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Rafe and Jada exit the DiMera Mansion. Jada asks Rafe if he thinks Stefan is telling the truth that he doesn’t know where his own sister is. Rafe points out that Stefan’s own sister had him brainwashed to smooth out her own love life, so he guesses if Stefan knew where she was, he’d draw them a map and Chloe would drive them there. Jada guesses they go back to the beginning and wonders where the hell she is. Rafe guesses he’s supposed to think like Kristen, but says he’d rather die.

Kristen asks Rachel if she wants to skip town with her and hit the road. Rachel asks why Brady can’t come with them. Kristen tries to compare it to when Rachel and her friend get mad at each other. Kristen says she and Brady need a little timeout, so Rachel is going to have to choose who she wants to be with.

Allie rushes into the chapel and informs Brady and John that Marlena has gone code blue. John rushes out.

Eric watches as Sarah and other doctors begin to work on Marlena. Eric asks what’s happening but Sarah says she needs him to get out, so he leaves the room.

Belle arrives at the hospital and tells Eric that she got there as fast as she could and asks how Marlena is. Eric responds that it’s not good as he hugs her and says he’s sorry.

John enters Marlena’s hospital room and asks what’s happening. Sarah tells John that he can’t be in here. John wants to know she’s going to make it. Sarah says she’s doing everything she can. Marlena flatlines, so Sarah calls to use the defibrillator.

Kristen tells Rachel that they don’t have much time, so she needs to make up her mind. Rachel asks if they will come back. Kristen says of course they will. Rachel asks if Brady is okay with it. Kristen claims that he is. Rachel asks if they will then stop fighting and be happy. Kristen promises that will be the case, so Rachel agrees to go with her. Kristen promises to do everything to make her happy. Rachel reminds her that she said they have to hurry. Kristen says they will hit the road and goes to leave the park but runs in to EJ, who questions her leaving so soon.

Sarah manages to revive Marlena to being stabilized. John tells her great job. Marlena wakes up and calls for John. John assures that he’s right there and she’s okay. John encourages that Marlena pulled through and is going to be fine.

Belle tells Eric that she knew she shouldn’t have stayed in South Africa this long. Eric understands Claire needed her. Belle talks about how much Claire loves Marlena. They talk about not knowing that Marlena would relapse. Belle cries that Claire missed what could’ve been Marlena’s last Christmas. Eric encourages that Sarah is doing everything she can and John is in with her. Belle asks if anyone has murdered Kristen yet because she’ll volunteer. Eric thinks John and Steve are in line ahead of her. Belle says that two women are dead and now Marlena is fighting for her life all because Kristen wanted to get her claws back in to Brady.

Allie sits with Brady in the chapel and recalls when they were little. They pray for help and faith. Brady brings up that Marlena did beat the Devil, so if anyone can get through this, she can. Brady gets a call from Rafe, so Allie decides to go check on Marlena and exits. Rafe asks Brady how Marlena is. Brady says she’s not great. Rafe informs Brady that he needs to know if he’s heard from Kristen. Brady says last he heard, she was at the DiMera Mansion. Rafe says they were just there and there was no sign of her. Brady questions why he’s looking for her. Rafe then reveals that he has a warrant for her arrest.

Rachel excitedly runs up and hugs EJ. EJ mentions being taken aback to see them together. Kristen claims she’s just a mom taking her daughter to the park. EJ asks Rachel if he can speak with Kristen, so they step aside. EJ reminds Kristen that Brady has sole custody and wouldn’t want Rachel’s deranged mother anywhere near her. Kristen tells EJ to can it. Kristen argues that she has every right to see her daughter. Rachel reminds Kristen that she said they had to hurry. Kristen tells EJ that it’s always fun chatting with him. EJ questions where they are going now. Kristen tries to cover but Rachel tells EJ that they are skipping town because Kristen and Brady need a timeout.

Allie hugs Belle and says she’s so glad she made it. Belle says that Shawn had Victor send the Titan jet. Will joins them and hugs Belle, noting that Marlena will be really happy to see her. Belle only wishes she got there sooner. Will mentions that he ran in to Sarah and she said that they got Marlena stabilized but they are talking hospice and that her only chance of surviving is a second dose of the antidote. Eric realizes Marlena doesn’t have much time left.

Marlena tells John that she’s getting worse. John encourages her to save her strength. Marlena feels there’s not much time. John insists that they have people turning over every rock to find the orchid and tells her to just hang in a little while longer. John says for as long as he’s known her, Marlena has never given up, so he’s not going to let her start now.

