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Boy that, uh, that slideshow I made for my grandparents kinda got to me. I can imagine. It was really something. Yeah, just, I don’t know, seeing all those picture. How long they were together, all the stuff they got through. It’s like the days of their lives were written by Emily Bronte, directed by Hitchcock.

Well, I wouldn’t have put it that way, but I think I know what you mean. Yeah, they were, they were together a long time before I was even born, but ever since I can remember they were. Solid. You know, even after everything they went through and they went through a lot, like I said, good and bad. There was never any doubt between either of them that they were with the person that they were meant to be with.

I used to, uh, think about. When I was watching movies, uh, Ingrid Bergman and Bogart standing in the fog at that tiny airport, Gregory Peck on the back of Audrey Hepburn’s, Vespa, even Carrie Grant shoving Katherine Hepburn back into that niche and there was, there’s this connect. That was always there no matter what was, uh, going on around him.

Now I know why you love those movies so much.

You know, I, I always thought that, um, Know that I’d, that I’d find someone that, uh, the first time I fell in love would be the last,

and now it’s the, it’s the end, honey.

Dear Lauren, I know we’re asking for a miracle,

and if it’s your wealth, please save her. I know it might be time for her to be with you in heaven, but we need her here. You my prayer.

I was just gonna drink you,

Dr. Horton. Why? Why was Dr. Evans moved? Why? I’m standing right next to her bed and it’s empty.

Have had a lifetime. Wonderful memories have.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

What the hell is going on here?

So I, I just talked to the nurses and they said we could visit Marlene up, but only two at a phone. Okay. Um, you two go. Okay, we, we’ll come back and get you. Thank.

So how you doing?

Not great. I’m sorry.

I asked you a question, what the hell is going on here, Johnny? He was just really upset about your grandmother, and is she? No. No, she’s, she’s not dead. She’s just, uh, she’s up on the roof. Grandpa John.

Hold on. I’m gonna get some help.

Do you want me to pray with. No thanks. We were praying when you came in, or at least um, aunt Bellon, uncle Eric, where I can’t , I can’t really pray. Hmm. I mean, I think God knows how you feel between law firm.

You know, I, I’ve been thinking about, um, when we. When you and I like first

I was scared of how I felt about you. I didn’t know how you felt about me, didn’t know how I felt about me.

How weird is it that the only person I could talk to honestly about that was my grandmother? And she told me to fight for you.

Thank God she did. Although it wasn’t much of a fight. It’s not like I was playing hard to get,

sorry. It’s work. You should answer it. No, no, no, I’m not with. Your grandma wouldn’t want you to put your entire life on home.

This is Well, you’re kidding.

Hey. Hey. Did you get to see your mom? Yeah, I. How did it go? It was a nightmare. So Johnny found all these pictures of your grandparents and he put ’em together in a slideshow and then we set it up on the roof. I think to avoid roofs. What just sounds really sweet? That’s what grandma wanted. She didn’t want, uh, she didn’t want to die in a hospital, but.

No, no, no, no. It’s all right. It’s all right. I need to know who authorized the move and why I wasn’t consulted. Stat. Your mother’s been moved and I don’t know why. Oh my God. Please just try not to worry. If there was a change in her condition, I would’ve been told I’m the treating physician. Oh, God, snake.

Could this. You don’t know where she is, John, her, stop, get some help right now. Please help her. Right. Help.

Right. Yeah. No, I, I understand. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll talk to you later. That sounded like good news. Um, the projects I’ve been working on got the green light. Oh my God. That, that’s wonderful.

It’s not, it’s not wonderful. Well, they want me on set. Yeah, the, that’s in New Zealand and they want me to go now.

I I, I’m gonna call my agent and tell him, tell him I can’t. Okay. Look, I know it’s, I know the timing sucks, but I mean, like I just said, your grandma wouldn’t want you to pass this off. Listen, I, I, I’m gonna stay here and Salem until I figure out what’s going on with her. Huh? Okay. Just, I understand. Call your agent, you know, tell him about your grandma, but just don’t say you’re not going.

This isn’t just about my, my grandma. I, I can’t leave because of us.

Okay. Drink this and tell me what happened. Thank you.

Oh, what? It’s Chris Tea. It’s supposed to be calming. My mother used to give it to me when I was upset. You look pretty upset right now.

