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Nick: Hey.

Sally: I didn’t expect to see you.

Nick: Yeah. I can be unpredictable. Some mornings I’m at Crimson Lights. Others, I’m here.

Sally: Well, I expected it to be a Crimson Lights morning.

Nick: Is it a problem for you that I’m here?

Sally: Not as long as you behave yourself.

Nick: No promises.

Sally: Well, are you gonna be a gentleman and open the door for me?

Nick: Yes.

Sally: Thank you. I can get my own table.

Nick: Look, there’s no reason why we can’t have breakfast together. I’m still working through some things where we’ but I wouldn’t mind some company while I crush some pancakes


Nick: Hey, bud. Hopefully my dad’s not dragging you into too many crazy things.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] He’s keeping things interesting, just the way I like it.

Sally: Well, we don’t want to interrupt your morning any longer. Enjoy your breakfast.

Lauren: Thank you. They’re sharing a meal together, even though they don’t work together anymore. You think something’s going on?

Michael: There are thousands of things that concern me. Whether or not nick and sally are dating doesn’t even come close to making that list.

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