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Recap written by Eva

Chase and Blaze sing their song that was released today for the crowd at the Gingerbread Jam. Brook Lynn apologizes to Chase again for not telling him that Dante wanted her to write a letter to the Civilian Review Board. Brook Lynn also tells Chase she is sorry that the letter she wrote for the Civilian Review board didn’t make it to the board members in time for the Civilian Review Board hearing. Chase tells Brook Lynn he will help her get the rights to her songs back from Linc, but he can’t forgive her for playing God with his life. Chase also makes it clear that they only have a business relationship not a personal relationship.

Josslyn is stopped at the side of the road because she has car trouble and Dex arrives to help her because he was following behind her car. Josslyn tells Dex that she already called a tow truck, so Dex waits for the tow truck with her. Dex and Josslynn have one of their arguments about nothing and they end up kissing until the tow truck arrives to take the car. Dex drives Josslyn home and she gets home in time to watch a movie with Carly.

Spencer tells Trina he is going to make himself bait so they can catch Esme and get justice for Rory. Trina tells Spencer that his plan will work better if they make Esme think that she turned to him for comfort after Rory’s death.

Dante and Mac get a lead about Rory’s killer. The DNA found on the earring belonged to Ryan Chamberlain’s former wife Gloria, who he killed in front of Felicia years ago. Mac, Dante, and Felicia head to Spring Ridge to talk to Ryan with Heather interpreting Ryan’s eye blinking. Ryan tells Mac, Dante and Felicia that he doesn’t know how the Hook Killer got the earring. Once Mac, Dante and Felicia, are gone, he tells Heather that the earring was part of the charm necklace that she took from him that contained souvenirs from all the people that he killed. Ryan wants to ask Heather more questions, but she takes away the present she gave him which she never opened because Mac came to visit. Heather tells Ryan she will give him his present back when he stops being mean to her.

A drunken Nikolas spends time with Esme who tells him she is lonely. Nikolas tells Esme she should enjoy Christmas because she will be lonelier when he takes her to Spoon Island.

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