Y&R Short Recaps Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nate gets back from his business trip to Los Angeles and has lunch with Audra and after a long talk about her goals, Nate offers her a job at Newman Media once she is done working on the Chancellor Winters IPO. Nate later tells Elena about his lunch with Audra and Elena tells him she doesn’t trust Audra.

Billy and Victoria have a very long talk about whether Johnny should accept a Christmas present that Chelsea bought for him. Victoria thinks that they should set boundaries for Chelsea, so she doesn’t have another crisis. Billy and Victoria decide to tell Johnny about the present so he can decide what he wants to do about it. Johnny tells Victoria that if it bothers her that he accepts the present then he won’t accept the present from Chelsea. Victoria tells Johnny that it doesn’t bother her that he wants to accept the present from Chelsea or that he wants to spend time with Connor. Victoria does look bothered when Johnny tells Billy he wants to buy a present for Chelsea and wonders what Chelsea might like as a present.

Ashley and Jack have another argument about Diane. Ashley is frustrated that Jack doesn’t see that Diane is manipulating him and Kyle and she worries that they will get hurt by Diane. Kyle and Summer want to go to the Abbott cabin with Harrison to spend Christmas with Diane, but they worry that Jeremy Stark will follow them and discover Diane’s location. Jack tells Kyle not to worry because he will distract Jeremy, so he doesn’t follow them.

Tucker and Audra have a meeting in his hotel room and Audra frustrated with Tucker because he keeps changing his plan. Tucker and Audra have sex again and when they are done Ashley knocks on the door. Tucker waits until Audra is hidden in the bathroom to open the door. Ashley looks past Tucker at the couch and tells Tucker “Looks like the couch had a good time.”

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