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Kristen starts to go upstairs when the doorbell rings again. Kristen answers the door to see Chloe. Kristen tries to shut the door but Chloe says they need to talk about how Kristen tried to steal her life.

At the hospital, Brady tells Johnny that he can’t believe he ever loved Kristen. Brady asks how he’s supposed to face Roman and Steve. Johnny assures Brady that none of it is his fault as Kristen is the reason they lost their wives. Brady admits he’s afraid now that his dad is going to join them. Johnny encourages that John will find a way to save Marlena somehow. Brady decides he will go check on him in the chapel. Johnny says to tell him he’s praying for her too.

At the police station, Jada finishes a call with Indonesian authorities and there is still no trace of Dr. Rolf. Rafe remarks that Dr. Rolf is a master of disappearing and this time, he had the help of Rafe’s new brother in law.

Li interrupts Gabi and Stefan’s argument in the town square. Li tells Stefan that he can’t talk to Gabi like that and that he owes her an apology. Stefan agrees and tells Gabi that he’s sorry that she’s nothing but a cold, bottom feeding snake who only cares about herself. Li declares that’s enough and punches Stefan down. Stefan gets up and guesses they are even which Gabi questions. Stefan remarks that Li must have gotten his ego bruised when he knocked him on his ass earlier. Li argues that this isn’t about what he did to him, but what he did to Gabi. Stefan mocks Li suddenly being the hero in the story after he lied to Gabi and rewired his brain. Stefan remarks that Li probably didn’t to do any of that because he probably would’ve ended up hating Gabi anyway. Stefan declares that Gabi and Li deserve each other as he storms off. Li asks Gabi if she’s alright. Gabi says she’s fine. Li states that Stefan is wrong about her and that he knows who she really is.

Rafe tells Jada that he promised Gabi that he would make Li pay for what he did to her but without Dr. Rolf, there’s not enough concrete evidence and Li gets away with it. Steve then arrives and suggests they arrest Li’s accomplice, Kristen DiMera, instead.

Kristen tells Chloe that she’s really busy and not in the mood for this. Chloe doesn’t give a damn as they have a lot to catch up on. Chloe brings up Kristen blackmailing Brady in to breaking up with her, threatening the people he loves so she could move in with him, and then brainwashing her own brother to distract her from Brady. Kristen suggests Chloe put this in an e-mail but Chloe says it’s so much better saying it to her face. Kristen asks if she’s done. Chloe says she’s just getting started because none of that compares to what she did to Kate and Kayla. Chloe argues that Kate and Kayla are dead because of Kristen hiding the orchid and now Marlena is clinging to life. Chloe asks what Kristen has to say about any of this. Kristen responds that she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Brady joins John in the chapel. Brady says he’s sorry to interrupt. John asks if something happened to Marlena. Brady says there’s no change and he just wanted to check on him. John claims he’s okay but then admits he’s not good and cries that he can’t believe he’s losing her.

Johnny joins Allie in a hospital waiting room. Johnny asks how Marlena is. Allie says she’s the same and she didn’t want to leave but she’s only allowed two visitors at a time and Will and Eric are in now. Johnny is sure they will let them know if anything changes. Johnny asks if she’s okay. Allie starts to cry and asks what they are supposed to do without Marlena if she doesn’t get better. Johnny hugs her.

Brady tells John that he’s sorry and blames himself for Marlena being in the hospital since he let Kristen hold the serum over his head for months. John understands he was in an impossible situation. Brady feels he made the wrong choice and talks about John knowing there had to be a reason that he moved Kristen into the house. Brady wanted to tell him the truth so many times. John recalls finding Brady going through Kristen’s stuff and Brady almost told him everything but Kristen walked in and it was like she sucked the life right out of him. Brady admits that he caved to Kristen’s threats. Brady keeps thinking he should’ve just told John but he didn’t and now, Kate and Kayla are gone. Brady shouts that Kristen should be locked up but he’s really sorry.

Chloe questions Kristen acting like she doesn’t know what she did. Kristen continues to claim to have no idea what she’s talking about. Chloe tells Kristen that Brady told her everything about how she blackmailed him and withheld the treatment. Kristen continues to play dumb. Chloe argues that she doesn’t get to act like none of this happened. Kristen claims it didn’t. Chloe shouts that Kristen doesn’t get to gaslight her and her entire life then pretend it never happened. Chloe grabs a fireplace poker to threaten her with. Kristen laughs at her and asks if Chloe is going to kill her. Chloe responds that she just might.

