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EJ sits at the chess table in the living room of the DiMera Mansion when Stefan and Chloe enter. Stefan notes that EJ didn’t come for dinner so he thought he was out. EJ explains that he was dealing with some unwanted guests in Rafe and Jada. Stefan mentions that they were there before, looking for Kristen. Chloe notes the good news that they have an arrest warrant. EJ points out that they can’t find her and were hoping he could help out, but he couldn’t. EJ adds that while they were there, Rafe got a call from Brady so the police should be closing in on Kristen as they speak.

Rafe finishes reading Kristen her rights as he and Jada arrest her. Kristen calls it ridiculous because she didn’t murder anyone. Rafe points out that she did withhold a life saving treatment from two women who are now dead while Marlena is hanging by a thread. Kristen claims not to know anything about the treatment but Brady tells her to give up the act because they know the truth. Kristen questions what he’s talking about. Rafe reveals they have a recording of her confession. Kristen accuses him of bluffing and says this isn’t going to work. Rafe says they can talk about that at the police station. Kristen continues to complain as they escort her out while Brady states that Kristen is getting what she deserves.

Johnny goes to the hospital while on the phone with Steve. Johnny hopes that Rafe is closing in on Kristen as they speak. Johnny tells Steve not to thank him as it kills him that none of this will bring Kayla back. Johnny says he will call him if he finds out anymore. Johnny then hangs up as Chanel approaches and asks about Marlena. Johnny says he was about to check on her and asks if she came to see Allie. Chanel figured Allie could use the moral support and guesses it’s really bad which Johnny confirms.

John tells Marlena that he can’t take her home in her condition. Marlena cries that she doesn’t want to die here. John encourages her not to talk like that. Marlena says they both know they’ve done everything they can and nothing is working, so she just wants to be in her own bed. John assures that the doctors are buying her time until Steve and the ISA can find the damn orchid. Marlena feels there is no time now and they both know that. Marlena pleads with John to get her out of the hospital.

Chloe tells EJ about how she had Kristen cornered with the fireplace poker, so if Stefan hadn’t have stopped her, she could have had Kristen knocked out before Rafe even got there. EJ asks if she’s serious. Chloe assures that she is because there are two dead women and Marlena could be next. Stefan explains that Kristen refused to admit to that she made a deal with Brady the first time the women got sick which EJ questions. Chloe explains that Kristen forced Brady to break up with her or else she was going to let Marlena, Kate, and Kayla die, but now they got sick again and she claims to have no idea where the Orchid is. EJ wondered how she managed to reconcile with Brady. Chloe calls Kristen a monster who is using her own child as a weapon against Brady. Chloe complains that all Kristen does is cause misery and doesn’t take any responsibility for any of it. Stefan gets a text and says that’s about to change as he announces the breaking news that Kristen DiMera has been taken in to police custody.

Chanel asks Johnny if Rafe is going to arrest Kristen. Johnny confirms that as soon as he can track her down, he will. Chanel asks about Rafe wanting to Johnny to testify against her. Johnny says it’s to verify the conversation they had when she confessed to everything. Chanel calls that slick of Steve to bug the place but feels it puts Johnny in a tough position. Johnny argues that Kristen needs to be stopped since her withholding the cure is what led to Kate and Kayla’s death. Johnny admits he’s scared to death that Marlena might be next.

Marlena reminds John that he’s been through this before with Isabella. John states that she had enough time for him to take her back to Venice. Marlena says she’s not asking for Venice, just across town. John points out that there was nothing he could do for Isabella. Marlena feels her odds aren’t much better so she continues to beg John. John asks if she will settle for a compromise. Marlena asks what he’s thinking. John tells her that he will be right back and exits the room.

Chanel tells Johnny that she should go find Allie. Johnny says last he knew, she was in the chapel. Chanel then gets a text from Allie, saying she left the hospital as she didn’t want the babysitter putting Henry to sleep. Chanel guesses she will head back then but John comes out of Marlena’s room so Johnny asks about her. John tells him that if he has a minute, he could really use his help.

Brady finishes a call with Belle about keeping each other up to date on Kristen and Marlena. Brady tells her to let him know if anything changes at all as he then hangs up. Rachel comes out of her room and asks where Kristen is. Brady tells her that they have to talk. Rachel asks if she’s in trouble. Brady says no, but Kristen is in a bit of trouble. Brady points out that Kristen was going to take her on a trip and didn’t even ask him. Brady informs Rachel that her mom has done some seriously bad things which is why she had to move out. Brady adds that it now seems Kristen may have to go back to prison for a little while. Brady hugs Rachel and tells her it’s not her fault.

