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Update written by Barbara

After finding Billy sitting on the floor in front of her apartment door, Chelsea has him come inside, where he informs her that his relationship with Lily is over. Beyond that, he doesn’t want to talk specifics, so Chelsea persuades him to watch what she mentions was recently voted the dumbest movie of all time with her. As the movie plays and they’re eating popcorn, they both go from serious to smiling to laughing. Billy falls asleep on her couch so she turns the movie off and puts a blanket over him.

Shortly afterward,  Billy calls out her name in his sleep and wakes up shouting “no” as he suddenly sits up on the couch, startling both himself and Chelsea. Chelsea mentions that he had a nightmare and assures him that whatever it was about is not real.

She picks up on how he had called out her name, followed by an emphatic “no” and realizes that she hadn’t thought much about how what happened on the rooftop affected him. Bill lets her know that very often, he has troubling dreams. This leads him to talk about losing Delia and his fear when he found Chelsea standing on the rooftop wanting to end her life.

He lets her know that losing her would have been horrendous, especially having already lost his daughter. Chelsea says that she feels badly about how Billy is suffering, but he reassures her and tells her that she is a bright spot in his life right now. He adds that the world is a better place with Chelsea in it and she returns the sentiment, letting him know that the world’s a better place with Billy in it, also.

Over in the park, Lily is alone, shivering in the cold and feeling utterly miserable and defeated. Daniel comes by and when he sees her, he asks if she would like some company. Lily says that sounds nice, but she’s weary and just wants peace after the terrible day she’s had. She references her break up with Billy and Devon’s plan to jump ship from Chancellor-Winters and buy back Hamilton-Winters.

She adds that at the rate things are going, she’s concerned that Daniel won’t want to be her friend anymore. He reassures her and tells her that this is nothing to be worried about, he’ll always be her friend. He gives her words of encouragement and at one point she leans her head on his shoulder.

Lily mentions Daniel’s OmegaSphere gaming platform at Chancellor-Winters and how it could be adversely affected by the dissolution of the merger with Hamilton-Winters.  She tells him that she can’t guarantee what will or won’t make it to the next stage, but what she can guarantee is that she will do everything in her power to bring his dream to fruition. She tells him that she thinks he’s going to be a success, not just with OmegaSphere, but with anything he sets his mind to.

At The Glam Club, Noah and Nick are chatting. Noah asks about the status of Nick’s spending time with Sally. Nick tells him that things between them are not serious, that he and Sally are just enjoying each other’s company, and keeping their dating uncomplicated.

Meanwhile, in Sally’s suite, she forges ahead with working on the business pitch for Jill that she and Chloe have tomorrow. Chloe feels differently, telling Sally that they’ve gone over everything, they’re well prepared, and Sally should turn her attention to her pregnancy. Sally snaps at Chloe, shuts her down and says that she does not want to discuss it right now. Chloe counters that the clock is ticking and that soon enough, pregnancy announces itself to the world.

Chloe offers Sally a bottle of prenatal vitamins, just like she had taken when she was expecting Miles. Sally dismises her effort, which results in Chloe urging Sally to make an appointment with an OB/GYN. Sally lets Chloe know that she already had an appointment and the test at the doctor’s office was positive.

Chloe tries to convince Sally to tell Nick that she’s pregnant, but Sally is totally resistant. Chloe wonders aloud how Sally is going to keep blowing things off and explaining things away, such as why she’s no longer drinking alcohol.

Nick arrives to pick Sally up for dinner and drinks, and while he is helping Sally with her coat, Chloe discreetly puts the bottle of prenatal vitamins out on the coffee table.

At Society, Sally mentions that she is very hungry, having not eaten all day, and there’s so many delicious sounding dishes on the menu. Nick tells Sally that he’s glad her appetite has returned and jokes about them ordering one of everything on the menu. When he suggests that they should have drinks and suggests a glass of wine or spicy martini for her, she fakes a smile.

Over at the park, Daniel continues listening to Lily and trying to lift her spirits. After awhile, Lily tells Daniel that she has faith him and in his endeavor. She tells him that she may be  the last one standing at Chancellor-Winters, but if her vote counts for anything, she’s 100% behind him and his project. They gaze at the winter scene in front of them in the park.

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