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Tucker: Sharon. Hey. I have been in here so many times since I moved back to town. How is it that I have not seen you?

Sharon: I guess I’ve just been lucky.

Tucker: [Laughs] I guess my coffee’s gonna come with a little spice today, is it?

Sharon: I’ve heard that you picked up right where you left off — crashing summer and Kyle’s vow renewal, circling all of the Genoa City businesses like a vulture.


Tucker: Ah, thank you. Yeah, uh, Ashley and I have been getting reacquainted.

[ Sniffs ] At first, she was as wary of me as you are, but I think I’m winning her over.

Sharon: And how on earth have you managed to do that?

Tucker: Uh, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve convinced her that I’m a changed man.

Sharon: Oh. Are you?

Tucker: [Chuckling] Yeah. I had a near-death experience recently, and, uh, it made me reevaluate my priorities. And so now I’m concentrating on those people who matter the most to me — Ashley, Devon, Dominic.

Sharon: Hmm. Somehow I just don’t find that completely plausible.

Tucker: Based on what?

Sharon: Well, a few years ago I got my degree in psychology, and I actually…

Tucker: Did you really?

Sharon: …Work as a therapist now. Yeah, and it’s given me very good insight into people.

Tucker: Analyze me. Come on. Let’s — let’s hear it. I think it’s gonna be challenging for you.

Sharon: I don’t think that you are as complicated as you think you are.

Tucker: Mm.

Sharon: You think you’re the smartest one around, and that’s why you believe that we’re all gonna buy what you’re selling.

Tucker: Well, my car crash is a matter of public record. You could just look that up yourself.

Sharon: Well, I don’t think you’re lying about that, but real, long-lasting change — that usually doesn’t come in an instant, from one traumatic experience. It takes work, Tucker.

Tucker: I’ve done the work. I spent a little time in an ashram.

Sharon: Ooh! Well, I bet that impressed Ashley.

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