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 Good morning, doc. Merry Christmas E oh oh. Bye.

Wow. Strawberries and whipped cream breakfast in bed. I think you’re spoiling me. You deserve bed so much more. It looks really beautiful. Thank you. You toss and turned all night. Oh, I hope I didn’t keep you awake. I’m not worried about you. So talk to.

Last night at the chapel and when the explosion happened before I even had time to process what happened? I was thinking about, so about someone about.

Lucy’s been known to have God in churches. And then, um, I woke up this morning and I realized that she’s living here with us and we are all just pretending we’ve got this charade going on, pretending that everything is fine and normal and. Something about it being Christmas makes it even worse. I just, I don’t, I don’t understand what’s going on with her.

Mm-hmm. and why Brady is going along with it. Yeah. Yeah. Why is that? Well, you know, I, I do feel like I got a little closer to her once I, I told her that you and I got in a big fight. It didn’t get us. And I’m, I am not sure how much more of this I can take neither doc, because when I was making nice to her and I was telling her so much a great big heart, she had my arms and my hands were tremon.

Cause all I could think about was doing was putting them around her throat. Now, if I am that close to throttling, Kristen, I can only imagine what Brady feels like.

Morning sunshine. Well, again, no,

no. As having such high hopes that this would be a start of a Christmas East of Kristen, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t take away from the fact that you are still blackmailing. And that you have the lives of three women that you have threatened and, and they’ve been through enough. Okay? Those three women actually owe me their lives.

Why can’t you see it? From my point of view? Brady. Huh? I, I snatched them from the jaws of death. And everyone in this house, except for Rachel, treats me like an interloper. And that is the thanks I get.

Ej. Hi. Do you, uh, do you feel out for some breakfast? Uh, yeah. Thank you. Oh my God, look at the time. I should have been up by now Holly. And I thought it was best for you to get a good night’s sleep, but it’s Christmas Eve and she’s having a great time down in the kitchen helping with Christmas cookies.

Thank you for looking out for her. Thank you again for all of this. You’re welcome. Um, just now, just before I knocked, I heard you cry in your sleep. A nightmare. Sorry, Nicole. You were just in a church where a bomb went off. Don’t apologize for having a nightmare. Would you like to talk about it?

I don’t. I don’t remember. Here’s a shot in the. Was it about Eric?

Oh, so you’re awake. It’s about time. I’m officially unemployed. I can sleep in as long as I like. There’s coffee. You might need it before I, I share with you what I just read online. What? Tell me,

look, I dunno how to break this deal. Your mother was in an explosion last night. Nicole too. You ran a church. I know. You’re fine. You just showed up at my doorstep last night and didn’t even say a thing about it. We had other things on our minds.

Hey, good morning. Good morning. Merry Christmas Eve. What’s that? Oh, she is so cute. Chanel’s first Christmas course. I wasn’t there for Lonnie’s. Here you go. Thanks.

I’m not doing crying over Christmas pass. Oh, you’re not gonna help a damn thing. What’s that? Chanel and Allie made you a box of Christmas cookies. Oh, that’s very sweet. But why did they send them here? I’ll be outta here in a couple of hours. Oh, so the, so when did Bell schedule the bell hearing? Hearing what time?

There is not going to be a hearing sweetheart. Not today.

Knew what she was doing by stalling. So the court adjourned yesterday till after the holidays. I’m so sorry.

So what? Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas to me.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I know this is a disappointment, but not a surprise. Oh, I have faith in Bell, but that Melinda Trask, she’s just pure evil. Making me Miss Christmas with my family. Outta pure spite. Well, I’m not, I’m not gonna just sit here and do nothing. Do you, do you have that statement? I had Stephanie write up announcing that I’d be stepping down, won’t be sworn in as.

Ah, you know, it, it, it still needs work. I I, I think we should wait until after the new year. Abraham. Abraham, I see right through you. I know what you’re doing. You’re stalling cuz you don’t want me to do it. But this is the only way to guarantee that you stay on as mayor and to share that. That’s all I want for Christmas.

Paul. You don’t need to do any of that. Abraham. I want that statement. Put out this.

