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Xander has a dream about getting back together with Sarah, but then he wakes up in bed with Gwen, who asks if everything is alright.

Chanel wakes up at Paulina’s apartment. Paulina offers her breakfast and says she’s going to need it for the grilling she’s about to give her which Chanel questions. Paulina says that Chanel was too upset to talk last night, so she gave her space. Paulina says Chanel is going to eat and then she’s going to tell her exactly what’s going on between her and Allie.

Allie and Alex get up at Allie’s apartment while Wendy sleeps on the couch. Allie and Alex complain of being hungover. Allie says she’s sorry that his underwear went missing and she’ll text him if she finds them. Alex tells her not to worry about and adds that maybe all that drinking last night wasn’t the best idea, but he’s really glad they got to hang out. Alex then exits. Allie turns around as Wendy is now sitting up. Wendy remarks that it sounds like Allie and Alex had quite the night.

Steve gets up at home. Tripp offers him breakfast but Steve says he’ll wait for Joey and Stephanie to get up. Tripp informs him that Joey just went for a run and guesses that Stephanie is sleeping in.

Stephanie wakes up in bed with Chad and asks if he has a look of regret.

Steve tells Tripp that he’s glad Stephanie is sleeping in since she’s been pretty ragged lately. Steve mentions having a talk with her last night and how she’s having a really hard time with not being there when Kayla passed away. Steve notices flowers which Tripp says he found at the door. Steve picks up the card and remarks that they are from that jerk Alex. Tripp can’t believe Alex thinks flowers are going to fix things after Alex played God with Stephanie’s life. Steve comments that at least now Stephanie knows what a self centered creep Alex is. Tripp hopes that Stephanie does better next time around.

Chad reminds Stephanie that he’s the one who showed up and asked if she was still interested. Stephanie asks if this was too soon for him but Chad assures that last night was amazing. Chad admits it’s just strange to wake up next to someone who is not Abigail. Stephanie understands it’s been a long time since he has but Chad informs her that it’s not as long as she thinks.

Xander tells Gwen that everything is fine but Gwen says he doesn’t look like it. Xander says he’s just a bit hungover. Gwen comments on him tossing and turning, like he was having an intense dream. Xander claims not to remember anything about it. Gwen points out that he was mumbling something about signing papers. Xander tries to blow it off but Gwen asks if he was dreaming about Sarah. Xander then admits that he was.

Chanel tells Paulina about the situation with Allie walking in on her with Johnny. Chanel insists that nothing happened and that Johnny was just in pain. Paulina argues that Allie was in pain too. Chanel says she would have been there for Allie, but she sent her away and then she was with Alex. Paulina argues that she only cares about Chanel’s behavior. Chanel questions her not believing her. Chanel states that Johnny was her husband and she loved him, so she still cares about him very much. Chanel argues that Johnny was just lost and needed someone to talk to. Paulina argues that’s not the whole story. Chanel questions what that means. Paulina says that’s how this mess got started but she doesn’t know how it would’ve ended if Allie hadn’t have walked in on them.

Wendy and Allie have coffee. Allie tells Wendy that her and Alex went out drinking last night and they were in no shape to drive home, so he crashed in the office here and nothing happened. Wendy states that it’s none of her business, but questions how Alex lost his underwear if nothing happened. Allie says she doesn’t know what happened since they were sleeping in separate rooms and assures that Alex slept alone. Wendy apologizes, repeating it’s none of her business. Allie assures that she wasn’t sneaking him out and they were only being quiet to try not to wake her. Wendy then asks if Chanel is still asleep. Allie responds that she doesn’t know because Chanel moved out.

Chanel questions why Paulina is asking her what would’ve happened. Chanel complains that she’s feeling pretty shoved around right now. Chanel complains about how Allie judged her and Johnny and wouldn’t even give them a chance to say anything. Chanel questions why it feels like Paulina is taking Allie’s side against her. Paulina talks about how Allie was fiercely on Chanel’s side when she was facing murder charges. Chanel insists that she loves Allie, so Paulina asks why Chanel keeps pushing back when she tries to make her see how much she hurt her.

Chad tells Stephanie about how he cheated on Abigail with Gwen and he has no excuse for that. Stephanie acknowledges that it must have been horrible, but they got past it. Chad has no idea how Abigail forgave her. Stephanie suggests it was how much they loved each other. Chad says this morning he was thinking about how sleeping with Gwen was a mistake, while this is not a mistake. Chad hopes the same is true for her since it wasn’t that long ago that Alex hurt her. Chad knows everything has been sudden, so he hopes his timing wasn’t off.

Alex enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Sarah. Alex talks about how he was trying to forget last night but it didn’t work. Sarah tells him to sit because misery loves company.

Gwen asks Xander if his dream was reliving Sarah dumping him. Xander explains that he dreamt that Sarah showed up and said she made a terrible mistake and tore up the divorce papers. Xander assures that it was a dream as Sarah made it crystal clear last night that they are done and Gwen wouldn’t be here otherwise. Gwen asks why she is here then, if he’s over Sarah. Gwen asks why he slept with her and if it was a drunken mistake.

