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[ Relaxing music ]

Finn: Ugh, this day.

Steffy: Doesn’t get worse than this.

Finn: We got an awful surprise today, but we’ll figure something out that puts sheila back behind bars.

Steffy: We have to. I mean, the thought of sheila out there free, it’s– oh, god, it’s enraging. And it’s all because of bill.

[ Sheila clears throat ]

Bill: You look beautiful. Then again, you always do.

Sheila: Well, I’m glad you think so. Is word getting out about my release?

Bill: Yeah. And my part in it. Got a bunch of outraged texts and calls from liam and wyatt. Well, if you need to do some some damage control with your sons, I under–

Bill: I don’T. I made it unmistakably clear that I am not available to be yelled at. It’s been a long day, and I’m ready to end it right here alone with you.

Sheila: Well, I really, really hope that we don’t have any more unexpected visitors.

Carter: Obviously, you’re very upset. Didn’t go well with bill?

Katie: Certainly not what I expected.

Carter: He’s still defending sheila?

Katie: Above everything and everyone else. What has that horrible woman done to him?

Carter: I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of you going to bill’s by yourself.

Katie: I know. I know, I just thought I’d have better luck on my own. I was… I was wrong. Nothing I said had any impact. Bill is totally under sheila’s spell.

Steffy: I was so sure even without our testimony, that sheila would be locked up for good. Instead, she’s playing house with bill. It’s ridiculous.

Li: Finn? Steffy? Are you home?

Finn: Mom? I thought you were at a medical conference. I rushed back as soon as I heard. Tell me it’s not true. Sheila’s been released from prison?

Sheila: Thank you.

Bill: My pleasure. I mean that. Seeing you smile. How happy you are.

Sheila: I’m over the moon. In this beautiful home, with my beautiful man, a completely free woman. My life doesn’t get any better than this. To the misfits. Finally finding the place where– where we belong. We were judged and ostracized, and it doesn’t matter anymore because they can go to hell. To hell with what they think. Because I have everything that I could ever want right here with you. I’m jonathan lawson here to tell

Katie: I– I just can’t even tell you how bizarre it was. I mean here was sheila, standing in this house that used to be mine, holding court!

Carter: It’s crazy. She should be in custody, not playing lady of the manor at bill’S. Was he receptive at all?

Katie: There were moments, you know, I’d catch a glimpse of the bill I know. I mean this is a man who’s always, always been about protecting his family.

Carter: Bill’s a hard guy to like, but I’ve always respected that about him.

Katie: I don’t understand why he’s doing this. I mean, I knew, I knew he was going through something really dark and deep, but I had no idea that he felt misunderstood and he felt rejected by brooke and me. But for him to do something like this? I mean, what happens when will finds out who he’s living with? Will knows. He knows everything that sheila’s done. He knows how dangerous she is. What is he gonna think? What is he gonna do? This is our son. How can bill be so reckless?

[ Katie sighs ]

[ Li exhales ]

Li: I’m so confused. Bill and sheila are in a relationship?

Steffy: We were shocked too.

Finn: Apparently, it’s been going on for a while.

Li: What is bill thinking, getting involved with that monster?

Finn: Look, we were just as blindsided as you are.

Li: Okay, bill and sheila aside, it still doesn’t explain why the judge let her walk. You two met with the judge, told your side of the story, how she left you for dead.

Finn: Mom, we didn’T.

Steffy: We couldn’T.

Finn: Look, we can’t get into particulars, okay? But bill blackmailed us into not pressing charges against sheila.

Sheila: This is quite possibly the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Bill: Then my work here is done.

Sheila: No. Your work is just starting.

Bill: Mmm. So, what do you want to do now that prison’s in the rear view?

Sheila: Well, I think I just wanna live for a little while, you know? As a totally free woman. Maybe figure out how to get back at the forresters– no. No, I am not going to put any thoughts of revenge in my mind. At least not tonight. Look at this! 24 hours ago, I was in a dank prison cell and now I am in a mansion in bel air. I knew I wasn’t going back to prison, but I’ve gotta be honest. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to avoid it. And then you came along. You’re a true miracle. A gift.

[ Music playing ]

Carter: Wanna get out of here? Clear our heads?

Katie: I actually wanna just stay right here with you, if that’s okay.

Carter: That’s very okay. Whatever you need.

Katie: It just doesn’t seem real, you know? I tried. I tried so hard to get through to him. To make him see who sheila really is. But it– I brought up his son, I brought up will, and it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter. He just stood there next to sheila, against me. He told me to leave.

Carter: He kicked you out?

Katie: I’m so worried about him. About bill and my son. I mean, I don’t want them anywhere near that woman. Bill is living with a psychopath.

Carter: You’re freaked out. You have every right to be, but I made you a promise. And I meant it. I’ll be there for you and for will as well.

