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See all that butter. That’s what makes it taste good. And the powdered sugar makes ’em pretty. Yeah, just like snowballs, right? See what’s perfect for this time of year. We always make these for Christmas. So why are they called Mexican wedding cookies? Well, that is a great question. I actually, I really don’t know, but in Mexico they’re called means power.

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas, Santa. You’re not Santa.

That is terrific, James. Thank you. Really appreciate. I know you had to pull some serious strings to get this done, . I will. All right. Hey, take care and thanks again.

Ah, miss Shin, look, please call me one day. Okay. Wendy, what are you doing here?

Chloe last minute shopping, what gave it away? Well, we are meeting Brady for lunch. You should be here in the unit. Okay, well, I’m gonna hit up some more stores. My budget’s so much bigger this year after that huge promotion I got. When you were fired, didn’t you get me a present? Present? Oh, Rachel, it’s fine.

I don’t want anything from you. Okay. Uh, well, I hope you have a merry. I will, cuz I don’t need to see you. I’ll be with my real family.

Did you just say that we need to kidnap my daughter? That’s right. All right. Eric, I know you’ve been through a lot the last couple weeks, but you, what you are suggesting is, uh, insane Now. What’s insane is that Kristen’s got my mother’s life in her hands, along with Kayla and Kate Eric believe. I wanna put an end to this blackmailing thing as much as you do.

And like I said, that we need to hear Chris where she lives. Rachel’s the key

like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Kristen has two weaknesses. You and your daughter. I say we attack her there. We’ve gotta beat her at own game. Listen a game, Eric. Okay. Kristen has the serum that Marlena and Kate and Kayla need to survive. Not to mention the orchid required to make it, it’s the only one that exists that’s on the planet.

She’s holding over your head. Who’s to say she’s not gonna her in? She’s already forced you to move her in here. Who’s to say she’s not gonna ask you to sleep with her or even marry her? She said that the women will need additional doses in a couple months, maybe even a booster. Okay, but then I’m done.

All right. I’m free of the insanity at the hell you are. I guarantee she’s gonna claim that these women need booster shots for the rest of their lives. She has too much power. She needs to be. Brady, we have to do something. We need to do something now,

sweetheart. That wasn’t very nice. We need to be kind to everyone, especially on Christmas. Even people who tried to steal what belongs to us. Sorry. It’s okay, honey. It is. Because Rachel, Brady and I are family again. That’s what I wanted most for Christmas. Well wishes do come true, sweetheart. But mommy.

Mm-hmm. . When will I get my whole wish? We’ll talk about that later, honey. But you and daddy still aren’t married. You don’t even sleep in the same room.

I. Uh, I came to see John. No, I, I heard what happened at his grandmother’s memorial service yesterday, and I wanted to see if he’s okay. My nephew hasn’t yet come down from his room. I’m assuming he’s still asleep. Well, he must be exhausted after everything he’s been through.

Well, if you could just tell him I stopped by. Sure. But before you go, Wendy, I’ve left you several messages and haven’t heard back from you. Are you avoiding me? Of course not. Just I’m super busy. Oh, I get it. Yeah. Can you have a moment to talk now? Talk about what? Your little jaun to Jakarta.

Oh, you’re right. I’m not, I’m his helper.

You’re Lee. Should I say Mr. Shit, Peter, yet I could call you lame. Ariana Grace. Sorry mom. But I’ve been down this road before. One of your boyfriends putting on a show to try to get me to like it was Chad. Stephanie, you’re being very rude. Pro tip. I’m too old to believe in Santa.

Too old, huh? I didn’t realize because, well, I’m a lot older than you and I’m still a believer, but since you’re not, I guess I should send all these presents back to the North Pole.

Ho, ho, ho.

What’s wrong? Nothing really. It’s fine. You don’t look fine. Talk to me.

It’s just that it’s the time of the year that Philip, you remember we had to send Philip away to get to healthy meat? Yes. I just thought that he would’ve progressed. You know, I thought that maybe he would be released soon, but when I called the hospital, they, they wouldn’t even let me talk to him. Why not?

He’s had another major setback, and then the prison at the prison is a viral outbreak, so Lucas can’t have any visitors. I don’t. It’s bad enough that, you know, my kids aren’t with me at at Christmas, but to be cut off from the ones that need me the most from, and it’s just particularly intolerable. Okay.

