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Roman sits at the Brady Pub with the urn of Kate’s ashes.

Lucas is in prison with the bottle of whiskey that Orpheus left him. Rex arrives so Lucas quickly hides the bottle in his pocket. Rex hugs Lucas and says it’s good to see him.

Stephanie is crying at home when the doorbell rings and Chad arrives. Chad apologizes for showing up without calling but he just wanted to see how she was doing. Stephanie doesn’t know how to answer that. Chad brings up losing someone you love so suddenly. Stephanie knows that he knows all too well. Chad asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Stephanie says no but she appreciates him asking. Stephanie notes that Steve is taking care of most of the arrangements. Chad says he just wanted to stop by and see if she needed anything and to give her a card from the kids.

Sonny is at the Kiriakis Mansion, texting Will to let him know when he gets in. Alex walks in, so Sonny asks how Justin is doing. Alex responds that he’s pretty broken up about Kayla but Bonnie has been great with him. Sonny can’t believe that Kayla is gone just because some evil bastard wanted to get even or something. Alex says he’s sorry. Sonny mentions feeling so bad for Stephanie, Tripp, and Joey because he knows what it’s like to lose a mother. Sonny adds that he can’t imagine what Steve is going through.

Steve enters Kayla’s empty office at the hospital and approaches her desk with tears in his eyes. Steve sits in her chair and looks at their wedding photo on the desk as he cries.

The prison guard interrupts Rex and Lucas, warning Lucas that he’s on thin ice after what happened with Orpheus. Rex wonders what he’s talking about. Lucas claims it’s nothing but Rex feels it didn’t sound like that. Lucas explains that after Rex told him about Kate, he was really upset and attacked Orpheus. Lucas adds that after Orpheus found out about Kate, he decided to express his sympathy by giving him a bottle of whiskey to ease the pain.

Alex asks Sonny if Will got his flight back. Sonny confirms that he did. Alex says that’s good so he will be there soon. Sonny hopes so, since Will already missed saying goodbye to Kate and they are all hoping Marlena pulls through, but if not, he hopes Will makes it back in time to say goodbye to her. Alex says he gets that. Sonny asks if Stephanie was able to be there with Kayla to say goodbye. Alex admits that she did not.

Stephanie tells Chad that the card was so sweet of the kids. Chad tells her that he explained to them last night that Kayla went to Heaven, so they wanted to make it for her. Stephanie reads the card where Thomas suggested they could read books together and Charlotte related to missing her mom. Chad hugs Stephanie as she starts to cry.

Steve cries that this still doesn’t seem real to him and talks about Kayla fighting the virus. Steve really thought Kayla would beat it. Steve talks about waking up this morning and expecting her to be next to him. Steve cries that even now he still expects her to walk through the door. The door to the office then opens.

Rex questions why the hell Orpheus would give whiskey to Lucas. Lucas says he’s trying to get him to fall off the wagon but he didn’t touch it or even open it. Rex asks why he doesn’t just get rid of it then. Lucas complains that it sucks in here, so he is tempted. Rex says he can only imagine. Lucas promises he won’t let Orpheus win and will try to stay strong. Rex urges him to do it for Kate. Rex asks Lucas to give him the bottle, pointing out that it’s the last thing that Kate would want.

Abe and Paulina go to the Brady Pub. Paulina hugs Roman and tells him that their hearts go out to him on the terrible tragedy. Abe hugs him and says he’s so sorry. Paulina asks how they can help. Abe adds that they’ll do whatever he needs. Roman appreciates the offer, but says Steve is taking care of Kayla’s arrangements and Kate didn’t want a funeral. Paulina asks what she wanted then, so Roman shows her the urn.