Rafe and Jada bring Kristen in to the interrogation room where they play the recording of Kristen’s confession. Kristen questions where they got that. Rafe says he got it and that’s all she needs to know. Kristen tries to claim it’s not her on the tape and it’s someone who sounds like her, so it won’t hold up as evidence. Rafe says it’s a nice try as they play the recording again. Jada adds that Johnny agreed to testify that the conversation took place between them. Kristen then demands to talk to her lawyer.

Chloe tries to look up Kristen’s mug shot. Stefan questions what possessed EJ to let Kristen move back in. EJ responds that she is family. EJ invites Stefan to a game of chess. Stefan points out that he doesn’t want to neglect his guest but Chloe says she’s actually ready to go home as it’s been quite a day and she’s pretty tired. Chloe tells them to enjoy their game. Chloe adds that she’s going to sleep so much better tonight as she exits the DiMera Mansion. EJ comments on Chloe and Kristen not getting along. Stefan reminds EJ that he used to be a chess champion. EJ then gets a call from Kristen. EJ says he heard she managed to get in to trouble. Kristen responds that she needs him to get her out of it by coming to the police station as her lawyer. EJ says he’s in the middle of something. Kristen warns him not to jerk her around and orders EJ to get to the station or else her next call will be to Stefan and she’s sure he’d love to hear how his own brother sold him out for control of DiMera Enterprises.

John returns to Marlena’s hospital room. She asks where he went. John says he just had to make a few arrangements and he luckily ran in to a guy who will set everything up so he can stay here. Marlena asks about his compromise. John tells her to let him surprise her. Marlena asks for a hint, so John tells her that she’s about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Johnny and Chanel decorate on the rooftop of the hospital and set up with a Bluetooth projector while they talk about how Chanel talked a coffee shop in to letting them use their window. Johnny thanks her for helping. Chanel says it takes her mind off her own problems. Johnny thought she wasn’t having charges pressed against her. Chanel notes that hasn’t stopped Sloan Peterson from suing her and Paulina in civil court. Johnny tells her that he’s so sorry and he wishes he knew that. Chanel says it’s okay as there is nothing he can do. Johnny still wants to know what’s going on in her life. Johnny says just because they aren’t married anymore, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still care about you. Chanel asks him if Wendy is okay with them being friends. Johnny asks why she would ask about Wendy. Chanel asks if he and Wendy are a thing now.

Rachel tells Brady that she doesn’t want Kristen to go back to prison. Brady says he’s sorry but they can visit her. Rachel complains that it won’t be the same as they won’t be able to go places together and she won’t be able to read to her at night. Rachel argues that they were supposed to get married but Brady wouldn’t and now Kristen is gone. Brady tries to encourage that they will get through it like they did before but Rachel shouts that she doesn’t want him, she wants her mom. Brady calls out to her but Rachel tells him to leave her alone and runs back to her room. Chloe then shows up at the door.

Rafe brings food for he and Jada at the police station and tells her it’s for a job well done. Jada points out that it was Steve who got Kristen on tape. Rafe notes that Jada was the one who suggested Johnny verifying the conversation. They wonder about court. Rafe hopes that Melinda will understand Steve didn’t get a warrant because he was so worried about his wife. Jada mentions hearing that the DiMeras are experts at eluding justice. Rafe admits that’s right and bets Kristen is talking to EJ now about how to do exactly that.

Kristen asks how soon EJ can get there. EJ responds that he’d love to help her but the CEO of DiMera Enterprises can’t get involved in a murder investigation as it’s not a good look for the company. Kristen tells him not to play this crap with her. Kristen warns EJ to get her out tonight or she will blow him out of the water. EJ declares that his decision is final. Kristen responds that she will be giving Stefan a call then. EJ says there is no need to as Stefan is right here with him. EJ then puts Kristen on speaker phone and informs Stefan that Kristen has something she would like to tell him.

Johnny and Chanel continue decorating and setting up. Chanel points out that Johnny didn’t answer her question about him and Wendy. Johnny responds that there’s not much to tell as they technically aren’t even dating. Chanel guesses she got the wrong idea because they are always together. Johnny explains that they wanted people to think they were a couple as a cover while they were investigating Li Shin. Chanel asks what they thought Li was doing. Johnny informs her that Li was engaged to Gabi and they thought he might be doing something shady to keep Gabi from getting back with Stefan. Chanel recalls it all coming out at the wedding about the brainwashing. Chanel remarks that Li sure sounds like a creep which Johnny agrees with. Chanel asks where that leaves Johnny and Wendy now. Johnny guesses they decided they didn’t want to stop seeing each other and admits he really likes her. Chanel says that’s great and she’s happy for him. Johnny notes that they probably would’ve gone on their first date if Marlena hadn’t gotten sick. Chanel stands on a chair to hang some lights but ends up falling in to Johnny’s arms. They end up face to face and get close as Johnny asks if she’s okay.

