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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

Sitting on a bench sipping coffee, Sally listens as Nick tells her how inquisitive Christian has become about Santa Claus. She opens up about her childhood and what it was like growing up with parents who were carnival workers, traveling from small town to small town, sleeping in tents and basically being nomads. She also tells him that her parents eventually abandoned her and her sister, Coco, and they were raised by their “grams.” She mentions that she is named after her great aunt, Sally, who was a legend in the fashion world.

Nick hangs on her every word and is sad for what Sally experienced. She lets him know that she does not feel sorry for herself because her past made her “scrappy”. As snow begins to fall, Nick puts his arm around her and they kiss.  After taking another sip of her coffee, Sally has an uncomfortable look on her face and says that the coffee isn’t agreeing with her. When Nick goes to throw away their cups, she puts her hands around her stomach.

Billy brings Johnny over to Chelsea’s apartment so Johnny can exchange Christmas gifts with her. Connor comes out of his bedroom, the boys start to talk video gaming, and Johnny offers to help Connor get to the next level of what they’ve been playing.

Adam shows up because he is going out to dinner with Connor and Chelsea. Connor invites Johnny to join them. Billy is hesitant about letting him go so Chelsea suggests that Billy come along.  Billy turns down Chelsea’s invitation, but Johnny says he hopes he can still go since he’s helping Connor master a video game. Billy fine with it and gives permission for Johnny to go out to dinner with Connor, Chelsea and Adam.

While the boys put on their jackets, Adam lets Billy know that he knows his sister well enough to be aware that she will not be on board with letting Johnny spend time with Chelsea.

Turns out Adam is right about Victoria because when Billy tells her that Johnny is going out to dinner with his bio mom, Connor and Adam, she freaks. Billy says he doesn’t see anything harmful about the situation because they agreed to let Johnny take the lead and this is what he wants.

Victoria remains very uneasy, so Billy takes her over to Society, where Johnny is enjoying himself, laughing and having fun with Connor, Chelsea and Adam.

Chelsea invites Billy and Victoria to join them, and Adam pulls up another chair.

At the Abbott house, Daniel stops by with Christmas presents and enjoys spending time with his sister and Kyle.  He asks what they’re doing for the holiday season and all they tell him is that that they’re having a Christmas “adventure” with Harrison.

Daniel opens up about the deal he made with Chancellor-Winters to develop up a gaming platform with the company. When asked about Heather and Lucy, Daniel remains mum about what has happened between them.

Back at his suite, Daniel is unable to concentrate with work on his laptop so he opens the mini bar and gets one of the tiny bottles of alcohol and swigs it down. He sits down on the bed and watches the snow fall outside the window, looking sad and lonely. It doesn’t last long, though because there’s a knock on the door. When Daniel opens it, his father, Danny is standing there and they share a warm embrace.

When Kyle, Summer and Harrison arrive at the cabin, Diane is nowhere to be found. She eventually returns, mentioning that she wanted to go for a walk in the snow. Harrison calls out “DiDi” and races over to her excitedly. Diane is in seventh heaven being able to spend the evening decorating the Christmas tree that Harrison picked out. Kyle tells Harrison that putting a star on the top of the tree is a tradition and a special honor. Harrison is enthused so Kyle lifts him up so he can put the star  on the top of the tree.

Back at Jeremy’s hotel suite, he expresses his anger toward Jack because he thinks that Jack may have led him on a wild goose chase to find Diane. Jack covers and chalks it up to Diane simply being very good at disappearing.

He starts urging Jeremy to take the cash he is offering him, but Jeremy refuses. This causes Jack to double the offer up to a million dollars and promise to get the remainder to Jeremy the day after Christmas. Jeremy appears to capitulate, telling Jack that he will keep the $500,000 and stay in Genoa City long enough to get the other half. Jack makes a point of mentioning the importance of taking the full million and staying out of prison.

After Jack leaves and Jeremy is alone, he grins slyly , while Jack has a look of discomfort as he walks down the hallway to leave the hotel.

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