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Alex lays in bed and waits for Stephanie as she’s freshening up in the bathroom. Stephanie’s phone rings again with a call from Chad. Alex sees it and questions Chad calling again and not taking a hint. Alex rejects the call again and declares that Chad is not interrupting them this time.

At the hospital, Chad leaves a message for Stephanie, saying she needs to get to the hospital right away as it’s her mom. Chad hangs up and worries that Stephanie doesn’t have much time.

Steve brings Kayla water in her hospital bed. Kayla remarks that nothing should surprise them about Kristen, but she can’t believe Kristen would knowingly put three people’s lives at risk because of her obsession with Brady. Steve tells her not to worry about Kristen and to focus on beating this thing and getting better. Kayla wishes she had his optimism but worries about not getting the orchid soon. Steve tells Kayla that they need to keep the faith.

John takes care of Marlena at home. John says Brady is out looking for the orchid with a couple of Black Patch investigators. Marlena wonders if Kristen is lying about the orchid being stolen and says she wouldn’t put it past her. John agrees that he wouldn’t put anything past Kristen, but he thinks she’s on the level this time. Marlena guesses they just have to hope they find it before it’s too late.

After Rex announces Kate’s death, Roman urges him to do more but Rex cries that they’ve done all they can and he’s sorry but Kate is gone. Roman says they just found their way back to each other and they were going to get it right this time. Rex decides to give them a moment alone. Rex tells Roman that Kate told him many times how happy Roman made her and that she loved him very much. Rex then exits the room.

Steve reminds Kayla of how many times they’ve overcome obstacles that they didn’t think were possible over the years. Steve credits the power of their love. Kayla asks Steve to go check on Roman and Kate, but Steve says they have each other so he’s not going to leave her side. Kayla assures that she’s fine and stable and has her call button. Kayla points out that Kate was worse than her, so she just needs him to go check if Roman and Kate are okay. Steve agrees if that’s what she wants and says he won’t be gone long as he then exits the room.

Chad tries calling Stephanie again. Alex says he’s relentless but says not tonight as he rejects Chad’s call for a third time. Stephanie then comes back from the bathroom in her underwear and asks Alex if it was worth the wait. Alex says definitely as she gets in bed and they start kissing.

John tells Marlena that he has a theory about who could have taken the Orchid. Marlena asks who it is. John asks who else, but the maniac that put this whole thing in motion.

Orpheus is in prison, reading The Art of War.

Marlena questions John thinking that Orpheus has the Orchid. John says that Orpheus’ reach goes far beyond prison, so he could have easily had someone do it for him. Marlena guesses John will be taking a trip to prison but John says he doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her like this. Marlena points out that Eric is there if she needs anything, so John decides he will take a quick trip. Marlena assures that she will be fine because she has John to live for. John tells her that he loves her and kisses her.

Lucas goes to the prison waiting room but sees Orpheus and decides that he will come back later. Orpheus then tells him not to leave on his account and asks about seeing his lovely mother here earlier. Lucas warns him to watch what he says about his mother. Orpheus says he was just paying her a compliment. Orpheus remarks that Kate was sure looking well. Lucas says that’s no thanks to him and that he knows all about how Orpheus tried to kill Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Orpheus tells him to take it easy. Orpheus remarks that even if he had poisoned them, obviously it didn’t take, since Kate is still alive and well…

Roman wishes he hadn’t wasted so much time wanting Kate from afar and says he’s so sorry that he waited so long to tell her how he felt and that he couldn’t protect her from Orpheus and Kristen. Roman hopes they suffer in Hell forever for what they did to her. Roman cries that he loves her so much and he will forever for the rest of his life. Roman breaks down crying that he will miss her so much.

Chad sees Rex come from Kate’s room and asks him what’s going on. Steve comes over as Rex announces to Steve and Chad that Kate is gone, shocking them as Steve hugs Rex.

Stephanie and Alex kiss until she asks him what’s wrong. Stephanie reminds him that he doesn’t have to worry about protection since she came prepared. Alex reveals that he did too. Stephanie asks what the problem is then. Alex says he just really wants to make sure that she’s ready. Stephanie assures that she definitely is and asks if he is. Alex responds that he’s been ready since the first moment he saw her in the town square. Stephanie decides that settles it then as they resume kissing.

Steve hugs Chad and says he will go check on Roman. Rex mentions that he has to go call his brothers and sisters, so he tells Steve to take care of Roman. Steve tells Chad that he’s so sorry as he knows Kate loved him very much. Chad responds that Kate was always there for him. Steve asks if he was able to reach Stephanie. Chad informs him that he called her several times and left messages, but she hasn’t called him back. Steve says he needs Stephanie here. Chad tells Steve to go be with Roman and he will go find Stephanie. Steve asks if he even knows where she is. Chad thinks he has an idea. Chad tells Steve not to worry as he will get Stephanie there.

Stephanie and Alex continue kissing in bed.

