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Devon: Alright. So, what have you and jill decided about me buying back hamilton-winters?

Lily: Look, devon, first i just want to say that we both understand all of the reasons you have for wanting to take your company back. We know this is deeply, deeply personal for you.

Devon: And I appreciate you understanding that. Thank you.

Lily: Jill wants to move forward with the ipo.

Devon: Alright. And what does that mean for me?

Lily: Look, devon, the strength that we have lies in the unity of our two companies. And if we do this split, we could crush our chances of having a successful offering.

Devon: So… so, as much as you understand where I’m coming from, you’re rejecting what I’m asking for?

Lily: Yeah, that’s — that’s what it boils down to.

Devon: Um, cool. Then I guess you’re gonna make this ugly.

Abby: Sharon.

Sharon: Hi, abby. Uh, what can we get you?

Abby: Oh, um, a coffee and… your forgiveness.

Sharon: What? Why?

Abby: For storming out of here and making a scene the other day. I’m sure you heard what chance and I were talking about.

Sharon: Well —

Abby: I’m just — I’m absolutely mortified. I had no idea that things were gonna escalate that quickly.

Sharon: Look, I understand how hard the end of a marriage can be, whatever the circumstances are.

Abby: I can only imagine what you think of me.

Sharon: No, no, I’m — I’m quite fond of you. And devon and — and chance. That hasn’t changed. You know, you’ve all had a rough few years.

Abby: And the hits keep coming.

Sharon: Well, I want you to know I have no interest in passing any judgment or in discussing your personal life with anyone else, just in case you were worried.

Abby: Thank you.

Mariah: Hi!

Tessa: Hi! We’re home!

Sharon: Hi!

Mariah: Did you miss us?

Sharon: Yes! Oh, my gosh! I was beginning to worry. You girls were gone for so long.

Tessa: Hi!

Sharon: I had to practically stop myself from texting every hour on the hour to see how things were going. So, how did it go with the potential birth mother?

Chelsea: Hey there. Come on in. Johnny, someone’s very excited to see you.

Connor: Hey. What took you so long?

Johnny: Math. I thought I’d never finish my homework. Just wait until you get to my grade. The word problems feel like some kind of punishment.

Connor: When I get to be ancient like you, maybe you can teach me how to do them. Unless you’ve forgotten by then. I know how hard it is to remember things when you get to be old — like you.

Chelsea: [ Chuckling ] Ouch! Why don’t you both go get something to drink? Dinner’s on the way.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, thank you for letting johnny come over for pizza. I know it means a lot to the boys.

Victoria: I know it means a lot to you, too.

Chelsea: Um, would it be okay if he stayed after dinner to watch a movie with connor?

Victoria: It is a school night, so I — I guess we’ll have to play that by ear.

Chelsea: Sure, sure. We’re flexible.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Hey, guys. Billy’s hit a snag. The pizza is gonna be late.

Connor: That’s okay. Tell him to get two.

Johnny: Yeah, we’re working up an appetite.

Chelsea: I bet you are.

Connor: Let’s go to my room.

Chelsea: It’s really sweet. They get along so well.

Victoria: Yeah, it’s easy at their age to go with the flow.

Chelsea: Hey, um, do you have a minute, or do you have to run off somewhere?

Victoria: Uh, I — I have a little while before I have to scoop katie up from ballet. Why? Is there something that you wanted to discuss?

Chelsea: There is, actually. I know you said you were okay with johnny coming to dinner, but [Sighs] You’re not happy about it, are you? I’m jonathan lawson

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Sharon: Oh, my gosh, I should just settle down and let you girls catch your breath. Um, they went to portland, oregon. I don’t know how much you know, abby.

Abby: Oh, well, nick just told me that they were meeting with a birth mother, but that’s all I know.

Mariah: Her name is delphine.

Tessa: She’s in her early 20s. She is going to college. She’s getting her bachelor’s degree. She is smart and thoughtful.

Mariah: And she and the baby daddy are no longer together. She’s completely on her own. But after a lot of soul searching, she decided that she didn’t want to be a mother yet.

Tessa: Yeah, she decided adoption was the best thing for her and her baby.

Mariah: She had a million questions for us, uh, probably just as many as we did for her.

Tessa: Yeah.

Sharon: Well, like what?

Tessa: I mean, everything from, “what’s your favorite color?” To, “what’s your medical history?” I mean, if you name it, we asked.

Mariah: And after the first meeting, uh, we decided it just wasn’t enough time to get to know her better, so we decided to do breakfast the next day. And then breakfast turned into a trip to the zoo and then seeing some of the sights.

