.

Sheila: No, he– he may be like that to the rest of the world, but he isn’t like that. Not to me, you know, he’s– he’s done so much for me. He’s transformed my life. If I could just get people to stop coming over unannounced and– and– and trying to– to harm that, especially katie, that would be great.

Katie: Whatever she’s said or done, it is clearly working. For bill to throw away everything and everyone he’s ever cared about for a psycho like sheila carter?

Brooke: Well, sheila is a master manipulator and bill was admittedly vulnerable.

Katie: Not just vulnerable, he was hurt and upset by me, by you, by steffy. Clearly, I mean otherwise why would he be doing what he’s doing to her mother?

Brooke: Taylor is living in her own private hell. And bill really needs to realize that.

Katie: But if he could see what I saw when she confessed, I mean, all the remorse and regret pouring out of her.

Brooke: That must’ve been hard for steffy to see. She idolizes her mom. To see taylor battling with her demons. I’m sure it broke her heart.

Katie: As it does yours.

Brooke: Look, I know my friendship with taylor is unexpected, but I’m glad that we’re friends and I’m glad that I can be there for her. Me and her family, even though I’m not sure it’s gonna really help.

Katie: What do you mean?

Brooke: She thinks the only way she can stop sheila is to turn herself in and that would be the worst thing possible. That would be a huge price to pay. A price that the people who love her and taylor herself should not have to pay.

Steffy: Mom please, you have to stop beating yourself up.

Taylor: I’m trying steffy. Brooke said the same thing.

Steffy: Good, she’s right. It’s just upsetting you more than you already are.

Taylor: Yeah, but bill swore to secrecy and now he’s using this against our family. Ah! Somehow, sheila can get bill to do whatever she wants.

Steffy: Mom. I realize it feels that way. Somehow, sheila always gets what she wants, but she always screws up. She’s gonna overplay her hand with bill. Trust me. One way or the other, that woman’s going to pay for her crimes.

Taylor: But until then she is a free woman and you and finn and my grandbabies are in danger. Steffy, I have to confess to shooting bill. I have to make this right. Then you and finn can– can– can testify and sheila will be behind bars, finally. Steffy, it’s the only way to keep our family safe. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

Deacon: So, you went to go see katie on your own?

Sheila: Yeah, yeah. Especially when she showed up uninvited yet again.

Deacon: That’s smart.

Sheila: Smart or not, I want to make it clear to her that she either accepts this relationship between myself and bill or–

Deacon: Cut off her middle toe.

[ Sheila chuckling ]

Sheila: I’m not gonna let anyone undermine me to the man that I love. Especially sickingly sweet katie logan.

Deacon: Sweetheart, I hate to break it to you, but bill and katie, they share a kid. I mean that’s a formidable bond. Not to mention the fact that she’s one of the biggest threats to your freedom.

Sheila: That’s why I wanted to put her on notice. I won’t stand by idly to let her work on bill to turn him against me. There will be consequences if she does.

Brooke: Even if taylor does turn herself in, that is no guarantee that sheila’s gonna go back to prison. ‘Cause bill is out there bribing every single judge on her behalf.

Katie: Could be all for nothing. Taylor could spend years in jail while sheila lives large at bill’S. I mean, how unjust would that be?

Brooke: Sad. Really, it’s– it’s terribly sad. Taylor’s done so much for so many people around the world, for her clients, for her family and they all need her. That’s why steffy’s urging her mom not to do anything rash.

Katie: Which is exactly what confessing to the police might be if there’s even the slightest chance that sheila would remain free.

Brooke: Really, it’s sick how sheila engineered this whole thing. I just want people to wake up and see it, realize it.

Katie: So do I. That’s why I keep going over there trying to get through to him. But if taylor turns herself in.

Brooke: No, she won’T. I won’t let her sacrifice herself like that.

Steffy: Mom, we’ve already discussed this. I get that you want to do the right thing. But giving up your freedom, hoping that sheila will lose hers is not the right thing. Bill will step in. He will defend sheila. He will do whatever it takes. You have to see that. Mom, I know it feels like you want to protect me, I get it. But some sacrifices are just way too big. I’d much rather deal with sheila than see you behind bars.

Taylor: Okay, okay, I hear you. I hear you loud and clear, I really do. But there’s so much more to this for me.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Taylor: Even though bill didn’t have me arrested for shooting him that night, the trauma that I experienced is– is– it’s still been inside of me, right. But I just buried it. I buried it away and I– I just always knew that it had been there. But now it’s here. It is here and it is affecting my family. The people I love most in the world. You, finn, my grandbabies. Even brooke and her family. Steffy, sheila has escaped justice again because of a crime that I never paid for. I can’t let that happen. I won’T. My a1c stayed here, it needed to be here.

Deacon: That sounds kind of like a threat. Is that how katie took it?

Sheila: Oh please, I could say good morning to her and she would think it was a threat. But enough of that. Anyway, all right, I can handle katie or brooke or anyone else if I have to. I’m just really hoping over time they– they all understand that I’m not going anywhere and I’m certainly not going back to prison because I’m not. Bill is gonna make sure of it.

Deacon: Sounds like you got it pretty bad for the guy.

Sheila: He has done so much for me and the least of– of which is giving me my freedom. I am so blessed to be able to walk in here and not fear being hauled away. No, I am never going to let anyone jeopardize my precious freedom again, never! Mmm.

[ Sheila laughing ]

Katie: It really amazes me this relationship that you’ve developed with taylor.

Brooke: Yeah, it amazes us too. Taylor and I have been through a lot together, usually at odds. It’s such a waste to think we could’ve been friends this whole time.

Katie: Well, you’re making up for it now. That’s all that matters.

Brooke: Yeah, we have a lot more in common than we ever thought. I mean, she’s a remarkable person and an incredible mother.

Katie: Well, I’m sure she feels the same way about you, sis.

Brooke: I made a vow to stand by taylor and I intend to keep that. I’m not gonna let bill and sheila and their horrible manipulation destroy taylor’s life.

Taylor: I have to do it, steffy. I have to make the call and put an end to bill’s blackmail. I’m gonna do it.

Steffy: No, mom. You’re only gonna make things worse.

Taylor: You think?

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: No, you know what’s worse? If sheila infiltrates herself into our lives. You know how hell bent she is on trying to be a part of this family.

Steffy: That is never going to happen.

Taylor: Okay, well bill used blackmail to keep her out of prison. Sheila could do the same thing.

Steffy: You really gotta stop. Stop.

Taylor: She was trying to get closer to hayes. Can you imagine?

Steffy: Mom, stop!

Taylor: I have to stop this! Honey, I– I shot someone. I shot someone. I was never accountable for it. My life’s work is helping others be a better version of themselves. I’m basically a hypocrite.

Steffy: No, you’re not.

Taylor: No, I am. I– I have to confess.

Steffy: No. So let’s say you do that, okay. Let’s say you– let’s say you go to prison. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to bring kelly and hayes to visit you? Visit their grandmother behind bars? Not really having a relationship with you. I don’t want that for them and you shouldn’t either.

Taylor: God, of course I don’T.

Steffy: No, I– I refuse to let you even consider turning yourself in. I’m not gonna lose you. I’m not gonna lose you that way.

Taylor: Oh, god, I am not giving you much of a choice, am I? I’m either going to let you down or I’m a burden to you. Which one you want, hm?

Steffy: Mom, no, you are not a burden. I love you so much. You need to stop tormenting yourself. You need to just stop worrying about sheila. We will figure out a way to take care of her. I promise, okay?

Taylor: Yes, we will.

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