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Update written by Barbara

At the Glam Club, Ashley meets up with Phyllis, who has summoned her to tell her that Diane is back in Genoa City and never ran in fear of Jeremy. She also mentions that the situation with Diane is wreaking havoc with her relationship with her daughter. Summer no longer confides in her or trusts her after Diane has corrupted her.

Summer comes into the club, and when she interrupts Phyllis and Ashley’s conversation, Phyllis tells Summer that she is too hurt to speak with her at that point. Summer remains steadfast and after Ashley excuses herself, Phyllis asks Summer how she would like being treated like trash and not being believed, over and over again. Summer apologizes profusely and tries to make peace with her mother.

Daniel comes by the club and offers to get the three of them around of drinks, but Phyllis gets up, tells Summer she has a meeting anyplace but there, cannot continue their conversation and leaves. Summer then turns to Daniel and opens up to him, venting about how she is caught between her mother, Kyle and his mother. Daniel tells her that he’s always available to listen, but at the same time says that she never should have held back to begin with.

As much as she is upset with her mother for reaching out to Jeremy and letting him know Diane’s whereabouts, Summer lets Daniel know that Jeremy is a criminal and he would have tracked Diane down on his own anyway.

Summer continues her diatribe, telling her brother the kinds of the things she has been stuffing down just so she can go along with whatever Kyle wants, for the sake of their marriage. Daniel expresses concern about Summer lying in this manner.

Summer also mentions that she doesn’t know how much longer Kyle can turn a blind eye to the havoc Diane is creating before it starts to come between her and Kyle openly and seriously.

At the Abbott house, Jack is anxious and on edge about Diane’s plan to lure Jeremy into a false sense of security about her wanting to get back together with him. She asks Jack bluntly if he’s concerned that she won’t be able to pull it off … or that she will.

Jack tells her that he doesn’t think his feelings matter much, he is just uneasy about the whole situation. Diane strongly suggests to Jack that he put his personal feelings aside for the sake of making their plan work.

Diane mentions that she has to convince Jeremy he’s in control, that she is coming back to him freely. She says that in order to pull the whole plot off, she needs to return to the hotel.  Jack tells Diane that he does not want her returning there because it’s not safe with Jeremy living under the same roof.

Jack wants Diane to remain at the Abbott house, but when she is adamant about going back to the hotel, Jack reconsiders.

Kyle comes into the living room and joins Jack and Diane’s conversation. Diane tells Kyle that she wants Jeremy to think that she had been living in an apartment and moved out of it and back to the Grand Phoenix.

After Diane leaves the Abbott house, Jack and Kyle talk about how Phyllis has become extremely upset and when this happens, she’s a wildcard. Jack mentions to Kyle that he hopes that Summer can get her mother to see reason because Phyllis has a pattern of going to extremes, without thinking about the consequences.

At Devon’s penthouse, Abby arrives with Dominic so he can spend time with Devon. Tucker comes by asking for another visit with Dom. Abby agrees to it, but adds that she wants to be present during the visit. Tucker is happy to be spending time with Dom, particularly because Abby and Devon are going to be in each other’s lives forever, due to their connection to Dom.

For Devon and Dom’s sakes, Abby struggles to be a little nice to Tucker before he has to go. After Tucker leaves, Devon thanks Abby for being willing to let Dom and his grandpa Tucker have bonding time. Devon and Abby agree that Dom can never have too much love.

Abby lets her guard down, telling Devon that things feel so uncomplicated and right when she is with him. He lets her know that he feels the same way about her. They lean in for a passionate kiss. Devon tells her that he wants her to stay and she tells him that the feeling is mutual. Clothes come off and they make love on the couch.

Tucker goes over to Diane’s hotel suite, knocks on the door, and with his voice disguised says it’s Jeremy. Before she even opens the door, he let’s her know it’s Tucker, When she opens the door, she greets him with “you’re a son of a bitch.”

Tucker looks around the room and says it looks like she’s packing because she got a suite of her own to move into at the Abbott house. Diane is quick to correct him that this is not the case, it’s the other way around, that she moved back into the hotel from the Abbott house.

Tucker tells Diane that he needs to know when Jeremy is leaving Genoa City. When Diane asks him why, Tucker says he has big plans and wants Jeremy gone so he won’t mess things up. Diane lets Tucker know that she is displeased with him telling things about Jeremy to Ashley, because this only fuels Ashley’s hatred for Diane.

Diane also says that she has lost Jack, but Tucker disagrees, telling her that she has Jack wrapped around her finger. Then he says that in fact, he could learn a thing or two from Diane.  As he gets ready to leave, he mentions that they could both get the Abbotts of their dreams.

Tucker then goes to Crimson Lights, where he comes upon an upset Phyllis, who’s at the counter where the cream and sugar are, leaving Amanda a long, sad voicemail. Tucker picks up on some of it and observes that Phyllis probably needs someone to talk to. At first, Phyllis blows him off, but he persists, letting her know that they don’t need to be friends in order to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Meanwhile, Diane goes over to the Abbott house to let Jack know that she has moved back into her hotel suite and has unpacked her belongings. Kyle tells his mother that although he hates the plan the three of them are involved in, he’s got her back and offers to help however he can before heading upstairs to check on Harrison.

Jack tells Diane to feel free to rely on him and let her guard down whenever she needs to. Ashley comes into the house as Diane is hugging Jack and thanking him for his support. Ashley angrily confronts them, demanding to know what’s going on.

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