Sloan Peterson, she’s gonna have a revenge on me after all.

Hmm. So this Ava person, she blew up an entire church, just a secret revenge on EJ Derro. Apparently sound sounds like my type of gout,

Too soon. Yeah. Well, she was ready for innocent people to die. Right. You’re right. You did say your mom was okay. All right. Yeah, she’s fine. She did tell me that Nicole was hurt. What did you do? What made me remember when we’re hurt and how bad we can be for each other when she was horrible to Jada. And what did I do when I found out she was hurt?

I ran over the hospital as fast as I could to see if she was alright. I mean, what am I thinking?

Seeing Eric at the hospital last night was unexpected, you know, with how he ended things. Of course, he went to the hospital, he’s guilty. He knows he was wrong. That woman didn’t have an abortion because you decided to have a conversation with her,

but don’t read too much into last night’s either. Probably some vestigial reflex from his time as a priest because the man who made those horrible accusations to your face is not pining for you. The speed with which she jumped in the bed with that sleazy lawyer. I should tell you that.

Thanks for reminding me. Eric has moved on. Let him

Yeah, you right,

you’re right. It is awful that Marlena hasn’t thanked you for saving her life. But then again, um, she doesn’t know that you saved her life because we couldn’t tell her that you saved her life because then she would find out that the only reason you did it was to get yourself into her house. Okay? That doesn’t change the fact that she is alive, thanks to me, and you might wanna think about how you talk to me.

Oh, because she is gonna need another dose, which will keep her alive, and maybe you’ve forgotten. But I am the only person who knows where that lifesaving orchid is. Mommy, what’s an orchid? And why are they lifesaving?

And God, the closest I got with Kristen. Right after I insisted that she was just such a good person at heart somehow or other that that got her, I mean, she genuinely seemed moved by that, which of course made my skin crawl. But before I could get any further of that conversation, she had to go pick up Rachel.

Well, we can’t afford to lose a momentum that we’ve gotten now, and especially now with things being, I think, a little more urgent. What’s this supposed to mean? I was talking to Sister Mary Maira. She said that Brady kissed her. Fortunately what. Apparently he thought that it was Kristen in disguise and he was going to call her out on it.

Okay. Okay. So how does that make things more urgent? Well, because I think Brady has always had feelings for Kristen and, and they continue and now they’re living under the same roof and they’re helping their raise Rachel together. I think this clock is ticking. Oh, well sweetie, um, orchids are these beautiful flowers and some scientists, they make ’em into medicine.

Isn’t that amazing? Then why are you and daddy arguing about them? Oh, no, no, no, no. I was just telling your mommy how much I, I wanted to get one for Christmas. I, you know, a special one. I thought getting one would be almost life changing. What I really want for Christmas is for you and mommy to get back together forever.

Oh, so what does Daddy say about that?

You haven’t touched your breakfast. Sorry. Don’t be, Sylvia said Your close call at church is still weighing on you. Yeah, for sure. So I think you might need something to get your mind off church explosions and the suddenly promiscuous Saint Eric, that’s not fair. Sorry it slipped out. But I think I might have the diversion.

That will do the trick. What are you doing? I, I, I remember patience is a virtue, not that you are a especially. Excuse me, that’s not me talking. It’s the expert in the field. This is your aunt sister Mary Moy wrote with a warning about your friend, that bombastic blonde beep. Now I’m on a plane about to leave and I think the Lord above that, no one was seriously hurt yesterday, but you caused this by inviting that fornicating harlet to Susan’s.

I go think for a minute that God didn’t notice her presence in his house. That explosion was a warning Elvis. And if you do not he it. I fear for your mortal soul . Your mortal soul. . You’re kidding. That was awesome. I’ve never big hauled a. Before you know what I should do? I should get a tattoo. Mm-hmm.

Mm-hmm. even may have planted the bomb, but uh, apparently you are the real reason why we’re almost blown to kingdom. Come try. Hardly like me. We don’t mess around . No. You know

you’re right on the money. Ej. You know what? Being blamed for almost killing everyone is exactly the distraction I needed. No, I thought it might be Harley. Who? You’re Harley. No, you are. I would be fine if we never spent another minute dwelling on one of your exes, but sing as you were an ex priest. I think it’s okay to have compassion for someone who nearly died.