Katie: Thank you.

Li: Bill blackmailed the two of you into not testifying against sheila? Dropping the charges? Oh, my god. What does he know about you two?

Finn: It’s not about us directly, but that’s seriously all I can say about it.

Steffy: Trust me when I tell you if we could’ve told bill to go to hell, we would have.

Li: Yes, of course. But that only clears sheila of attempted murder. Surely, the prosecutor could move forward with her prison escape.

Finn: We’re all but certain bill bought the judge assigned to sheila’s case.

Li: So, you’re saying there’s no way to put her back behind bars?

Finn: Not unless she commits a new crime.

Steffy: Even then, bill could just buy off another judge. It’s too risky.

Li: No! No. That’s unacceptable. You may not be able to, but nothing’s stopping me. I’ll testify against sheila.

Sheila: Bill, because of you, on this day, this night, my heart is just filled with so much joy. I’m still amazed that you gave me a chance.

Bill: I’m no stranger to what you’ve done. But who am I to judge? I’ve gone extremes many times myself.

[Helicopter blades whirring] I dumped ridge out of a helicopter in dubai.

Cool him off. He wandered around for weeks until he remembered who he was.


Sheila: And what about the time you blew up spectra fashions because you wanted to build a skyscraper? Thank god your son and sally were okay. You know one of the many things I love about the man you are? Is that if an obstacle pops up, you handle it. And you’ve got to admire that in a man.

Bill: Not every woman feels that way.

Sheila: Well not everyone knows you the way that I do. They don’t appreciate you the way I do. Look, I– I don’t– I don’t mean to make light of your pain, but nobody can understand it the way that I do. Because I suffer from the same abandonment issues. You know, being left over and over again. I does damage, it’s devastating.

Bill: No, no, no.

Please, please don’t leave.

Katie: I– I– I can’t

I can’t give you

what you want, bill.

I can’t give you what you need.

Bill: Katie, don’t go,

not yet.

Katie: It was a mistake

for me to come here.

Bill: But, look.

I– I can’t stand being alone

in this house,

and I can’t stand

who I am without you.

Katie: Goodbye, bill.

Bill: Don’t, katie. It’s the one thing I can’t take. People I love walking out on me.

Sheila: Yeah, well you know what? You are never going to have to worry about that with me. Because that is never gonna happen. (Vo) no matter what type of severe asthma you have,… tezspire can help yo

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Li: Maybe you can’t testify against sheila, but there’s no reason I can’T.

Finn: No, mom. You can’T.

Li: Why not? I was a victim too. Sheila meant to kill me that night.

[ Li gas[ Li gasping ]

[ Horn honking ]

Li: Back off you crazy bitch!

[ Explosion booming ]

[ Li shouting ]

[ Tires screeching ]

[ Water splashing ] If you won’t press charges, simple solution: I’ll do it.

Finn: I understand you wanting to make sheila pay for the heinous things that she’s done. We all do. But you can’t press charges.

Li: You can’t be suggesting we just let her go free.

Finn: Bill included you in the blackmail threat.

Steffy: Bill says he’ll also expose what you did to get finn out of the hospital.

Li: My god.

Finn: I know. It’s crazy. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Mom, you know how grateful we both are, but you broke laws to do it. And I am not gonna let saving my life come back on you like that.

Steffy: Finn’s right. Bill means what he says. He– he won’t listen to me. He is determined to burn our family to the ground so he can keep sheila out of prison. Like, it’s not worth the risk going up against him.

Li: How does she do it? How does sheila manage to get away with every single horrible thing she’s done?

Steffy: This is a temporary win for sheila and bill. No one threatens my family and gets away with it, not in the long run. I don’t know how, but I’m gonna figure out something. Sheila and bill are going down.

Sheila: I am so glad that I followed you that night on the beach. And look at where I’m at now. You have transformed my life. Look at me. I am wrapped in these incredibly strong arms. I feel warm, protected and loved. You are like my own personal miracle. Hey. You’re awfully quiet.U can talk, you know? I’m not gonna hurt you. And I’m not gonna use your vulnerabilities against you. You can’t hurt me, bill.

Bill: I’ve struggled for so long. Someone who has so much feeling so empty inside. Every time I thought I found love, it slipped away. Or I pushed it away. Katie, brooke.

Sheila: No. Look, they– they never appreciated the man that you truly are. All they wanted to do is change you.

Bill: So many years, I tried to fit in with the forresters and logans. Truth is I’ve never could. I’m a different breed from those people. Like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. And I will never do that again.

Sheila: You’re not gonna need to with me, you never will. Because I admire the man that you truly are. The man that wears the sword that supplies us. What he truly is about. The man that I love.

Bill: Works both ways. What you’ve brought to my life. Appreciation, openness, acceptance. You’re what I need. I love you, sheila.

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