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Alex has a dream about being in bed with Stephanie, but then is woken up by Leo appearing next to him in bed, asking him if he has any other flavors of toothpaste which startles him.

Stephanie goes to the Horton house, where Chad tells her that he just left her a voicemail that he was taking a personal day because he’s taking the kids ice skating. Stephanie says she’s not here for work, but she brought gifts for Thomas and Charlotte. Chad says that’s very nice and invites her in. Stephanie asks if the kids are upstairs. Chad says he’ll get them in a second but he wanted to ask her a question. Chad asks Stephanie if he ruined her Christmas.

Will is at Allie’s apartment, on the phone. Will says Christmas didn’t exactly turn out as he planned. Will adds that he knows he said he’d be back in LA after the holidays but he’s dealing with some stuff. Will is aware there is work to do and says he’ll be on a plane as soon as he can be. Will then hangs up and Sonny shows up at the door.

Justin and Bonnie have breakfast at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie joins them. Bonnie notes her good mood. Maggie says she was just looking at real estate prices and announces she just found one that might work for Sarah and Xander. Maggie notes their looks and asks what’s wrong. Justin informs her that there’s something she needs to know about Xander and the company he supposedly worked for. Bonnie reveals that Rednax was just Xander spelled backwards and there was no company which shocks Maggie. Justin adds that there was no job opening and Xander made the whole thing up and lied to Sarah. Sarah comes in and announces that’s not all that Xander lied about.

Gwen goes to Xander’s motel room and knocks on the door, asking if he’s in there. Gwen then tries the door and it’s open. She comes in to find Xander passed out on the floor. Gwen checks on him and says he wasn’t answering his phone, so she thought he was hurt or worse. Xander responds that he can’t stop thinking about what a wretched human being and liar he is. Gwen tells him to get up and dust himself off. Xander responds that he can’t start all over again. Gwen pulls Xander up to his feet and tells him that it’s an order.

Sarah vows to never forgive Xander for this. Maggie goes over Rednax not existing. Justin explains that Gwen created a fake website and employment contract. Bonnie adds that Gwen claims she was just doing Xander a solid by helping him keep from Sarah that he wasn’t working. Maggie is so confused as she thought Xander had the job and then quit. Justin says he made that up too and when he offered to sue Rednax for wrongful termination, Gwen gave him a fake CEO name. Bonnie talks about putting it together when she saw “Rednax”. Maggie guesses she’s the last to know about this employment ruse. Maggie tells Xander that there seems to be a reasonable explanation as it sounds to her that Xander went to extremes to convince her that he had a job because he was feeling awful that he wasn’t able to provide for her. Sarah argues that this is about so much more than a stupid fake job. Sarah declares that Xander had a job, he just couldn’t tell them what it was because his boss was Ava Vitali. Justin is shocked and Bonnie says that can’t be. Sarah wishes it wasn’t but reveals that Bonnie was right the first time as the kidnapper was Xander.

Gwen asks Xander what beating himself up is going to do. Xander questions what to do when the woman he loves wants nothing to do with him. Gwen relates to that feeling and encourages Xander to look forward to a better future. Xander asks how he can’t stay in a miserable funk. Xander complains that he has called Sarah and left messages dozens of times but there’s no response, like he no longer exists and it’s over. Gwen says not necessarily. Xander reminds Gwen that she was there when Sarah said she never wanted to see him again. Gwen suggests he focus on what she’s done rather than what she said to find a silver lining.

Chad tells Stephanie that she and Alex had the whole place to themselves, then he showed up and stuck around until like 2 AM playing video games. Chad asks if he ruined her plans with Alex. Thomas and Charlotte then excitedly run in and hug Stephanie. Thomas notes that Chad didn’t tell them she was coming. Stephanie says he didn’t know but she wanted to bring them gifts and suggests they open them when they get home from ice skating. Thomas and Charlotte then ask Stephanie to come with them. Stephanie jokes that she’s more popular around here than she thought.

Alex questions what Leo is doing in his room and demands that he give his toothpaste back and get out. Leo complains that Sonny is out and he couldn’t find any toothpaste in his bathroom. Alex asks where Sonny went. Leo responds that he went to go try and smooth things over with his crybaby husband. Leo wonders if they are going to kiss and make up. Alex says definitely, as long as Sonny agrees to kick Leo out on his ass.