Jada enters Kayla’s office and tells Steve that she’s sorry for not knocking but Steve invites her in. Jada hopes she’s not bothering him, but Stephanie told her that he was at the hospital. Steve says he had to come sign papers so they could release Kayla’s body to the funeral home and he just wandered in to her office. Jada had a feeling this is where she would find him. Steve says all her things are just the way she left them. Steve points out Kayla’s reading glasses, her water bottle, and a vase that Stephanie made for her. Steve cries about Kayla doing everything she could to send her patients home to their families, so they wouldn’t have to go through this. Jada hugs Steve as he cries.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry as he doesn’t need to see her falling apart after everything he’s been through. Chad responds that what he needs to do is be here for her, helping her and comforting her if he can. Chad says it would help his heart. Stephanie says he’s being very kind. Chad tells Stephanie that her mom was a wonderful woman who lifted his spirits. Chad says he and Abigail loved her, like everyone did. Stephanie assures that Kayla loved Abigail, Chad, and their kids too. Stephanie states that the hardest part about it is that she didn’t get to say goodbye to Kayla. Stephanie complains that Joey and Tripp got to talk to Kayla on the phone from Seattle while she was less than five minutes from the hospital and didn’t get to. Stephanie wishes she would’ve gotten to the hospital sooner to tell Kayla how much she loved her. Chad assures that Kayla knew. Stephanie can’t believe she missed Chad’s messages and calls.

Alex informs Sonny that Stephanie came over last night and they slept together for the first time, then Chad showed up and told her that her mother was dying. Alex declares that it’s his fault that she didn’t get there in time. Sonny encourages that there’s a million reasons that Chad couldn’t reach her as she could’ve been doing anything else, so he can’t blame himself because he was making love. Alex responds that is not why he blames himself. Sonny asks why else. Alex then reveals that Chad was trying to reach Stephanie, but he turned her phone off.

Chad tells Stephanie that he’s so sorry that she didn’t get his calls. Chad says when she didn’t answer her phone, he did everything he could to find her and checked the Bistro then took a gamble in going to Alex’s house. Stephanie says it’s driving her crazy that Chad tried to call her multiple times and she never even heard the phone ring. Chad guesses she must have just turned it off. Stephanie calls that the only possible explanation but she doesn’t remember doing that.

Sonny questions Alex turning Stephanie’s phone off. Alex says he didn’t know Chad was calling to tell Stephanie that her mom was dying. Alex explains that he didn’t want Chad to interrupt them again since it happened on Christmas where he and Stephanie were about to make love but Chad showed up feeling upset, so Stephanie felt bad for him and let him stay. Sonny sees why that could be frustrating. Alex argues that it was supposed to be a romantic evening but it turned in to the three of them playing video games. Alex complains that Chad is a third wheel. Sonny tells Alex to cut Chad a break since he just lost his wife and probably doesn’t want to be alone. Alex says he feels for Chad but this is getting ridiculous. Alex brings up having a meeting scheduled with Stephanie yesterday, but instead she goes ice skating with Chad and the kids. Alex complains that it’s like every time he turns around, Chad is there. Alex admits that he saw Chad calling and turned her phone off without her knowing. Alex says he thought maybe it was just the kids calling to say goodnight and that it was harmless and she could just call back, but he had no idea that she wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to her mom.

Steve apologizes to Jada while Jada says she’s the one who should be sorry as she didn’t mean to intrude. Jada offers to come back later but Steve assures that it’s fine and he’s good now. Steve asks what Jada’s got. Jada says unfortunately not much at the moment, but if Kristen is telling the truth, they are going to track down whoever stole the Orchid. Jada says Rafe’s team is searching every inch of the secret room in the DiMera Mansion. Steve hopes they find it as it may be too late for Kayla and Kate, but he sure hopes Marlena can be spared.

Roman explains to Abe and Paulina that Kate wished to be cremated, so it’s comforting to have her urn this close to him. Roman talks about thinking it was strange how Anna carried around what she thought was Tony’s ashes but he kind of gets it now. Roman adds that it is comforting but he’s just numb right now as it doesn’t feel real. Roman guesses that’s being in denial. Paulina understands losing his wife and sister is too much. Roman agrees that it’s way too much as Paulina hugs him.

