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Update written by Suzanne

Taylor is with Steffy and Finn at their house. She’s excited that they’ll be testifying in court today against Sheila, who will go away to prison for good. Steffy and Finn keep exchanging worried glances. She tells them that she’s proud of them before she leaves.

Bill talks to someone on the phone, asking if they’re all set. He’s happy to hear that they are.

Sheila is in prison. A guard escorts her to see her visitor, Deacon. Deacon apologizes for not being around lately because he had to leave town. He is worries about her being in jail and wonders what she was thinking, going to Bill’s house (since she should have known that he would turn her in). He thanks her for not telling anyone that he’s been helping her. She’s grateful to him for helping her. He can’t understand why she’s not looking more depressed, since the odds seem stacked against her. Sheila looks tempted to tell him what’s going on, but she doesn’t. He tells her that he cares about her and will help her however he can, such as visiting her. She tells him that she cares about him, too. He knows that she’s going to see the judge today, but he’s still puzzled about why she doesn’t seem worried about that. She just reminds him that people always underestimate her. she leaves

Steffy and Finn are at home. They talk about Sheila and Taylor. They want Sheila to pay for her crimes, but they don’t want Taylor to get in trouble. Steffy tells Finn that Ridge wanted to come to court to support her, but she told him not to, since he’s been traveling and “soul-searching.” Finn is really angry at Bill for blackmailing them. He doesn’t think he can ever respect him again. They leave for court. After they get there, Bill arrives. He wants to make sure they remember his deal. They assure him that’s all they’ve been thinking about. Finn reminds Bill that even if they don’t press charges, Li might, since Sheila almost killed her. Bill suggests that Li should keep her mouth shut, or else her career might suffer, since she took Finn out of the hospital and kept him secreted away, letting everyone think that he was dead. Finn gets even angrier that Bill is now threatening his mother, too.

Bill leaves and watches from another room on his laptop. Steffy keeps fretting about their situation. The guard brings Sheila in, and she says hello, but Steffy and Finn say nothing. Her lawyer arrives and advises her not to speak. Then the judge arrives. While they all prepare for the hearing, Sheila looks up at Bill via the camera.

Taylor visits Brooke at Forrester Creations and they hug. They talk about how Sheila will be finally going to prison after Finn and Steffy give their testimony. They’re grateful to Bill for turning her in to the police. Brooke tells her that Katie went to visit him and thank him, but he seem surprised that any of them care about him at all. Taylor thinks that’s very sad. They go back to discussing Sheila and how great it will be to have her out of their lives and to not live in fear any more.

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