Sonny asks Will if they can talk. Will asks where Leo is. Sonny responds that he’s at the Kiriakis Mansion where he left him. Will says if he’s still staying there, then there’s nothing left to say. Will then shuts the door in Sonny’s face.

Xander questions Gwen saying there’s a silver lining in his wife ignoring him. Gwen points out that Xander didn’t spend the night in jail or get arrested for kidnapping. Gwen encourages that if it hasn’t happened, it’s not going to, which means Sarah didn’t tell the cops. Gwen adds that she doesn’t think Sarah went straight to Bonnie and Justin and she hasn’t heard anything from Jack. Gwen thinks that means there is hope since Sarah kept what he did to herself.

Justin questions that Xander admitted to working for Ava. Sarah explains that Ava somehow knew Xander was having financial problems, so she used that to get Xander to put on the clown mask, kidnap Susan, and collect some of the ransom as a pay day. Sarah asks if it surprises anyone that Xander turned to Gwen when he needed help covering his tracks. Maggie asks if she’s saying Xander was cheating on her. Sarah admits that she doesn’t know but she doesn’t put anything past him since he doesn’t have a good moral compass with being a kidnapper. Bonnie argues that it doesn’t make any sense since Xander was kidnapped too, so it’s kind of impossible and the kidnapper had to be somebody else.

Leo tells Alex about Will storming out. Alex says he’s with Will on this one. Leo argues that Will ditched his family to fly off to LA. Alex argues that Will did what he had to do for work. Leo brings up Will telling Sonny that he wasn’t coming home for Christmas, while Alex argues that he did come home to surprise Sonny, only to find him with Leo, who has caused them a whole lot of misery. Alex argues that Leo’s whole M.O. is to target vulnerable men. Leo insists that he and Sonny are just friends. Alex talks about how when someone says that, one of them is pining after the other and then when he’s about to have sex, the other friend shows up and he’s left out in the cold. Leo doesn’t think they are talking about he and Sonny anymore.

Thomas and Charlotte cheer for Stephanie, so she agrees to go ice skating with them. Chad sends the kids to get ready. Chad asks Stephanie if she’s sure about this. Stephanie jokes that he needs them since the kids totally own him. Chad and Stephanie then exit together.

Sonny knocks on the door and calls for Will to open up. Will says slamming the door shut meant go away. Sonny comes in and says they are going to talk. Will argues that they are not alone because Leo Stark is in the middle of their lives. Sonny questions him thinking that shutting him out is the best way to get through it. Will argues that they shouldn’t have to get through anything. Will tells Sonny to kick Leo out and then the problem is solved. Sonny admits he has every right to be upset. Will complains that Sonny just has to do one thing and it’s over. Sonny argues that Leo has nowhere else to go. Will argues that Sonny is feeling sorry for a predator. Will calls Leo a gold digging grifter, who only causes pain and misery. Sonny questions why it’s so hard for Will to accept that someone can change. Will doesn’t want to have this conversation. Will doesn’t think Leo can change. Sonny clarifies that he’s not saying Leo is a completely different person or excusing his past behavior, but he’s been spending a lot of time with him and it’s become clear that he’s a real human being with feelings and dreams. Sonny says he’s seen it and maybe if Will was here, he would see it too. Will asks if he means that he abandoned him to go to LA.

Alex accuses Leo of trying to cause problems between Sonny and Will. Alex tells Leo to go because he has to get dressed and forces him out of his room.

Bonnie tells Sarah that the clown couldn’t have been Xander since he was tied up right next to her and brawled with the clown. Sarah says somehow the clown got out without being unmasked. Sarah calls it a setup and an act to make Xander look like a hero. Maggie asks if that’s possible. Justin points out that he would’ve needed someone to help him. Sarah responds that she knows who it was. Leo then walks in and greets them, asking what he missed.

Gwen tells Xander that she doesn’t think Sarah will ever say anything and that she just needs time to calm down and realize that he never meant to hurt her. Xander acknowledges that he did hurt her badly. Gwen points out that it wasn’t his intention. Gwen says Xander is only in this mess because he loves Sarah so much. Gwen encourages him to have faith in Sarah’s love for him too and hope that he will come to understand that he did it all to prove he’s a good husband. Xander says there is no way she will give him the benefit of the doubt on this. Xander appreciates her trying to cheer him up and he feels awful for dragging Gwen in to this. Xander knows how hard she has worked to get back in to Jack’s good graces and worries about him finding out that she’s been helping him. Gwen tells him to let her deal with her dad. Xander declares that he’s messed up his life beyond repair, so he’s not going to do the same to her. Xander offers to tell Jack that he forced her to help him and promises to protect her. Gwen argues that he already has so much to deal with. Xander reminds Gwen that she kept saying he owed her one, so he’s trying to pay his debt and tells her to let him do it.