What can I do? Anything? Just naming, thank you my love. But you know, at this point in life, what matters most about Christmas is being with your family. I should have realized when Will called me to tell me that he was staying in California. There was a sign of things to come. Hey, will may not be here, but Ally is.

I’m gonna give her a call, see if she can bring Henry back. No, no, no. Don’t do that. No. She’s busy with Chanel and Paulina. Hey, all the charges against him have been and dropped. I’m sure she would love to see you, honey. It’s okay. I just miss my family. That’s all. At the end. Oh my God. . Oh my God.

What surprise. I thought that you had to stay in Chicago though, that you were on call talk. No, I, I convinced my supervisor I had more important work to do. . The FDA has asked me to provide some follow up data on the experimental treatment we gave mom a few months ago. They just need to know that it’s safe.

Well, of course it’s safe. It’s saved my life. Oh, what kind of data are they looking for? Just civil blood work. Okay. We don’t have to worry about your mom’s health. She’s feeling perfect. Like, no, no, it, it’s just a, a formality cross. The ts dot the iss. In fact, I have everything I need right here in my bag, so we can just knock this out right here, right now.

Well, what if I refuse?

Oh, look, sweetheart, it’s nor a Jane and her mommy at the chocolate stand. Why don’t you go join them and get yourself work? There you go.

I’m getting extra whipped cream. All right,

So you and Brady are back together, but you’re not sleeping in the same room? No, we’re just taking things slowly. In other words, he won’t touch you with a 10 foot pole. No, Chloe, that is not true. We are becoming more intimate every day. Hmm. That’s not the impression I got from Rachel. Well, Rachel wasn’t there when Brady planted a hot kiss on Sister Mary Moira because he thought she was me in disguise.

Really? Mm-hmm. . And if you don’t believe me, you can ask the sister yourself. I’m sure she would love to tell you how she beat Bad, bad Brady with a ruler . So what you’re saying is the nuns saw more action than you ever will. What I am saying is that Brady is letting his God down. He wants me. How much is clear?

Whatever you say, Kristen. You know, I asked him what would happen next if it was me. He was kissing and he leaned into me, and the heat between us was off the chart. And we would’ve made love right there on that couch if John hadn’t walked in and ruined everything. But there will be another moment soon.

See, I plan to ring in the new year and Brady’s

everything you’re saying makes perfect sense except for one. What’s that? The part where I kidnap my own daughter? No, no. I’m not gonna do it. I’m not, I’m not gonna put Rachel through that kind of trauma. She’ll never know. She’ll never know. What are you, are you suggesting that we drug her? No, of course not.

Because we’re gonna make her believe that she’s going on a fun vacation with Uncle Eric. So she’ll, she’ll, she’ll enjoy her abduction. No, she’s gonna get a few days in the sun. Why? Kristen is losing her mind. And you’re gonna get that orchid and your daughter will be home. We save lives. Merry Christmas to all,

uh, Jakarta. Didn’t we already talk about that the other day? You and Johnny and I? We did, but we need to have our. Own separate conversation because unlike my nephew, you work for Damara. Now I understand that it was Johnny’s idea to commandeer the company jet and whisk you off on that romantic getaway, but you agreeing to it was egregiously irresponsible of you.

I am so sorry I, I know what I did was wrong and I. Terrible about it.

I don’t know if you thought your brother signing off on the expenses, made you think that I wouldn’t find out how deceptive you’ve been, but Wendy, Wendy, look at me. I remember what it’s like to be young and in love. It’s great for for you to put your career on the line. Put your professional standing at risk.

I, I, I can’t understand it. Unless, unless what? Unless there’s another reason you were in Jakarta that you’d care to share.

It’s so pretty. That’s. means double luck. And I’m lucky because when I marry your mom, I won’t have only one beautiful, smart, incredibly fashionable lady in my life. I’ll have two and I’ll have three daddies. How do you feel about that special, I guess, I mean, how many kids can say that You are so special my love, and you might be double lucky, but I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world.

Thank you. My gift.

You are so welcome

you guys. This is gonna be the best Christmas ever.

Can I wear it to the wedding? Of course, I was hoping you would,

if this will really give me luck. I wanna wear it every day. New Year’s weddings are also considered lucky in. So we are off to a very auspicious start. Suspicious. No baby auspicious. It means, um, likely to succeed or pointing to happiness. Double happiness. Mommy, when you get married, are you gonna change your last name?

