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Katie: You could stop this right now.

Sheila: Now, why would he want to do that?

Katie: She’s done something to you. I can see that. You don’t have to let her hold you hostage.

Sheila: He’s with me of his own free will.

Katie: I don’t know why you’re blackmailing steffy and finn. I don’t know why. I don’t need to know why. But they’re terrified. They won’t testify against her because of your threats. And I don’t understand why you would do that, why you would use all of your power and your influence to defend her. To do what? To keep her out of prison because you’re in some kind of relationship. It’s just crazy. It’s ludicrous. I don’t believe it. I will never accept it.

Sheila: You don’t have a choice.

Katie: This is not the kind of man you want to be. This is not the man I fell in love with. This is not the father, the good father that I know. You’re letting her walk all over you. Why? Stop it. Snap out of it, bill.

Finn: Ever since sheila has come into our lives, it’s just been one nightmare after another.

Steffy: No. She’s not giving up. And now she’s free. Bill’s blackmailing us. When will this ever end?

Finn: I don’t know. But I’ll tell you one thing. I will not let her anywhere near us or the kids. Sheila is done hurting our family.


Liam: Yo, hello? Hey.

Steffy: Hey.

Uh, can we–

> Finn: Yeah, yeah, come in.

Hope: We just spoke to my mom, and apparently sheila’s been set free.

Liam: What the hell? How does that happen?

Hope: You had your meeting with the gentleman.

Liam: Weren’t you going to explain how sheila shot you and left you for dead?

Hope: So what happened? Was there some kind of mix up?

Finn: No.

Steffy: We wish.

Liam: Okay, so you did meet with the judge.

Finn: We were right there in his chambers.

Hope: And what, he didn’t believe you? I mean, sheila shot you both.

Liam: How does she get set free after that? What the hell happened?

Steffy: Your father happened.

Katie: This is not okay, and you know it. But you can fix it. You can fix it. Just pick up the phone and call the police. You’ve got to get her back into custody.

Sheila: Who do you think set me free?

Katie: Shut up. This is between bill and me. I know him better than anybody, and this is not you. You’re not blind. You’re not. You know, deep down, how messed up this is. You know about her, what she’s done, the horrible, horrific crimes that she’s committed. Come on, bill. Think about will, okay? Think about– think about your grandchild. Think about kelly. This woman– this woman was gonna leave her motherless. This woman was gonna take her mother away from her. She was going to let steffy bleed out in that alley. Steffy, who I know you care about. That’s who she is. You have vowed to protect your family. You do. That’s who you are. That’s who we need you to be right now. We need you to stand up and to protect us. Please. Protect us from sheila. (Music throughout)

Liam: Wait. Hold on a second. So… my dad is siding with sheila and blackmailing you?

Steffy: My mom’s freedom for sheila’s freedom.

Liam: He promised he would never say a word, that he would never go to the police.

Steffy: The most shameful night of my mom’s life. You know how much she regrets that night. Losing control and going over bill’s house.

Liam: You don’t have to explain to us. We were all there. We all went through it. It’s a traumatizing experience for everyone involved. And I know we all tried to move on from that.

Finn: There’s only a few people who know it was taylor who shot bill.

Hope: And so what, now he’s just trying to throw it back in your face?

Finn: You can see why we had to say silent about sheila.

Hope: As much as I hate sheila and… I want her to pay for her crimes, I just couldn’t risk my mom’s freedom.

Liam: Hey, no, we all get that. But, like, what about all the other stuff sheila did, all the other charges? She escaped from prison, for god’s sake.

Finn: Judge mcmullen, he concocted some wild story on how mike guthrie forced sheila to escape prison against her will.

Liam: What? That’s absurd. Why would he do that?

Finn: Your father.

Hope: Do you think he put the judge up to it?

Finn: There’s no doubt

Teffy: Bill has a judge in his pocket.

Liam: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Hope: Okay, well, does taylor know about any of this?

Steffy: Yes. I had to tell her. My mom wanted to do the honorable thing and turn herself in, but I begged her not to do it.

Finn: Especially since bill will just bribe whoever it takes to make sure sheila stays out of prison.

Liam: But why? What is the motivation for that? My dad hates sheila carter. He’s never said a single nice thing about her.

Steffy: There’s nothing nice about her. The only thing that’s good about her is that she gave birth to finn.

Hope: Well, exactly. So then why would bill back sheila?

Steffy: Bill and sheila are involved.


Katie: I know how important your family is to you. That’s what this is about. The sword, it’S… it’s about family. Protecting your family, the people you love. And that’s what we need you to do right now. We need you to protect us from a sociopath.

Bill: I would never let anything happen to my kids.

Katie: You need protection, too. You do, because she’s poison. She’s toxic. And I know you feel misunderstood and you feel rejected by me and by brooke and by everyone, but… but you, you are bill spencer. You are brave and you are smart and you are strong, and you know how to love. You know how to love. I know you do, because you loved me once. And I know how much you love your children and your grandchildren. I know it. She can’t give you that, bill. She can’t love. She will destroy everything you care about. She will destroy everything that’s good inside of you. Don’t let her do it. Don’t sink down into the sewer with her.

Sheila: You know what? I can take a verbal beating with the best of them, and I have stood by patiently and listened to you insult me. You’re wasting your time, katie. There is nothing that you can say. And quite honestly, I mean, you have no right telling him who he can and can’t be with. Bill has already expressed himself. He said he loves me. And I love him. We are building a future together.

Katie: The only future you have is behind bars. They will lock you up for shooting steffy and finn, and they will lock you up for almost killing li. And they will lock you up for escaping from prison. You will finally pay for all of your crimes. And you know I’m right. Tell her. Say something. Tell her I’m right.

