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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis is distracted while Daniel tries tries to get her to prepare a top notch tech team for his gaming platform.  Choking back tears, she tells him she is upset because Summer chose Diane over her. Daniel decides to let Phyllis know about his conversation with Summer and what Summer told him about being in the middle of her mother and Kyle’s mother.

Daniel also lets Phyllis know that Summer feels there’s Diane’s presence in all of their lives poses a risk, due to Diane’s association with a criminal. Daniel urges Phyllis to reach out to her daughter. Phyllis decides he’s right, and heads  to the Abbott house to find Summer and make amends with her.

Meanwhile, at the Abbott house, Diane is having second thoughts about stealing from Nikki. Jack mentions that Nikki is the ideal victim and urges Diane to move ahead with the plan.

When Ashley comes into the living room, she angrily mentions that Diane and Jack are  “conspiring”. Diane says that she doesn’t want to come between Ashley and Jack, which causes Ashley to storm out of the house. She goes over to Tucker’s suite at The Grand Phoenix. Apologizing for showing up unannounced, Ashley complaining vigorously that Diane is basically around all the time and has “infected” her family “like a virus.”

Tucker and Ashley start flirting, and land in bed. Smiling in the afterglow, Ashley admits to Tucker how she hates that she loves this and does not consider it evidence that things between them will work. Tucker realizes he shouldn’t push it and goes to take a shower. This gives Ashley the opportunity to look through some of his files.

One of them is a set of plans for a company named Ashley Abbott Beauty Incorporated, another is all of Jabot’s financial information. Tucker catches Ashley snooping tells her that what she found was an “exploratory” way of making a connection with her before he came to town. Tucker mentions that Ashley completely changed his agenda and tells Ashley that he knows she’s aware that’s happening between them is real.

After Devon gets information from his source that connects Audra and Tucker, he summons Audra to Chancellor-Winters. Lily is there when Devon confronts Audra and accuses her of being a traitor. Devon lets Audra know he’s aware that her phone’s text tone is the same as the one on Tucker’s phone, so clearly the two of them have been in cohoots.

In addition, Devon tells Audra he found out that the company with the name of the first song Tucker ever produced paid off her student loans. Audra admits that she knows Tucker, but  denies that anything shady is going on and tries to keep the Chancellor-Winters IPO moving forward. Lily speaks up, declaring that Audra is fired, and suggests that Devon have security escort Audra off the premises. Audra tries one final time for Devon to allow her to keep her job, but he won’t won’t back down. Any and all trust between Devon and Audra is broken.

After Audra makes a vague reference to the possibility of going to work for the competition, Devon reminds her that she signed a NDA she signed and tells her that if she violates it, she’ll end up in court by the end of the day. As Audra leaves, she tells Devon that it’s his loss. She also makes a snide remark about him being a poor judge of character because he keeps letting “foxes into the hen house.” She mentions his cousin, his father and now her, and tells him he has been played more than once.

Audra goes over to Society, where she runs into Nate at the bar. She tells him that she’s there to celebrate. She proposes a toast because she has moved on from Chancellor-Winters. She says that she is about to start on her next adventure. Nate wonders why she left Chancellor-Winters before the company goes public, and Audra tells him that that everything is in order for the IPO and they don’t need for what comes next. She does not let on that she did not leave Chancellor-Winters of her own volition, that she was fired.

Nate mentions that he could use a COO at Newman Media, and she’d be a potentially good fit for the position. He lets her know that if she’s interested, she can throw her hat in the ring. He also tells her, however, that he can’t promise her anything. Audra says that she finds the situation intriguing and tells Nate to consider her hat tossed.

Devon bangs on the door to Tucker’s suite and interrupts Tucker’s time with Ashley. After Devon announces that any relationship that he had with Tucker is over, he lets Tucker know he’s aware that Audra was a plant at Tucker at Chancellor-Winters for Tucker. Devon accuses Tucker of trying to scoop up a controlling interest in the company before it would go public.

Tucker tries to explain, but Devon rages about how Tucker’s talk is “BS on top of BS” and lets him know hat Audra was fired from Chancellor-Winters. He adds that Tucker will no longer have access to his him, to his son and now that Audra’s out of the picture he won’t have access to anything relating to the family company.

Devon accuses himself of self-interest and greed. Tucker tells Devon that he’s misunderstanding the circumstances and is dangerously close to crossing the line with him. Devon is aghast that Tucker would even say something like this in light of all the lying he has done. He strongly

Devon lets him know that after what has transpired, he will make sure there’s no one in town who will ever defend Tucker for the rest of his life. He strongly suggests that Tucker leave Genoa City that night. After Devon storms out, Ashley, who witnessed the altercation, tells Tucker that she never trusted Tucker anyway, and sleeping with him and seemingly enjoying it was all an act.

She adds that she happened to be in the right place at the right time to witness what she did between Devon and Tucker, so she has seen the kind of person Tucker can be. However, after leaving Tucker’s suite, Ashley pauses in the hall, looking sad and pensive. Tucker slams his door and hurls a bunch of papers across the room.

Lily goes to Crimson Lights, where she bumps into Daniel. He asks how she’s doing and she references a work crisis that she didn’t see coming. She adds that she doesn’t want to go home yet so Daniel and just wants to stay at the coffeehouse for awhile and “talk about things that don’t matter”. He agrees to hang out with her.

Meanwhile, Diane is at the Abbott house with Jack and lets him know that she has the desire to kiss him again and what she is feeling is not a hold over from years ago or about gratitude for  how wonderful he has been to her since she got back to town. She tells him that what she feels now is different becauuse she is different.

Jack says that this is good to know and wonders why she is telling him now. She replies that it’s because she’s going to have a difficult time going through with their plan and pretend that she wants to spend time with Jeremy feeling the way she does about Jack. This leads to them kissing passionately.

When Phyllis shows up at the Abbott house, looking for Summer, before ringing the bell, she looks through the glass panes in the front door and sees Jack and Diane kissing. She leaves and winds up at the Glam Club sitting alone in misery. Tucker comes over with a drink in his hand, sits down next to her and mentions that she looks the way he feels.  When Phyllis asks him how does she look and how does he feel, he replies by asking her if she’s ready to “burn it all down”.

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