Days Short Recap Thursday, December 15, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole pushed by Sloan so she could confront Eric. She told him about starting a drunken brawl and hooking up with Sloan. He told her that he understood hers and Sami’s impulsive behavior. He said it was more fun to be the bad twin. Sloan came back in the room just as Nicole left. She wanted to know if Eric was okay. She told him there was still time for them to have some love in the afternoon. She loosened the towel she was wore and they kissed. They had sex and they showered together. He let her know that he had to meet Brady. She wanted to be with him again and he was willing to do that. Charlie and Ava loved the bomb she created. She wanted to make all of her enemies pay. She wanted to start with Nicole. She knew she would be at the funeral. John and Marlena talked about how they couldn’t let Rachel have what she wanted for Christmas. John thought they had to get Kristen out of Brady’s life for good. Marlena thought he should get close to Kristen again as a friend. She thought Kristen would tell him what she’s holding over Brady’s head. He loved it when Marlena schemed. She thought it was good parenting. She had an idea of how to get Kristen to let her guard down.

Kristen interrupted Brady’s conversation with Tate. She dangled mistletoe in front of him. He didn’t want her to encourage Rachel’s fantasies that they were getting back together. He thought that was good that she was willing to go to Susan’s service. She had a plan so that she could see EJ. Brady wasn’t going to like the plan. Kristen showed up at the DiMera mansion. She told EJ that she wanted to be there for him. He didn’t want her to be there. He wanted her to leave so he could be alone. Brady met with Eric. He let him know that he lost money because he was arrested. Eric quit his job and apologized to Brady. Nicole showed up at the DiMera mansion to tell him about Eric and Sloan. He told her that Kristen showed up at the mansion. Since EJ didn’t have anyone else, Nicole offered to go to the funeral with him. Ava wore a wig and put the bomb near Susan’s things at the church. Johnny was outside the church. He thought he saw Ava. He wanted to know if that was her. She let him know that it was her.

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