Y&R Short Recaps Wednesday, December 21, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker tells Ashley that he was taking a shower that is why his couch is a mess. He tells her that he will get dressed and meet her upstairs at the Grand Phoenix restaurant so they can talk, about whatever is bothering her. Tucker and Ashley talk about her argument with Jack and how frustrating it is that Jack can’t see the truth about Diane.

Chance tells Sharon that Nina and Jill won’t be able to come home for Christmas so he will spend some time with Dominic and then he will go to work. Sharon tells Chance that if he wants to he can come spend Christmas day at Crimson Lights.

Noah and Allie make plans of how they will spend Christmas day at both the Abbotts and the Newmans and Allie is excited to celebrate a family Christmas.

Summer tells Kyle that she is worried she and her mother won’t be able to repair their relationship. Kyle is worried that Jack won’t be able to negotiate a deal with Jeremy Stark.

Jack shows Jeremy a briefcase full of a half a million dollars and tells him to take the money and never return to Genoa City. Jeremy tells Jack that he wants to talk to Diane because he wants to ask her some questions before he leaves town with the money. Jack tells Jeremy that he will take her to see Diane but, after they talk he must keep his promise to leave town.

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