If you have this…

Liam: Involved? Like… like in a relationship?

Steffy: Yes. We saw them kiss.

Liam: They’re, like, um…

Hope: Together.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, I… I know it’s hard to believe.


Liam: My dad and sheila carter.

Steffy: Yeah, they’re like, uh…

Hope: Okay. I don’t know what’s gotten into bill’s head. Clearly, he is not doing okay.

Liam: Not doing– not doing okay? He’s lost his damn mind is what happened.

Hope: Well, bill has made some questionable choices in the past. But this? Sheila?

Steffy: I talked to bill. I did. I talked to bill, and I asked him if someone was putting him in this position, if sheila was lording something over him, but he said no.

Liam: Wyatt and i were over at his place. Man… this was right before he turned sheila in. And we found a wig, and we found an earring. And when we knew that it was sheila’s, we thought that it was her who was targeting him. But instead, it’s– it’s– oh, god.

Steffy: Bill is totally swept up in sheila. He is completely oblivious

Hope: Of all the women in the world, bill falls for sheila? And now he’s extorting you so that her charges get dropped?

Liam: I gotta– I got to talk to him. I don’t know why he’s doing this.

Steffy: Katie’s over there now. We’re hoping that she’s able to get through to him somehow.

Katie: Bill, I hate seeing you do this to yourself.

Sheila: Now that he’s moved on, you suddenly give a damn?

Katie: He is the father of my son. We are family. I will always give a damn.

Sheila: Yeah, well, if that were true, he wouldn’t have been left in this house all alone. Huh? You wouldn’t have left when he didn’t morph into the man you wanted him to be.

Katie: Our marriage was built on love. That’s something you’ll never know.

Sheila: You’re his ex, his former wife, and you don’t get to tell him how to behave anymore. You don’t get to say that. No, especially… after you walked out on him again. He begged you, katie. He pleaded with you. He did everything right, and yet you still rejected him. You had your shot. It’s my time now. It’s our time. Mine and bill’S.

> Katie: Yours and bill’s? You’re crazy. You are crazy if you think you’re gonna have a life with him. You’re not gonna stay one more minute in this house.

Sheila: Oh, yes, I am.

Katie: Bill, listen to me, please. We are family, okay? No matter what, we are. This house, this house… this was our home. That’s where we raised our son. You remember. You remember he had– he had his first steps right over there, and we we’d have friday night movies, remember? We’d eat too much popcorn. And all those times where I tried to cook dinner, but we ended up ordering it instead. You remember that. I know you do. Because they’re beautiful memories. And please, please, god, don’t let her poison them.

Sheila: That’s ancient history. You had your shot and you blew it. You’re not a strong enough person for a powerful man like bill. You want to know why we’re such a good team?

Katie: You are not a team. She’s using you.

Sheila: Using him? Because it’s hard to believe that a woman could actually want him for the man that he is and not work day and night to try to change him? So let’s face it, katie… you’re his past. I’m the woman in his life. So why don’t you do us both a favor and leave? Skin your face will envy?

Hope: So my aunt katie is at bill’s?

Finn: And she’s not alone.

Steffy: Sheila’s there, too.

Hope: Is that safe? For her to be alone with bill and sheila?

Finn: She insisted on going by herself.

Steffy: Katie feels as though she can only reach out to bill more than anyone.

Liam: At least now I know why he’s been so closed off.

Hope: Just wait until my mother finds out about this.

Steffy: If bill continues to allow sheila to roam free, all of our lives are at risk, including our children. Katie understands what’s at stake. She has to come through for all of us.

Katie: I may not live here anymore… but this used to be my home, and it is still my son’s home. And you do not have a place here. Will is at boarding school, and you walked out ages ago. You left him alone. No support, no compassion, and you walked out on the greatest man in the world. So don’t stand there thinking that you can make demands.

Katie: Bill… I know you’re lonely. I know you’re hurting. I just didn’t realize how much. But I do now. I do. You don’t have to do this, okay? You don’t deserve this because you are loved. You are, you’re loved. You have a family who loves you, and she will never give you that. We are here for you. And I know that you will be there for us. You just have to get her out. You just have to tell her to go. She doesn’t belong here.

Sheila: This is no longer your home. You gave it up ages ago, just like you gave up bill. You have no right coming in here, telling me to leave. You’re the one that needs to leave, katie.

Katie: You won’t let her kick me out of this house. I know you won’T. Tell her. Tell her to get out. Think about our son. Think about will, how much he loves you, how much he idolizes you. He wants to be exactly like you. Well, how are you gonna explain this to him? How are you gonna explain her? He knows. He knows what she’s done.

Sheila: He’s going to have to get to know the real me and not listen to the gossip.

Katie: Oh, you are delusional if you think I’m gonna let my child anywhere near you. I will die first. And bill will not allow it either, because he knows. He knows, deep down, exactly what you are. Bill… bill, please. Please! I am begging you on everything that is right and just in this world. Make her go. Put her back in jail. Please, bill, please… tell her to get out of this house. Please.

Sheila: Okay. Now, you tell me to leave and I’ll leave.

Bill: I think you should leave, katie.

Katie: You don’t mean that.

Sheila: You heard him. You need to leave.

Katie: What’s happened to you?

Sheila: What’s happened to him? He’s finally found love. For the first time in his life.


[Door slamming] Hey… I know that that wasn’t easy. Thank you, though. I felt heard and understood. For the first time, I… I really felt wanted. And accepted. But most importantly, is… I feel loved. I feel truly loved.

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