Tessa: Yeah, we just really wanted to spend time together and get to know each other better. And I got to see how my beautiful wife carves out time for work.

Mariah: And I got to be there while tessa wrote some songs. Working remotely definitely has its privileges.

Abby: Well, it sounds like you got a wonderful trip.

Mariah: Yeah, we did. Um…

Tessa: It was scary and exciting.

Sharon: Um, so, what happens now? Do you just wait to hear from her?

Abby: Yeah, or do you go back to portland until delphine makes a decision?

Mariah: Well, we’ll definitely be keeping in touch.

Tessa: Because delphine made up her mind.

Mariah: She wants us to adopt her baby.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh!

Abby: Ahh!

Sharon: Oh, my gosh! Why didn’t you say that?! That’s amazing!

Mariah: I know!

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, congratulations!

Tessa: Thank you!

Victoria: May I be perfectly honest?

Chelsea: Of course.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] When you reached out about johnny coming over tonight, i wanted to refuse the invitation.

Chelsea: Oh. Right. I mean, you had responded “yes” so quickly, I thought…

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry.

Victoria: What for?

Chelsea: That you felt you couldn’t refuse.

Victoria: I realized that it

[Sighs] — It wasn’t a big deal and I know that connor just wanted to have pizza with johnny and that if johnny knew about the invitation, he’d want to come. So, despite my reservations, I said yes.

Chelsea: Because you love your son.

Victoria: I want to support johnny and his relationship with connor. They’re growing so fast. I know family’s important.

[ Sighs ] But I just — I still feel very uncomfortable with the situation.

Chelsea: And by “the situation,” you mean me.

[ Breathes deeply ] You still don’t want johnny around me.

Lily: Devon, things do not have to get ugly.

Devon: How do you figure? Since you guys aren’t giving me what I’m asking for and you’re gonna make me essentially go to war for my own company, which is what I’ve been trying to avoid doing.

Lily: Yeah, we’re trying to avoid that, too. That’s why jill and I kept at it. We’re trying to find a way to resolve this amicably, okay? So, look, if we just stick with the status quo, then we can —

Devon: Here we go. “Status quo.”

Lily: Okay, you know what? Just hear me out, please. We keep the companies intact, right? So that way we maximize our potential for having a successful offering. Then we re-brand that entity, as part of the ipo, called chancellor worldwide.

Devon: Mm.

Lily: Okay?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Then once we go public, once the dust settles, we buy you out for a very lucrative amount. And then you have the chance to create a brand-new hamilton-winters, one where you have complete autonomy like you want. And jill and I — we maintain our strength. I mean, it’s a win-win for everyone, right? There’s no acrimony. There’s no bloodshed. I mean, what do you think? Kids can change minds…

Devon: [ Sighs ] Oh. You know, I’m — I’m finding it difficult to see the benefits for me in what you’re proposing.

Lily: Jill and I think this is a fair and very good offer.

Devon: How do you find it to be fair when you and jill don’t have to give up anything, you still get to go public, and you hold on to the company that i poured my heart and soul into creating?

Lily: Sorry, I’m not giving up anything? I’m giving up the chance to work with my brother, to create something amazing with you. I mean, I’ve heard these stories about how siblings — they lose their connection and their bond when one parent dies.

Devon: That’s not gonna happen to us.

Lily: Really? It didn’t happen with nate?

Devon: Nate’s not our sibling, and you and I are closer than either of us have ever been to him, so I don’t know why you’re comparing us.

Lily: Devon, I’m trying to say that if we go to court over this, it is going to affect our relationship.

Devon: So, okay, then you’re saying that if I don’t accept what you and jill are offering me, you’re gonna cut me out of your life?

Lily: No, I’m not saying that. I am trying to salvage things because I want us to remain close.

Devon: You’re not doing that, though. You’re holding my company hostage, and you’re forcing me to make a decision, to choose either to go public with you guys or give it up. That’s what you’re doing.

Lily: No, I’m trying to keep us united. Look, I know how you get. When someone hurts you, you want to put a wall up and you trust no one, including me.

Devon: I never said I don’t trust you.

Lily: You didn’t have to.

Devon: What are you talking about, though? ‘Cause that’s not the way i feel. This isn’t about me not trusting. It’s not about me in pain from anything. This is a professional disagreement that you’re making personal, and I don’t know why you’re doing it. I don’t get why it’s so difficult.

