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Marlena joins John in their hotel room at the Salem Inn. Marlena talks about her massage and thinks it was a good idea for them to get a room for New Year’s. Marlena notes John is distracted and asks him what’s wrong. John informs her that he’s reading a disturbing message from Brady. John tells Marlena that she’s not going to believe what Kristen has done now.

Kristen paces at home and angrily questions how this could be happening. Brady tells her to come sit down but Kristen shouts that she can’t sit and she can barely breathe. Kristen asks why there hasn’t been a ransom demand. Brady reminds her that they were told to wait for further instruction so they just have to be patient. Kristen screams that their daughter has been kidnapped. Kristen talks about what they went through to be a family and cries that they can’t lose her. Brady assures that they won’t. Kristen questions Brady being so calm and asks how he can be so sure.

Eric, Sloan, and Rachel have sandwiches at Sloan’s apartment. Rachel complains that she doesn’t like peanut butter so Sloan offers to make her something else. Sloan mutters that it’s not like she didn’t aid and abet a felony against her will. Rachel questions what she said as she didn’t hear her. Sloan claims that she just asked if she wants a grilled cheese instead but Rachel declines. Eric asks if she wants to watch Jurassic World, but Rachel says she wants to go home. Eric thought she was having fun. Rachel responds that she’s not now. Eric suggests she and Sloan were going to do a makeover but Rachel doesn’t want to. Eric encourages that it will be fun but Rachel repeats that she wants to go home. Eric then tells Rachel that she can’t go home, so she questions why not. Sloan urges Eric to explain to Rachel why she can’t go home.

Kate and Roman sit together at the Brady Pub. Kate says one of her New Year’s Resolutions is to stop at the first bottle of champagne. Roman points out that they did have a lot to celebrate. Rex arrives and greets them. Kate mentions that she’s going to see Lucas at the prison this afternoon and invites Rex to come. Rex says he would love to, but they have something very important to discuss first. Rex then presents Kate’s test results. Kate opens the envelope and sees that she has elevated liver enzymes again and low acid. Rex reminds her that those levels had returned to normal after receiving the serum. Kate asks if he thinks she’s relapsing. Rex says not necessarily and asks how she feels. Kate says she’s fine other than a hangover. Roman asks if anything else could cause abnormal results like these. Rex jokes that overindulging on egg nog would affect her liver function. Kate assumes he wants to run more tests. Rex says she will show antibodies for this virus for the rest of her life, so they can test for reinfection. Roman asks what they can do. Rex responds that he wants to run tests on Marlena and Kayla to see if they get similar results.

Marlena asks John what Kristen has done now. John responds that he’s not sure but Brady says he thinks they should hang out here a little longer but he didn’t say why. John adds that Brady did say he had a pretty rough night as Kristen was arrested for brainwashing her own brother.

Brady tells Kristen that he’s calm because he has to be and Rachel needs them to keep clear heads. Kristen asks what they can do to find her. Brady encourages that John is on the case and chasing leads while Eric is looking for her as well. Kristen worries that Rachel has to be scared. Brady thinks she’s exhausted and encourages her to lie down but Kristen complains that she can’t even sit still. Kristen cries that she loves Rachel so much and she can’t believe this is happening again as Brady hugs her.

Eric tells Rachel that she can’t go home right now because Kristen is sick and she doesn’t want her to get sick. Rachel asks why can’t Brady pick her up then which Sloan eggs on. Eric claims that Brady is sick too. Rachel then excitedly declares that means Brady and Kristen must have kissed at midnight because that’s how you attract germs. Sloan sends Rachel to the kitchen to get a cookie. Sloan complains to Eric about being stuck babysitting a stir crazy kid and not having a choice in the matter. Eric apologizes and promises to make it up to her. Sloan says he better, warning that she could be disbarred for this. Eric insists that they won’t get caught. Sloan is not as sure and declares that she needs this to be over today or else he will have to come up with a new plan.