Steve complains to Rafe that Kristen is a murderer since she’s the reason Kate and Kayla died as she could’ve helped them but chose not to. Rafe assures that he’s just as disgusted but he can’t arrest Kristen because they have no direct evidence or confession. Steve reveals that actually they do and plays his recording of Kristen confessing from the device he planted in the DiMera Mansion. Steve declares that it sounds like a confession to him. Rafe questions where he got that recording. Steve says he acquired it himself. Rafe guesses Steve planted a bug in the DiMera Mansion. Jada asks if Kristen just admitted everything to him. Steve says it wasn’t to him but he caused a distraction, allowing him to plant the bug, and as soon as he left, she spilled everything to Johnny, so now they have a confession straight from Kristen’s mouth. Rafe says it’s great that it confirms everything they suspected about Kristen, but they can’t use it.

Allie tells Johnny that she is so grateful that her and Kate were on good terms in the end, since she was so upset with her for keeping quiet about Lucas kidnapping Sami. Johnny asks how she was able to get past that. Allie explains that she realized that Kate wasn’t trying to hurt her and she was protecting her dad. Allie repeats that she’s so grateful because she was able to tell Kate that she forgives her and loves her. Johnny assures that Kate always knew, just like Marlena knows how much they love her. Allie cries that it’s not enough as she wants to make more memories.

Brady tells John that he was in constant fear that Kristen would destroy the orchid and let them all get sick again if he told anyone, but it happened anyway. Brady feels it’s on his head because he didn’t have the guts to tell John. John insists that he has nothing to apologize for since who knows what Kristen would have done if he told him. John states that Brady is the reason that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla survived the first time since if Brady didn’t sacrifice his happiness, they would have never got treatment and they would’ve lost them months ago. John adds that Brady is the only reason that Kristen didn’t let Marlena die.

Chloe orders Kristen to admit that she let Kate and Kayla die. Kristen argues that they both know she’s not going to kill anyone. Chloe warns that she’s done it before. Stefan runs in and questions what Chloe is doing. Chloe remarks that she’s doing what she should’ve done a long time ago and taking her life back. Kristen mocks that she’s lost her mind. Chloe complains that Kristen is acting like they don’t all know she’s a murderer. Stefan urges Chloe that the fireplace poker is not the answer. Stefan reminds Chloe that she has too much to live for and that this is not the way to do it. Chloe drops the poker and runs out of the room. Kristen thanks Stefan for coming when he did. Stefan tells her not to thank him and that she’s lucky he doesn’t use it on her himself.

Gabi says she needs to go but Li stops her and asks why Stefan was so angry at her since he thought she convinced him to get his programming reversed. Gabi responds that she thought so too. Li asks what happened. Gabi tells him that they couldn’t find Dr. Rolf, so she tried to ask Marlena for help at the hospital. Li points out that Marlena is very sick. Gabi argues that helping people is what Marlena does. Li knows her intentions were good because she’s a passionate person who goes after what she wants. Li tells Gabi that Stefan had no right to lash out at her like that as she doesn’t deserve that. Gabi remarks that this isn’t about what she deserves. Li asks what it is about then. Gabi says no to Li standing up for her or comforting her. Gabi blames Li for Stefan treating her this way. Li tries to stop her from leaving but Gabi pushes him away, hurting Li’s hand in the process.

Allie talks to Johnny about all the times that Marlena helped her and saved her. Allie says she wouldn’t have gotten through Charlie raping her if it wasn’t for Marlena. Allie doesn’t think she could have rebuilt her life if not for Marlena. Johnny states that Marlena has done that for so many people, but they got to call her Grandma while to everyone else, she was a friend, a legend, and a hero. Johnny hopes that while Marlena is lying in the bed, she can feel all the love of everyone whose lives she has touched.

John tells Brady that he’s not upset with the choices he made. John says he’s grateful for what Brady did for Marlena. John acknowledges that Brady gave up the woman he loves for Marlena. Brady argues that Marlena is John’s life and talks about how hard it is to see John being afraid of losing her. John encourages that it won’t happen and that Marlena is a fighter. John declares that their story is far from over. Brady says he believes that and talks about their lives together as a family. Brady jokes about all the crap he gave Marlena when he was a kid. John admits he was a handful but says none of that matters now. Brady tells John that he loves Marlena like his own mom. John knows that’s why Kristen threatened Marlena, because she knew that Brady would do anything to help her. Brady assures that Marlena would have done the same for him as John hugs him.

