Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole had a dream of Eric. She woke up in Susan’s room at the DiMera mansion. Johnny showed up to look for something of Susan’s to bring to the memorial. Nicole told him she was sorry for his loss. He apologized to her for the way he reacted to her staying at the mansion. He said he hoped things would have worked out between her and Rafe. She apologized for the relationship not working out. She said Rafe was a good person, but she wasn’t. She said she would never be a good person. He found Susan’s cross. He said it represented everything that was important to her. He said she was the truest person he ever knew even though people thought she was crazy. He said he had good memories of Nicole being his stepmother. He said he enjoyed being around her. Eric woke up in Sloan’s bed. She gave him coffee. She noticed that he was distracted. He said he had a headache because he didn’t drink anymore. She offered him something to eat, but he wanted something else. After they made love, he told her Belle was wrong when she said getting involved with her would be the worst mistake. Sloan asked him about his time as a priest. He said he wasn’t going to be a priest for a third time. After they made love again, he told her he wasn’t looking for a relationship. She said she wasn’t interested in a relationship. She told him he was welcome to stay with her if he needed a place to stay. She said they could be friends with benefits. He said it has been a while since he has had a real friend.

Kate went to Jada’s room to check on her. Kate wondered if Eric had come to see her. Jada said he didn’t. Kate was surprised, but Jada was happy he didn’t. Steve showed up in the pub. He talked to Roman about him he was going to Seattle for Christmas. Jada and Kate showed up in the pub. Steve offered to take Jada to work because he wanted to talk to her about a police matter. EJ talked to Roger and found out he wasn’t going to Susan’s memorial. Ava was outside and watched EJ. When EJ got off the phone, Rafe showed up. Rafe said he needed EJ’s statement about the night Susan died. EJ said he didn’t have anything to say. He said Rafe should let it die. Ava walked away while EJ and Rafe were talking. Nicole came downstairs. Rafe wanted to know what she was doing there. EJ said she spent the night. She tried to explain what was going on, but Rafe told him to enjoy his consolation prize. Rafe said he would find out what happened between EJ and Ava. Rafe left the mansion. Nicole went to the pub. She asked Kate about Jada. Kate said Jada wouldn’t want to see her. Nicole tried to defend her actions. Kate didn’t want to hear what she had to say. Roman said he and Kate were rooting for Nicole and Eric. Nicole said she knew she messed up. Roman said Sloan was Eric’s lawyer. Roman said Eric didn’t come home. Nicole left the pub. Eric and Sloan kissed each other. Someone knocked on the door while they were kissing. Sloan answered the door. It was Nicole. Nicole saw Eric behind her. Steve told Rafe and Jada that EJ kidnapped Tripp. Steve said he didn’t have proof. Rafe said if they could prove EJ planned the crime in Salem, they would have jurisdiction. Jada and Rafe said they would go after EJ. While Ava was in the crypt, Charlie showed up. He asked her how they were going to get their revenge. She said EJ was going to die. She showed him a bomb in a briefcase. She told him she was going to do it at Susan’s memorial.

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