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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

At the Society lounge, Billy and Lily are sitting side-by-side with long, drawn sad faces after their first couples counseling session. Billy tries to remain optimistic, telling Lily that they can continue to go for counseling and do whatever they need to save their relationship. Lily says “we need to be honest, as things have been heading downhill for months.  She asks him “we don’t need to keep doing this, right? We can’t keep doing this.”

Nick comes to Sally’s suite and after she welcomes him in, she spots the paper with the first trimester information by. She quickly but not discreetly crumples it upand throws it in the trash can. Nick asks her what it is and when she tells him that it’s a pitch draft she’s been working on for Jill at Chancellor-Winters, he offers to read over the pitch and reaches down for it. Sally manages to stop him, telling him that there’s no need until the pitch is completed.

Nick offers to get some takeout for them, which Sally is in favor of. After he leaves to get the food, she removes the paper and tears it up. Nick returns with nachos and extra guacamole. Sally calls him the “perfect man” … brings her soup and ginger ale when she doesn’t feel well, and nachos when she does.

She and Nick hit the sheets and when he goes to take a shower, Sally opens the bag of nachos, takes a whiff and gets queasy from it.

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Summer are having a disagreement about her impending trip to Paris with Harrison. Summer reiterates what she told Kyle at Jabot, that she is worried about the danger in Genoa City.

Kyle is concerned about the conflict this is bringing to his and Summer’s marriage. When he mentions Phyllis, Summer strongly suggests that he not make things about her mother, when it’s actually about Diane and one chaotic thing after another that she has caused since she returned to Genoa City.

Kyle reminds Summer that Phyllis lured Jeremy to town, but Summer says that a criminal mastermind like him would have found out Diane’s whereabouts anyway. Kyle and Summer look at each other lovingly and hug. Summer tells him that unless he is strongly against her going to Paris with Harrison, she wants to start packing. She and Kyle are on the same page about protection for their family so he agrees that she could go to the textile show in Paris and bring Harrison with her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) observes that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is deep in thought and appears distraught. She asks if he’s okay and he mentions that he’s worried about a friend.

After Sharon goes back inside the coffeehouse, Chance comes in and mentions that he’s been alright and will continue to be okay with eating dinner alone, without Abby and Dominic. Sharon convinces him to go get takeout and the two of them come back with Ethopian food from a restaurant Chance recommended.

Sharon is enjoying the food and the company so she suggests that they could do this again next week, like a private supper club. After a little convincing, Chance tells her that he’s in.

At the Glam Club, Jeremy and Diane are doing some flirting, the outcome of which is him repeating his request that she come up with a way to prove her loyalty to him.

Later on, Diane meets up with Jack on the Crimson Lights patio and is confident that Jeremy is taking the bait and falling into her trap. She has come up with an idea for Jeremy’s loyalty test, and it’s finding a crime to commit. Jack tells her that he does not like the sound of this, but Diane assures him she can pull it off. She mentions that with success, Jeremy will be putty in her hands.

She says that she will need to steal something of very significant value and Jack offers to remove a few items from the Abbott safe. Diane declines, telling him that this would be too obvious because Jeremy could easily figure out that he was being set up. She says that she needs to steal from someone who would never under any circumstances help her.  Jack and her rule out Phyllis for being too much of a wild card, and Ashley, due to her being Jack’s sister would lack credibility.

So by process of elimination, Diane says Nikki is left as the only coven member she could steal from. Grinning, she says that since Nikki was partially responsible for bringing Jeremy to town,  as she says that Nikki deserves a little larceny coming her way.

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