Jada calls Steve and tells him that Kristen is in custody and it’s all thanks to him. Jada says they will make sure Kristen pays for what she did. Jada tells Steve to try to get some rest and hangs up. Rafe asks if Jada is okay. Jada says Steve sounds like a light went out inside of him. Rafe notes that Steve and Kayla fell in love when they were really young, so he doesn’t know if Steve will ever recover from losing her. Jada complains that it didn’t have to happen and questions how one woman could cause so much pain and suffering for so many people. Jada asks how Kristen lives with herself.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s happy to see her and asks what brings her by. Chloe mentions hearing that Kristen was arrested, so she couldn’t stop thinking about him and Rachel. Chloe asks how he’s doing. Brady responds that it’s been a day as he came home to find Kristen preparing to take Rachel away with her. Chloe is thankful that he stopped her. Brady admits it was really close. Chloe asks if Kristen knew she was being arrested and that’s why she was running. Brady explains that Kristen realized she didn’t have any more leverage over him and that he’d probably take Rachel from her, but she was very surprised to see Jada and Rafe show up. Chloe asks if Rachel was there when they took her away. Brady confirms she was in her room. Brady questions how to tell his little girl that her mother has done such terrible things that she may be in prison for the rest of her life. Chloe is sure Brady handled it well, but Brady says not well enough. Brady can’t believe this is happening to his little girl.

Kristen tells EJ that this is ridiculous and orders him to take her off speaker phone. EJ argues that she was so eager to tell Stefan everything, so this is her chance. Stefan questions what she’s telling him. Kristen doesn’t know what EJ is doing. EJ says he’s grown tired of Kristen’s games and she wanted Stefan to know the truth. Stefan tells them to stop screwing around and tell him what the hell is going on. Kristen responds that it’s nothing and that EJ is just acting like a child. EJ decides he will do it himself then. EJ then reveals to Stefan that what Kristen wanted to tell him is that he knew that Li had Dr. Rolf brainwash Stefan, and out of self-interest, he decided to keep that to himself. Kristen calls EJ an idiot. EJ tells Kristen that he won’t be her attorney and hangs up on her. Stefan questions EJ knowing that Li had him brainwashed. EJ clarifies that he knew after the fact while Kristen was in on it from the very beginning. EJ admits he did know for months. Stefan asks how he found out. EJ says after they pulled off their coup at the board meeting. Li pulled him aside and told him everything. EJ states that he was appalled, but then Li pointed out that if he set him straight, he might remember his love for Gabi and side against him. Stefan questions this being a business deal. EJ confirms it was for him while it was personal for Li. Stefan asks what Kristen got out of it. EJ tells him that he kept Chloe occupied and unavailable to Brady. Stefan questions EJ knowing what Li did and still making him his number two at DiMera. Stefan brings up EJ saying that Wei Shin questioned his mental capacity. EJ admits that was a lie as he had just assumed control of the company and he didn’t want that taken away from him. Stefan can’t believe it. EJ adds that Li and Kristen have been holding what he did over his head this entire time, but it’s over now and he’s glad, even if it means dealing with the consequences of his actions.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s okay as they remain in each others’ arms until John wheels Marlena out and asks if everything is ready to go. Chanel and Johnny turn on their display which Marlena calls lovely. John says they did such an amazing job in a short time that he won’t forget it. Johnny gives John the remote to the projector and says it’s all ready to go. Chanel gives Marlena strawberries from the diner. Johnny kisses Marlena on the cheek and says anything for her as he loves her. Johnny hugs John and then leaves with Chanel. John tells Marlena that he knows it’s not the same as taking her home, but he thought if something happened, he could get her downstairs in a hurry. John and Marlena then kiss.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s so sorry he has to deal with all of this while Marlena is sick. Brady calls it a perfect storm and tells her about how they almost lost Marlena but the doctors brought her back. Chloe asks how she is now. Brady doesn’t know how much longer she can hang on as they need a cure. Chloe asks if he’s sure Kristen isn’t lying about the orchid being stolen. Brady says all he knows is that the orchid was not where she said it was. Brady feels powerless to do anything and feels a lot of guilt because he was supposed to save Marlena’s life by playing Kristen’s game. Brady feels he should’ve done something more but he didn’t. Chloe encourages that it’s not his fault. Brady points out that he hurt Chloe, allowed Kristen to control his daughter and forced them to live with her. Brady worries that if John loses Marlena, he won’t be able to go on and he doesn’t know how to live with himself if that happens. Chloe hugs Brady until Rachel storms back in and tells Chloe to get away from her dad.