Daddy Will and Daddy Sonny did it. Oh well, uh, I’m not. I, uh, I need to think about it. But speaking of Daddy Sammy, you know he’s gonna be here any minute to pick you up. Are you all packed? I just need to make sure that my new bracelet matches with all my outfits.

Someone knows the way to a Hernandez woman’s heart. Well, I hope this Hernandez woman knows that I don’t expect her to take my.

You know, I, I became a demir when I married Steph, and, and I stayed when, even when I thought he was fed. But of course that worked because I was the head of the company and now I’m not. And Stephanie and I are divorced and we hate each other’s guts. I can’t wait to feel like my very own person again. I think you’ve always been your own person.

Gabriela Hernandez Shin. How does that sound? Perfect.

What else would I have been doing in Kar? You tell me, Wendy. Hey, uh, what, uh, what, what are you doing here? I, I was worried about you after yesterday, the explosion at the church. Oh, yeah. Uh, Tom, I’m, I’m fine and I’m sorry I didn’t call you, and I’m sorry that my uncle here is giving you the third degree about our trip to Jakarta.

Look, I was being impulsive. Okay. I, I asked Wendy to reserve the jet because I wanted to impress. And did it impress her? Yeah. I mean, I wouldn’t be impressed. And, and now that, uh, my stellar first impression has been made, I can promise you that it, it won’t be happening again.

See that it doesn’t

you, you don’t want me to draw your blood pull. I mean, I haven’t had any setbacks. I haven’t had any side effects. I mean, no issues whatsoever. So this is exactly why I need your blood, so I can prove that this treatment is 100% safe and effective. Plus, it’ll get the FDA off my back and I get to keep my medical right.

I’ll do it. I do it. I damn will better get a lollipop.

Wow, Kristen, that sounds like an awful lot of wishful thinking to me. Hmm. When does a bird brain like you know about thinking, Hmm. I know that when it comes to Brady, you are completely diluted. Ah. Why do you care so much about Man Brady? I mean, you moved on from him in about two seconds. I hear it’s getting really serious with my little brother jetting off to Miami for the new.

Who told you that doesn’t matter. But if all goes well, maybe this time next year, you’ll be my sister-in-law. Woo-hoo. What a hoot. you and s, Stephan, me and Brady all sitting at the holiday table together. My money says that this time next year you’ll be back in prison for the countless felonies that you are bound.

You know what, Chloe? I’ve changed and Brady knows that. So you’re dumping you from me. It’s like trading in an all clunker for a brand new sports car. I make him incredibly happy. Well, if Brady’s so happy with you, then why he stand you up for lunch? He’s running late. Ah, just keep telling yourself that.

And while you’re at it, you should keep an eye on your kid. She’s wandering off, but given who her mother is, I can’t say I blame her. What I said to Rachel about being nice on Christmas. I take it back. Hmm. And for what it’s worth, I would rather die than sit across a holiday table from you. Hmm. Duly noted.

Sorry, bro. I am not kidnapping my daughter on Christmas. Fine. We’re gonna do it afterwards. No, you’re not hearing me. Okay. It’s not happening ever. And why you let Kristen continue to torture you? My mom, Kayla and Kate relapse and possibly die. She said that she would supply the additional doses and if she doesn’t, how long are you gonna rely on Psycho to do the right thing?

Or do you wanna finally take control of your life again for all of us? Who knew you could be So Ruth. And I would’ve been the good guy for years. Where’s the God in me? Absolutely nowhere. Come on, man. I wouldn’t say that. Well, I would. I’m tired of being the victim and a doormat. Kristin Amir. She raped and drugged me.

All right. I feel absolutely no obligation to have any mercy on her, so we need to play hardball you and her out.

Thank you for being so amazing with Ariana. Oh, my father isn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type. I promise that I’d be different with my children.

Yeah. You know, we haven’t really discussed that. Whether or not you. Kids of your own. I’m, you know, I, cuz I can’t, Gabby, you will and Sonny are raising an amazing child. Being part of that, being our stepdad. That’s all I need. The cookies smells so good. Well, first two batches already. Um, your mom made these and I made these.

Can I test them? See which ones I like better. . Wait an Eggo, two cookies, girl. Yeah.

Well, the winner is,

oh my gosh.

Hmm. Do you think s Stephan’s suspicious about what we were doing in Jakarta? He’s definitely not happy we went. Honestly, I could hardly focus on a word he was saying because I felt so guilty about keeping the secret from him. Yeah. I’m right there with you. I wanted to blurt out. Ralph. Fran washed you into thinking who he.