I know how I sound, but getting her outta my head isn’t something I want. Something I need. Hmm. Well it just so happens since satisfying your needs has become one of my specialties, yeah. I can always use more practice.

I think you’re rushing into this. I, you still haven’t talked to Chanel and she and Ali have, they spent so much time on your campaign. Well, Chanel will understand Allie too. This is about protecting you. Something. I distinctly remember being part of my vows almost exactly six months ago. I still think you’re rushing into this.

Abraham, I love you for what you’re doing, and I wish there was another way out, but there. Sorry. Gimme your phone and I will tell Stephanie myself to release that statement. All right. I, I still think though, that Chanel deserves to hear this before it hits the wires

in Africa.

I smoke and drink. He’s already did not get a good night’s sleep. Well, he’s not the only one. I can’t stop thinking about how much I hate Sloane Peterson for what she did to mama. Hey, you and me both, or Colleen and it’s Christmas Eve and and now she’s probably gonna have to spend the entire holiday in jail.

According to Abe, I’m the one who should be in behind bars, not her. Let’s go. What? Remember when you were stuck there for Thanksgiving and we brought you dinner? Oh, we should cook for Ma Omar. We are going make the best Christmas Eve dinner ever. . Oh, I take it. You think this is a good idea? Oh, I will show you how my fishing

Come here. Listen, I know that’s what you want. I do. I do. And you have to know that I, I, there’s nothing more. I want them to make you happy, sweetie. But you need to trust that, that we are doing what we think is best for you. And it’s only because we love you more than anything in this whole big room.

We’ll make this Turkey croquet. Mm-hmm. and. Ooh, this scallop potatoes and this cream spinach. Mama is gonna have so much food. She is not gonna want to eat for a month.

whoever it is. I’m just gonna text them back and tell them we’re busy.

What’s wrong? It’s from Abe Sloan Peterson has done it again.

I can’t believe it’s already Christmas Eve. Do you have any plans? Uh, to be honest, I stopped making plans and I lost both my parents too. And my brother, he lives a million miles away. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are just like any other day for me. I’m sorry. It’s a shame. My mom, she does a great Christmas Eve party at her place and tomorrow my dad hosts Christmas at at the pub.

Oh, not interested.

We don’t take this the wrong way, but is that really us? I mean, this is fun, but like we’re keeping this low key. Right? I just suggested that I take you home to meet my family pretty much. I’m sorry. It’s forced to happen. No, I thank you for worrying about my holiday, but I got my Christmas wish this.

Paulina Price is behind bars.

All the major news outlets will have that statement within the hour.

It’s going to be a long time before I can make this sacrifice up to you. You can make it up to me each and every day just by being you. What the most? Wonderful, wonderful man I have ever met

I, I just don’t wanna leave you here alone tonight. I’ll commit a minor crime and they can lock me up in the adjoining cell . Oh. Oh, wow. That’s bell, huh? Well, it can’t be about bail. I wonder what she wants. Huh? Let’s find out. God. Hello, Mel. What’s up? Oh, yeah, of course. All right. She wants to talk to you.

Mm-hmm. , Mel, what is it, honey?

What? What You please repeat that.

So you think Brady still has feelings for Kristen?

It’s a very strong attraction and, and we know that he’s fighting those feelings, but we can’t afford what might happen if you lose that battle area. Right. We’re just gonna have to pivot. We’re gonna have to come up with a, with a new way to find out what she’s fighting. I’m a little afraid that she might see right through us.

In fact, I’m, I’m already worried that she saw through what you were doing yesterday. No, I’m not. It’s like you said, Kristen’s completely along. Yeah. She may be anxious to reel Brady back in, but when you are as isolated as she is, It’s important a storm. She’ll take the first friend that comes along. Do you know what’s in here?

I don’t know. Oh, you come on. You, you don’t wanna guess a doll. All right. You know what? I have an idea. We are gonna go down to town Square and we are gonna look at all the pretty decorations. , daddy? Mm-hmm. . Can you come? Honey? I, I, I really have to work. Uh, well, maybe you can, uh, meet us for lunch after work.