Will asks if Sonny is taking shots at him for going to LA. Sonny swears that’s not what he meant and would be happy to talk about how they can live separately. Will goes over how Sonny wants to be roommates with Leo and refused to kick him out. Will asks what else there is to discuss. Sonny argues that he would hear Will’s opinion in a disagreement, so he asks him to do the same for him which Will agrees to do. Sonny explains that when Craig left, Leo lost it and hurt a lot of people but he knows he made a mistake. Will questions him honestly believing that. Sonny insists that he does because he can see the sadness in his eyes and hear the regret in his voice when he talks about it. Sonny adds that Leo spent a lot of time reflecting and wanting to change. Sonny reveals Will that he offered Leo a job. Will brings up how Leo almost destroyed Titan. Sonny adds that Leo shut him down because he knew Victor would freak out and fire him which is proof that he’s changed since he put him above his own needs. Will questions Sonny being naive because of Leo doing one unselfish thing. Sonny wants Will to understand the choices that he made and if he does and he still wants Leo gone, then he’s gone.

Leo comments on the morose mood and asks if someone died. Bonnie responds that she’s just glad she didn’t die when the clown kidnapped her. Bonnie explains that Sarah thinks Xander was the kidnapper and that he hired a fake kidnapper so she wouldn’t think that he was the real kidnapper. Leo calls that far fetched. Maggie adds that Sarah was about to tell them who she thinks Xander’s accomplice was. Justin notes that she seems pretty sure about it. Sarah insists that only one person makes sense.

Gwen questions Xander wanting to repay her and thinks they are getting ahead of themselves. Gwen is still optimistic that things will work out for him. Xander says he’s going to drown his sorrows. Gwen decides she’s going to be brutally honest with him. Gwen tells Xander that he’s never more unattractive than when he wallows in self pity.

Stephanie calls for a break from ice skating and sits on the park bench. Alex walks by and greets her with a kiss. Stephanie asks what he’s doing there. Alex responds that her assistant said he might find her there. Stephanie asks why he needed to find her. Alex reminds her that they had a strategy meeting today and asks if she forgot about him. Stephanie informs him that she left a message with his assistant about rescheduling. Alex guesses they got their wires crossed. Alex then asks what Stephanie is doing here and who she’s here with. Chad then comes over with the kids.

Will thought Sonny felt strongly about this. Sonny states that he does. Will asks if he’s willing to change his mind. Sonny explains that he and Leo will still be friends since they worked through a lot and that means something to him, but he will find him another place to live as soon as possible if it upsets Will. Sonny declares that Will is his husband, so he always comes first. Will feels like he’s forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Sonny responds that all he wants to do is make him happy as that’s the most important thing to him. Sonny tells Will that he loves him whether things are great or they are fighting. Sonny can’t believe Will flew all the way out here and he still hasn’t received a single kiss yet. Will wishes him a Merry Christmas and Sonny says Happy New Year as they kiss.

Gwen tells Xander that love conquers all. Xander is tired of her positivity. Gwen refuses to let him give up on the woman of his dreams. Xander asks what choice he has. Gwen urges him to change his mindset and stop feeling sorry for himself. Gwen tells him to think about Sarah. Xander complains that he lost all of that forever. Gwen encourages him to imagine himself with his wife if he’s not a loser or a quitter. Gwen tells him to keep the mental image in his mind to motivate him and put this fire underneath him until Sarah is back in his arms. Xander agrees that’s what he needs to do and hugs Gwen. Xander thanks her and says she’s the only one who could’ve brought him back. Gwen jokes that she is his mate so it’s the least she could do.

Maggie questions Sarah thinking Gwen was Xander’s accomplice. Sarah explains that she heard him going over everything to her. Justin notes that he may have told Gwen about the kidnapping but that doesn’t necessarily mean she was in on it. Justin adds that Gwen was in on the lie about the job. Bonnie insists that the clown was a big man who didn’t look like Gwen. Justin brings up that Rafe called earlier and he said that found evidence that the clown was wearing a bodysuit to bulk up their image. Leo watches on nervously as Justin says this means it could’ve been Gwen or a man with a smaller frame. Justin asks Leo if that’s right. Leo asks why he’s looking at him. Sarah points out that Leo is Gwen’s friend, so she asks if Gwen said anything to him and warns him not to think about lying. Leo swears on a stack of bibles that he knows absolutely nothing about Gwen dressing up as a clown and quickly exits the room.