Lily: Because it is difficult. It’s difficult when you’re walking away from someone or something that matters to you. I mean, at one point you wanted this merger, too.

Devon: Oh, I know I did. We — yeah, we all did. It looked good on paper at first, and then things changed.

Lily: Right. Okay. Great. You changed your mind. I get it, and I can respect it.

Devon: But you can’t accept it?

Lily: [ Sighs ] This is not a bad deal.

Devon: I don’t care about the deal. This is not about money. I mean, you can throw all the money in the world at me. You’re still making me start from scratch. You’re making me build an empire from the ground up. That’s what you’re doing.

Lily: Don’t you see that as an opportunity?

Devon: Oh, boy.

Lily: You can correct things this time that didn’t go right the first time.

Devon: Yeah. That’s — I’m sure it sounds real easy to you since you’re not the one that has to do it.

Lily: No, I do not think it’s easy, but wouldn’t you rather focus your energy on building a new legacy than fighting a potentially unsuccessful lawsuit against chancellor-winters?

Devon: I-I mean, it’s — it’s crazy to me.

Lily: Yeah, I 100% agree with you. It is crazy.

Devon: So, why don’t you give me what I’m asking for then?

Lily: I’m trying to, okay? I’m trying to end this war before it begins. And there is a viable option on the table that could actually make you happy if you would consider it.

Devon: I’ve already said that I —

Lily: Okay, don’t — don’t — please don’t give an answer, alright? Just think about it. That is all I’m asking, for you, for us, because whatever we do next, it’s going to change our lives. So let’s do something that’ll make our dad proud. I’ll see myself out.

Devon: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Abby: I’m just so happy for you ladies! Ooh!

Mariah: Thank you so much, abby.

Tessa: It’s huge, right?

Sharon: It’s definitely another monumental step forward.

Mariah: And we have so many more to go. We know. Don’t worry.

Tessa: Yes, we have talked about how this is just the beginning.

Mariah: And that we have a million more hurdles to clear before we bring a child home forever, but…

Tessa: Right now, in this moment, we just want to embrace our good fortune and celebrate how well everything went in oregon.

Mariah: Yeah. Nothing is set in stone. Delphine could change her mind today or tomorrow or even the day that the baby is born.

Tessa: Yeah, it could be a roller coaster.

Mariah: We’re arming ourselves for the worst, but we are sincerely hoping for the best.

Tessa: Yes, we have thought about all the possibilities in between, and we are just trying to prepare for wherever this journey takes us next.

Mariah: But nothing is gonna change what we know to be true in our hearts — that, no matter what, one day we’re gonna have a child of our own.

Tessa: It’s meant to be.

Abby: It’s the same maternal urge that I felt when all of us joined together and helped make my dream of a family a reality. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Mariah: And if I hadn’t have been dom’s surrogate, I would have never known how much i wanted to be a mother.

Tessa: I was a little late to the baby-fever party…

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: …But now there is nothing more that I want than to start a family with my wife.

Sharon: Okay. Who wants hot chocolate?

Mariah: Oh, me.

Tessa: Oh, yeah.

Mariah: Definitely me.

Abby: I wouldn’t say no.

Sharon: Alright, good, ’cause I want to hear more about what happened with delphine.

Tessa: Can I give you a hand?

Sharon: Yeah, my favorite barista. It’s been a while since you were behind the coffee counter. I’m gonna alert your fan club.

Mariah: Thank you.

Abby: [ Sighs ] What a day.

Mariah: Abby. Are you okay?

Abby: [ Exhales heavily ]

Mariah: Um…do you want to talk?

Abby: Yeah.

Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: You know, it’s only awkward if we let it be.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Take a load off.

Lily: Charming as ever.

Billy: Don’t worry. I’m not staying. I’m just waiting to pick up my pizza.

Lily: Oh. When did they start serving pizza here?

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, exactly. Uh, it’s basically an oversized version of their flatbread, but I’m keeping that a secret from the kids. Abby’s asking for an honest opinion.

Lily: Oh, well, I’m sure johnny and katie will be more than happy to give an honest opinion.

Billy: Actually, it’s for, uh — for johnny and connor. They’re hanging out at chelsea’S.

Lily: Oh. Well, have fun. Don’t forget it’s a school night.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] So, what’s up with you? And don’t tell me nothing. I could see it in your eyes when you walked in.

Lily: Oh, it’s just, uh — just work.

Billy: Tough week?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] That is an understatement. But not your problem to solve anymore.