John and Marlena sit together on the rooftop with the strawberries. Marlena asks about the remote. John explains that he had Johnny download some family pictures to his cloud so they could reminisce a little. Marlena calls that perfect as they view the photos on the projector, showing photos throughout Marlena’s life. Marlena asks how it went so fast while John wishes they could live it all over again. John holds Marlena as she cries.

Johnny and Chanel return down to the hospital. Johnny thanks her again for getting things set up on the roof and says he wouldn’t have been able to get done in time without her. Chanel says what John did was so sweet and that she sees where Johnny gets his romantic streak. Johnny says John and Marlena’s whole life has been one big long epic romance. Johnny says their breakups never lasted because they always figured out they couldn’t live without each other, but now they might have to. Chanel encourages that Marlena seemed to be hanging in there. Johnny feels that was for John’s benefit while he thought she looked so frail. Johnny says that he could see in her eyes that Marlena knows what’s coming. Johnny talks about always being able to go to Marlena when his parents drove him crazy, so he’s not ready to lose her.

Brady tells Rachel not to talk to Chloe like that as she’s done nothing wrong. Rachel responds that Kristen said she had to move out because of Chloe. Brady informs her that Kristen says a lot of things that are not true. Rachel accuses Chloe of telling on Kristen and that’s why the police came. Brady says the police came because Kristen broke the law. Chloe states that she would never do anything to hurt her. Rachel argues that Chloe ruined everything and shouts that she hates her. Brady tells Rachel to go to her room for a timeout. Rachel says he seems mad. Brady says they are going to get some things straight as Rachel heads back to her room.

Rafe and Jada return to Kristen in the interrogation room. Rafe asks if Kristen hired an attorney. Kristen says she hit a bit of a snag. Jada suggests a public defender but Kristen refuses. Rafe suggests she rethink that because he’s going to want a statement from her before he books her and takes her down to the holding cells. Jada adds that she might want to tell them what Li did to Stefan as well. Kristen asks if they are offering to cut her a deal if she rolls on Li. Rafe confirms it’s possible. Kristen wants murder charges off the table and total immunity. Rafe tells her to tell them what she knows about Li and then they will talk.

Stefan recalls when EJ first came to him and pitched the idea of them joining forces to hold on to the company. Stefan thought he finally had an ally in this pit of vipers and a sibling he could connect with. Stefan thought they made a great team but now he tells him that as soon as he got what he wanted, he stabbed him in the back. Stefan says that makes him king of the vipers. EJ explains that when they joined forces, he did not intend for that, but then Gabi made a run at controlling the company and he could not allow that to happen. EJ knows it’s a poor excuse for what he did. Stefan agrees and says they both know this wasn’t just about the company, but about EJ holding on to total control. Stefan argues that EJ owed him and hated it. EJ admits that and says he’s sincerely sorry for what he did while he has every right to be furious. Stefan assures that he is furious and the only reason he hasn’t knocked his ass out is that it wasn’t EJ’s idea to rewire his brain. Stefan asks if it’s true that EJ found out after the fact which he confirms. Stefan says that in EJ’s mind, he was doing what’s best for the company. Stefan remarks that he’s sure their father Stefano would’ve approved. EJ asks if this means they could work this out. Stefan asks if he means can he forgive him. Stefan looks up at the portrait of Stefano and declares that they can do that under one condition. Stefan is willing to put what EJ did behind him and move on if they go back to their original deal of them being co-CEOs. EJ acknowledges that Li Shin has become a liability, so he will terminate him in the morning and then he and Stefan will run DiMera together. Stefan declares they have a deal then and they shake hands. EJ says he will contact the board in the morning and thanks Stefan for being so reasonable about this. Stefan warns that he still doesn’t trust EJ and doesn’t think EJ trusts him, but he’s sure Stefano would be proud of what they are doing. EJ agrees and then exits the room. Stefan stands up and pours a drink. Stefan remarks that he was being upfront when he told EJ that he was playing chess against a champion. Stefan declares that he’s going to get EJ and he won’t see it coming.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s sorry about Rachel. Chloe notes that Rachel has made it very clear that she wants her nowhere near him. Brady says that’s not her call. Chloe says Rachel’s feelings are her feelings and wonders if it’s the universe saying they shouldn’t be together.

Kristen states that she’s not writing anything down until she consults an attorney. Rafe says that’s her choice but warns her to do whatever she can to get a lighter sentence, because they already got her for two murders and unless Marlena gets a miracle, it’s going to be three.

Chanel gets Johnny a water and tells him that he can cry because this is really sad. Johnny tells her that having her to talk to has really helped. Johnny says he’s glad he ran in to her today. Chanel tells him that no matter what went on between them, she will always be his friend. Johnny thanks her and says he could use a friend right now as they hug.

John and Marlena’s slideshow of photos continues. John says they have had a lifetime of wonderful memories. John then calls out to Marlena as she passes out in his arms.

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