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Daniel: Nothing. I was just thinking that Billy must have really gotten his act together for you to be this involved with him.

Lily: I mean, he can be the most exciting man in the room, you know? He’s — he’s thoughtful. He’s charming. He’s everything you could want in a partner.

Daniel: Until he isn’t. He’s impulsive. He makes choices that lead to disastrous outcomes.

[Chuckles] Oh, come on. What? Look, I’m not the one who’s in love with the guy. I can say whatever I want about him.

Lily: Yeah, clearly.

Daniel: Okay. Here’s the question. Is he falling into old patterns? You know, even though he’s trying to do the right thing and be this stand-up guy.

Lily: That’s exactly what it is. I feel like this is just a symptom.


Sharon: Hey, Connor. How was school today?

Connor: Incredibly school-like. And after a long day in class, there’s one thing I want more than anything.

Sharon: One hot chocolate coming right up.

Connor: Thanks.

Sharon: After I hear one thing that you learned in school today that you thought was interesting.

Connor: Let’s see. Oh, some lichens grow just one millimeter in an entire year.

Sharon: Wow. Well, if that’s the best they can do, yay for the lichens.

Connor: And scientists have found them in the coldest places on earth.

Johnny: And they’re a life-form that’s a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an algae.

Connor: Hey, Johnny.

Johnny: ‘Sup, Con. It’s freezing out there.

Connor: Want to go see if we can find any lichens?

Johnny: As long as I can get in on some of that hot chocolate action.

Sharon: You’re in. One hot chocolate coming up for you. Oh, Michelle, could you please grab two hot chocolates, please?

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