Gabby don’t you love her? Honestly, telling your uncle that could change his whole life. Yeah. And ruin my fathers and your brothers. He is marrying Gabby next week, and part of me is excited, you know, because Lee is so excited. I can’t stop thinking about how none of this would be happening if Stefan remembered how he really feels about Gabby.

Hey, I’m just coming to see you. Hey. Anything in there for me? Nope. Oh, you had a vaccine? Uh, I was, but um, I got a little delayed by her sister. Oh no. What’d she say? Nevermind. I don’t, I don’t really wanna waste another minute talking about Kristen. Kristen place, God with people’s lives. It’s wrong kidnapping.

Isn’t Rachel’s your daughter? I only do this if you signed off on it, but if you don’t want it,

are we interrupting?

So since when is 10 vials, a little bit of love. You did great, mom. Sorry. I don’t really mean to complain. You know that I’m grateful, right? Say here. Well, I’m grateful that you’re doing so well. I am gonna run these to the hospital and I will be back as soon as possible. I am so happy you’re here, honey. Me too.

Me too. I love you both so much. Love you. Love you too. Bye.

Okay. Did you know that he was coming home? I have no idea. Oh my God, I couldn’t be more happy. . Well, ma always said that family love grows warmer at Christmas. I know I said that it was specific family, but of course you know that we have the family. We were born. The family we choose. Right? And I’m so happy that we chose to be with each other again after all these years.

I’m into that. Although when I proposed you, uh, said no at first because I was on my death bed. Yeah. Convinced there was no cure. But I told you I would never give up no matter what. You would be my wife. Yeah. I thought that was only gonna last a day. Yeah. And now we are in it for the long haul. We most certainly are.

Yes. We’re

okay. Now that Ariana’s off, I can start wrapping presents. Don. I get a reward for winning the best cookie contest. What? The sheer satisfaction of beating me is not enough. Hmm. I think I could be. a bit more satisfied.

oh, hold on. It’s, it might be the seamstress. Let me just, hi Gracik. Hi. Are you done with Ariana Stress? What the hell? No, no, no. Do not do anything. No, I, no. I’ll be right there. Excuse me. I told her

You go, what’s this? Your Christmas present since you’ll be in New York tomorrow. Oh, well, I thought that we would wait and exchange gifts in Miami. Yes, but this one’s a little. Time sensitive. Okay.

Oh my goodness. Are you kidding me? Center orchestra seats to a mall and the night visitors stuff. And how did you get these? It’s been sold out for months. Let’s call it a little bit of, uh, Christmas magic. This is such a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Thank you. There are five tickets here. Yeah. You, Nancy, joy Parker.

And one extra could be Mike. Nancy wants to take a date or Craig, or if they have plans, take me. Don’t you have plans in Salem, uh, with the dysfunctional Dems? Huh? Well, they are your family. Well, I was thinking we could spend Christmas in New York with your family and then fly down to Miami. Ah, but this is your first Christmas since, uh, since coming back from the day.

Yeah. I just,

being in that. Those people after everything that happened yesterday at Susan’s memorial service, I might be a little too much,

but hey, if you don’t want me tagging along, you just say the word. No. Eric and I, we were just, uh, discussing our holiday plans. Hey, kiddo. Merry almost Christmas. You’ll never guess what I put under the tree for you. Hmm. Am I in my dream house better? Hmm. A puppy ? No. You’ll never guess. See if you can read my mind.


You were supposed to meet us for lunch today. I got talking to Eric and, uh, lost track of time. You could have texted me. Yeah, well, we had a unpleasant interaction with Chloe, so we decided to come home. Oh, I see. Mm-hmm. . Oh, did you know that she and Stephan are going to Miami for New Year’s? No. No, I didn’t know that.

But thank you so much for sharing that. Appreciate it.

Johnny will you try to rationalize this all we want, but deep down, we know what happened. What is happening is wrong yet, but we agreed to keep quiet because I don’t wanna hurt my dad, and you don’t wanna hurt your brother. I’m still sick over what they did. Lee ordering Rolf to brainwash Stephan so he could have Gabby for himself.

Your dad not telling Stefan he’d been brainwashed so he could get back on top of Demira. I know. Okay. It’s a big secret. Now we’re lying saying we went to Jakarta because we’re romantically involved. I mean, of course my brother and your dad know the. Everyone else thinks for dating

now. I guess there’s no reason to pretend any longer, you know, maybe we could just, I don’t know. Fake break up.