Gabi asks if Li hurt his hand punching Stefan. Li tells her it’s fine but Gabi asks to take a look. Gabi tells him that his knuckles look bad, so he might need an x-ray. Li tells her that it was worth it. Gabi argues that nobody asked him to defend her honor. Li says nobody had to. Gabi decides to go get him some ice.

Stefan asks if Kristen is going to gaslight him and tell him that she wasn’t part of the scheme to monkey with his brain. Kristen says she was just playing with Chloe while they are family, so they can speak honestly with each other. Stefan argues that if Chloe used the fireplace poker on her, she would have deserved it. Kristen asks if he’s here to take revenge on her now too. Stefan thinks he’s entitled to it after everything she did to him, so she could hold onto Brady. Kristen argues that they could come up with a lot of things he’s done in the name of love. Stefan responds that he’s never withheld life saving treatment from three innocent women. Kristen argues that she gave them the serum. Stefan complains that two of them are now dead, all because she couldn’t stand the fact that Brady and Chloe were together. Kristen argues that she and Brady have a daughter, so if he had a child, he would understand. Stefan responds that he understands Brady kicked her out and there’s no coming back from this one, especially if Marlena dies. Kristen asks if she’s just supposed to let Rachel go. Stefan says it’s her only option since Brady has full custody and any judge would see to it that she’s never allowed near Rachel. Kristen asks who the hell he thinks he is. Stefan declares that he’s the son of a bitch that she can’t control anymore. Stefan says he can’t even stand to look at her anymore and screams at her to get out of his sight so she leaves the room.

Rafe tells Steve that he recorded Kristen without permission or a warrant, so this would be an illegal search. Steve questions it being admissible if one of the parties consented it. Jada asks if that means Johnny knew he was recording. Steve calls it possible while Rafe argues that he can’t falsify evidence. Steve insists that the confession is real and suggests Rafe use it to pressure Kristen into pleading guilty. Rafe feels Kristen is too cagey for that. Steve suggests going to Melinda then. Rafe insists that he can’t do it because the law is the law. Jada interrupts and says she actually may have a loophole they can use.

Johnny tells Allie that he spent all that time trying to make that movie about Marlena’s life, but he picked the wrong thing to focus on. Johnny says he wrote a script about the worst thing to happen to her because he thought it would be scary or cool, but the Marlena Evans Story could’ve been about so many other things. Johnny gets a call from Rafe, who asks him to come to the police station as it’s pretty important. Johnny says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Allie asks if everything is okay. Johnny says he doesn’t know and that Rafe just asked him to come to the station. Johnny asks Allie if she’s sure she will be okay here. Allie admits she’s not but she has a lot of friends and family to lean on. Johnny hugs Allie and tells her that he loves her. Allie says she loves him too as Johnny then exits.

Brady tells John that what really bugs him about this is that he should’ve forced Kristen’s hand sooner since he knew Marlena and the others would eventually need another dose of the serum. Brady feels if he did something sooner, they would have got to the orchid in time. John encourages him not to second guess himself and points out that he and Eric did do something eventually. Brady credits Eric for coming up with the idea since he knew Rachel would be their best bargaining chip and that Kristen would do anything for her.

Kristen brings Rachel to the park where they sit on the bench with hot chocolate. Rachel asks about Kristen leaving the house since Brady said it was because she did bad things. Kristen tells Rachel that the reason she had to leave was because of Chloe. Rachel says she doesn’t like her. Kristen calls Chloe selfish and dangerous. Kristen adds that Chloe is the reason they can’t be together.

Chloe rejoins Stefan in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan brings her a glass of water. Chloe questions if she really threatened to murder Kristen with a fireplace poker. Chloe complains that Kristen was pretending to be innocent and taunting her, so she just lost it. Stefan understands Chloe was trying to take back her life. Chloe says there’s just something about Kristen that makes her lose all rational thought. Chloe asks if Stefan is freaked out. Stefan says he thought she was badass and noble. Stefan feels Chloe is justified after everything Kristen has put them through. Chloe asks if Stefan has spoken to Gabi and if they were able to get Dr. Rolf’s programming reversed.

Gabi returns to Li with a bucket of ice. Li tells her that he really appreciates it and she didn’t have to do this. Gabi then dumps the bucket on Li’s head instead. Gabi mocks Li thinking she was going to help him after everything he’s done to her.