So the visit, what happened? Well, uh, when I said that it was a nightmare, I wasn’t just talking about myself. Uh, my mom is hallucinating normal time. I’m. It must have been rough. She didn’t recognize me. She thought I was my dead brother. Charlie,

I, uh, gave Rafe a statement, so if he can arrest Kristen for what she did to grandma, I know. Do you want a medal or something? Not no, I I only told you cause I thought she didn’t know. Well, I did. Sorry if I didn’t praise you enough for standing up to the Damaris. Very brave of you, Ellie. Johnny is upset about your grandmother just like you are.

I really don’t need you to explain my brother to me. Also, this is not about my grandmother. This is about what I just walked in on. It’s not supposed to mean that it’s a little hard to believe that your grief stricken when I just saw you coming onto my girl.

You took her to the roof. She didn’t wanna be in this room anymore. Kids, she just wanted to be home and I couldn’t take away from the hospital. So we went up on the roof just to be under the stars. Oh. I’m thinking it’s maybe it was a little bit too much. No, no. You did the right thing. I had to do something.

She wanted to go home. She wanted to be in her own bed.


Can’t. I can’t, I can’t.

To be with.

Do you want me to tell the rest of the family?

I’m so sorry.

Your mom thought you were your dead. Half Brother Charlie, we didn’t grow up together. I, I didn’t even meet him until recently. He did some very, very bad things.

Yeah, I have a brother like that. No, no. Lee hasn’t done anything close to what Charlie did. No. Charlie was a, uh, he was a lost soul. I think. I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe I’m just. It makes sense out of it all, but I think that he had so much pain on the inside that he just had to inflict that on. Others. What did he do?

I didn’t know where to start. Uh, he hurt a lot of people. Worst of all though, is what he did to Allie.

All, we’re all really upset, okay? We’re not thinking straight. I know what I saw, what you saw, what you saw was me about to fall apart and Chanel trying to comfort me. Craig, I don’t need your twist on how things happened because according to you, you never do anything wrong. But what about you? You’re gonna lie to me instead of telling me the truth.


Grandma is.


Maybe you can talk some sense because none of this makes any sense to me.

You know, I don’t, I dunno if you realize, but like you alive, people have talked to me about things that are happening in their lives

and listen.

You were the one person that I could count on to listen to me.

No, you always know my faith is strong.

Then when life was hard, my faith sustained me

till now.

See, I asked God spare her life.

Stop listening.

I never needed someone to talk to more right than right now.

Okay, I think I’m gonna need you to explain this. Okay. Let’s just say that I, I, that my grandmother gets better, and, and then I, I go, we we’re gonna be apart for. At least six months, son. It’s a 16 hour flight one way. We’re never gonna have time to to, to go and see each other. I know. But this, this movie, you’ve put so much time and effort into it.

I know. And more than that, if you give this up, I, I might not get another chance that you’re You’re right. You’re right. And I, I know, even though we got past that fight we had on Christmas, I feel like it, it, it never would’ve happened. Or may, maybe it would’ve happened, but it wouldn’t have been so vicious and so sad.

I know we’ve been, we’ve had our ups and downs, but that, that felt different. I mean, that, that didn’t feel like us and that’s, that scared me. Well, I think what scared you was that I had befriend Leo Stark again, which of course you were right and I was wrong. Okay. I thought I should give him another chance.

I thought he could change and he did into an assistant kidnapper.

Look. Well, you said that you were scared because it didn’t feel like us anymore. Okay. But this, this movie is a dream come true. And if you let me hold you. Then you won’t be you anymore,

and then we could never be us.

Thing is that Charlie had this kind of gift and he could get outta people’s skin, make them,

I can’t really put it in towards. All I know is that he made my mom feel like all the things he did were her fault. That she loved me and didn’t love him, and that’s why he turned out like he did. And so as soon as she saw me, the, the guilt, he just made her think I was Charlie. That’s awful. What was really awful is that she started seeing Charlie after her first breakdown.

It was like this little devil on her shoulder, and I had hoped that when she started taking her meds, that the hallucinations would go away. But right when I walked in the door, she immediately started screaming, blaming me for all of the horrible things she had done. Thank you for Charlie. Right, right.

I, I tried to get through to her. I tried, I tried to make her see that it was me, but I couldn’t, and I had to and watch them, restrain her, sedate her, and then I had to watch them drag her away after she begged me to.

She didn’t know it was you. Trip, whatever part of her did.

My mom said that she hates me and, and maybe she hates me because I left her. In that place, uh, with Charlie alone in a nightmare that she may never wake up from.

So sorry. . God. Oh.

Are you okay? No.

I love you too.

So does everybody,

and not, not just love mommy. They respect you and admire you.

I’ve been so proud to be your daughter.

