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Recap written by Eva

Billy and Chelsea watch “It’s A wonderful Life” together in her apartment and Adam arrives just as Billy is leaving to meet Lily. Adam brings over Christmas presents for Chelsea and Connor and to make plans for Christmas. Chelsea tells Adam that her therapist and Sharon have both told her she needs to start reengaging with the world, so she has decided to go spend Christmas with Adam and Connor at the Newmans.

Ashley and Tucker have hot chocolate at Crimson Lights and Tucker continues trying to persuade Ashley to leave Jabot and let him help her start her own company. Ashley figures out Tucker wants to create a distraction for her while he tries to take over Jabot. Ashley thanks Tucker for the picnic and tells him that she has learned a lot today.

Billy agrees to go to couples counseling with Lily because he can see it is important to her that they get counseling.

Lily and Devon hire Daniel to create the new gaming platform Omega Sphere for them and Daniel hires Phyllis to oversee the day-to-day operations for the new platform.

Jack and Kyle go to talk to Jeremy Stark to see if they can persuade him to allow them to repay the money that Diane owes him. Jeremy tells them he will consider letting them pay him the money. Jeremy later talks to someone on the phone and tells the person that he is going to stay in Genoa City longer because he still has to take care of some business.

Kyle tells Jack and Summer that he is going back to the cabin tonight because he doesn’t want his mother spending Christmas alone.

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