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On the patio of Crimson Lights, Danny gives Daniel some words of encouragement and mentions that he shouldn’t feel that he needs to push back his emotions. Father and son hug as Danny prepares to head to the airport.

After Daniel leaves and Danny is still at the coffeehouse, Christine comes by to meet with Mariah and Tessa about their impending meeting with Delphine, the woman whose baby they might wind up adopting.  Danny agrees to stick around so he and Christine can talk after she finishes with her meeting with Mariah and Tessa. Danny can’t help but listen in to part of Christine’s conversation with the prospective new parents, telling them to put themselves forward and speak from the heart.

Hearing this, Danny flashes back to both good times and turbulent times during his past with Christine.  When Christine joins him at the Crimson Lights patio, she lets Danny know she is not pleased about Phyllis’s post on social media with theof her with Danny and Daniel.

Christine mentions that she didn’t know that Phyllis and Daniel are still in such close touch over the years. Danny downplays things and says they’re not really very close, just teammates and co-parents. Christine continues, going on about being unable to fortie of for    she literally almost caused Christine her life.

Danny says he is sorry about the pain Phyllis caused her and takes her hand in his. Christine says they were both adversely affected by Phyllis and she’s glad they were able to move on and find happiness, even though they didn’t find it together. Danny comments about her marriage to Paul approaching ten years and the deep connection Christine and Paul have and he’s really happy that things are going well for her.

Christine asks Danny if he has anyone special in his life and he tells her that he is seeing someone on a casual basis for now. He is quick to let Christine know that he always has room in his life for a dear friend.

They agree to stay more in touch and Christine says that she and Paul will come to see one of Danny’s concerts in Chicago. Both she and Dannt feel that they have more to talk about so he takes Christine up on her offer to give him a ride to the airport.

At Newman Media, Nate and Victoria are having a meeting and he notices that Victoria seems off and just not quite herself. Nate offers to get them coffee from the breakroom and listen to whatever Victoria wants to share. She opens up in a general way, saying that there are some very complicated factors going on with Johnny.

Nate mentions that although he’s not a parent himself, he was a child once, and did plenty of things that displeased his parents.  He encourages Victoria to give Johnny some space and in doing so, she might be able to prevent him from pulling away.

Billy comes by Chelsea’s apartment, claiming to be there for an update on Connor’s school project with the egg drop device. However, Chelsea senses that Billy is distracted and unhappy. Eventually, he tells Chelsea that Lily thinks that she and he may be done, and Chelsea becomes alarmed and worried that the rift  in his relationship with Lily is due to Billy spending too much time with her.

As a result, Chelsea strongly suggests to Billy that he meet with Lily and let her know how much she means to him.  Chelsea tells Billy that she got a second chance, now he deserves one. With Chelsea’s encouragement, Billy texts Lily to ask if they can get together.

Meanwhile, Lily is at Society, where she runs into Nick and joins him at a table. Lily is cautious about telling him anything regarding her relationship with Billy, seeing as how Billy had been Nick’s brother-in-law at one point. So, Billy and Nick have small talk, talking about how their holidays were.

Nick then apologizes for Newman Media’s decision to fire Sally and instate Nate as CEO with the company. Lily lets him know that it’s fine because she knows he was not involved with what happened with Nate and Victoria. Nick doesn’t mention anything specific, but Lily says that his silence is giving her answers about the overall situation.  She lets him know that when she gets hurt, she can roll with it. Nick asks if they’re talking about Nate or Billy at that point. He offers to listen to whatever is troubling her but she declines.

After Nick leaves, Lily gets a text notification on her phone. It’s from Billy, saying that he wants to meet up with her. She agrees to get together with him at the Glam Club. When they are there, Billy tells her that he wants to save their relationship. After some tense words between him and Lily, he admits that he messed up.

He tells her that he will do anything that needs to be done to salvage their relationship, saying that he will make an appointment for couples counseling and do anything else Lily requests. She and Billy agree to improve their relationship rather than abandoning it.

At her apartment, Chelsea gets a text from Connor asking if they can have pizza with Johnny that week. Chelsea starts typing a text about it to Billy, but deletes what she had been typing. Instead, she texts Victoria to ask her about it. When Victoria gets Chelsea’s text asking if Johnny could join her and Connor for pizza sometime, Victoria doesn’t want that. So, she starts typing a reply to Chelsea, saying that Johnny has too much homework.  Victoria hesitates, then changes her mind and deletes what she was typing. Instead she lets Chelsea know that she will get back to her about setting up a night that works for all of them.

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