GH Short Recaps Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

The residents of Port Charles celebrate Christmas Eve with a lot of love and a little sadness.

Austin and Maxie break up because Maxie thinks their relationship moved to fast. Marie tells Austin that she can’t be with a man who keeps secrets from her.

Trina thinks that if Rory hadn’t met her he would still be alive. Josslyn helps Trina realize that the only person responsible for Rory’s death is the person who killed him. Josslyn also tells Trina that Rory would want her to remember him, but he would want her to be happy.

Alexis advises Spencer to find something that makes him happy and hang on to it so that whatever makes him happy can keep him from getting pulled into the Cassadine family’s schemes. Spencer heads to Trina’s house and wishes her a merry Christmas.

Chase and Finn are both sad about their relationships breaking up, but they pretend to be happy so Violet can have a happy Christmas Eve.

Dante tells Chase that the Civilian Review Board has decided to review his case again in January because of Brook Lynn. Chase arrives just before he is supposed to sing at the Rice Plaza’s Gingerbread Jam.

Willow is worried that she will not be spending next Christmas with Michael, Wiley, and her baby girl but she pretends to be happy for Wiley’s sake.

Carly persuades Drew not to tell Willow that he thinks Harmony kidnapped her and he is looking for her parents. Carly thinks Drew should wait until after the holidays to talk to Willow. Drew gives Carly a key for Christmas and tells her, she will find out later what the key opens.

Josslyn gets in a car accident driving home from Tina’s house.

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