Allie tells Wendy that Chanel went to stay with her mother for awhile. Wendy knew they were fighting after she left yesterday but she didn’t know it was that bad. Allie assures that it was. Wendy asks if they are just on a break. Allie admits she doesn’t know since Chanel left pretty abruptly and they didn’t negotiate terms. Allie says she just wants Chanel to own up to what happened with Johnny so that it doesn’t happen again. Wendy responds that she wouldn’t mind that herself. Allie asks if Johnny found her after she ran out yesterday and says she’s sorry she had to find out like that. Wendy says it’s not her fault since she didn’t know she was there. Allie asks if she really screwed things up between Wendy and Johnny.

Steve complains to Tripp about having to text Roman about Kayla’s funeral arrangements. Tripp offers to do things like that if he needs him to. Tripp then gets a call. Tripp says they can talk about it when he gets there and hangs up. Steve asks what that was about. Tripp claims it was nothing but Steve asks if he’s going to see Ava at Bayview. Tripp admits that he is. Steve asks if they said how she’s doing. Tripp says that there’s no change. Tripp adds that Ava is the last thing Steve needs to worry about after everything she did to Kayla. Steve states that Tripp is his son and his mom matters to him, so she matters to him as well. Steve tells Tripp that the new rule is no more secrets in this house.

Chad and Stephanie kiss in bed. Stephanie hopes that takes away any doubts he has about his timing or regrets. Stephanie understands why he asked though since she has on the rebound, technically. Stephanie says Alex may not have meant to do what he did, but she knew he was arrogant, entitled, and self-absorbed from the start. Stephanie tells Chad that they can take things slowly if they decide that’s what is best for them. Stephanie adds that Chad can put Alex out of his mind because she has.

Alex tells Sarah about how he got flowers and wrote a letter for Stephanie, but by the time he got there, Chad had already slithered his way in and it was quite obvious that Stephanie had moved on. Alex adds that he left his flowers and letter at the door and guesses that they are in the trash now. Sarah states that Alex really messed up and Stephanie has every right to hate his guts. Alex says that all the liquor in Salem is not going to help him forget that. Alex adds that the difference with Sarah and Xander is that they’ve always found a way to get past it. Sarah says not this time and shows him the divorce papers. Sarah declares that once they are filed, she and Xander are over for good.

Xander tells Gwen that last night probably was a mistake on her part because she slept with a drunken, messed up loser, while he slept with someone who gave up her job, home, and father for him. Xander adds that Gwen stood by him when no one else did and kept him company during one of the worst nights of his life. Xander declares that Gwen has given him so much, but he’s not sure what he can offer in return. Xander admits that he’s not over Sarah and doesn’t know if he ever will be. Gwen tells him not to worry as she didn’t expect anything to come out of this. Xander brings up Gwen telling him that she loved him. Gwen says that’s her problem. Xander brings up Jack making her choose. Gwen says she doesn’t like ultimatums. Xander talks about what Gwen gave up for him. Gwen points out that he didn’t ask her to or even know about it, as it was her choice and decision, so she doesn’t expect a thing from him in return. Gwen adds that if Xander wants to pretend like last night didn’t happen, that’s fine by her.

Chanel remarks that she should’ve known Paulina would be like this. Paulina argues that Chanel knows she doesn’t need sympathy and hugs but a place to figure out what just happened. Chanel talks about never seeing Allie like this. Paulina calls it grief and until you go through it, you have no idea how strong it is. Paulina says Allie treated her unfair and she loves her so much that it hurts but she’s the one who has to get over it. Chanel talks about Allie not knowing if her mother will be at the funeral, her father is in prison, while she can’t even be in the same room as Johnny. Chanel cries that Allie has no one, but Paulina encourages that Allie has her and hugs her.

Wendy doesn’t think Allie needs to be worried about her and Johnny. Wendy adds that Johnny told her that what happened at the hospital with Chanel was just a weird moment as she is the one he is interested in. Wendy talks about what Allie and Johnny are going through. Allie argues that going after Chanel is not out of character for Johnny. Allie warns Wendy that Johnny has always had trouble with boundaries and impulse control with women. Allie notes that Johnny was so upset that Chanel chose her and he wasted no time bouncing back with Tripp’s mother. Wendy brings up how Johnny acknowledged that was a mistake. Allie points out that as soon as he realized that, he went back to going after Chanel. Allie warns Wendy that she’s not telling her to find somebody else, but that she should at least see who else is out there.

Steve tells Tripp that he hopes visiting Ava goes better than the last time as they hug. Tripp then exits the house. Stephanie comes out from her room, followed by Chad as they greet Steve. Chad decides to leave them to it and tells Stephanie he will call her. Steve instead invites Chad to stay for breakfast. Afterwards, Chad tells Stephanie to call if there’s anything he can do. Chad thanks Steve for the eggs. Chad tells Stephanie that he’ll see her soon and to call him if she wants to talk. Chad tells Steve that he’s sorry about Kayla as everybody loved her. Steve thanks him as Chad then exits. Stephanie apologizes to Steve. Steve says it is her house too. Stephanie doesn’t think he needed a surprise this morning and that wasn’t planned. Steve jokes that he remembers how those things can happen spontaneously. Steve then points out the flowers and card for her from Alex.