I, I just keep thinking about when we were in that coma and I had to fight everyone to honor your wishes, you know, to not keep you hooked up, to have been leader.

And then you let me off the hook. At least we thought you did. You woke up, but it wasn’t really you. It was Hattie and

God, I wish that this was handy right now. I just wish someone was gonna walk through that door and tell me. It’s not Dr. Marlene Evans, my mom,

do you remember when I was little on, we used to play hide and go seek . God, you were the best of that.

I would close my eyes and count to 10 and say, ready or not, here I come and, and then I couldn’t find you.

And then, so eventually I would just give up and, and I would just feel really. Scared that you were really gone. I was never gonna find you.

And then you’d come out and God, I would say, where were you hiding? And you would never tell. You said it was your super secret hiding. Please

God, why am I thinking about all this? I mean, I’m a grown woman and I just.

I just feel like that scary little girl.

I’m afraid I’m never gonna find you,

God, which is just a game I wish. But I could just close my eyes and count to 10 and just pray that this time I’m gonna find you.

You can’t lose her. I have to find her.


Just thank you. I know how lucky I hate them.

Okay, I’m gonna let you say goodbye. I’ll be right outside though. If you need me, I’ll need you. We’re all gonna need each other right now.


Johnny, how’s your grandmother? She, uh, she just died. My god. So sorry. I’m sorry too. No, you just, You save. You’re sorrys Paolo. Okay. I just lost my grandma. The one I had left like Trip lost his stepmother. I know what you’re going through. Okay. Orpheus, that bastard killed Kayla too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Orpheus killed my grandmother.

He killed Kayla. He killed Cape, but sure, lunatic mother killed my other grandma, Susan. I can’t defend what she did, but she’s mentally ill . That’s convenient, isn’t it? You know, she made me believe she was a good person. She was just playing the victim card to get what she wanted, and now that it’s time for her to pay for what she’s done, all of a suddenly, she’s normal bass.

Watch it. Watch it. Your mother is a homicidal lunatic bitch, Johnny. He started it.

How’s Grandpa John Kate’s with her right now saying goodbye now. I’ve never seen anybody love anyone as much as you loved her. I know. Um, do you want me to call your mom? Yeah. Could you? Yeah, I just, I know she, she’s gonna try and be strong for me. I don’t want that for her right now. Okay. Okay. For your love.

You should go. No, Allie, I really need to go find Will, so I’ll just see you later.

Hi. Hi. I, I don’t think I can talk about this right.

Not until we know how your grandma stole Sonny. Just being away from you for that long. Also, it like it. I, Hey, you said you couldn’t talk about this right now. So let’s wait. This isn’t the.

I just left a message for Sammy to call.

Why don’t we go to the chapel and say one more prayer,


Oh, hello, Dr. Evans. My name is John Black

Doc. This is wrong on so many levels. You’re those strong one. You’re the one that could go on me, not so sure about.

You remember when we first met? Yeah, I know that was a lifetime ago. I actually, I literally didn’t even know who I was. Yeah, I thought, you know, I was some good at this, this, this tough guy. You know, I thought I was, oh hell, I don’t know. I don’t know what I thought. But you,

you knew when you saw right through me, you,

you saw the man. Not only the man that I was, but the man that I could be. Again,

doc, when I first kissed you, it changed everything cuz that was the first time that I knew who I was. See, I, I was the guy that I’d fallen in love with, Dr. Evan.

I trusted you and depended on you,

and I always love you, Dr. Evans.

From that first.

Did you everything. It went in this way for us,


we. Together.

Did you ever dream love? What day?

I wish that dream could last forever.

Comes once in time.

You’re the one I wanna live for, for, you’re the one I need to find. And the truth is, I will only build this way

once in a.

Comes once in.

You’re the one I want for you for. You’re the one I need to find, and the truth is, I only feel this way

once in a lifetime.

I will turn back time for

I will never be. So fine as the

here comes one in a lifetime.

The other one who makes it better.

The truth is, I will only feel this way.

Lifetime. There’s no place on earth. I would rather be right here with you.

I’m stories over duck. No way. This is. This isn’t Goodbye, baby, because I know in my heart one day.

I love you.

You all right? I’m fine. I know Johnny was upset, but he had no right to say those things about your mother. Thank you. Thanks for being there for me. That’s what friends are for.

Hey, you. Uh, you mind if I join you? Sure.

You know, mom really loved you like a son. We were just talking about how she was on her side from the very beginning.

I think maybe we should say a prayer. It would. Where’s on cleric?

Hit me again.

I can.

I know you gotta be up there, doc, you’ve been looking out for all of us.


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