Kate tells Rex that this isn’t really an emergency since she feels fine since he took the blood sample on Christmas Eve. Rex calls it reason to be optimistic but he’d like to know what they are dealing with which Roman agrees with. Steve and Kayla arrive. Roman welcomes them home. Steve and Kayla say it’s good to be back and wish them a Happy New Year. Kayla questions why everyone looks so serious. Roman responds that they have some news and it’s not good.

Marlena asks if Dr. Rolf drugging and brainwashing people will ever stop. Marlena is surprised that Rolf was taking orders from Li and Kristen. John explains that Li was at the helm of DiMera so he and Kristen shared the same goal. Marlena questions Kristen’s motivation. John explains that with Stefan after Chloe, it would open up a path for her and Brady and it turned out she was right. Marlena remarks that it’s always about Brady. John agrees that every thing Kristen does always goes back to her obsession with Brady.

Brady tries to calm Kristen down and acknowledges that it’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Kristen says she keeps blaming herself and wonders if someone took Rachel to get back at her. Kristen then brings up Sarah Horton making the house call when Rachel was sick a few weeks ago. Brady argues that she’s grasping at straws but Kristen insists that it makes total sense and she bets Xander helped. Kristen wants to go over there but Brady stops her and says he will make some calls. Brady urges Kristen to go to bed and get some rest. Kristen wants to be there while he makes those calls but Brady says she doesn’t need to be and that he will give her any information. Brady adds that Rachel wouldn’t want her getting sick over this. Kristen then agrees to go try to sleep so she heads to the bedroom. Brady then pulls out his phone.

Eric knows he’s asking a lot of Sloan but assures that it won’t last much longer. Sloan says it better not. Rachel returns from the kitchen and asks Eric if she can call her parents now. Eric says they are resting now but promises she can talk to them soon. Sloan suggests that makeover and promises it will be fun so Rachel agrees to do it. Sloan sends Rachel to the bathroom to pick out her favorite makeup colors. Sloan tells Eric that he’s welcome. Eric knows he tricked her in to this. Sloan points out that he lied to her face. Eric remarks on what a skilled liar he’s become. Sloan jokes that he’s lucky she’s madly attracted to him or else she would’ve turned him in already and tells him not to push it. Eric says he will call Brady to tell him that Rachel is homesick, so they need to move to the next phase which Sloan calls a good idea. Eric then gets a call from Brady, who asks how Rachel is holding up. Eric informs him that she’s missing him and is homesick, so he told her that they had colds. Brady knows Eric wanted to keep this going a little longer to get Kristen desperate enough to fold but he doesn’t think she’s going to get any more desperate than she is. Brady says he could come up with wacky theories to pretend to investigate and adds that he’s tried to stall John and Marlena but they are going to come home any second and complicate everything. Brady thinks they should pull the trigger and make the demand of Kristen now. Eric agrees. Brady declares that the sooner he gets the Orchid, the sooner he gets his daughter back and they can put an end to this whole thing.

Rex assumed that one dose of the serum would keep the illness at bay forever. Roman calls it reasonable, comparing it to his illness years ago while Rex explains it was different and the cure was mysteriously dropped off in a vial. Steve wishes he worked harder to find out who that mysterious benefactor was. Kate points out that they don’t even know that anyone is sick. Kayla suggests she go to the hospital with Rex to draw her blood. Rex agrees to put a rush on the labs. Kayla says they’ll do it themselves. Steve asks how long it will take. Rex says it could be later today or tomorrow at the latest. Roman asks what about Marlena. Kayla suggests giving her more time with John instead of worrying her until they actually know what’s up.

Marlena asks John if Kristen had Dr. Rolf brainwash Brady. John says Brady would be a lot more enthusiastic about having Kristen in their house and sleeping with her instead of walking around with a dark cloud over his head if he were brainwashed. John adds that Brady made it clear that Kristen didn’t give him a choice when it came to breaking up with Chloe and moving Kristen in, so she’s holding something over his head.