Alex asks Sarah if she has a cure for a hangover. Sarah jokes that it’s not getting drunk in the first place. Sarah suggests some fresh air and offers to walk him out. Alex tells her that he’s really sorry about her and Xander. Sarah says that makes one of them as she walks out of the mansion.

Xander tells Gwen that he doesn’t want to pretend last night didn’t happen. Gwen says even if he doesn’t love her. Xander says he cares about her and he knows what she gave up to protect him, so he offers her a place to stay. Gwen tells him it’s alright as Leo offered to share a room with her at the Salem Inn, so she will be out of his way soon. Xander tells her that she’s not in his way and suggests she stay. Xander offers to take her out for breakfast but then remembers he spent the last of his money on scotch. Xander says he’ll get her next time. Xander tells her not to go anywhere, so they can talk because they need to figure this out. Xander then goes to the bathroom to get dressed. Gwen mutters that somehow, she doesn’t think there’s going to be a next time…

Chanel goes to Allie’s apartment.

Wendy finds Tripp sitting alone in the park. She asks if he’s okay and if it’s about his mother. Tripp confirms that he just came from seeing her and she wasn’t as manic this time, but somehow she was worse and just catatonic like he wasn’t even there, like there was nothing inside. Wendy then hugs Tripp.

Chanel and Allie awkwardly greet each other. Allie asks what she’s doing here. Chanel responds that she lives here, but she knows what she meant. Chanel tells Allie that she’s sorry and she knows she hurt her and she misses her. Allie admits she misses her too. Chanel asks if she’s okay. Allie admits that she’s hungover as she and Alex went out drinking last night. Chanel says that makes sense considering everything she’s going through. Allie says Chanel is here because she hurt her, but Allie thought Chanel left because she hurt her. Chanel responds that she’s been thinking and admits she was hurt but that kept her from seeing how much she had hurt Allie. Chanel adds that she kept making things worse by telling Allie that she was overreacting and it’s not her place to tell her how to feel. Allie asks if she really means that. Allie says she’s sorry too and they hug. Chanel says they screwed up and it happens. Allie says that when she saw Chanel and Johnny together, she just got crazy. Chanel then questions if that’s what she calls it, as she spots Alex’s underwear on the couch and asks if they belong to Alex.

Alex walks past the Brady Pub and runs in to Chad. Alex notes that they haven’t had a chance to talk since what happened. Chad calls it unfortunate. Alex says it is unfortunate for him, but not for Chad.

Steve asks Stephanie if she wants some privacy. Stephanie says there’s no need as she then trashes Alex’s letter and the flowers.

Xander and Gwen walked through the town square. Xander says he’s found just enough money to get them breakfast from the Bakery. Xander goes to the bakery while Gwen questions how desperate she is. Gwen then turns around and runs into Sarah.

Wendy tells Tripp that no one should have to go through what he’s going through. Tripp feels that way about Ava. Wendy brings up Kayla’s funeral being soon. Wendy notes that she would like to say goodbye before he goes back to Seattle. Tripp reveals he’s not going back right away as he doesn’t think he can leave with everything going on with Ava. Wendy says the reason sucks, but it will be nice to have him around.

Stephanie gathers her things and goes to leave the house but stops and retrieves Alex’s letter from the trash and opens it to read it.

Chad asks Alex if he has a problem with him. Alex responds that he’s just more up to speed than he thinks, as he saw him last night with Stephanie. Alex reveals that he came to drop something off. Chad remembers the door being left open. Alex guesses that slipped his mind in the heat of the moment and now he’s wearing the same clothes as last night, so he guesses Chad spent the night. Chad confirms that he did. Alex guesses there’s nothing left to say then, except that Chad is a lucky man. Alex then walks away.

Allie confirms to Chanel that the underwear is Alex’s. Chanel questions if he’s still there. Allie says no while Chanel questions him leaving those behind. Allie explains that they got really drunk last night and he just crashed there in the office. Chanel questions where she slept. Allie assures that she slept in her bed. Chanel asks how she ended up with his underwear then. Allie insists that nothing happened. Chanel questions just taking her word for it and if she’s supposed to trust her like she did with her and Johnny. Chanel declares that she’s going back to her mother’s as she never should’ve left and storms out of the apartment.

Gwen tells Sarah that she heard about her divorce and she’s sorry. Sarah says she’s not and that she’s trying her hardest not to do a happy dance while waiting to worm her way back in to Xander’s bed. Gwen responds that she didn’t have to worm her way because Xander invited her which Sarah questions. Gwen informs Sarah that she just came from there. Sarah asks if Gwen and Xander slept together last night and says she doesn’t believe it. Xander comes back from the bakery and tells Sarah to believe it, except there wasn’t much sleeping going on.

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