Lucas gives the whiskey bottle to Rex and thanks him for saving him from himself. Rex says he’s his brother and they have to be there for each other, especially now. Lucas asks if he told Billie and Austin yet. Rex says he talked to Austin yesterday and he’s trying to get in touch with Billie, who is on assignment. Rex adds that he spoke with Cassie so everybody knows. Lucas responds that it’s not everybody as he still has to tell Philip. Rex brings up that Philip has been missing for a year and he didn’t want to believe it, but he assumed that he died. Lucas then reveals that their brother Philip is very much alive. Rex is shocked to learn that Philip is in a mental institution and asks how he knows this. Lucas reveals that Philip framed Brady for stabbing him as he was in a complete jealous rage over Chloe and had a breakdown and if he was found out, he’d probably be in prison with him. Rex questions if Kate was okay with this. Lucas explains that Kate didn’t think Philip could handle prison so she and Victor had him sent away somewhere where he could hopefully get better. Lucas adds that Kate wanted to do the same thing for him, but he wouldn’t let her. Rex admits it doesn’t surprise him and jokes that it’s vintage mom. Lucas agrees that even when the chips were down, Kate was always looking out for her kids.

Paulina tells Roman that Kate and Kayla were such wonderful women. Paulina says she didn’t know Kayla well but she always made her feel welcome in Salem. Paulina adds that Kate was direct and honest which is why they ended up with a really good connection because they had a lot in common. Paulina says talking to Kate felt like a kindred spirit and she was lucky to know her.

Jada recalls when she was a kid, her father would speak very highly of Kayla and say how lucky Steve was to have found her. Steve says Marcus sure was right about that. Jada says living in Salem allowed her to see how amazing Kayla was. Steve states that Kayla gave her all to her friends, family, and her patients. Steve says he and the kids were the lucky ones because they had Kayla’s love. Jada encourages that Kayla will live on through their kids and her love will always stay with him in his heart.

Chad questions Stephanie not remembering turning off her phone. Stephanie confirms she doesn’t, but she knows it was off because this morning, she went to check her e-mails and had to turn it back on. Stephanie guesses she must have turned it off when she was with Alex. Chad suggests maybe she didn’t want to be disturbed. Stephanie remembers being in Alex’s room and going to the bathroom to change. Chad says that’s probably when she did it. Stephanie insists that she doesn’t remember doing it.

Alex tells Sonny that if he could go back in time, he would give anything to not have turned Stephanie’s phone off. Alex says as soon as Chad got there, they raced to the hospital but they were too late. Alex laments that if they just got there sooner, Stephanie would’ve been able to say goodbye but instead, she’s beating herself up for not having her chance. Sonny asks what Alex is going to do. Alex doesn’t think there’s anything he can do as he obviously can’t fix this. Sonny responds that he can’t, but he could tell Stephanie the truth and come clean about what really happened.

Paulina goes to fix her makeup. Roman tells Abe that he married a really good woman and he appreciates all the good things Paulina said about Kate and Kayla. Abe assures that she meant every word as she was fond of both of them. Abe brings up how close he was to Kate and Kayla. Abe says he loved Kayla almost like his own sister. Abe admits he and Kate had their issues over the years, but they ended up being very good friends. Abe jokes that Kate did drive him crazy sometimes but that’s because she was a force to be reckoned with. Abe notes that when Kate wanted something, she made sure she got it as he hugs Roman.

Lucas tells Rex that he has to go to the sanitarium to tell Philip what happened. Rex asks where he is. Lucas informs him that Roman can give him all the details. Rex questions Roman knowing about this too. Lucas explains that Kate wasn’t going to lie to Roman, so she told him everything. Lucas assures that Roman will be able to point him in the right direction. Rex agrees to go. Lucas thanks him and knows he’ll break the news gently. Rex says he doesn’t want to make Philip’s life any worse or more difficult than it already is. Rex declares that now that Kate is gone, the siblings have to stick together.

Chad understands why Stephanie can’t stop replaying what happened last night and trying to figure out why she didn’t get the messages. Chad mentions that Marlena told him that thinking you could change the outcome is just a way to feel like you still have control. Chad relates to when Abigail died and how he kept thinking if he didn’t take the kids to the movies or if they just went to Boston that night, things would be different. Chad says it took a long time for him to realize it wasn’t his fault as there was no way to know what was going to happen. Stephanie is sorry to keep harping on this but says she hardly ever turns her phone off, so for it to be off just when she needed it the most. Chad is sorry that it’s making this so much harder for her. Stephanie mentions that when she saw Chad called, she just wanted to turn back time and answer the call, so she would’ve run to the hospital to see Kayla and held her in her arms. Stephanie breaks down crying as Chad hugs her.