Brady tells Eric that he almost feels bad for putting Kristen through this Hell, but then he keeps reminding himself of why they are doing it. Eric says there couldn’t be a better reason than saving three women’s lives. Brady says that’s if Kristen is telling the truth about them needing another dose of the serum. Brady adds that when they make the demand for the orchid, Kristen’s going to know it’s coming from him since he promised to never tell another soul, so he will have to be careful about how he breaks the news to her so she doesn’t go off the deep end. Eric remarks that she’s already there. Brady worries that she could always go further. Kristen comes back in to the room behind Brady, as he tells Eric that Kristen is going to go nuts when she finds out that he was the one behind kidnapping Rachel, so he’ll have to be really careful about finding the right moment to drop the bomb on her. Kristen then whispers behind him that she thinks he just did.

Kate tells Roman that she’s going to see Lucas and that Rex can go another time. Roman offers to drive her but Kate insists that she’s fine and she will call him when she gets there. Kate says goodbye to Steve and exits the Pub. Roman asks Steve if he can get him anything. Steve says he’s lost his appetite. Roman is sorry he had to come back to this. Steve hates to think the worst if the women suffer through that illness again. They agree that they can’t let that happen.

Rex and Kayla go to the hospital. Kayla asks Rex what made him decide to run the test on Kate when she wasn’t showing any signs. Rex says he was just checking boxes to prove to the FDA that the treatment is still working. Kayla asks how Rex is. Rex responds that he hopes he didn’t fail his mom or all three of them.

Marlena tells John that she wishes they could find out what Kristen is holding over Brady’s head. John says then they could get Brady out of the situation and Kristen out of their home. Marlena says the real mystery is why they were asked to stay at the Salem Inn a little longer to accommodate Kristen. John doesn’t know but says it’s not like it’s hard to be alone with her like this which she agrees with. John suggests they make real productive use of this time together as they kiss.

Brady tells Eric that Kristen is there so he has to go and hangs up. Brady tells Kristen that he was hoping she would be able to get some sleep. Kristen says she bets he was. Brady doesn’t know what she overheard. Kristen reveals that what she heard was that her suffering and being sick to death with worry about Rachel is all on Brady’s head. Kristen screams at him, questioning what the hell he did with her daughter.

Sloan asks Eric if they are onto the next phase. Eric confirms that Brady is telling Kristen as they speak. Eric hopes there’s no weapons in close proximity and that this will all be over. Sloan calls Rachel in to show Eric her makeover. Eric tells Rachel that she looks beautiful. Rachel says she was going to give Sloan a makeover next, but she had a better idea; that it’s Eric’s turn.

Kristen demands an answer from Brady as to where Rachel is. Brady responds that Rachel is fine. Kristen asks where she is. Brady says he’s not telling her. Kristen questions why he’s doing this. Brady says she gave him no choice. Kristen doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Brady says he needed leverage on her, so he took Rachel, and she’s not going to get her back until she hands over the Orchid.

John and Marlena continue kissing until John stops to sneeze which they laugh about. Marlena then suggests John give her a massage which he agrees to.

Rachel and Sloan give Eric a makeover with makeup and bows in his hair. Sloan and Rachel then decide it’s time to do his lips with lipstick.

Kristen argues that Brady can’t do this. Brady responds that he already has. Kristen complains that Brady doesn’t give a damn about the hell he’s put her or her daughter through. Brady insists that Rachel is fine and in very good hands. Kristen asks whose hands and who the other accomplice that he was talking to on the phone. Brady says she’ll never know. Kristen argues that he’ll never get away with this. Brady brings up Kristen complaining about the hell he’s put her through and asks what about the hell she’s put him through and what about Chloe. Kristen is sure Chloe is having a grand time in the afterglow with her new lover and they’re on cloud nine now. Kristen declares that Brady has screwed himself big time, because he lost his slutty girlfriend and now his daughter which he questions. Kristen asks if Brady thinks a judge is going to let him have custody of Rachel after this stunt. Brady argues that no other judge will ever know about this. Brady tells Kristen that she screwed herself by playing with the three women’s’ lives and she pushed him to do this. Brady declares that if Kristen ever wants to see Rachel again, she’ll hand over the Orchid to him and then Rachel will come home in a heartbeat. Brady warns that if Kristen doesn’t, he promises that she will never see Rachel again.