Johnny goes to the police station. Rafe thanks him for coming. Johnny asks what’s going on. Rafe explains that Steve has some potential evidence, so they’d like him to hear it. Steve then plays the recording of Kristen confessing to Johnny. Johnny questions how he got that. Steve reveals that he planted a recording device because he couldn’t let Kristen get away with what she did and it was the only way to get justice for Kayla. Johnny says he understands and asks if they can use it to nail Kristen. Rafe says not exactly. Steve says that’s where Johnny comes in. Johnny doesn’t understand. Rafe explains that the recording was made without consent. Steve says that’s assuming Johnny didn’t know he planted the bug. Rafe wants to make sure that Johnny knows no one is asking him to lie. Johnny asks what he can do. Jada explains that Johnny heard Kristen say these things directly so it’s not hearsay. Johnny questions if they are asking him to testify in court against his aunt. Rafe says what they need is a sworn statement that he had a conversation with Kristen about the Orchid and that this is the conversation. Rafe says that should be enough to get an arrest warrant for Kristen. Steve asks if he’s willing to do that. Johnny says of course he will.

Stefan informs Chloe that he did speak to Gabi and he doesn’t think it will be so easy to undo what Dr. Rolf did as Li apparently sent him to parts unknown and not even the police have any leads. Chloe brings up Brady saying that Gabi thought Marlena might could help reverse it. Stefan complains that Gabi didn’t give a damn that Marlena is practically on her deathbed. Chloe remarks that when Gabi wants something, very little stands in her way. Chloe is sorry that Stefan hit a dead end. Stefan says he’s actually kind of relieved. Chloe brings up that Gabi said Stefan made up his mind that he wanted to be deprogrammed. Stefan says when he found out what Dr. Rolf did, he felt violated and wanted to get back to normal. Chloe asks if he means the guy who fell in love with Gabi. Stefan says when he just saw her, he was repulsed by her actions and the fact that she is so blinded by what she wants that she wouldn’t even think about what Marlena’s family is going through. Stefan declares that he can’t be with somebody like that. Stefan asks if Chloe wants to be back with Brady, now that she knows he dumped her because of Kristen’s blackmailing.

John tells Brady about how many regrets he has. Brady points out that Kayla and Kate are gone, so there’s no way to take that back. John says Marlena has no time to lose, so all his energy has to go in to getting her home, happy and healthy. Brady asks if there’s anything he can do. John says he’s doing it just by being here. Brady asks what the doctors are saying. John says they are just giving the best care they can, while he has every Black Patch agent trying to find Dr. Rolf and the Orchid. Brady guesses they are doing all they can do. John notes that there is one more thing. John and Brady then sit together to pray.

Li tells Gabi that he shouldn’t have expected her to help him after all the lies he told her. Gabi questions why he’s smiling. Li explains that what he’s been most afraid of is not that she’s angry at him, but that she didn’t care anymore and the passion was gone. Li says that she went to the Salem Inn to fill a bucket of ice to make him think she was going to help, only to dump it on his head. Li remarks that if that’s not passion, he doesn’t know what is. Gabi storms off in frustration.

Chloe informs Stefan that she did talk to Brady and he explained how he never stopped loving her and how it was torture when Kristen forced him to break up with her. Chloe confirms that Brady asked if she would take him back and if they could pick up where they left off. Stefan asks what she told him. Chloe responds that she told Brady that when he broke up with her, her heart was broken and she felt like her entire life was just falling apart while Stefan was there to help her put it back together again. Chloe says Stefan helped her heal and she developed real feelings for him. Stefan is glad to hear her say that. Chloe brings up that Gabi would say Stefan only cared about her because he was programmed to. Stefan says at first sure, but he’s not a machine and his feelings grow and change. Stefan assures that his feelings for her are very strong and real. Stefan calls Chloe the only one he wants to be with.

Steve thanks Johnny for doing this even though Kristen is his family. Johnny responds that Steve is family too and so was aunt Kayla. Steve assures that Kayla would be proud of him. Johnny hopes so and promises to do whatever he can to get justice for Kayla, even if it means sending his aunt Kristen to prison forever.

Stefan and Chloe are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Stefan answers the door to see Rafe and Jada. Stefan asks what he can do for them. Rafe reveals they have a warrant for the arrest of Kristen DiMera. Stefan responds that he’s sorry but she’s not there. Jada asks where she is.

Kristen tells Rachel that she can’t see her anymore because Chloe told Brady to make her leave and go away. Rachel wants their family to be together. Kristen says she does too, but that’s not going to happen right now. Kristen tells Rachel that the two of them can be together, but they can’t stay here anymore. Kristen asks Rachel what she says about them leaving Salem together.

Allie rushes in to the chapel and tells John and Brady that they both have to come now as it’s about Marlena.

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