Alex tells Sonny that he can’t tell Stephanie the truth or she’ll hate him and it won’t change anything. Sonny argues that it can’t change last night but it can change what happens going forward. Sonny questions if he really wants to start their relationship with this huge secret hanging over his head. Alex argues that the whole point is that they just started, so if he tells her this, they are done. Sonny questions what kind of relationship they will have if he doesn’t tell her. Sonny asks if Alex is comfortable lying to Stephanie about something this important.

Jada goes to the Brady Pub and picks up her lunch order from Roman. Jada notes that she didn’t come just for lunch. Jada says she hasn’t had a moment to tell him how sorry she is about Kayla and Kate. Roman thanks her and says that means a lot. Jada knows it goes without saying how she felt about Kayla, but she wanted him to know how kind Kate was to her. Roman knows Kate liked her a lot and says she was a good person to have in her corner. Roman adds that he sure was lucky to have her in his.

The prison guard informs Rex that visiting hours are over. Lucas thanks Rex for coming and for everything. Rex tells Lucas to take care of himself for the sake of everyone who cares about him, including him. Rex then goes to the prison guard and warns him to tell Orpheus to stop pushing booze on his brother, or he will go to the warden and have him fired. Rex looks back to Lucas and declares that Kate Roberts’ kids stick together. Rex then exits the prison.

Abe joins Steve in Kayla’s office. Abe mentions running in to Jada at the Pub, who told him where he could find Steve. Steve appreciates Abe checking up on him, but claims he’s fine and just had to come make some arrangements. Abe asks if he can help with anything. Steve says he can handle it but thanks him. Abe knows Steve knows that Kayla was one of his closest friends and he was far from the only one. Abe tells Steve that Kayla touched so many lives and they want to do what would make her happy. Abe declares that right now, that means looking after Steve. Abe hugs Steve as he cries and thanks him.

Stephanie thanks Chad for coming by and saying all the right things. Chad tells her that he’s around if she wants to talk. Stephanie thanks him and says she appreciates that. Stephanie thanks the kids for her card and says she loves it. Chad tells her that the kids are crazy about her. Chad tells her not to hesitate to call him anytime and he’ll be there. Stephanie thanks him again. Chad then exits the house.

Alex tells Sonny that he’s not comfortable lying to Stephanie and he wasn’t trying to hurt her, but he just made a mistake. Sonny argues that this mistake is eating him up inside and the longer he waits, the more it’s going to hurt. Sonny asks what if Stephanie figures the truth out on her own. Alex questions how she would figure that out. Sonny doesn’t know but says it’s sure as hell possible and then she will know that he didn’t just turn off her phone, but he lied about it too. Sonny suggests it would be better if she just found out the truth from him.

Steve breaks down crying at Kayla’s desk.

Rex goes to the Brady Pub and tells Roman that he just came from seeing Lucas. Roman asks how he’s holding up. Rex says that Lucas is holding up the best he can and he also told him about Philip. Roman apologizes for not being the one to tell him. Rex understands that he was doing what’s best for him. Rex adds that Lucas wants him to go to the sanitarium to tell Philip about Kate. Roman agrees that he should. Rex asks if he’s sure as he doesn’t want to leave him alone. Roman appreciates his concern but he wants him to go. Roman says that Philip needs to know what happened and Rex is the best person to tell him. Roman adds that it’s what Kate would’ve wanted as they hug.

Chad walks through the town square and runs in to Sonny. Sonny tells Chad that he’s sorry about Kate. Chad thanks him and responds that he’s sorry about his aunt Kayla. Chad mentions just seeing Stephanie. Sonny asks how she’s doing. Chad says she’s in a lot of grief, obsessing over not getting his call last night which is why she didn’t get to say goodbye to her last night. Sonny says that’s got to be tough for her. Chad notes that she’s in a lot of pain and beating herself up for turning off her phone…

Stephanie sits down at home and thinks back to when she went to the bathroom to freshen up before being with Alex. Alex then shows up at her door and says he just stopped by to check on her as he hugs her. Stephanie says she’s glad because there is something she has to ask him. Stephanie then asks Alex if he turned her phone off when she went to the bathroom to change.

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