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Victor: Hey, son. Good to see you. Have a seat. Gives me a chance to tell you how much I appreciated you and Connor coming by and spending time with us at Christmas.

Adam: Well, thank you for including us…

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: …And not being too overbearing with Chelsea and Connor.

Victor: [Chuckles] What? Your father overbearing? When the hell did that happen? And I promised you I’d behave, and I did, right


Billy: Yeah, I know life can feel like it’s moving a million miles a minute, but you seem to be doing great on the outside. Is that true?

Chelsea: Having a safe space has made everything more tolerable for me. I have to be honest with you. Christmas at the ranch was a bit overwhelming, though, with all the Newmans and Adam. It felt like a collision of all my problems at once. And Victoria was there with Katie and Johnny. Before you ask, everything went great. It was fine. You know, Johnny and Connor are inseparable these days, and it’s wonderful.

Billy: Yeah, I agree. It’s great. I’m really proud of those boys. But you do seem to be glossing over the elephant in the room. Victor. I’ve been telling everyone…

Chelsea: Victor tried to be on his best behavior, but it was still very clear that he doesn’t trust me. But Adam was there, and he was by my side and very supportive, kept checking in, making sure I was okay.

Billy: Well, Victor doesn’t trust anyone, so it sounds like your visit went par for the course. However, I am grateful that Adam was watching out for you.

Chelsea: You’re grateful to Adam. Well, this is a first.

Billy: Keep that down, please. Don’t tell anyone I said that. More importantly, it sounds like you held your own.

Chelsea: To be honest with you, the day was great. The night was not. I just started getting these nagging, racing thoughts. My therapist calls them a thought spiral. So, she gives me techniques to try to manage them.

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