Rafe informs Brady that Steve bugged the DiMera Mansion and Kristen said she really didn’t want anyone to die. Brady points out that two people still did and now Marlena is hanging on for dear life because of Kristen. Rafe apologizes and says Brady doesn’t need this right now but Brady says it’s exactly what he needs. Brady asks more about the recording. Rafe explains that Johnny agreed to confirm it and that’s how they were able to get the warrant for Kristen’s arrest. Rafe says obviously it won’t bring back Kate and Kayla or help Marlena, but at least she’ll have to answer for what she’s done. Rafe tells Brady to let him know if he hears anything and to not do anything on his own. Rafe asks how Allie is. Brady says they are all just kind of like zombies right now. Rafe tells Brady to tell Allie that he loves her as they hang up. Allie then returns to Brady in the chapel. Brady asks how Marlena is doing. Allie says they were able to stabilize her but it’s still not good. Allie asks what Rafe wanted. Brady tells her that he sends his love. Allie calls him the best stepdad ever but says that can’t be why he called. Brady admits that he was looking for Kristen as they have a warrant for arrest.

EJ questions Rachel saying her and Kristen are leaving Salem. Rachel exclaims they are going on an adventure. Kristen tells Rachel that she needs to talk to EJ. Rachel argues that they just did. Kristen says it’s important and promises it will only take a moment, so she sends Rachel to the playground. EJ questions what the hell Kristen thinks she’s doing. Kristen responds that she’s taking her daughter on a trip. EJ pulls out his phone and says he’s calling Brady.

Belle joins John in Marlena’s hospital room. Marlena wakes back up and calls out to Belle. Belle apologizes for not being there. John says she’s there now and that’s all that matters. John decides to step out and give them time alone. Marlena asks Belle about Claire. Belle says she’s good and she sends her love. Belle says that Claire knows about Kate and Kayla so they thought it would be best that she stay in South Africa in case she needs more therapy sessions. Belle adds that Shawn decided to stay with her as they don’t want her to have any setbacks. Marlena says to send her love to Claire. Belle encourages that they will be able to visit each other. Marlena says that would be wonderful. Belle starts to cry as Marlena hugs her.

Brady tells Allie about Steve planting a bug at the DiMera Mansion and recording Kristen’s conversation with Johnny. Brady remarks that he’s surprised Steve went through all that trouble instead of killing Kristen on the spot with his bare hands. Allie hopes it was worth it. Brady asks what she means. Allie says she wants Kristen to pay as much as anyone but points out that she could get the recording thrown out if she didn’t know about it. Brady notes that’s why Rafe made sure that Johnny would agree to confirm it. Allie guesses that Kristen finally went too far. Brady says now all they have to do is find the bitch.

Rafe finishes a call at the station. Jada tells him that she’s been going over Kristen’s case file and wonders if someone might have tipped Kristen off about the warrant. Rafe thinks there has always been a DiMera mole in the police station. Jada worries that Kristen could be planning her next escape. Rafe thinks they should visit to the one person that Kristen might actually lean on for help. Rafe and Jada then exit the station.

EJ and Kristen fight over his phone until Rachel comes back and asks if they are playing keep away. Kristen tells Rachel that she told her to go play on the jungle gym. Rachel responds that she’s tired of it and wants to go. Kristen notes that she’s not very patient. Rachel asks if they can say goodbye to Brady first. EJ says of course and that’s why he was just calling him. Kristen interjects that she told him not to because Brady is very busy since Marlena is sick. EJ mutters whose fault is that. Kristen tells Rachel that they will call Brady from the road and tells her to say goodbye to EJ which she does. EJ warns Kristen that he won’t let her get away with kidnapping. Kristen argues that EJ did the same with Sami when the mood struck. EJ says he saw what that did to his kids, so he’s not going to let her do the same to Rachel. EJ declares he’s calling Brady but Kristen warns that if he does, she will tell Stefan that EJ stood back and watched as Li had him brainwashed. Kristen asks how he thinks Stefan will react to that.

John sits with Eric and Will at the hospital. John talks about how he keeps staring at the desk, thinking Kayla is going to show up. Will offers to take John home but he refuses. John says he’s only not in Marlena’s room because Belle is in with her mother. John says there is no way he could rest or do anything except stay close to his wife and pray. John, Eric, and Will join hands to pray.

Belle recalls Marlena reading her favorite book to her when she was little. Belle calls her the best mom anyone ever had. Belle says she will do for Marlena, what she did for her, and read the book to her.

Kristen wonders which of Stefan’s parents he will channel when he extracts revenge on EJ; Stefan or Vivian. EJ says she made her point. Kristen asks if they are free to go then. EJ says if her conscience won’t stop her, he won’t either. Rachel asks if they can go now and says goodbye to EJ again. EJ hugs Rachel and says he will miss her. Rachel calls it just a timeout and notes that they won’t be gone forever. Kristen says goodbye to EJ and walks away with Rachel.