John and Marlena lay in bed together. Marlena says she could stay like this with him forever. John says there’s nothing he would like more, but his alarm is going off that it’s time to go home since he already pushed their checkout time by an hour. Marlena suggests another hour. John admits that’s very tempting but declares that they need to get home to see if they can find a way to help Brady out. Marlena guesses it’s back to the real world.

After having her blood drawn, Kayla calls Steve, who asks how she is feeling. Kayla says she’s the same as she was 30 minutes ago and Rex is in the lab and the test results should be back any minute. Steve says he’s on his way. Kayla tells him he doesn’t need to but Steve says he’ll be right there, so she thanks him and hangs up.

Rachel draws a heart on Eric’s arm with lipstick and says she will give Brady and Kristen one when she gets home. Rachel mentions being excited for Brady and Kristen. Eric points out that they don’t know for sure what happened between them. Rachel insists that they kissed and will soon get married. Eric knows that’s what she wants. Sloan interrupts and sends Rachel to wash the makeup off her hands. Sloan questions Eric getting her hopes up about her parents. Eric says he didn’t know what else to say. Sloan is sure he could’ve come up with something and worries that Rachel’s heart will be broken when she finds out the truth that her dad hates her mom and they will never get married. Eric argues that his mother’s life is at stake as well as his stepmom and his aunt, so if this is what it takes to save them and get Brady out from under Kristen’s thumb, then it’s all worth it.

Kristen argues that Brady wouldn’t do it because it would break Rachel’s heart if he kept her from her. Brady suggests they just do this the easy way then. Brady asks her to just give him the Orchid. Kristen argues that he would just kick her out of the house and go running back to Chloe, even though she doubts Chloe will have him. Brady guesses they will find out. Kristen says they won’t. Kristen demands he bring Rachel back or she will let the three women die. Kristen asks if that’s a risk he wants to take. Brady warns that if she threatens him, he will threaten her right back. Brady tells her if she withholds the orchid, she will never see her kid again. Brady asks if that’s a chance she wants to take. Kristen then says “fine, let’s go.”

Steve arrives at the hospital and joins Kayla at the front desk. Kayla talks about having a lot of catching up to do at work and worries about being out for weeks again. Steve asks if this is really how she wants to spend her time if that’s even a possibility. Steve hugs Kayla as Rex comes back with the test results. Rex hands them to Kayla, who sees the same abnormalities as in Kate’s blood work. Kayla mentions that she still feels fine right now but then she sneezes. Steve argues that sneezing doesn’t necessarily mean anything but Rex points out that’s how the illness presented itself last time in all three cases. Kayla declares that they both know she is relapsing.

Kate returns to the Pub and asks Roman if there’s any news. Roman informs her that Kayla called Steve, so he went to get the test results, so they should all know something soon. Roman asks how Lucas is. Kate then sneezes.

John and Marlena return home. John notes it’s awfully quiet. Marlena suggests maybe Brady persuaded Kristen to leave. John takes their bags to the bedroom. Marlena then sneezes and blames the massage oil. John comes back and wonders where everybody is.

Kristen brings Brady to the DiMera Mansion. Brady questions her keeping the Orchid here and asks who else is in on it. Kristen says no one is and asks where else she would keep it. Brady then asks where it is. Kristen tells him to follow her as she opens the entrance to the underground tunnels.

Eric gets a text from Brady and informs Sloan that Kristen has apparently taken Brady to get the Orchid, so this is going to be over today.

Kristen brings Brady in to the wine cellar in the tunnels. Brady can’t believe he didn’t figure this out since everything is always kept in the secret room. Kristen then opens the cabinet, only to find that the Orchid is gone.

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