Eric brings Marlena soup in bed. Marlena says she’ll try to get some down a little later on. Eric asks how she’s feeling. Marlena responds that she’s better now that he’s there, but she’s worried. Marlena brings up Eric taking Kristen’s daughter and how volatile she can be when provoked, so she wonders if Eric thought about that. Eric guesses he should have. Marlena mentions that it’s like playing with fire. Eric knows he should’ve since Marlena has more experiences than anyone dealing with psychopaths in town. Marlena says speaking of people that are unbalanced, John went to Statesville to see Orpheus. Eric hopes that John has better luck getting Orpheus to tell them where the Orchid is than he had with Kristen.

Lucas tells Orpheus that he better be glad they found that serum in time to save Kate and her friends. Orpheus mockingly questions what Lucas would’ve done if they hadn’t and calls him pathetic. The guard warns him to knock it off. Orpheus responds that he’s just having a little fun with Bill Horton’s bastard. Lucas says screw you to Orpheus as John arrives and tells Lucas to relax as Orpheus isn’t worth it. Lucas asks what John is doing here. Orpheus remarks that John must have come to see his ex-son in law, the booze hound who kidnapped his stepdaughter. Orpheus jokes that God will cut John some slack if he let Lucas rot in prison. John responds that he’s not here for Lucas, but for Orpheus.

Steve joins Roman in Kate’s hospital room and tells him that he’s so sorry. Steve states that he and Kate had their differences but one thing they had in common was their love and respect they had for Roman. Steve knows they were meant for each other and how happy Kate made Roman. Roman hopes he made her happy too. Steve assures that he did. Roman asks how Kayla is. Steve responds that she’s hanging in there. Roman says she has to make it and that he’s praying for her and Marlena. Roman cries that Kate would be doing the same thing as he hugs Steve.

Orpheus questions John being there for him and jokes that he’s surprised and flattered. John accuses Orpheus of having the Orchid and asks where it is. Orpheus claims to not have it nor any idea where it may be. Lucas asks what’s going on. John reveals that Kate, Marlena, and Kayla are sick again and apparently need another dose of the original serum but the Orchid has gone missing. Lucas declares he has to go check on Kate and rushes away. Orpheus guesses Christmas came late around here because John is definitely the bearer of good tidings.

Marlena wants to talk about Eric and his life. Eric mentions Nicole convincing Jada to have an abortion but he knows that’s not exactly what happened and that the decision was Jada’s. Marlena asks about him blaming Nicole. Eric just wishes she hadn’t gotten involved. Marlena brings up Eric getting involved in bar room brawls. Marlena knows how much Eric wanted a family. Marlena promises he will have one but she doesn’t want what’s happening in his life to harden his heart. Eric tells Marlena that he loves her.

Lucas uses the prison phone to call Rex. Lucas says he just saw John. Rex says he was just about to call him. Lucas asks what’s going on. Rex wishes he had better news and that he didn’t have to tell him over the phone. Rex then informs Lucas that Kate is gone, leaving him in shock.

Steve returns to Kayla’s hospital room. Kayla asks how Kate is. Steve tells her that he’s so sorry. Kayla starts to worry about Roman and Kate’s children. Kayla declares that she needs to see their kids and asks where Stephanie is. Steve tells her that Chad went to go find her. Kayla cries as Steve tells her it’s okay.

Chad walks through the town square and tries calling Stephanie again. Chad leaves another message that he’s at the town square and thought she and Alex would be at the Bistro. Chad says he didn’t want to have to leave this voicemail but he can’t find her and she’s not picking up her phone. Chad reveals that Kate is dead and that Kayla is really sick, so he needs her to call him back or get to the hospital right away.

Alex and Stephanie continue kissing in bed as her phone lies on the table nearby.

Roman joins Steve in Kayla’s room. Kayla tells Roman that she’s so sorry about Kate. Steve decides he will go out and make some calls to see if he can reach Joey and Tripp. Kayla tells Roman that she asked Steve to call their kids because she needs to see them. Kayla tells Roman that she’s so glad he’s there but her heart goes out to him losing Kate as she knows how much he loved her. Roman talks about how they were able to appreciate each other more than ever and not take each other for granted. Roman is grateful their son Rex was there with them as he’s been such a comfort. Kayla encourages that Rex will get through this because he has Roman as a dad. Kayla calls Roman the strongest person. Roman encourages Kayla that she’s going to beat this. Roman declares that he just lost his wife, so he’ll be damned if he loses his baby sister too.

Orpheus questions John telling him that Kristen used the Orchid in to blackmailing Brady in to playing house with her but then couldn’t produce the Orchid. John accuses him of stealing it from the DiMera Mansion where Kristen had it hidden. Lucas comes back and goes after Orpheus, shouting that he’s going to kill him like he killed his mother. John questions him. Lucas reveals that he just talked to Rex, who told him that Kate is dead. Lucas wants to make Orpheus pay. Lucas tries to attack Orpheus but guards pull him off. John tell the guard to take it easy as Lucas just lost his mother. Lucas cries about not getting a chance to say goodbye. John assures that Kate knew how much he loved her. John hates to leave him like this but he has to get back to Marlena. Lucas says he’ll be praying for her. John tells Lucas to take care of himself and stay away from Orpheus.