Yes. Yes, I can do this. Yay, Susan Daddy. Ask you soon. All right. You know what? I want you to go grab your coat.

You’re breaking her heart. You know that too, because I didn’t want to go to the Horton Town Square with you because she tells you what she wants most in the world, and you just pour water all over. Now, I know you think I’m constantly working you, but maybe you could just stop hating me so much and love your daughter just a little bit more

I absolutely love this voicemail. You have to send it to me so that way whenever I feel things start to feel a little crazy, I can be reminded of what real crazy is and to think we didn’t get enough crazy from Ava. Oh. I wonder if that breakdown she had at the hospital that got her sent to Bayview was real.

You don’t? I have my doubts, but either way, I’m happy to share the Good Sister’s voicemail

while we’re at it. Do you have a similar fix for my guilty feelings? What do you have to feel Guilty. Besides putting you in harm’s way, my, um, my horrible miscalculation about Ava helped to lead to the disaster that was yesterday. My mother is dead cuz of the way I handled her kidnapping, and I almost lost you.

I could hardly blame you if you never wanted to speak to me again. E. Stop it. Okay. Look, despite what your auntie says, this was not my fault. This was not your fault. It was a hundred percent Ava’s fault. Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it for one more minute.

So your mom really just gave up on being governor? Yeah. She wanted to protect Abe, which I get, but this, this whole thing just seems so unfair and it keeps getting worse and worse.

I’ll get it.

Oh, hey Abe. I just got your text. I can’t believe Mama’s doing this. Well, I tried to talk her. Hm. Nobody’s ever talked Mama outta anything. Come on in. Allie and I decided to make Christmas Eve dinner and take it down to Mama. Why aren’t you coming in? Well, this is why.

I am sure Pauline is feeling very sorry for herself behind bars this holiday. I wonder if she or her precious little daughter ever thought once about all the holidays. They ruined for me.

I suppose. You think I should have just turned the other cheek? Hmm? I think what you went through was awful. I know you guys are. And I don’t expect you to come and like fight my battles for me or anything. I just, I just gotta vent every now and then, you know, Sloan, I remember that. You’ve listened to me.

Ran more than once. Let’s change the subject guys. What are we doing for this New Year’s Eve? Sorry, I have to take this Peterson.

Thanks for letting me know. Is everything okay? Everything is not okay. I’m sorry to kick you out like this, but I have to go deal with something right now.

That’s right. Mama is all over. Oh, did you hear me? Mama? Chanel and I are free. They weren’t going to extradite us. Y Yes mama. I think it was your prayers. That did it. Uh uh. Mama. Mama, I have to go. Um, I’ll call you later for a nice long chat. Yes, mama. I will get down on my knees and thank the Lord. I love you too, mama.

She was so scared for us. Wow. It is like you told her, it is all over now, so you’re free. You’re really free. We both are. Bell went to London and challenged our extradition over every technical issue she could find and won. Wait, so so the charges are dismissed. No, and and trash can’t hold her anymore cuz she’s not facing extradition.

So, , neither, neither of you are . This whole nightmare is officially over. Oh, thank God. Oh God. He, amen to that . You know, maybe we should just take a step back. Um, is it all at all possible that we have overcomplicated this whole thing? Okay. What if you were to tell Kristen that we had a, a, a, a terrible fight again, and that, that our marriage is on the verge of falling apart?

You know, to be honest with you, honey, I don’t think I can pull this off.

You had no idea how hard it was for me to make Kristen believe that I was upset with you the first time.

Come on, honey. It’s some holidays. It’s my favorite time of the year, and I almost lost you twice this year. The explosion yesterday and earlier this year when Orpheus set his sights on you. So honey, the last thing I want to do is to tell Kristen or anybody else that you and I are fighting or I’m disappointed with you, even if it’s not true, because Doc, all you do is make me happy.

You, you make me proud, you, , you make me feel like the luckiest man on the face of.

You know, as much as I love the strawberry cream tradition, I would give it all up in a heartbeat just to hear you say that to me again. I love you, baby. Oh.

