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Chelsea: Hey. What’s wrong?

Connor: Nothing. I’m fine.

Chelsea: Connor, stop, please. Come here. I can see something’s troubling you. I’d like you to tell me what it is.

Connor: It doesn’t matter.

Chelsea: Hey, we said no more secrets. You can tell me anything.

Connor: I got into a fight at school.

Chelsea: What? Why would you do that?

Connor: I had to, mom.

Chelsea: Connor, we have discussed this. Violence does not solve anything.

Connor: But I couldn’t let anyone get away with calling you crazy.


Chelsea: Alright. Tell me what happened. How did this other kid know about me?

Connor: Johnny and I were talking about all the stuff that’s been going on. It was private, away from everyone else. This guy somehow overheard us. He’s a jerk, a bully. And he jumped in and started saying all this mean stuff about you. I had to make him stop.

Chelsea: Well, I’m sure that was very upsetting to hear. These things have a way of just getting out, and people handle things differently. You know, some people are kind and understanding. Some others…

Connor: Are just mean.

Chelsea: Yeah. I’m not going to justify what this little boy said because, who knows, maybe he’s got problems at home. Maybe he’s just a jerk. One thing I do know for certain. He was just trying to make you feel bad. He was just trying to force you, push you to defend your mom. But you never have to do that, not for one second.

Connor: So, you want me to let them say terrible things about you?

Chelsea: Connor, there’s something I need you to understand. I’m not ashamed about what I’m going through. I can’t be because being ashamed is what stopped me from getting help sooner. And that made things a lot worse for me.

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