So you don’t mind dealing with my crazy family? Not at all. It’ll be a. Well, if you really feel that way, then I would love for you to come to New York with me. Thank you, Chloe. I am excited. Wow. It’ll be great to see Parker again, huh? Oh my goodness. You won’t even recognize him. He’s grown like a foot since last time you saw him.

He’s still a big banana mate fan. Huge. Then I got the right kid. Ah, you didn’t have to do that. It’s my pleasure. What was very thoughtful of you? Thank you.

Oh, no, I just realized that I shipped all of um, Rex gifts to Chicago. Seeing you healthy as the only gift he needs. Absolutely not everyone needs a present to open on Christmas, and then there are some special people who open one the day before. Go ahead. You have others, but this is the big one,

huh? Carrie?

A trip to Zurich? Yes. To see Austin and Carrie Anella.

Oh no, I thought that, I thought that you’d be happy, Katie. I love it. Matter of fact, I love it so much. I got you the exact same thing.

Oh my God. It’s a missile tongue. I made it at school for mommy and daddy. Ah. If they stand under it, they have to kiss. Right? Well, you know, you only have to kiss if it’s a real missile. Nobody told me that. Now I have to go find a real missile.

You trained her well. Oh wow. You know what? It’s only natural for a child to want her parents to be together. I haven’t done anything to encourage it. I don’t believe that for a second. You know what, Eric? Don’t you have enough to deal with in your own love life without budding into ours? Don’t have a love life.

Oh, but Brady, we’re getting closer every day, becoming a family again. And I know family means everything to you. You’d never wanna do anything to let them down. Right?

Fake breakup. Meaning we pretend we don’t like each other anymore. Yeah. You know, I’d probably have to stage a couple fights. Make it believable. What? Like in front of Allie and Chanel? Yeah, it’s Stephan, Gabby. I don’t wanna do that. I think it would be easier to just keep doing what we’re doing. Al what? Uh, fake dating.

I guess I, yeah, yeah. I, I, I think so. Plus if we, uh, you know, if we fake broke up, what would I do with this? You didn’t have to get me anything. I wanted to. I felt bad. I didn’t get anything. I didn’t expect you to. I just, uh, I was, was walking by Saxton. The other day, and I saw this reminded me of you, you most of, uh, what I told my uncle Stephan about us and Jakarta was made up.

But it is true. I am a little impulsive at times. And, um, maybe I did wanna impress you just a little.

That’s beautiful.

Help you.

Hmm. Hello Gabby. Excuse me. We have a wedding Atti emergency to deal with. Oh yeah. Next time we see you, you’ll be husband and wife. The wedding isn’t until next week. Yes, well, Chloe and I are flying to New York tonight and afterwards to Miami to ring in the new year, so it’s too bad you won’t be there when Lee and I become men and white, but I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty of pictures online, so you can click through there and see what you.

Well, congratulations to you both, Stephanie and I wish you the best. Yes. So

well, what can I say? Great minds. I mean, at least it isn’t a gift of the Magi kind of situation. Pardon? Well, you, Neil Henry’s story where the husband sells his watch to buy his wife a comb. She cut her hair and Right. Right. See our guests didn’t cancel each other out, shows how much we love each other, right?

So we’ll take two trips to Switzerland. One to go ski and one to, I don’t know, swim in Lake Buser. And what do you think I did right The way you think?

No, please don’t stop. Mike Cow . Okay, so clean Bill of Health, right? It’s the holidays. We’re not gonna have the results for a few. Oh, that’s great. So just worry all the way through Christmas. No, this is not at all. I’m, I’m sure everything’s fine. Listen to our son, the brilliant doctor now who is ready for Agna.

Oh, . That’s good. Little early for that I think. Well, it’s never too early. You’re start enjoying time with family and this family’s got a lot to celebrate. So I say we start right here. Well, okay.

You know that I would never let my family down, and that loyalty is so critically important more than they’ll ever know. Well, I’m gonna go check in on Rachel. Excuse me.

You want to tell me she’s not gonna put the screws to you until she hands over the orchid. That’s if she.

She’s gonna have us under her thumb, you and all of us forever until we do something about it.

Okay? I hate to admit it, but Rachel is the best leverage that I got, so I gotta use it. You had promised me to say, I promise you Rachel is going to be safe the entire time. I give you my word. Remember, this is gonna be the best thing for her. Two.

Okay. Let’s do.

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