Billy: You know, things might be over between us, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped caring about you… or wanting to support you. If you need someone to lean on, I’d like to be that person.

Restless nights fogging up

your day?

Victoria: You know, I have to keep reminding myself that this is not about me, that it’s about johnny. I’m not gonna say that he can’t spend time with you. We’ve all moved past that point. And I’m really trying so hard to operate in good faith.

Chelsea: I’m glad.

Victoria: But I still feel very protective of my son. And somehow I think he’s processed the fact that you’re his biological mother, and he’s welcomed you into his life. And he loves the idea that he and connor are half-brothers. But I can’t forget how devastated he was when we first told him. And I’m sorry. I’m really having a hard time getting used to this new norm of pizza night and holidays together. From my perspective, I just feel that everything is moving too quickly.

Chelsea: I get it. I do. If I was in your position, i would feel the exact same way. I forced the issue, and i shouldn’t have. It was selfish.

Victoria: You were going through a difficult time.

Chelsea: I was in a lot of pain and I was hurting, but i didn’t recognize how my actions were hurting other people. I blindsided you, victoria, several times. So, I’m very grateful that you’re just making an effort.

Victoria: I would do anything for my son.

Chelsea: I’m trying really hard to rebuild my life, and I’m really appreciative that you’re letting me even be the slightest part of johnny’s life.

Victoria: He’s a good kid.

Chelsea: And that’s because you’re such a good mom. His only mom. I promise you have nothing to fear in regards to that. I just — I just want to make you comfortable with this situation. I promise you we’re on the same side.

Mariah: So, I’m guessing that something is wrong. I-I mean, I’d like to think that you were just happy for tessa and me, but I — I have my suspicions.

Abby: I am. I am so happy for the two of you, um, but… you know that chance and i were having problems?

Mariah: Yeah, but I was hoping that you guys would find a way to work things out?

Abby: Well, um, things got more complicated since the last time we spoke.

Mariah: Do I even want to know what that means?

Abby: No. Probably not. And I hate telling you this because you guys have such amazing news, and I… I just — I think you should hear it from me first. Chance and I are… getting divorced.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. Abby, I am — I am so sorry.

Abby: And I just keep thinking about the time when chance was in spain and you gave us the most incredible gift — our son. And I thought chance was gonna come home and we were just gonna have the happiest future together as a family.

Mariah: Look, even though you’re not gonna be married, you’re still going to be a family. You’re going to be amazing co-parents because of the love that you have for dom. That’s never gonna change.

Abby: Thank you for saying that. Ahh, that makes me feel a lot better.

[ Sniffles ] But, um, you know what? I should go. I should let you get back to catching up with sharon. I just wish the two of you the best.

Mariah: Right back at you.

Abby: Mm. Oh, I’m so happy for you guys! Ahh! You and tessa are gonna be the most amazing moms. And after everything the two of you have done for me, if there’s anything I can do to return the favor, please let me know.

Mariah: Oh, count on it.

Abby: Oh, good.

[ Both laugh ] Bye.

Mariah: See you.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Lily: It’s just nothing seems to be going right lately. Nothing. It’s like, devon and nate still aren’t talking. Devon now wants to end our partnership.

Billy: What?

Lily: And then there was this guy I used to have in my life.

Billy: Yeah. The worst. Can’t believe you liked him.

Lily: I loved him.

Billy: [ Sighs ] You know, just because things didn’t last forever with us, it doesn’t mean it was all bad. I still believe we have something. After all, you’re sitting here.

Lily: Well, still.

Billy: Devon wanting to end the partnership — you mentioned a few days ago you were dealing with some kind of nightmare with the ipo. Is that what you were talking about?

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: [ Scoffs ] So, I guess nate was right when he said that the root of their problems all stemmed from devon’s desire to be a lone wolf.

Lily: Yeah, and now I’m the lone wolf.

Billy: With a c-suite filled with empty chairs, including the one that I occupied. Let me just say, lily, that that is not a reflection of your leadership.

Lily: Well, it’s hard to not doubt myself.

Billy: No. You did everything you could to get people to work together. You did amazing things for that company. Let me ask you point blank — do you regret any of the decisions that you made? Taking over chancellor media, then chancellor industries, the merger, the ipo?

Lily: No. I don’t regret anything. I’m — I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Billy: Good. Because you should be. And I hope you can see that this is a golden opportunity. Your heart is the beat of life.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Pain hits fast.