Allie asks Brady if the police have any idea where Kristen might be. Brady says it doesn’t look like it and he’s worried that if Kristen knows about the warrant, she’ll try to come say goodbye to Rachel. Allie asks where Rachel is now. Brady says her friend’s mom picked her up from school. Allie asks if Kristen knows that. Brady notes that it wouldn’t be hard for her to figure it out, so he decides to call the friend’s mom, Leslie, to give her a heads up. Brady tells her that it’s possible that Kristen may be on her way over to pick up Rachel, but he is informed that Kristen picked Rachel up for school. Brady says he has to go and hangs up, saying he’s going to kill Kristen.

Belle finishes reading her book to Marlena. Sarah returns to the room and watches as Belle pleads with Marlena to get better. Belle cries that she can’t lose her.

Allie goes to John, Eric, and Will to inform them that Kristen took Rachel.

Rafe and Jada go back to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers and argues that he doesn’t have the orchid. Rafe says it’s not about that. EJ asks what it’s about then. Jada informs him that they have a warrant for Kristen’s arrest and Rafe asks where she is. EJ says he doesn’t know where she is. Rafe then gets a call from Brady. Jada asks EJ if he knows where she might have gone. EJ guesses she’s going far away if there’s a warrant out for arrest. EJ says to excuse him as he’s worried about his son. Rafe hangs up and tells EJ that he should also worry about his niece, because Brady just told him that Kristen has apparently kidnapped Rachel.

Kristen goes to get Rachel’s things. Rachel wants to say goodbye to John and Marlena but Kristen says they have to go right now. Kristen opens the door to leave, only to see Brady standing in the doorway. Brady asks if they’re going somewhere.

EJ has a drink in the living room and talks to the portrait of Stefano. EJ calls it interesting that Kristen was adopted but so like Stefano; ruthless, inventive, and amoral. EJ doesn’t think Stefano played quite enough chess with Kristen since he was always able to see the move after the move after the next move. EJ thinks Kristen has lost her ability to think things through and that she’s badly overplayed her hand while wildly overestimating her opponent. EJ declares that as dim as Brady is, he’s Kristen’s match in his devotion to Rachel. EJ really thinks this time, Kristen is going down.

Rachel tells Brady that Kristen said she couldn’t say goodbye to him. Brady questions where they were going. Rachel says they were going on a trip for a timeout which Brady questions. Rachel questions him not knowing. Brady says he’s been so worried about Marlena that he hasn’t had time to pay attention to what Kristen has been up to. Brady says Marlena is still in the hospital, so he doesn’t think it’s a good time for Rachel to be going anywhere. Brady adds that he and Kristen do need a timeout. Brady sends Rachel back to her room to draw Marlena a picture so he and Kristen can talk. Kristen claims that they just got their wires crossed. Rachel jokes that she never wants to be a grown up and heads back to her room. Brady asks if Kristen ever thinks about Rachel when thinking about pulling off crap like this and what it would be like for Rachel to be on the run. Kristen complains that Brady was going to take her daughter from her. Brady says he’s trying to protect her since her grandmother is going to die and it’s going to be Kristen’s fault. Brady adds that Kristen will have to live the rest of her life, knowing that she’ll have to trust that he won’t tell Rachel that. Kristen argues that he wouldn’t. Brady agrees because unlike her, he thinks about Rachel’s feelings and happiness and how it would really affect her if she knew who her mother really was. Brady says he’s been really getting upset lately when Kristen pulls crap like this, that he doesn’t know what he might say. Brady warns Kristen about pissing him off and tells her that she doesn’t have the upper hand. Brady declares that this little game is over and done. Rafe and Jada then arrive. Brady informs them that Rachel is in her room as Jada handcuffs Kristen. Rafe informs Kristen that she is under arrest for the murders of Kate and Kayla as well as the attempted murder of Marlena. Rafe then reads Kristen her rights.

Allie, Belle, Eric, and Will pray in the chapel. Allie gets a text from Brady that he has Rachel and that Kristen has been arrested. Belle remarks that it couldn’t happen to a nicer bitch. Belle doesn’t know if she should be in the chapel since she has so much hate in her heart for Kristen. Eric encourages her. Allie calls it more than anger since Kristen is still out there while Kate, Kayla, and Marlena aren’t. Eric brings up the Christmas when they thought they were going to lose Marlena but they didn’t because their prayers were stronger than the Devil. Eric asks them to pray with him, so they join hands. Eric prays for Marlena’s strength and to help her.

John lays at Marlena’s bedside. Marlena wakes up and calls out for Belle. John tells her the kids are in the chapel and asks if she wants him to call them. Marlena says no and remembers that Belle was reading to her but she fell asleep. John encourages that she can go back to sleep but Marlena doesn’t want to. Marlena cries that she wants to go home and asks John to take her home.

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