Alex and Stephanie lay in bed together after having sex. Alex asks how she’s feeling. Stephanie says she’s more relaxed than she’s felt in a long time. They kiss until Chad bursts in and covers his eyes as he apologizes. Alex questions what the hell he’s doing there. Chad explains that Henderson let him in. Chad says he’s been calling Stephanie and she’s not answering her phone. Stephanie says she didn’t get any calls while Alex says they were a little busy doing something. Stephanie asks Chad what could be so urgent that he had to track her down here. Chad reveals that it’s her mom as she’s in the hospital and has relapsed. Stephanie asks what he means. Chad explains that it seems Kayla, Kate, and Marlena needed more than the original dose of the cure. Chad says it’s bad and reveals that Kate didn’t make it. Stephanie is shocked and says she has to get to her mom as she rushes to get ready. Alex says he can’t believe this and it’s terrible about Kate as he hopes Kayla can pull through. Chad says he hopes to God that she does and he just wishes he could’ve reached Stephanie sooner. Chad says he’ll meet them downstairs and exits. Alex then looks over at Stephanie’s phone.

John returns to Marlena and Eric at home. Marlena asks if he got any information out of Orpheus. John says no as he denies knowing anything about the missing Orchid. John assures that they aren’t giving up and his investigators are staying right on top of it. Marlena hopes that Kate and Kayla can make it through the night. John looks away, so Marlena asks what’s wrong. John then informs her that Kate didn’t make it. Marlena can’t believe it. John reveals that Lucas was on the phone with Rex and told them. Eric decides he needs to go check on Roman and Kayla and hurries out. Marlena cries over losing Kate and prays for Kayla to be okay.

Steve returns to Kayla’s room and says he got Joey and Tripp on the line. Roman decides he will let Kayla talk to them in private but promises he won’t be far as he exits. Steve gives Kayla the phone to talk to Joey and Tripp. Kayla says it’s so good to hear their voices. Kayla tells Joey that she’s so proud of the man he’s become and calls him the gift that God gave them when they got back together years ago. Kayla tells Tripp that she may not have given birth to him but she loves him in every way a mother could. Kayla says she loves all three of her children. Kayla says see you later and tells them to be good and to look after Steve. Kayla says goodbye and hangs up. Kayla cries to Steve that she needs to sleep but Steve says she has to wait for Stephanie. Kayla responds that she can’t as she has to go with her mom. Steve cries that they need her here. Steve pleads with Kayla not to leave them. Kayla says she needs to see Stephanie. Steve encourages her to hold on as she’s coming. Kayla says she can’t as she is so tired. Kayla tells Steve that she loves him. Steve cries that he loves her forever and hugs her.

Stephanie, Chad, and Alex arrive at the hospital. Chad hopes it’s not too late.

Stephanie enters Kayla’s hospital room as she has flatlined and Steve is crying over her. Steve tells Stephanie that he’s sorry and hugs her as she breaks down crying.

Chad goes to Kate’s hospital room and starts to cry. Chad sits at her side and says he loves her and will miss her more than she could ever know.

Lucas calls Orpheus a real son of a bitch. Orpheus tells him to calm down. Lucas argues that his mom is dead because of him. Orpheus apologizes for the way he behaved earlier and admits it was insensitive. Lucas tells him to save it as he doesn’t need his sympathy. Lucas shouts that he knows what a monster he really is. Orpheus then offers Lucas a bottle of whiskey and asks if a monster would bring him that. Lucas questions what he’s doing. Orpheus responds that he knows the pain of losing a loved one, so he thought it might take the edge off. Orpheus calls it a bereavement gift as he leaves the bottle with Lucas and exits the room.

Eric returns to John and Marlena’s room. Marlena asks if there’s any news on Kayla. Eric announces that he spoke to Roman and shakes his head. Marlena breaks down crying for Kayla.

Stephanie pleads with Steve to tell her this isn’t real and that Kayla’s not gone. Steve responds that he’s so sorry and she tried to hold on for her. Stephanie asks if Kayla was asking for her. Steve confirms that she was very weak in the end. Stephanie asks again if she asked for her. Steve admits that she did as her kids were her world. Stephanie cries that she wasn’t there and didn’t get to say goodbye. Steve hugs Stephanie as she cries and assures that Kayla knows. Alex looks in to the room and sees them. Alex turns back to Chad and informs him that Stephanie was too late. Chad responds that he can’t believe Stephanie’s phone got turned off and now she never got to say goodbye as he walks away, leaving Alex looking mortified at what he caused.

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