Lily: I would love to know how everyone I thought I could depend on deserting me is a golden opportunity. So, please tell me.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: Lily, I’ve known you for a long time. I’ve loved you for a good portion of that time. I know when your back is against the wall, that is when you are at your strongest, most powerful. You will rise to the occasion, and you will show what a strong leader you are. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say, without having to mediate between the issues of your nearest and dearest, you will rise to even greater heights.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] That’s an interesting perspective.

Billy: Well, trust me. And I do have a little bit of experience with family business drama. Over time, eventually, everyone will forgive and forget.

Lily: Even devon?

Billy: Especially devon. You two have an incredible bond. He’ll get over it.

Lily: Yeah. I hope so. Well, thank you for the pep talk. You should probably get going. I think your food’s probably getting cold.

Billy: You’re probably right.

[ Sighs ] If there’s ever anything that i can do to help…

Lily: Thank you, but I’ve got this.

Billy: I have no doubt about that.

[ Knock on door ]

Devon: [ Sighs ] Hey.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: Thank you for coming over.

Abby: Mwah! Of course.

[ Sighs ] I know you’re going through it, but I have some good news.

Devon: Oh. There’s still some of that in the world? Please share it with me.

Abby: Mariah and tessa had a wonderful visit with a potential birth mother, and, fingers crossed, things are looking good.

Devon: Yeah? Really?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: That’s fantastic. Good for them. They deserve it. And it’s nice to hear that good things are happening to someone somewhere.

Abby: I don’t like the sound of that. Do you have an update about dissolving the merger?

Devon: Yeah, I do. And it’s not what I saw coming.

Sharon: So, overall, how did the two of you get along with delphine?

Tessa: Well, our conversations with her were challenging. I mean, she’s nice. She’s young.

Sharon: She’s scared.

Tessa: I think she was trying to be what she thought we wanted her to be.

Mariah: But to be fair, we were doing the same thing.

Sharon: Well, everyone’s expectations are so high right now. You’re both hoping that she’ll like you enough to believe that you’ll be great parents, and, for her, she’s obviously decided that adoption is the best route for her, but she’s got to be experiencing a lot of complicated emotions. Giving up a baby’s never easy. And what about the father? Did you say that they’re no longer together? But does he know about the pregnancy and what she intends to do?

Tessa: Yes, delphine assured us that he is on board with the adoption and relinquishing all of his parental rights.

Sharon: Oh. Okay, good. Did you notice any reluctance on delphine’s part?

Mariah: Well…

Tessa: She seemed determined to stay on this path with us.

Mariah: But she did have some concerns.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: I, uh — hi. Is, uh — is everything alright?

Victoria: Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?

Billy: Well, because you just said that you were gonna quickly drop off, a-and then you’re still here.

Victoria: We were chatting.

Billy: Oh, okay. And how is, uh…

Chelsea: Everything’s fine.

Billy: Okay, great.

Victoria: Uh, well, I’m gonna get going. I’ll leave you to your pizza.

Chelsea: Why don’t you stay?

Victoria: Stay? For dinner?

Chelsea: Yeah. Why not? You said you’ve got some time before katie needs to be picked up from ballet. It’ll be fun.

For your most brilliant smile,

crest has you covered.

Devon: So, jill has decided to move forward with the ipo. And in order to do that, she needs to keep chancellor merged with hamilton-winters.

Abby: So, she won’t let you buy back your own company?

Devon: No. No, she won’T. And she and lily cooked up this idea to buy me out for a big profit and leave me with basically nothing but the ability to create a new company from scratch and call it hamilton-winters.

Abby: Well, empires have been built on a lot less than that.

Devon: Yeah, but — are you playing devil’s advocate?

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Just hear me out for a second. If you take this deal, one, you would make your sister happy, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, and, two, you could start something brand new, which is right up your alley.

Devon: Right. How do I just walk away from the biggest professional achievement of my life, though? Like, the company is invaluable because I created it with neil and it’s my connection to him. If I leave it, I mean, that’s — doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Abby: I’m not so sure. I mean, I don’t think that’s the truth, at least not the part about the connection to neil.

Devon: How do you figure?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Neil is gonna be a part of everything you do — I mean, every move, every decision that you make. Yes, neil was here physically when you guys started hamilton-winters, but neil is gonna be a part of you in everything that you do moving forward.

Devon: So, what are you saying?

Abby: Make your decision on how you see your future, not how you feel about the past.

Chelsea: Mmm.

Johnny: Pizza!

Billy: The name’s dad.

Connor: Hi, billy.

Johnny: Hey, dad.