I get it. So I’m a bad dad now because I won’t make a big speech about how I can’t live without you. Oh my God, Brady, that is not quite what said. It’s beyond. It’s beyond hypocritical. Cuz you tell me to put my family first while you play with her grandmother’s health. I love that little girl with my whole heart.

But I love Marlena too. And that’s the only reason why you are in this house. Okay. I’m ready. You aren’t still talking about orchids are.

Hey, good to see you. Hey, Merry Christmas. Same to you. Actually, I thought I’d stop by and see how mom was fuming. She’s okay. Dad’s been keeping a pretty close eye on her, so it’s. Actually, that’s not the only reason why I’m here.

I meant what I said about Kristen’s blackmail. It’s up to us to put a stop to wear. That means we need to come up with a plan right now. Look at that tree. It’s beautiful. Oh, you got that right . Daddy would’ve loved it. Yeah. Oh, she came and joined us. I know you do. Sweet. But never ever give up on your wishes and dreams because they’re the most important thing we have.

You’re right, it’s Christmas Eve. We don’t need to be talking about my guilt. That plate must be called by now. Lemme grab you another Oh, no, no, no, no. It’s fine. Look, I just have to learn how to start eating with my left hand. It’s great. Oh, gosh. . No. Can I, can I help? Can I help with that? No, no, no, no. I’m fine.

I am not a child. I can do this on my own. . No, no. I’m sorry. This is just ridiculous and embarrassing. Here, let me, let me, but I warn you that I’m gonna pull out all the tricks that I used on my children when they wouldn’t eat either. So I’m not eating. No, I’m not eating anything. No. Here we go. I’m not doing it.

Ow. Nicole, pay attention. Here comes the airplane open. Hi. Here we go.

Yes ma’am. Here you are,

This is divine. I just want you all to know that, um, that I realize something important. Being governor means moving to the Capitol, and I love Salem . I love the people in it with one or two exceptions. Of course. this beautiful, wonderful town. This is where we. Here. Here, , , and come hell or high water. We’re going to focus on all our many blessings and have a very Merry Christmas


That was delicious.

And uh, now, now,

now I think I should get ready for the day, , because I haven’t even seen Holly and I’ve got a wrapped presence and plant prizes and. I can’t do any of that without a shower. Have you considered what a challenge showering will be with your ominous? Good point. Mm-hmm. Mm. I could, I could give you a hand

Yeah, sure you could. But I think you’ve helped enough already today, so thank you. You are loss. Your loss. Yeah. Oh my God,

Nicole. Uh, I know the circumstances for you coming here. Were not ideal for you, but I am happy that you and Holly are here for Christmas. This house needs you to brighten it up and you have done so. Spectacularly

well. Finally, the Christmas miracle. We have all been waiting

What are you doing here? You miserable. Excuse for a human. You must be feeling good about yourselves. Two people are dead and here you are enjoying a holiday toast like nothing happened. Well, you may be managed to escape prosecution. But you will pay for what you did to my family. If it’s the last thing I do count on it.

I thought we were urgently making a plan to get rid of Kristen. Yeah, knock. Some things are urgent, other things for even more.

I know how much your wish about Daddy and me means to you, and I can’t make any promises, but I don’t want you to give up on us. Hmm. And maybe we’ll both get what we want most someday, but I want you to remember until then, no one, and I mean no one is more important to your daddy and me than you are, sweetheart

Flip, brother, if you got any good ideas, I’m all ears. Good because on my way over here I saw this beautiful family of three in the square admiring the decorations and you can just feel them being together how much it meant to them. That’s nice. What’s your point? My point is that we need to hit Kristen where she lives.

If we plan on getting that orchid back from her. We need ton your daughter.

See all that butter. That’s what makes it taste good. And the powdered sugar makes ’em pretty. Yeah, just like snowballs, right? See what’s perfect for this time of year. We always make these for Christmas. So why are they called Mexican wedding cookies? Well, that is a great question. I. Actually, I really don’t know, but in Mexico they’re called means power.

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas, Santa. You’re not Santa.

That is terrific, James. Thank you. Really appreciate it. Hey, I know you had to pull some serious strings to get this done,

I will. All right. Hey, take care and thanks.

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