Chad introduces the kids to Alex. Chad says he heard Stephanie missed a meeting and says that’s on them for dragging her in to this. Thomas says they want to back to skating so Stephanie decides she will take them, so Chad and Alex can catch up. Chad tells Alex that he’s sorry as the kids wanted her to come. Alex says it’s all good and he’s glad they are having a good time. Alex then says he wants to be clear on where they stand and that Chad knows that he and Stephanie are together. Chad assures he knows that. Alex apologizes for that coming out harsh and says he knows how rough Christmas was for him and that he’s missing Abigail. Alex admits he had a really good time hanging out with Chad but reveals that right before Chad showed up, he had gone to the drug store to get some protection. Chad acknowledges that he’s becoming the third wheel and insists that was not his intention. Chad admits he was feeling lonely over the holidays and Stephanie is a friend that’s easy to be with. Alex points out that the holidays are over and it’s just another work day where he and Stephanie had a meeting, but instead she’s here with Chad having what looks like family time.

Will tells Sonny that he’s been away for a lot longer than they thought and he’s sorry for that even though it was unavoidable. Will adds that Sonny supported his decision to go but he feels like he stranded him here and he knows that’s been hard. Will says it’s been hard for him too but he’s surrounded by people all the time, so he’s okay with Sonny having a new friend too even though he wishes it was somebody else. Sonny jokes that they don’t want a relationship where they can veto their friendships. Sonny declares that he’s still going to be friends with Leo and Will doesn’t like that, so he asks where that leads to them.

Leo runs in to the Horton house, out of breath, telling Gwen that they urgently need to talk. Gwen says she has too much on her mind so this is going to have to wait. Gwen tries to hurry Leo out the door and accidentally shuts the door on his foot.

Maggie sits with Sarah and tells her that she’s so sorry about all of this. Sarah responds that it’s all on her because she knew something was wrong with Xander and she pushed it off. Maggie says that’s because she loves him. Sarah argues that she let that blind her to who Xander is and will always be. Sarah then gets a call from Xander but throws her phone across the room.

Xander calls Sarah and leaves a message, saying he knows he has so much to make up for but he swears that he did it all for love because he loves her so much with all his heart. Xander asks her to call him back and hangs up. Justin and Bonnie then show up at his door.

Will guesses he and Sonny are left in a pretty awkward place. Will admits it’s hard for him to accept that Sonny is friends with someone who has done so much damage, but acknowledges that they have mended fences and he is loyal to him. Will adds that all he can do is respect that. Sonny asks if they will just agree to disagree. Will jokes that’s until he realizes he’s right. Will says he hates fighting with him. Sonny agrees but loves making up as they start kissing.

Chad questions Alex saying they are having family time. Alex says it’s not an accusation as he knows the ice skating is innocent, but he also knows that Chad had feelings for Stephanie. Alex asks Chad man to man if there’s something brewing here that he should know about. Stephanie hides behind the bushes nearby and listens in as Chad laughs it off and assures that there is absolutely nothing romantic going on between he and Stephanie. Chad states that Stephanie is his friend and his boss and that’s it. Stephanie then comes back over and says the kids are with some of their friends and they said they want Chad back skating. Chad thanks her and goes to rejoin the kids. Alex offers to go rent a pair of skates to join her on the rink but Stephanie cuts him off and asks who the hell he thinks he is.

Gwen helps Leo in to the living room and says she’ll get him some ice. Leo says they have to talk as he has bad news. Gwen argues that it can’t be worse than Sarah overhearing her and Xander talking about the kidnapping. Gwen then calls it a miracle that Sarah has decided to keep it to herself. Leo stops her and informs her that Sarah is not keeping her mouth shut and is telling everybody what Xander did.

Xander tells Justin and Bonnie that he spoke to Gwen if this is about Rednax. Bonnie then responds by punching him in the stomach.

Maggie pleads with Sarah not to blame herself as this is all on Xander. Maggie asks what Sarah is thinking and what she will do next. Sarah responds that the only thing she can do is divorce Xander.

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