Billy: Hey. How are you, guinea pigs? Because that’s what you are today, okay? This is abby’s new pizza from society, and she wants our honest opinion.

Connor: Cool.

Billy: Okay, well, let’s get it while it’s hot.

Johnny: Mom, are you staying for dinner?

Connor: Of course she is. Who says no to pizza?

Victoria: I guess I-I could stay and have a slice.

Johnny: Yes!

Billy: Okay, good. Well, let’s get some plates, alright? Help me out, boys.

Sharon: So, what were some of delphine’s concerns?

Tessa: Well, she wanted to know our parenting philosophy, what we think about education, discipline.

Mariah: She just wanted to know how we met and fell in love, what makes our relationship so strong.

Sharon: All the things that she couldn’t find out from the application.

Tessa: Yes. Yeah. She wondered if the baby was gonna have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: So, uh, we got to show her some pictures and let her know all about you and nick and crystal, noah, faith.

Tessa: Yeah, and all of our friends who are gonna be around the baby. And we tried to think of everything we could to tell her about genoa city.

Mariah: It’s the perfect place to fall in love and build a family, raise a kid.

Sharon: Did she ask about

your childhoods?

Mariah: Uh, she did.

Tessa: Yes. And we told her that we did not have the best situation growing up, but we were not gonna be making the same mistakes.

Mariah: No. Just new and different ones.

Sharon: Of course. Well, I think it’s really wise of her to ask those questions. You know, she obviously liked what you had to say. She chose you.

Tessa: So now we have to think about things like, are we gonna be in the birthing room?

Mariah: Yeah. How are we gonna structure an open adoption? Because delphine wants to know the kid, and we are totally fine with that.

Tessa: Yeah.

Sharon: Well, that’s why you have an attorney to walk you through that.

Mariah: I know. We’re gonna have a lot of questions for christine.

Sharon: Just make sure the agreement she draws up for you covers every detail, even things that you think don’t matter right now. Trust me — everything matters.

Mariah: Yeah. We don’t have much time.

Sharon: Wait. I didn’t ask the most important question. When is the baby due?

Tessa: Well, if everything works out…

Mariah: We could be moms by the end of february.

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] What’s the #1 retinol brand

Billy: Okay, on a scale from “never again” to “incredible,” what do you say? Vick?

Victoria: Uh, I’m sorry. What is it that we’re contemplating again?

Billy: The new cubano pizza from society. Abby wants to know — what do we think? What’s the verdict?

Connor: We’ve got a more important question.

Johnny: What’s for dessert?

Victoria: I think that maybe you should let your food digest first, don’t you?

Connor: I guess.

Chelsea: I’ve got some ice cream for later.

Connor: Next time we do this, katie should come, too.

Johnny: Why?

Connor: She’s your sister and my cousin. I mean, this is a family dinner, right?

Victoria: Uh, speaking of katie, I — I should go. I want to be there when she gets out of ballet class.

Johnny: Oh, mom, did you decide whether I can watch a movie? I finished my homework.

Victoria: Uh…yeah, sure. Go ahead. It’s fine.

Billy: I can drop him at your place after.

Victoria: That sounds great. Alright. Later, alligator.

Johnny: After a while, crocodile.

Connor: Bye, aunt victoria.

Victoria: Bye.

Chelsea: Victoria? Are you sure you’re alright?

Victoria: Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be? Thank you again for dinner. I’ll be in touch. Good night.

Chelsea: Good night. Alright, now, what movie are we gonna watch, huh?

Connor: Something funny.

Johnny: Oh, no. Action.

Chelsea: Ah.

Billy: Well, there’s only one way to solve that — first one around the table wins.

Chelsea: Ah! No, not really!

[ Laughter ] Careful!

Connor: Ah! Whoa!

Devon: Honestly, abby, i don’t know what I see when I — when I think about the futurE.

Abby: What do you love about hamilton-winters?

Devon: I love that it’s an established company already and that it has a history of success that I can build on.

Abby: Okay, and a new company — walk me through that.

Devon: It’s — I mean, it’d be just that. It would be brand new. It’S… I don’t know how it would even compare. And…

Abby: And?

Devon: A-and I could not be successful. I could fail with starting over like this.

Abby: Or you could soar. But whatever choice you make, you’re not gonna face it alone.

Devon: Thank you. When did you take off your rings?

Abby: A few days ago. I have to face my new reality.

Devon: I know that wasn’t easy for you.

Abby: I’m filled with a lot of uncertainty.

Devon: The good thing is, is whatever life throws at you, you won’t have to face it alone.

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